Top 15 Black Privilege Quotes to Inspire You 2024

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It is important to choose what you read.

Some books are full of interesting sayings and quotes that will give you ideas and inspire you to do great things.

A good example is the book we are talking about today:

“Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”

Charlamagne Tha God, the author of this book, shares his observations on success in a unique, fun style and calls this book of his a self-help guide for the hood.

There are some quotes about honesty, some about perseverance, and some about helping others, but they are all worth reading and remembering.

Before getting to the article, you might want to know what the author has to say about his book on the YouTube channel of ABC News.

Who is the author of Black Privilege?

Lenard Larry McKelvey was born in 1978. after entering his professional life, he chose to name himself Charlamagne Tha God.

This African-American figure has made a career of working for radio and television shows, acting, and writing books.

In 2010, Tha God joined  DJ Envy and Angela Yee as a co-host of the popular radio show, The Breakfast Club.

In 2015, McKelvey began hosting a show called Uncommon Sense on the MTV2 channel.

His book, which quotes we are reviewing today, was published in 2017 and became a New York Times best-seller in no time as a nonfiction piece of work.

In addition to Black Privilege, he has written another book called Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me and published it in 2018.

He founded his own podcast network called Black Effect in 2020.


So without further ado, let’s begin and see what Tha God has to say on his best-selling book.


Top 15 Black Privilege Quotes to Inspire You



“Opportunity truly does come to those who create it.”

Let’s start with the awesome quote in the title of Black Privilege.

If you want to make it big, you have to look for the doors.

Miracles and life-changing events rarely happen on their own, so it is a waste of time to sit around and wait for them.

Instead of waiting, take action.

Take the initiative in making connections and find ways to get involved in the industry in which you wish to work.

Instead of waiting by the door to open it up for chances, get out and knock on their door.


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“When you are completely honest about yourself, there is very little people can say about you that’s going to have a negative impact. It’s hard for a person to slander you about something you’ve already revealed to the world. As I like to say, “No judgment or opinion formed against you shall prosper when you live your truth.”

Honesty is the most important form of art anyone can master because it can save your life.

What can you possibly be afraid of when you have stayed true to yourself and others all along?

It is when you disguise yourself when you hide secrets and tell lies, that people find a way to attack you.



“Success is a process: there are no cheat codes, no life hacks, no shortcuts, and no half steps. Opportunity always comes before money, but sadly a lot of us don’t recognize it unless there’s a paycheck attached. Don’t make that mistake.”

Success does not happen to you overnight. You have to work your way up to it.

However, there is a misconception that if we do not make money as we progress, then we are not on the right track.

The fact is, sometimes you can work for months or even years without seeing a noticeable outcome like a great paycheck.

The important thing is to stick with whatever you do until the end and see the gradual growth step by step.



 “Never stunt your own growth by dismissing something just because it doesn’t feel familiar.”

This quote is important because it warns us of something we so frequently do.

Sometimes, just because we do not understand something well, we prevent ourselves from even giving it a try.

Imagine that you come across a way of doing your work that can lead to success and growth.

But you avoid that way on purpose because you do not have enough knowledge about it and are so used to doing things the way you did before.

Fear of trying something new kills creativity. If something is useful but not familiar, then your only choice is to get familiar with it.



"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not."― Charlamagne Tha God

“I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.”

Pretending to be someone else to fit in might make you feel safe, and it is probably easier than revealing your true self.

But you need to know that no friendship or relationship based on a lie is going to last.

How long do you think you can hide your real personality? Eventually, everyone will know the truth.

You should let people love you for the real you. You deserve to be loved for who you are, not for who they want you to be.



“When you stop complaining about where you are physically and start focusing on where you are mentally, that’s when you will start to transcend your circumstances.”

Your appearance, while powerful, is superficial and fleeting.

In the end, what matters the most is who you are on the inside, your thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Instead of fixating on details of your appearance, care about educating yourself and improving your weaknesses.

A bad personality trait is so much worse than a bad look.



“Honesty is such a rare commodity these days that when you do tell someone the truth when they were expecting a lie, you’ll catch them off guard. They might even be willing to look past transgressions that might have otherwise seemed unforgivable. People are thirsty for the truth. Sate that thirst, and they should always appreciate you.”

This quote is sad because it is true. Lies have become commonplace these days, and the truth is rarer to find with each passing day.

The strange thing is, even when people lie, they want to hear the truth from everyone else. That is why you can win them over with truth because you are giving them what they want.

Never think that lying is okay because it makes things easier. Stay honest and true because honesty can be the weapon that protects you.



“Too often we’re given bad advice on what it takes to get from where we are to where we want to be. We’re taught that the only accurate sign that we’re moving toward success is making money. We get caught up sweating the results instead of embracing the process. Even though embracing the process is the only way you’re ever going to get what you want out of life.”

As a society, we often make the mistake of equating rich with successful. While success can bring you money, money is not its cause.

Do not care about how much you are making, and pay attention to how much you are progressing.

Just like how you are supposed to enjoy the ride and scenery without worrying when you get to your destination on a trip, you are supposed to care about the time you spend to grow and reach success instead of wanting instant results.



“I’d rather take less money now if it helps set me up to get more in the long run. I’m focused on creating opportunity for myself, not wring every last penny out of a deal.”

Which one is better? Making mediocre money from the start to the end, or making less money now and being sure that it is a step taken that helps you make a lot of money in the future?

The answer is obvious.

Starts are rarely early and pleasant, so we are tricked into giving up early.

But as we progress, we thank ourselves for keeping up the good work.



"It's insane to expect to be further along in life if you're still acting and thinking the same way that you always have." ― Charlamagne Tha God

“It’s insane to expect to be further along in life if you’re still acting and thinking the same way that you always have.”

People who are afraid of change have no chance of success.

To separate yourself from those people, you need to admit that you were wrong, throw away your prejudices, and learn new ways of thinking.

Time changes and our minds cannot stay behind.



“Measure your success by the opportunities you’re presented with and the opportunities you’re creating for others. Not the amount of zeroes in your paycheck. When that’s your sole measurement, you’re going to come up short in the end.”

Money is important, but it is not everything.

If your goal is to achieve something meaningful, you can make millions out of it.

If your only goal is to become a millionaire, you are never going to achieve something meaningful through it.



“You can never – even if the situation blows up in your face – hurt yourself by helping others.”

True, self-growth is important.

But some people seem to have this idea that if they help someone else grow as well, their own growth and success will be at risk.

They are probably scared that if they help someone, that person is going to pass them and become bigger.

This kind of thinking only means that you do not have enough trust in your own work.

When you help others, others will help you, and even if they do not, no harm will come from giving them a hand.

Yes, certain people can make you regret helping them out, but you should never regret being helpful.



“This is what many kids today fail to understand: you’re supposed to be busting your ass for “nothing” when you’re in your twenties. And sometimes even your thirties. That doesn’t mean you’re being exploited. It means you’re building up the skills, connections, and reputation to eventually build a platform of your own.”

If you want success, your younger days are supposed to be full of hard work and trials.

Success happens gradually and slowly. Sometimes, it happens so slowly that you think it is not happening at all.

So next time you think you are stuck with no good result and your work is getting nowhere, remember that these days are just an introduction to the real passage.

You will make it eventually, but first, you have to get enough experience and build enough relationships.



“I’ve said it before, but I’ve got to say it one more time for the people in the back: there is no book, no cheat sheet or secret formula that’s going to allow you to skip over any rung on the success ladder without putting in the work first.”

The idea of success and prosperity is exciting, which is probably why most of the time, we cannot remain patient and insist on choosing the shortest route to it.

But no matter how impatient we are, we have to realize that there is no shortcut to success.

We should bear the obstacles and even get hurt in the process, but we have to keep walking until the end.



"If you want to see a person's true character, watch how they treat people who seemingly can't help them." ― Charlamagne Tha God

“If you want to see a person’s true character, watch how they treat people who seemingly can’t help them.”

No matter how successful you are and how high your level is, you cannot think less of people around you.

And more importantly, you cannot treat them poorly because you think they are not good enough for you.

It is one thing to connect with people who can help you grow, but it is something entirely different to treat other people unfairly because they are not beneficial for you.

Real leaders are never unfair and arrogant, and neither should you be.

You want more? Listen to this podcast:


We hope that the words of Tha God have inspired you to grow and dream big without fear or hesitation.

Over time, you can see the results for yourself if you stay honest, helpful, confident, and brave, as he says.

To get more of his inspiring quotes, you can try reading his books, especially the one we introduced today, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.

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