How Can You Manifest Multiple Things At Once?

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Can you manifest multiple things at once? Have you heard about the law of attraction? You desire something and it’s already yours! It would be a sweet experience if you find the skill to manifest multiple things at once. Life is short and there are many things we wish to have, so we need to learn ways to achieve all our desires through shortcuts. But how can we do this? The answer is manifestation.

But what is exactly this manifestation? I strongly recommend watching this video from Ziva Meditation YouTube Channel:

The definition of manifestation

Let me share with you one of the memories I had with one of my friends. He was a young marketer named Mike who had several dreams wishing to achieve them at the same time before the age of 25. He said he never had doubt even a second.

Wanna hear a story from a real person? Let’s dive in!


“I never doubted the path I was taking towards wealth, love, and my favorite car. When I went to work every day, I told myself that I would attract 100 customers today. During the time I worked hard, I fell in love with our boss’s daughter, and another of my dreams was to marry her. The love I had for Jennifer gave me more motivation every single day.

I set up a notebook in which I recorded every night what I had done to achieve my goal during the day. Every day I felt like I was getting closer to my goals and I wrote this sentence in my notebook every day: “God is with you”. I felt the presence of God in all aspects of my life and this energy vibrated me.

On the other hand, every day I saw my favorite girl at work from a distance and tried harder to reach the job position that was in my mind. For example, if I was going to call 100 customers during the day, I would call 105 customers and I thought this means effort.

Every day on the way home, I would pass by my favorite car show and look at it, and every night before going to sleep, I would drive in my red car in my dream and go on honeymoon with my favorite girl.

Finally, after 2 years, I was able to take over the management of that company. They said you were the only employer leaving the company last. I had a good salary and was able to work in a room with Jennifer. We gradually became close and finally proposed to her. During my time with Jennifer, I tried to get all the features of her favorite man, and when I was confident, I proposed to her.

So, the main question here is: “how manifesting multiple things worked here for me?” I answer you that if you believe in yourself and strive for the things you want; it is already yours. You should never doubt this path and practice gratitude every day. Any negative thoughts and energy should be avoided and you should always try to stick to positivity.”

This story is an example of multiple manifestations. Thoughts, faith, and feelings are three major things having a role in attracting something into your physical reality. People have different definitions for the manifestation process, but we all see one single thing as a result; attracting intentional, unintentional, and subconscious thoughts, faith, and feelings we have in our journey of life.

Mike is an example of hard work and the manifestation of multiple things in this story. He followed the law of attraction with no hesitation. He had already defined the things he will do in his thoughts. He focused on what he wished. Every day he computed the results he should get. For example, he called 105 customers instead of 100, so the result would be different in the process of one month. I mean 5 more customers mean 150 in a month, so he was a day and a half ahead of the rest of her colleagues which means 18 days in a year. His positive thoughts and his deeds were two main things on his path.

Through Mike’s story, you can comprehend the definition of manifestation.” Can you manifest multiple things at once?” if you believe in yourself, if you set a plan, if you ask for what you want and prepare yourself for it, if you feel it in every singular cell consciously and subconsciously; you get it.


How to use manifestation properly?

A lady is doing meditation and using manifestation properly

When people start to ask this question, it means they still have hesitation in the trueness of the law of attraction. You do not do anything accidentally. If you marry the wrong person, it was not a random choice; you attracted the person and he proposed to you. You will never be in a particular place for no reason. Something good or bad will not happen to you by chance!

The first rule to use manifestation properly is to believe in the law of attraction. If you see it doesn’t work despite the fact you are trying hard, it has a reason for sure which you are not aware of.

Here’s another story: Betty was a student with low self-confidence. She was 15 living with her single mom. Her desire was to be a member of the national volleyball team.

she played on her school volleyball team and did her best every day to be a successful player. One day I went to school to watch her play. What I noticed was that the school volleyball team players passed Betty the least. I tried to understand why. As I watched Betty’s behavior more closely, I felt that she was making little eye contact with other players. As you know, we can talk to each other with our eyes or have a kind of telepathy, but Betty did not do this because of her low self-confidence.

I decided to discuss this with Betty. When I told her why she did not try harder to catch the ball, she said that my teammates did not like me and would not pass the ball to me. I gave Betty a notebook and told her to write a sentence 30 times in her notebook every night before bed. What was the phrase: “I speak with my eyes” I tried to put this in her subconscious part of her mind by giving her this exercise.

I met Betty every day for an hour and asked her to try to stare into my eyes when she talked to me.

When I went to Betty’s school for another game, I noticed that this time Betty’s teammate gave her 5 more balls than the previous time. She had learned how to attract the ball with her eyes.

Referring to Betty’s story, I want to talk about how to use manifestation properly?

Meditation and visualization are two factors in this story that helped Betty improve her relationship with her teammate. She had a goal and she tried to get close to it by rehearsing every day. But there were some other necessary factors which she wasn’t aware of. In this story, I tried to teach her a skill that is essential as a member of a team. Teamwork needs social skills.

7 ways to manifest multiple things at once

A lady is manifesting multiple things in the sunrise

1-Specify exactly what you want

Clear everything. Define for yourself what you want. If you want something you should clear everything about it. You should know the details of it exactly.

To do this, make a list of the things you want to manifest at once. Here’s my list as an example:

  • I want to go on a trip with my family to see my aunt in France before Christmas in our new red car.
  • I want a red BMW car with less than 20,000 miles by November 15t, 2023.
  • I want to go to cooking school after the summer to learn to cook eastern foods.
  • I want to go to Hawaii for my honeymoon in 2023.
  • Be open to changing your list for tomorrow or adding new things to it. Avoid using the word don’t. you have to be positive to manifest what you want.

2- Send signals to the universe

You made your list and it’s time to order the universe to be your friend and come to your help. Ask the universe for what you want. The universe always is in a cycle of help according to our true desire. If you don’t ask the universe to help you it will do its job according to its guess.

The easiest way to receive what you want is to write it. In Betty’s story, she started to write a sentence every night without knowing why she is doing it. Her teammates were her universe. She learned to speak with her eyes and in a month, she brought her visualization to manifestation. She learned to send signals of “pass me the ball” by eyes contact.


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3- Take steps towards your goal

How can you increase the chance of reaching what you want? What were Mike’s steps toward a management position in marketing? His job was to find customers for his company by making phone calls; he decided to make 105 phone calls instead of 100 calls a day. He had a goal, so he took steps toward it.

Write down the steps you can take toward your goal. Taking steps means getting closer to your goal. If you don’t have any idea you can google it. You can also read scientists’ or celebrities’ biography to learn their ways toward their goals.


4- Believe in the process of manifestation

sending love to universe for manifestation

Your internal energy toward what you want can affect the process. Don’t get discouraged on your way. Believe in the law of attraction and stick to your plan. If you started to hesitate about it, pull yourself together and say: I trust the universe, it has my back and I believe we are two friends taking steps toward my goal.

5- Pay attention to the tiniest signs of the universe sending you

Don’t miss the signs of the universe helps so easily. The universe is always helping you and if you start to pay attention to what you are receiving from the universe, the universe will give you more and more of what you ask.


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6- Feel the joy and keep your vibration high

You attract what you are sending out. Have good feelings toward what you want. The positive energy you are sending out says to the universe to bring you what you want. You can recharge yourself by watching a motivational video from YouTube or listening to your favorite music.

7- Relax when conflicts come up

When you want to manifest multiple things at once you may have a long way which you might confront the different forms of resistance such as fear, anxiety, frustration, regrets, and resentment which are totally normal.

When these forms of resisting happen to you, you can talk to a good friend who always inspires you and say to yourself all I have to do now is relax and let it come.


20 best positive affirmations to manifest goodness and happiness

A young lady is using positive affirmations in front of mirror

Looking for some positive and shifting affirmations For 2024?  Here are 20 of them:


1- I deserve opportunities that bring me more money.

2- Money and spirituality are in harmony and bring goodness and happiness.

3- I deserve love and romance in my life.

4- I deserve abundance in my life.

5- I deserve good friends in my life.

6- I deserve a good job in my life.

7- I’m happy with my wife.

8- I’m happy with my children.

9- I’m happy with my colleagues.

10- I give out good energy and it gets back to me multiplied manifold.

11- I have the right to make mistakes and I forgive myself for doing them.

12- I will become the best version of myself.

13- I am healthy and I thank God.

14- I love myself and my family unconditionally.

15- Good things are happening.

16- I honor myself for doing sports to keep healthy.

17- I’m in good shape.

18- Happiness is my second nature.

19- The universe helps me for what I want.

20- I am content and free from pain.


This is a good podcast about manifesting multiple things. Listen to it and enjoy:

What is manifesting 369 methods?

Write down the things you want to manifest three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening. This action is called 369 methods. Writing down a fixed sentence plus repeating it all day long has a role in attracting what you want because you call the universe multiple times throughout the day.

Is it ok to manifest multiple things at once?

Ask yourself “Can you manifest multiple things at once?” What was Mike’s manifestation technique? Visualization, feelings, faith, and aligning his motivation were the core of his manifestation technique. It is totally ok to manifest multiple things at once. For example, you can manifest having a house and a car by visualizing the car as parked outside your house. Positive thoughts and emotions can lead to raising your vibration. When you work hard for your multiple desires, when you enjoy life as it is, when you are grateful, it is totally ok to manifest multiple things at once.

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