The 9 Keys To Have A Motivated Mindset

motivated mindset

Some people call it commitment and others call it perseverance.

Whatever you call it, having a motivated mindset is a trait shared by the world’s best performers, entrepreneurs, leaders, musicians or athletes. 

It is important to know that a strong and motivated mindset prevents you from giving up and helps you move things forward.

The true power of the mind comes from a combination of awareness, focus and perseverance.

A strong mind is what allows you to focus on your purposes and move forward toward your plans instead of wasting time on negative thoughts.

This helps you understand that it takes effort and struggle to achieve goals and brings you closer to your goals day by day.

It can also give you more control over your mind and keeps you from making destructive decisions. So we have to learn to cultivate our minds in a way that we can compete with a lot of people.

Giving yourself the reasons, the drive, the enthusiasm, and the belief are the necessary elements to keep going; this is what we call as self-motivation.

Self-motivation is the key to positively influencing our mood, and it is an internal skill that can be worked on.

Mindsetopis gives you 10 tips to motivate yourself and achieve a specific objective or goal. But first, let’s dive into the self-motivation and emotional intelligence.

Self-motivation and emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence and self motivation

For Daniel Goleman, a psychologist who made the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) famous, self-motivation is one of the key elements that emotionally intelligent people possess.

Goleman defines this construct as the “ability to perform actions on one’s own without the need to be driven by other factors and to keep the mind creative and find solutions.

In Daniel Goleman’s EI model, after achieving “self-knowledge” and “self-control”, it is necessary to find sources of inspiration that provide us with energy for action, and that is self-motivation—finding motivation from within yourself.

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The importance of motivation at work

The importance of motivation at work is a fact that is increasingly present in companies. As Einstein well said, “There is a motive force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will . ” 

One of the most important pillars of a company is its employees. 

If employees do not work well, it is possible that the company does not either, so MOTIVATION is very important. 

Work motivation has become such an important factor in business today, many come to the assistance of a job coach who helps find ways to generate motivation at work.

Motivation is generated within the company, it is about making workers feel productive and important in their workplace, increasing their motivation. 

It is essential to take care of the workplace environment to generate this internal motivation to spread it to others. 

Here are 4 tips to achieve this goal:

  • Congratulating employees for their work and making them feel useful will motivate us to seek so much.
  • Choose carefully the words you use and make your employees feel loved, like the most critical part of the company, and treat them as such. An individual satisfied in his workplace and with achievable aspirations to continue improving will leave his skin for you.
  • Have a lot of details. Small details can brighten up your workers’ day, and that will directly boost their motivation and job performance.
  • Use motivational phrases or just give them positive comments.

In short, to achieve your employees’ work motivation, you have to seek to get the best out of the people who work for you.


9 keys to have a motivated mindset

9 keys to have a 
motivated mindset

But what can we do in order to motivate ourselves? What strategies or habits can we use to improve this form of motivation? Here are 9 tips.


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1- Get out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone can be a very inviting and comfortable place, although this state of mind does not allow personal growth and is highly demotivating.

It may seem like it’s okay to be there for a while, but if you want to stay motivated, and fight for new challenges, this is not your place. So jump into new situations, be brave, and step up.

This is the only way to eat the world. You will see that an exciting future awaits you!

Our comfort zone, like a comfortable sanctuary, may be seductive and reassuring; it’s the area where we feel safe, secure, and free from discomfort.

However, as soothing as it may be, living inside the constraints of this zone stifles personal progress and can be a powerful demotivator.

Get out of your comfort zone

While it may be wise to stay in this cozy setting for a while, especially as life’s stress increases, your comfort zone is not ideal if your goals are to stay motivated and seek new challenges.

To develop fully and make the most of life, one must have the courage to boldly venture into unfamiliar territories, accept unusual circumstances, and face all challenges. 

Going outside of your comfort zone feels like stepping into the great unknown, which can be a frightening thought.

But it’s just through doing this that you face your worries and uncertainties and open the door to a world teeming with possibilities. It leads to development, education, and self-discovery.

It’s critical to realize that this path involves measured risks and focused investigation rather than careless behavior.

By pushing your limits and taking on new situations, you expose yourself to all that life has to offer in terms of encounters.

It’s a transformational process that results in self-discovery, personal growth, and an expanded worldview.

When you muster the courage to leave your comfort zone, you’ll find that a thrilling and promising future lies ahead.

You’ll encounter challenges that will test your mettle and in overcoming them, you’ll develop resilience and confidence.

You’ll discover hidden talents and strengths you never knew you possessed. The satisfaction derived from stepping outside your comfort zone and achieving success in these new endeavors is unparalleled.

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2-Break down your goals

Many individuals are unmotivated because their goals are too high. So, it is very critical to break down the objectives into short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

To stay motivated, you need to plan correctly because the self-confidence that you are going to acquire on a daily basis will allow you to remain self-motivated throughout the process. 

When our ambitions look overly ambitious, motivation may suffer. Motivation is a strong force that propels us toward our goals and aspirations.

Break down your goals

This is why setting short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals is a crucial tactic for maintaining motivation and achieving success.

  • Short-Term Goals: These are the shorter-term, more manageable goals that you can work on every day or every week.

Short-term objectives are crucial because they give a sense of accomplishment and advancement. They serve as stepping stones that help you advance.

Regularly reaching these objectives will increase your self-assurance and solidify your conviction that you are capable of success.

  • Medium-Term Goals: These are the objectives you want to accomplish in a few months or maybe a year.

They serve as the link between your immediate successes and your long-term goals. The accomplishment of medium-term goals gives you a sense of accomplishment and aids in tracking your development.

Your motivation is increased when your confidence soars as a result of these accomplishments.

  • Long-Term Goals: These are the lofty goals you’ve set for yourself, ones that could take years to realize. Long-term objectives give you a sense of direction and purpose.

They become less scary when they are divided into doable steps through short- and medium-term objectives.

Your motivation is maintained as you continue to make steady progress because you become more certain that you can accomplish these long-term goals.

Proper planning is important in this process.

Setting clear, achievable goals at each level and having a well-structured plan on how to achieve them will help you stay on track and stay motivated.

Additionally, achieving short- and medium-term goals on a regular basis builds a treasure trove of self-confidence.

3- Find out what makes you happy

motivated mindset

There is nothing more self-motivating than fighting for what makes you happy. To do this, you must carry out a correct self-reflection and know yourself.

When you know what you really want, don’t lose sight of your goals. Remind yourself daily what makes you happy.

If you have difficulties finding your true motivation, you can go to a coach to facilitate the process and help you acquire the necessary tools to remain self-motivated. 


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4- Make every day count

Breaking down the objectives is very good to know what path you should follow to achieve your goals. But if you want to be motivated throughout the process, you also have to do your part to stay at the foot of the canyon, self-motivated. Adopt a positive mindset and make every day count.

Focus on the present and meet those little goals that you set for yourself daily to achieve your long-term goals. 


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5- Date your goals and put them on paper

And of course, making every day count is part of the process. Now, it is necessary to be motivated to date these objectives and put them on paper. In This way, you will demand more of yourself when it comes to achieving it, and it will serve as feedback.

6- Make an agreement with yourself

A good strategy for self-motivation is to contract with yourself to achieve your goals. You can even print a copy and sign it if that means you’re compromised. In difficult moments, which surely will be, you can take the copy and remind yourself of that promise you made to yourself. 

7- Go step by step

Having high goals and wanting to achieve them in a short period of time can be tempting, but also frustrating and demotivating if you don’t achieve your goals quickly.

Therefore, you must be realistic and go step by step in achieving your goals. The important thing to be motivated is to get small achievements that later add up. Be patient!

8- Compare yourself, not others

compare yourself not others

It is necessary to remain self-motivated that you compare yourself with yourself and not with others. The important thing is that what you get step by step allows you to get where you want.

As I said in point 3, it is essential that you know what makes you happy, not others. That is the key to being self-motivated.

Also, if you waste time comparing yourself with what others achieve, this behaviour will surely negatively affect your self-confidence. Something that, in turn, has a detrimental effect on your motivation. 


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9- Remind yourself of what you have accomplished along the way

Therefore, when comparing yourself, remind yourself of what you have achieved throughout the process. For this, you must write down frequently achieved goals. So you will not forget what you have been performing.

On the other hand, reviewing the objectives and the results obtained are positive not only because it serves as a way of self-motivation, but also because it is useful to know what we have done well and what we have done wrong.

This will allow us to react and help us to be self-motivated. 

Let us know what can motivate you more??

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