8 Shocking Mind Issues That Cause Failure

mind issues that cause failure

Everyone wants to be successful in what they do. We all strive to succeed. As a result, we are constantly wondering how we can be more successful, and we are thinking of different ways to grow. But have we ever thought about mind issues that cause failure

There are many exciting and hopeful ways to succeed, such as gaining useful habits to increase efficiency. Still, we usually ignore the other side of the story

We do not pay much attention to the obstacles to success. This may be funny because we are looking for success but completely forget What barriers prevent us from achieving our goals?

We spend a lot of time searching for success but do not ask ourselves what hinders our success. So, we often face similar problems. 

It is time to solve this problem. This article examines the barriers to success and introduces you to 8 mind issues that cause failure. Let’s dive in. But first, take a look at this video:

8 Shocking Mind Issues That Cause Failure

8 Shocking Mind Issues That Cause Failure


1. Lack of perspective

Many people talk about the importance of being purposeful. “Before you start, set a goal,” they say. We follow this advice and think about the big goals we want to achieve. We decide to get excellent grades, have a lucrative job, get promotions, and so on.

If you want something, it is enough to set a goal for yourself and try to achieve it. But in many cases, we have no motivation to accomplish these goals and overcome our limitations. 

Therefore, we are not motivated and determined enough to pursue our goals, and we have no reason to continue on the path to success. Nothing encourages us to pay attention to even the biggest problems we face.

We may pursue our goals for a short time with a lot of motivation, but our motivation decreases little by little until we end up with less satisfaction. 


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The reason is that most people do not have a fundamental outlook on their lives. Their job is like building the most luxurious houses without building a foundation. consequently, most of their efforts are doomed to failure from the start.

If we look at it from this angle, not having a vision is one of the biggest obstacles to success. One thing that all very successful people have in common is a clear vision. The feeling that you are striving for a bigger goal increases your motivation and resilience.

This can be one of the most important ways to motivate. Motivation helps you to overcome all problems. High willpower and focus are essential to success, but ultimately having the right goal separates big wins from small ones. 

If you have a vision that motivates you, when everyone is low, you will continue.


2. Lack of focus

Mind Issues That Cause Failure

Another major mental issue that causes failure is the inability to focus all our efforts on one task at a time. Modern life has introduced us to the concept of multiple occupations and other diverse but useless preoccupations that continuously distract us. 

As a result, most of our efforts fail because of a lack of discipline and focus. Instead of focusing on the current project, we jump from one project to another that is more likable. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Most people have a lot of unfinished projects.


“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.”

– Thomas Carlyle

These projects may have been fun and interesting initially, but they quickly moved on to another project with the first challenge. Jumping from one task to another is relatively easy but goes nowhere. It does not help your success. 

Another problem that often occurs with a lack of concentration is that we waste our time without realizing it. “Time is Money,” and If we do not focus on our dreams and goals, we will not use our most precious resource effectively.

As a result, instead of looking for success, we spend our time doing fun but useless things. Do not let lack of focus hinder your growth. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. 

Prioritize to get things done in order. Do your best not to be distracted and, most importantly, do not let problems get in the way of your dreams. Do not give up until the work is over.


This video from the youtube channel can be very helpful for staying focused:


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3. Weakness of will

have a happy life

Some people mistakenly think that success is easy. Even so, creating one is still beyond the reach of the average person. What most people do not realize is that the path to success involves many sacrifices and self-sacrifice. 

On the way to success, you will face countless difficulties, challenges, and obstacles. The misconceptions that most people have about successful people is unbelievable! 

When we look at incredibly successful people, we see their outstanding achievements, but their efforts to make their dreams come true are hidden in most cases. 

We see what these people have achieved in their lives, but we are unaware of the sacrifices they have made.


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We are not even aware of the problems and challenges they face. As a result of this misconception, when we face difficulties and failures on the path to success, we do not have the willpower to continue. 

Weak wills can become a challenging path to success. If one does not have a strong will, one will not have the mental strength to do the necessary work and achieve success.

The will can be considered as the muscles of the mind. If you use it regularly, it will automatically become strong, but if you do not use it, this muscle will weaken, and you may give in to useless tasks instead of focusing on long-term goals.

Simply put, willpower is the mental strength of individuals to deal with thoughts that do not help them achieve their goals. 

Many studies have shown that self-control and willpower are near related to high levels of success and happiness. 

Always try to increase your discipline. Strengthen it with regular use of willpower.


“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Mahatma Gandhi


4. Trying to keep everyone happy

trying to make everyone happy

My colleague that has gazed to me a wide smile on his face:

“Hey buddy, Can you please do my tasks for me? I have a party tonight, and I don’t wanna miss it.”

Me, thinking about the project that I must do for tomorrow:

“Yes, sure…why not? I would do everything to keep you happy!”

We usually accept tasks and requests without scrutiny. Still, if we do not weigh things according to their necessity and importance, we will be confused in recognizing our priorities, and there will be no hope of our salvation. This leads us to accept tasks that do not help our goals much.

In the long run, this takes a lot of time and will result in a significant failure in the path of achieving our goals! So, honestly, why should we do this?

In short, we accept too much work to make others happy in any way possible. We are not looking to be selfish, so we are reluctant to say no to various commitments. 

Therefore, “trying to keep everyone happy” is one of the main obstacles to success.



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5. Fear

Fear of Failure

Another major problem with success is fear. Fear is an obstacle that should not be underestimated. Fear consumes us, and it allows us to leave a life of misery and poorness instead of a good one. 

Fear can severely impede growth. Fear limits us, makes us accept the mediocracy, and prevents us from pushing our limits. 

Fear may also prevent us from pursuing our dreams. If any event or challenge is too dangerous for us, we will remain inactive and choose habits that prevent us from doing the necessary things, simply because we are afraid of facing our fears.

Fear hinders success in various ways. In any form, fear is an obstacle to success. Fear can put a distance between you and success. If you have not yet learned to deal with your fears, you should know that this is a severe weakness.


If you want to know how to can you overcome fear this podcast from THE BRENDON SHOW can be helpful:


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6. Medium Mentality

Is it not our struggle for pride and happiness that causes us to push our limits constantly? Isn’t it the desire to be great that drives us forward? Isn’t our desire to be ordinary the main reason for outstanding achievements? 

In short, being ordinary limits our progress and is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Being average does not create the enthusiasm needed to overcome the limitations. But please do not misunderstand what I mean! There is no problem with being normal.

You can be an ordinary human being and have the happiest life, but things are different when it comes to success. You cannot achieve significant success while accepting to be ordinary. 

Being normal means accepting to be ordinary. A mediocre mindset prevents you from developing your potential talents in life. If you do not strive to be proud and better, you will not succeed in your work.

The idea of having a “Medium Mentality” relates to the human desire for happiness and pride as a motivating factor in life.

It suggests that we always push the boundaries of what is possible because of our intrinsic desire to succeed and become great.

Fundamentally, what propels us forward is our desire for significance and the quest for excellence.

Ironically, the desire to stand out from the crowd is frequently what inspires extraordinary accomplishments.

Accepting a state of ordinariness might be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome and can significantly impede progress.

The passion needed to overcome obstacles and accomplish our goals is sapped when we accept that we are mediocre or average.

It’s crucial to emphasize that, as long as it results in pleasure and happiness, living a typical, everyday life is not intrinsically bad.

But it seems like a separate set of rules apply when it comes to the world of success. It implies that significant success and accepting mediocrity or ordinarily are irreconcilable.

Being “normal” involves accepting ordinariness and it is this very mentality that prevents people from reaching their greatest potential.

Success in one’s activities becomes an elusive objective without the motivation to be proud of one’s successes and to constantly strive for growth.

The “Medium Mentality” emphasizes how our quest for greatness, happiness, and pride propels our advancement and success.

While leading a happy, routine existence is perfectly acceptable, accepting mediocrity when trying to achieve great achievement impedes development and limits one’s potential.

It’s crucial to reject a mediocre mindset and consistently pursue development if you want to achieve excellence and overcome obstacles.

7. Perfectionism

great success at summit

Perfectionism certainly has many benefits. It encourages us to pursue higher standards and encourages us to improve ourselves. Without these reforms, progress and innovation are not possible. 

That’s why perfectionism can be so useful, especially in jobs where detail is essential. But perfectionism can be a big mind issue that causes failure on the road to success!

This happens when you are too perfectionist. Perfectionism becomes a problem whenever our desire to accomplish something puts a distance between us and our goals. 

We need to make progress. You do not have to do everything great. Sometimes it is better to do something in an ordinary way than not doing it at all!

There are clearly many advantages to perfectionism.

It acts as a strong motivator, encouraging us to strive for greater standards and ongoing self-improvement.

Without the desire for excellence, creativity and progress would probably stagnate.

In professions where attention to detail is crucial, perfectionism is especially useful since it guarantees the best quality end product or outcome.

However, there is a fine line to tread when it comes to perfectionism. While it can be an asset, it can also become a mental roadblock on the journey to success.

This issue arises when our pursuit of perfection is taken to an extreme, leading to an unhealthy obsession with flawless execution.

In such cases, our desire to achieve excellence can paradoxically distance us from our goals and hinder our progress.

In reality, what we often need is forward momentum. Perfectionism can sometimes be an obstacle to this.

It’s important to recognize that not everything needs to be executed with utmost perfection. There are situations where doing something in an ordinary or good enough manner is more pragmatic than not doing it at all.

This perspective allows for a healthier balance between the pursuit of excellence and the need for progress.

It acknowledges that perfectionism, when taken to extremes, can stifle productivity and innovation and that it’s sometimes more beneficial to accept imperfections and keep moving forward.

When managed properly, perfectionism may be a tremendous force for advancement and self-improvement, especially in vocations that require attention to detail.

But when carried too far, it might prevent success by causing an unwarranted gap between our goals and our accomplishments.

Understanding that perfection isn’t always the objective and that sometimes finishing a task in a regular, timely manner is more useful and productive is essential for finding a harmonious road to success.

8. The Destructive Power of Self-doubt

Most of the time we are surrounded by sick thoughts that whisper we are incapable, unlikely, and unworthy of achieving specific goals!

Since this voice affects our self-confidence, it can stop us from reaching what we want and prevent us from taking risks and following our passion, or even scars us from trying!!!

On the other hand, our perception of ourselves can be manipulated by such feelings and soon we lose the best opportunities or big shots, and also our potential.

So this is important to recognize these thoughts and control them to create strong self-confidence and self-belief!

If you want to know how you can defeat perfectionism this video from the Uncommon Practitioners YouTube channel would be helpful:

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