Holistic Healing: Natural Ways To Boost Mom’s Wellbeing

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Being a mother is in many ways the hardest job there is. Moms have to look after their children physically but also meet a wide range of ever-increasing emotional needs.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, the mother herself ends up neglected or in poor physical or mental health.

Since mothers are so integral to everyone’s life, here are some holistic healing tips for common chronic problems and overall wellbeing and good health.

Here are the top 6 ways that naturally can improve a mom’s well-being:


1- Sleeping Beauty

2- Work Out For Health

3-Take That Time Out For Yourself

4-Networking & A Sense Of Community

5-Supplements, Naturopathy And Diet

6-Milk Supply

Holistic Healing: Natural Ways To Boost Mom’s Wellbeing

Holistic Healing infographic

1- Sleeping Beauty

Getting enough sleep is a huge challenge for mothers in general and new moms in particular. Getting upwards of 8 hours of sleep can regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, and improve mental health.

Moms need to make a schedule for hitting the hay early and starting off their day on the right note and that will usually include having hired help to look after a child or having one’s husband clock in some hours.

Sleep impacts every area of your health and some new research has found that women may even need as much as 12 hours of sleep due to their biological makeup that differs from men of the same age.

Part of getting quality sleep is to not have too many stimulating light sources in your bedroom such as a sharp overhead light or a television. Shut your phone down an hour or two in advance and have a calming tea like chamomile or lavender.

Aromatherapy can work wonders with essential oils like lavender, rosemary and frankincense relaxing the senses into a beautiful slumber.

Some people like white noise machines, night lights, or blackout curtains (depending on the time of day) so it all boils down to personal preference and comfort level.


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2- Work Out For Health

Exercise is a difficult caveat for mothers since they may suffer from fatigue and overwork in their day to day lives anyway and coupled with hormonal cravings for sugary or carb-rich food, it can be a health disaster.

Even if all you can take out is 15 minutes a day, get started on some form of exercise. Even walking on the treadmill for a little while counts!

It is imperative to start slow so as to not get discouraged and consistency is always more helpful than having short spurts of motivation that die down.

Choosing an appropriate type of exercise is also very important as older or middle aged moms may have issues with their joints and younger ones may have hormonal discrepancies so exercises that induce cortisol production should be avoided.


3-Take That Time Out For Yourself

Mothers are notorious for never having any time for self-care since for them it all revolves around keeping their children fed and happy.

Even small rituals can help maintain the sanity of the household such as taking out the time to do a face mask or eye patches or even doing a short meditation session in the morning.

Many mothers benefit from taking classes (online classes are a great option to easily boost learning and qualification) or taking time out for books or movies.

If proper self-care is practiced on the part of the mother, then all the relationships in the home benefit. It is like they always say ‘You cannot give from an empty cup.’


woman enjoying a massage


4-Networking & A Sense Of Community

It is easy to feel alone and overwhelmed while doing one of the most difficult jobs on the planet but networking and making ‘mom friends’ can help you fit into your role better.

If you foster a sense of community with other mothers, you will always be assured of some support and advice when you need it.

Other benefits such as carpooling for children’s school or day-care drop-offs or babysitting can help lessen the load. For mothers who battle with some emotional issues like anxiety or depression, this feeling of belonging can be immensely helpful in dealing with daily life.

Postpartum depression and related conditions are generally serious in nature so seeking support and help from your circle and also professional help from a clinical therapist can make all the difference.

If you are part of an involved group then your own symptoms can get recognized sooner and help made available before too much time has passed.


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5-Supplements, Naturopathy And Diet

The importance of diet should never be underestimated. In parental preparation classes it is taught that you are supposed to feed your kids a minimum of three nutritious meals a day but rarely is the same comprehensively taught for mothers.

Mothers can develop severe nutritional deficiencies after giving birth or even become anemic. Apart from following proper medication for any serious illnesses, one’s diet should be healthy with plenty of fruits vegetables and protein.

Fruits and vegetables boast of having a multitude of antioxidants and flavonoids which curb inflammation and lower your chances of getting serious diseases like heart problems or diabetes.

Supplements are another vital piece of the puzzle. If you suffer from a particular condition like PCOS or arthritis, try to address the root cause which is inflammation or hormonal dysregulation.

This can be done effectively by using supplements that cater to these issues such as how grape seed extract and pine bark extract is wonderful for allergy and asthma patients.

Naturopathy is the science of treating illness using natural or herbal extracts as well as vitamins. It has become widely popular in recent years, particularly for chronic illnesses that have inflammation as a primary cause.


6-Milk Supply

New mothers in many cases struggle to produce enough milk for their infants and may have to resort to formula which is usually a second best option but incomparable to real milk from the mother.

Experts believe that stress hormones, a stressful environment and other factors like lack of sleep, poor nutrition and hydration affect milk supply greatly. By improving these factors, natural milk supply can be boosted and the infant stands to benefit the most with a healthy immune system.

Mothers should drink one glass of water per feeding and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep if possible.

Working on making one’s environment as calming as possible is important so investigate sources of noise and use warm lighting, ventilation and optimal temperature levels to put yourself at ease.

Mothers should either have low-stress jobs or should take maternity leave after birth to recalibrate themselves. The time off can lower stress levels and help heal the emotional and physical strain induced by giving birth.

In C-section births in particular times and proper care is needed to heal and quality dressings such as the Medihoney gel can prove invaluable.

This gel dressing is perfect for deeper trauma wounds that are undoubtedly caused by C-section and similar surgical interventions.


breast pump of milk



Proper care for infants and children starts with optimal care of the mother. If the mother is in good physical and emotional health she can be there for her children and nurture them which is why well-being is so vital for mothers.

Healing should be viewed holistically from diet to mental health to the support system that exists for any mother or parent. In today’s world materialism is at an all-time rise so more people take less time off-work which lands them with various mental and emotional health problems.


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