30+ Sarcastic And Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You!!

I need Sarcastic And Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults me!!

I do not know about you, but I win every argument every day.

The only problem is that the winning part only happens under the shower while I am thinking back on the argument that I had earlier, recreating the moment and replacing the reality with the answers that I should have said, and all the shampoo bottles applaud me for my savage comebacks!

If you are sick of the shampoo bottles’ applause, this article will teach you a lot of savage comebacks when someone insults you. Start reading this and leave the poor bottles alone.

This list contains a lot of different responses savage enough to put anyone back in their place for a while before they decide to mess with you.

Even though mocking, humiliating and insulting people is a terrible act, it is a necessary element in some conversations that you end up having throughout the day.

Before reading the article, I suggest you watch this video:

Savage comebacks when someone insults you

Savage comebacks when someone insults you

We encounter a lot of toxic people daily.

They can be anyone. Your family and your friends, someone you met on the subway, a taxi driver, and anyone.

Insulting people is way easier than trying to explain your problem and your purpose.

This is why people tend to swear, insult, and humiliate when they encounter a difference of opinions.

The important thing is to know that if you start responding to an insult the way that the tormentor did, you are lowering yourself to their level which is the real humiliation.

Coming up with a quick comeback can be very tricky and hard when you just got into an argument.

You are allowed to prepare some savage comebacks when someone insults you.

Preparing comebacks in advance does not count as cheating, and even if it does, it will not matter.

(Seriously, it is a quarrel! Nobody cares if you have done your research beforehand!

The essential part is winning the argument, and you will do so if you know some savage comebacks when someone insults you.)

Being strategic about when and where to use comebacks is another critical element.


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When should you use savage comebacks when someone insults you?

When should you use savage comebacks when someone insults you?

First of all, if your comeback is not savage enough, just keep silent and try to come up with a better answer.

The most awful thing about comebacks is them falling flat, and you will not want that.

Another important factor is using savage comebacks when someone insults you at the right time and in the right situations.

You do not want your best answers to lose their impact by using them every day and every time you quarrel with someone. It can spoil your comebacks.

Wait for the right moment, when you know that you have the best reply that will hit the aim, and then shoot it! The right moment differs in every conversation.

Sometimes it is at the end of the argument, to make the other person feel sad and defeated for a while.

Other times you can put an end to a quarrel by using savage comebacks.

Different ways to respond to an insult using Savage comebacks

First of all, is it worth it?!

First of all, is it worth it?!

There are certain situations in life where you get into pointless arguments, in which you only get annoyed and heated, with no significance.

If you distinguish an aimless situation, just avoid involvement and walk away.

Your mental peace is worth more than winning a stupid quarrel.

Laugh it off and leave if you think they are not worth your time

As said earlier, in case of an unnecessary argument, the best option is to avoid it.

Now you might wonder: How to avoid arguments when they have already begun?

The answer is simple. Laugh it off and leave. Even if their words hurt you, pretend as if they do not. Never let any insult or humiliation get the best of you.

This option helps you seem cool and calm, which means that their words are meaningless and powerless. Laugh calmly and then make a joke out of it.

By doing this, you are disarming them.

Making them feel silly and stupid, which is like the best answer ever. Or put something demeaning together and say it.

Something like:

Sorry, I laughed so hard at your nonsense. Was I supposed to feel offended?

Oh, sorry, were you trying to insult me? Fascinating!

(Laugh and then start) And I thought MY jokes were bad!

I’m sorry, were you talking to me? Like, do I have to take it personally? Because I don’t even care about your stupid opinions.


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If they start name-calling, you can spin the insult in your favor

If they start name-calling, you can spin the insult in your favor

One of the simplest baddie comebacks, when someone insults you, is described here.

There are simple examples that can clarify this category.

Imagine that in a conversation, someone calls you a nerd. What is your response?

Turn it around. You can simply laugh and say: “I’d rather be a nerd than stupid and selfish.”

Or when they call you fat, tell them: “I might be fat but at least I am not ugly like you.”

Your tormentor has insecurities, of course. Because they are people and that is how all the people are.

If you know their insecurities, it hurts the most when you mention them in your comebacks.

Are their words insulting? Well, make a compliment out of them.

It might seem impossible or hard, but it is worth it.

This method of good comebacks when someone insults you, helps you take control of the situation sarcastically.

For instance, if somebody tries to upset you by saying “Your taste in music is awful”, you can smile and respond:

“It is flattering that I am so reliable and important to you that you wish we could have the same music taste!”

This sends the signal that however they try to offend you, they will never succeed because you are too sure about yourself.


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Funny comebacks when someone insults you

Funny comebacks when someone insults you

A little joke never hurts anyone, right?!

WRONG! Jokes can be very destructive when used in comebacks.

Some examples of funny and savage comebacks, when someone insults you, are mentioned below.

Say that you agree with their insult

It might sound demeaning to you, but it only shows that you do not find them or their hurtful words intimidating.

This way of responding to an insult is better used with loved ones and people who are dear to you.

You might pick a fight with your siblings, your partner, or your best friend, but you surely do not want to break their hearts. Answering them with power is enough.

But there are important points:

Do not agree with the insults of everyone, especially someone who is constantly rude and careless about your feelings.

This method shows how much you listen to them and how much you care about their feelings to start responding to them with savage comebacks.

Agreeing too soon and too quickly would tell them that you are very insecure about yourself. Be careful.

Using this method too often shows weakness and insecurity.

You are a jerk!

You are a jerk!

And by a jerk, I mean every other insult that you like to use on them.

Just replace your preferred word with “jerk” and you can create your new savage comebacks when someone insults you.

I heard that the jerk store is running out of you.

So, if I Googled the word “jerk”, would I find your picture on the page?

If I Google the meaning of the word “jerk”, I know your initials are a definition for it.

You would be the leader if there was a group for all the biggest jerks in the world.

I cannot believe that there are 7 billion people on Earth, and God picked you to be the biggest jerk/idiot of all time.

Man, why not give yourself a treat by taking the day off and not being a jerk?


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What a stupid person!

What a stupid person!

I cannot explain this to you, I am not your first-grade teacher.

Oh, dear. Please keep quiet! The adults are talking!

Were you always this way or did someone malfunction you?

Everyone is ashamed of seeing you so dumb.

Sorry man, this is all my fault! I have mistaken you for an adult/ for someone who has a brain to think with it.

And people wonder how someone can embarrass themselves over and over!

Interesting! Now I know where to find stupid Ideas the next time I need one!

It is not your fault, everyone knows that and has no more expectations from you.

People hate you!

People hate you!

You can express your hatred through this option. Tell them that everybody else feels the same about their presence and stupidity. It makes your attacker feel awful.

If they say anything stupid or nonsense, just look at them without any emotions (maybe with a little bit of humiliation) and say: “And that is why nobody likes you.)

You can use any other of the potential savage comebacks when someone insults you:

I am sorry, you are a source of joy for everyone, of course. People get blissful when you leave a room.

I do not think that I can ever forget the day we first met, but I will try.

Ouch! I guess it was really painful, but not as painful as looking at your stupid face.

You make everyone have a bad day after meeting you.

I wonder why people hate you this much. You are doing charity all the time.

You do not do anything for yourself, you just keep worrying about people.

Are you doing all this because people like me, and not you? Because that is very pathetic!

You are a big hero, a miracle indeed! You could save the whole world! Only by disappearing from its face.

Are they being so confident? Turn them down by questioning that!

As the title shows, in this case, you are dealing with a selfish and proud jerk who thinks they know anything about everything. They need to be put down by demeaning their false confidence:

I am pretty sure that your name is not Google. So stop pretending like you know everything there is to know.

So you’re an expert on this subject as well?!


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Who am I?!

Who am I?!

Savage comebacks when someone insults you are the best way of responding to a selfish and rude person.

They tend to be so sure of their personality and characteristics that they start humiliating people based on who they are.

There are many occasions where people throw insults such as this, your way:

What are you?

Who are you, even?

Who do you think you are?

I do not recognize you, lady! Who do you think you are?

Well, answer them like this:

Me? I am the one who is way out of your league.

I am the one your parents wanted you to be like.

You have heard about me, I am your superior!

They might even have the confidence and nerves to respond: “Do you have any idea who I am?”

You can make deep emotional damage by saying: “Wait, I knew I have met you before, most definitely in the toilet!” which is both funny and destroying!

You are obsessed with me!

You are obsessed with me!

Are they pretending like they know you too much? Because I know it is one of the most annoying insults of all time.

Use this category when they start describing you to get on your nerves, and you just need a savage comeback when someone insults you.

For example, if someone keeps talking about how bad and stupid you are, and you do not have the energy to waste it on them, you can simply use this:

Oh, how come you know so much about me?! Because I never cared enough to know anything about you!

Such a great opinion, honey. But who asked you for it?

Why are you being jealous of me? There is nothing you can do to become like me.

Thanks for caring for me all the time, and spending all your moments analyzing and correcting me.

Your personality sucks!

Your personality sucks!

Insulting someone’s personality is one of the best savage comebacks when someone insults you.

Do not get offended, dear. I do not mean to insult you, I am just describing you.

Do you say that you have no problems with it?! Because when you have no problems, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

I’m sorry, you must be a really strong person, dealing with all your ignorance and shamelessness.

There is a big difference between the way my family raised me and the way yours did you. So I guess, people should stop blaming you.

Seriously, man! I never wanted to insult you, you are doing it all yourself!

I mean, I know many gracious/ respectful/ admiring people in my life. But you…

Keep trying to make me look bad. You are only ruining yourself and people’s impressions of you!

What is wrong with you?! I bet it is hard to pronounce!

You are a waste to all human beings!

By saying these sentences, you are questioning their existence. Something they will not forget easily.

Make sure to put all the hatred that they caused you in your words and throw them all in their face:

Some poor tree is producing oxygen for you out there. Please go apologize for your waste of oxygen.

Your poor parents! They feel embarrassed about what they created.

You are not one of us, dear. Stop pretending like you are. And by the way, by “we” I mean humankind.

The last words

This article is based on dealing with difficult arguments when you are insulted by someone.

Having a few answers prepared beforehand can help you get over the frustrating moments of a quarrel with confidence and self-reliance.

Savage comesbacks when someone insults you contain a list of sentences and phrases that you can use while dealing with hurtful insults.

Try to memorize a few of the practical ones and the methods that are used while responding to a rude tormentor who tries to bring you down with their words.

But first of all, be indifferent to their responses.

What your attacker wants deeply, is to see you offended and furious.

By being cold-blooded you are showing how unimportant they are and how little they can affect you.

Remember that your real self is not going to change or be described by people’s judgment.

They can think whatever they want, and you are supposed to ignore them.

But in the worst-case scenario…

If you can’t ignore them at all, take your time to think about all the best answers that you have.

Then you can pick one of these sarcastic savage comebacks when someone insults you so that the person would not do what they did again.

These savage comebacks are only some examples of what you can say in response to a rude person whose aim is to hurt you.

Keep some of them in mind and change whatever you want to make it fit into your situation.

Go out there and make anyone who dares to insult you cry their eyes out!


Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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