Julia Method Shifting: My 10 Step Guide To Do It Correctly

Julia Method Shifting poster in 7 steps

In my opinion, Julia’s Transformation approach offered hope for resolving the widespread yearning to lead the life one truly wants.

I can now effortlessly enter a different universe and detach myself from the present one thanks to my subconscious mind, which gives me the ability to create the life I really want.

As a newcomer, I experimented with a lot of different strategies before deciding to utilize the Julia method since I believed it to be the most straightforward.

Being able to avoid sleeping is particularly enticing. Instead, it makes use of a potent instrument, pictures.

One of the things that truly shocked me is the freedom that Julia Method Shifting offers.

In contrast to earlier techniques, there is no requirement to script the desired state.

I came to the conclusion that all I actually needed to do was get a better sense of the kind of life I wanted to have.

Of course, as someone who likes to journal, I understand that you are free to put your ideal condition into words.

Tailor it to suit your personal tastes.

After studying the art of transitions, I’ve discovered a few simple yet powerful methods that will help you get better outcomes more quickly.

I have found that the Julia Method’s beauty lies in its boundless potential.

The next ten stages can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a famous person from a magical land or just making your existing life better, depending on what your goals are.

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Julia Method Shifting In My10 Simple Steps

Julia Method Shifting In My10 Simple Steps

1. Know Your Goals

The first crucial step I took at the beginning of my Julia Transformation journey was understanding my goals. 

The man reviewing his script

Before beginning, it’s critical to have clear objectives in mind and understand what I aim to accomplish with this strategy. 

It will be beneficial for me to know what my goals are, whether they are to express particular aspirations, pursue new chances or grow.

It becomes a motivator.


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2- Meditation

A woman meditating on a rock

This is the Julia Method Shift’s fifth step. I’ll meditate here for about ten minutes.

For me, soaking in theta waves while lying on my back and maintaining a frequency of 3.5 to 7.5 Hz works best. 

I was drawn to Julia’s method because of its adaptability.

You don’t have to go into a deep slumber to follow these methods. I pick meditation because it enables me to stay awake and have vivid dreams. 

This process of change benefits greatly from meditation since it calms the body and clears the mind of any distracting ideas. 

Focused breathing is a game changer, in my experience.

I find that closing my eyes and taking calm, deep breaths helps me to relax. 

My meditation session was improved by the addition of music, which was a personal touch.

I add background noise that resonates with the reality I’m going for in addition to the theta waves. 

This puts you one step closer to the path of more successful change, it’s like writing a soundtrack for the improvements you foresee for your future steps.

3- “I am” affirmations and symptoms

The photo shows a beautiful woman and a brave man and a hand full of money

Let’s now discuss the third step of the Julia Method Shift.

I now begin uttering affirmations that begin with “I am.” These are a few of my best affirmations. 

  • I am strong.
  • I am happy.
  • I am confident.

I reaffirm the following after reciting these affirmations out loud. I have an impact.

I keep an eye out for symptoms like cramping, dizziness, tingling, itching, floating feelings, flashing lights and elevated heart rate to make sure I’m moving closer to my physical and mental goals. 

 The following are some reasons to employ affirmations.

They enable you to replace negative thoughts with good ones. I believe repeating it helps me develop a good self-belief in my abilities. 

I increase the effectiveness of my affirmations by taking breaks, relaxing, appreciating nature, drinking water and being thankful.

Things like writing, sketching, etc. This is something I always do, even before I start changing.


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4- Count to 100

Stairs below which are number one to one hundred

When you notice these signs, it’s time to remember to breathe in and out and count slowly to 100.

For me, this phase is automatic. 

I may have a disconnection from the present moment as I count to 100, as though I am isolating myself from the outside world.

I became aware that my perspective was different. 

If you don’t initially succeed in creating the world you desire, it doesn’t matter.

Continue doing this until these symptoms appear. It all comes down to comprehending it. 

I try not to move too much whilst counting in order to keep my body and mind uncomplicated.

Counting backward from 100 to 1 and varying it up will work, depending on the day. 

5- Identity affirmations

A woman holding a piece of paper and pointing at the camera

An identity affirmation comes after the “I am” affirmation in a variant of the Julia Method.

In my opinion, this step will assist you in creating the new persona you have always wanted, with an emphasis on factors like name, age and living arrangement.

I use the following instances of identity verification. 

  • I am Sarah (changing my name)
  • I am 25 years old (adjusting my age)
  • I live in New York (changing my location)

I say these affirmations as often as I feel like I’m going to lose contact with the outside world. 

This Julia Method phase lets me concentrate on many facets of my life.

From little things like my appearance to significant factors like my level of fame.

Having finished the seventh step of the change process, I am now prepared to go to the following phase, which is counting to 100.

It’s a technique that aids in letting go of the present.


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6- Visualization

The woman he is visualizing

I am relishing the opportunity to vividly see my ideal reality as I get closer to the final step of the Julia Method. 

I pour in all of my feelings and thoughts, making sure they support the stated objectives. 

Practice envisioning specific details such as the ideal family structure, weather or time of day when you find it difficult to visualize. 

I use my senses to gauge how good visualizing is.

Are the elements you imagine in your mind able to be smelled, heard and seen?

Prior to beginning any significant and lasting changes, practice visualizing by making small adjustments on a daily basis. 

Being able to concentrate and bring your innermost ideas to life in front of you is essential to mastering the first nine phases of the Julia Method. 

I work hard to keep this capacity to measure change.

Proceed to the final and last phase of the Julia technique when you have completed it.

This final stage shows that my attempts to make changes were effective or improved.


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7- Opening your eyes to a new reality   

Picture of a woman with a caption Open your eyes

A totally new reality is about to be revealed in the last stage.

As I get ready to see the possibilities that lay ahead, anticipation grows. 

I complete this crucial final step flawlessly and guarantee a flawless experience by being as proactive as I can to avoid any hiccups that can cause dissatisfaction. 

My body and mind receive instructions from it which causes me to naturally and unconsciously get ready for the moment when my eyes open.

Before making a significant statement, there may be some lingering reluctance and uncertainties, but I quickly get past these emotions. 

Comply with a few simple steps. I discovered that turning my attention to the higher goals of my imagined reality helped me to overcome nervousness. 

I intentionally keep my eyes on the big picture and let it lead me through this time of transformation rather than concentrating on the minute details.

Finding a comfortable spot like a cafe, store or train station where my anxiety goes away is a crucial step in my trip. 

Before moving, I take care of any possible problems at these well-known destinations to guarantee hassle-free travel.

In this manner, you can guarantee a seamless transition procedure.


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8. Write It Down

Write It Down

In an effort to optimize the Julia method’s efficacy, I try to put my wishes in writing.

I can lose myself in a scenario that doesn’t exist in my brain when I write out every tiny detail of my ideal world. 

This writing exercise is a potent penetrating tool that not only reinforces my aims but also makes my imagined reality more vivid and credible.

9. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Understanding the value of general health, I stress the need to stay hydrated as a crucial component of the Julia Method Shifting. 

Not only does proper hydration promote physical well-being, but it also helps maintain emotional harmony and mental clarity. 

In my opinion, maintaining adequate hydration is a crucial component that enhances the shifting experience overall and encourages a good outlook. 


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10. Get Into Position

Get Into Position

In my view, the most crucial thing to remember before going to the next level is to adopt a relaxed and comfortable stance. 

The idea is to create an environment that supports the process of change, whether one is sitting or lying down. 

With the help of this step, I tune out outside distractions, find a peaceful area and relax my body.

By doing this, I set up the framework for a thorough and in-depth Julia Method experience. 

Can anyone practice the Julia Method?

Can anyone practice the Julia Method

The Julia Method has been a personal quest for me to discover the mysteries of reality.

I learned how consciousness shapes events when I approached it with an open mind and sincere interest.

Sincerity in stating goals and appreciation for the method’s subjectivity were essential.

Every step turned into a contemplative trip, and I came to terms with how special my path was.

The Julia Method offers a personalized approach to reshaping your perception of reality and is open to everyone who is sincere, truthful, and kind. 


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Are there any risks or side effects associated with the Julia Method?

Like every time I’ve used the Julia Method, I’m sure there aren’t any recognized risks involved in using it.

Yes, I did.

However, preserving my mental well-being has been my main focus on this trip. 

Even though the technique is thought to be safe, I’ve learned to use extreme caution when it comes to my reactions and experiences.

I decided consciously to stop using the technique or take a break if I experienced any pain or discomfort during a session.

I’ve been able to be actively involved in the Julia Method and work with others thanks to this method. 

It was crucial for me to follow my gut, be aware of my feelings and make thoughtful judgments about my next course of action.

My mental and emotional well-being is prioritized by this individualized approach which makes using the Julia Method a happy and empowering experience.


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How often should I practice the Julia Method?

How often should I practice the Julia Method

When I first started using it, I wondered how often I should use the Julia Method to get the best results.

It turns out that everyone has a different response.

Some find that it enhances their pleasure, and they would rather do it frequently.

Some folks choose to reflect more during their breaks in between sessions. 

I now know how crucial it is to practice consistently.

Whether you follow a daily or customized program, frequent sessions appear to enhance the effectiveness of the Julia Method.

It is comparable to mastering a talent.

In my opinion, your experience will have greater importance, and you will gain a deeper understanding of the talent the more you practice. 

In my experience, striking the correct frequency turned into a feeling.

For me, it’s practical and comfortable.

In my view, it all depends on what works for your schedule and helps you achieve your goals, sometimes more frequently and sometimes less frequently.


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How long does it take to see results with the Julia Method?

Based on my observations, people react differently to the Julia Method depending on when they get results.

For some people, the symptoms go away right away, while for others, it takes longer.

In my opinion, you’ll notice improvement after just a few attempts.

It serves as a helpful reminder of the value of patience and the individuality of every person’s journey. 

To me, being patient is acknowledging that every person’s experience is unique.

Additionally, it appears to be influenced by my level of focus and frequency of practice.

I believe while some enhancements will happen right away, others can take longer to materialize. 

I believe it’s critical to apply this technique frequently.

I get better at something the more I practice it, just like anything else.

I can travel at my own pace and utilize patience as a kind of road map because of the flexible Julia method.

What role do affirmations play in the Julia Method?

What role do affirmations play in the Julia Method

I’ve always been fascinated by the use of affirmations in the Julia Method.

Similar to encouraging words, affirmations have an impact on your attitude and thinking.

Affirmations have a big impact on my transformational aspirations and how I view the Julia Method. 

Affirmations, in my experience, reinforce positive attitudes and desired outcomes by acting as brain programming.

The Julia Method gives me the impression that I am imposing my beliefs on the world.

I can focus, believe and effect change with the use of affirmations. 

Affirmations, in my experience, encourage compassionate and upbeat attitudes.

Regularly having positive talks with myself about my areas of improvement will help me get over self-doubt and fortify my resolve.

I think that you can experience change more quickly and readily if you combine the Julia Method with affirmations.


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Can I customize the Julia Method to suit my preferences?

Naturally, of course. The Julia technique functions as a sort of personal toolkit for me to accomplish my aims.

I adore that you can alter it to suit your preferences. Stated differently, consider what is comfortable and effective for you.

I believe that putting this into practice on a daily basis is crucial. 

To make it simpler for me to incorporate into my daily life, I’ve made a few tweaks. It is comparable to a tailored suit.

The Julia method is more than just a method in this sense. I explore and develop my creative ideas in this way.

It’s ideal for my schedule and allows me to accomplish my objectives in a way that’s all mine.

How do I know if the Julia Method is working for me?

I frequently search for indications that the Julia Method is beneficial to me when learning it.

The fact that my outlook and approach to problems have improved is a major sign.

Positive shifts in my thinking indicate that the approach is having the desired effect on my reality. 

Experiencing more meaningful coincidences and intuition strikes me as another indicator.

I have the impression that the universe is acknowledging my efforts and letting me know that I’m headed in the correct direction through little clues. 

In the end, I believe each person’s experience with this approach varies, and mine might be the only one.

However, these signs, like better thinking and significant coincidences, for instance, reassure me that the approach is improving my reality.

In the end, listening to this podcast is worth:


I believe you can select the method that best fits your preferences as you dig deeper into the world of transformation.

While some people need to be alert and conscious of their environment, others go to sleep.

I believe the Julia shift method is very good for novices, among other techniques like the pillow, Sunni and blanket approaches.

This will give you a sense of control over the process of change. 

It’s true that not everyone will experience success right away, and some may feel like giving up.

However, I’ve discovered that any project may be fruitful and satisfying with careful scripting, meditation, appropriate affirmations and detailed visualization.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

Who am I? A blogger, mindset mentor, personal development coach, content creator, SEO Specialist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, reader by night, and writer by day.

Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

What really makes me excited is helping people to unlock their true potential. So,I am here to give you the kick you need to change your mind and then your life :)

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