6 Reasons Why Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts

why success is the sum of small efforts

More than thirty days have passed of this new year 2021; maybe you have promised yourself to go to the gym or start running to keep fit and take care of your body, or perhaps you were supposed to start working and taking action on your brilliant idea of starting your own business. But let me guess you haven’t even started yet!

Mindsetopia totally understands the situation, and that is why we are going to help you with that, but first, take a look at this quote:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier


6 proofs why success is the sum of small efforts

The problem is in our perspective; our mind deceives us. We want to achieve our goals as quickly as possible, and most of the times, our thoughts push us to get the results very fastly. But the way we see the path of success is nothing but an illusion

Let us be honest; nobody can achieve a big success without achieving small ones! you cant climb to Everest in one day! It takes a month, and you have to climb many other mountains before going to the summit! You cant be a world champion competition unless you win many small competitions!

Have you ever seen a perfect muscular body all night long? No! For this, regular efforts, hard work and patience are required. 


Maybe this video from Insight Junky could be really helpful for you:


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The road to success is not full of roses. It also has thorns. Our determination and efforts must overcome different obstacles and challenges. 

In order to achieve every goal and make every dream come true, we must take small steps every day, because it is those steps that bring us closer to our goal, it is these steps that lead us to success.

The first step is decisive, and each step we take afterwards brings us closer to where we want to go. We can make all our wishes and dreams come true, one step at a time.

The key to reaching our goals lies in the small steps we take every day. The number of steps we must take in order to achieve our goals will depend on the magnitude of our goal. 

Will Smith, the famous Hollywood actor, says:

will smith making success wall with small bricks

“You don’t say ‘I’m going to build the greatest wall that’s ever been built. ‘ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.”

The problem is that sometimes our dreams and goals are so big that it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that we must do in order to make them come true, and it is at this point that most people give up.

If most people fail to achieve their goals, it is not because life is unfair and benefits only a few, but rather because they have refused to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals. 

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is not luck but commitment. It is true that for many people things are easier than for others, or so it seems, but the reality is that this cannot be used as an excuse to give up, but should instead be used as motivation to keep moving forward.

You have to understand and use the Compound Effect! What’s that?

What is the Compound Effect?

This concept has entered into the conversation of successful people and businesses after Darren Hardy wrote a book called by this name. 

Watch this video from the Productivity Game youtube channel for a great summary of this book:

The compound effect means that the small and seemingly simple decisions that we make on a daily basis will lead to our success and failure in the long run.

For example, imagine three equally (very low) overweight persons, all with an adequate income and all of them are newly married. 

The first person decides to eat some snacks, chips and puffs every day and watch one or two movies a day.


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The second person decides to continue the rhythm of his current life.

The third person is going to read a few books every day and eat only one piece of sweets or snacks a day.

These three people will make their own small and simple decisions every day. After three months, all three people will be exactly the same. There is no difference between them in any way, even after six months there is no significant difference between them.


But after 10 months, the first differences are made between them. 

The person who has decided to continue his previous lifestyle is still in the same situation as 10 months ago.

The person who has been watching the movie for 10 months The daily routine and eating a little snack is now a little fatter.

The person who has been reading books for ten months and ate a little less food is now a little thinner a little more knowledgeable.

After 27 months of compounding these simple decisions (compounding means the effects of small daily tasks in the long run and the inclusion of the item of time) these results were displayed:

The person who was watching the film divorced his wife became depressed and bankrupt. 

The person who has decided to continue his previous lifestyle is still in the same situation as 27 months ago!

The person who was reading books was able to quadruple his monthly income and have a much happier life with his wife.

The reason for these results is in their daily decisions! Anything we are doing today and any habit we are making today will have massive effects in the near future! 

Now if you want to learn more about the importance of small steps we recommend you to listen to this podcast called The Small Steps, Big Successes Podcast‬:

And here are 6 reasons why small steps are significantly important for achieving your goals.

6 reasons why success is the sum of small efforts

Success is the sum of small efforts

1 – Small steps can help you to keep moving

Taking the first step can be daunting, but you will eventually break the inertia and start moving toward your goals with practice.

Remember an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and a moving object tends to keep moving. So, take the first step and keep on moving. 

Just focus on taking one more step. Don’t focus on the goal, only today’s step and nothing more. Success is about persisting one more minute. Be persistent and determined to go one step further.

2 -A small step can make a difference

We have many things we want to achieve, ranging from shopping to medium and long-term goals.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, the only way to succeed is to start doing something, even if it is small.

Decide now to take a step, perhaps that step can make a difference. Do not kill yourself thinking what the next step could be, there will be time for that. Now dedicate yourself to taking a single action and nothing more.

3 – Small steps help you see progress and stay motivated

If your journey is long, it will take time to reach it. That’s why you have to do whatever it takes to stay motivated, and what better way than to see the progress.

When we don’t see progress in our actions, it is common for us to give up. No matter how small your action is, I assure you that it will produce more than the greatest of your intentions.

Whatever you want to achieve, it will be a lot easier to stay motivated when you can see and celebrate success with every step you take, no matter how small.


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4- Have faster results

Focusing only on the big goal, psychologically makes us feel that our goal is very far from us. 

Feeling that despite your attempts you do not achieve anything is harmful to our mind; However, the problem is not that we do not get results, but that we do not realize the results that we get.

By giving importance to the small things that we achieve, we will see the small results that we obtain when we strive to achieve something big.

5- Feeling capable of achieving great things

That goal may seem very distant, but it really may be closer than you think. Accomplishing small things will make you feel useful and will show you every time that you are fully capable of achieving what you set out to do.

Feeling that you have the ability and ability to achieve your goals does wonder for your self-esteem and your perception of yourself.

Make a list and start crossing off goals. 

At the same time, you achieve each one of them. Remember that to run, you need to walk, and while you walk, you will develop the necessary strength to have the best race of life and be victorious.

6- Strengthen the mind or body

Depending on your great goal, the effort you are making to reach can be physical, mental, or simultaneous. 

The little things to do along the way are supposed to be easier and require less effort; however, these should gradually become more difficult to become someone capable of achieving that big dream.

That is why focusing on achieving all things, even if they are minimal, prepares the body or mind to reach the grand goal. 

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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