Julia Method Shifting In 7 Simple (Yet Effective) Steps – 2024 Update

Julia Method Shifting poster in 7 steps

In a world where everybody wishes to live their dream life, Julia method shifting might be the answer to their call. As a way, which helps a person detach from their current state and transfer to a new world through their subconscious, shifting gives you a chance to script your desired life.

If you’re just getting to know shifting methods, it is best to start with the Julia method; since it is considered to be one of the easiest ways to help you live the reality of your dreams. Unlike the other methods, the current shifting technique does not require sleeping and it is mainly based on the power of visualization.

Another thing that can be discarded in Julia method shifting is the fact that there is no necessity for the practitioner of this type of shifting to write down a script of their favorite state and the only thing a person need is empowering their ability to envision the picture-perfect life of their dreams.

Still, if a person wishes to jot down their desired state there are no limits for him/her to do so.

To master the art of shifting, there are a few simple yet effective steps, which a person can follow for obtaining quicker and better results.

It is worth mentioning that when it comes to the Julia method, the only limit is the sky and whether you wish to be a book character living in the land of fairies and imaginary creatures or just give your current life a simple upgrade, the next seven steps are for you.

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Julia Method Shifting In 7 Simple Steps

1- Go through your script

The man reviewing his script

Though there’s no obligation for you to write down what you want, you are still allowed to go through your script in your mind before getting into the position recommended for this type of shifting.

Having a clear vision of your desires, helps you get better at directing your focus toward your wishes.

A script can contain a lot of details and even the smallest ones such as the shape of one’s nose can be determined in this part of shifting.

The reason why this practice should precede the other steps is that it prevents the person from getting confused during shifting.

If one feels like he/she deserves a different name, a more fit physique, or a whole distinct path to follow in their lives, scripting can be a good way to start.

Even if a person feels like they can’t quite realize such a reality due to their current living conditions, it is still considered to be a good way to have a general idea of what they desire.


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Once a person creates their ideal life in their mind, he/she can move to the next step of the Julia method shifting. In order to perfect this art, you need to get your body into a state, which prepares it for receiving the requirements of step two.

This involves you getting into a comfortable position preferably on your back and switching into a relaxation mode to be able to follow a set of instructions set by a chosen meditation.


2- Meditation

A woman meditating on a rock

The second step in the Julia method shifting requires the person to dedicate up to 10 minutes of his/her time to meditation. The best way to go through this step is by lying down on your back and listening to theta waves with a frequency, which ranges between 3.5 and 7.5 Hz.

Since the Julia method does not require a person to go into a deep sleep while going through its steps, it is best to avoid meditations that might cause you to sleep and focus on the ones, which get you in the state of having vivid dreams while being awake.

What makes meditation necessary for this kind of shifting is its ability to put an individual’s body into a mode of relaxation and free it from unworthy thoughts that might block you from getting what you wish for.

The number one suggestion for a more effective meditation is breathing well.

To make sure that you are getting to where you want to be, it is recommended that you start inhaling and exhaling in a slow-paced manner while having your eyes closed.

Another addition, which can lead to better meditation results, is music. Besides listening to your preferred theta waves, you can also play specific sounds in the background.

The selected music is expected to involve sounds that are associated with your preferred reality. This way the person gets a better sense of the changes he/she wishes to see in the upcoming steps and it allows him/her to get closer and closer to a more effective shifting.


3- “I am” affirmations and symptoms

The photo shows a beautiful woman and a brave man and a hand full of money

In the third step of Julia method shifting, the practitioner of this method is expected to start uttering affirmations, which start with “I am”. Some examples of these affirmations could be similar to the sentences below;

  1. I am rich.
  2. I am brave.
  3. I am beautiful.

After saying your intended affirmations out loud, you should make sure that your “I am” sentences are taking effect. In order to be certain that you are getting close to your required state both mentally and physically, you can look for any signs of shifting in your body.

These signs, which are known as the symptoms of shifting or Julia method shifting symptoms, usually show themselves in the form of body sensations like getting itchy skin, tingling in your body, sensing a feeling of floatation, witnessing flashing lights, twitching, getting dizzy, and your heartbeats going faster than usual.

The reason why affirmations are an important part of this technique is that these utterances help in changing one’s negative beliefs about themselves and turning them into something positive. Repeating the affirmations also works as a way to build positive beliefs about your capabilities.

Some of the ways suggested for enhancing the signs of affirmations include drinking water, giving your mind a rest, showing gratitude, appreciating the nature surrounding you, and doing relaxing activities such as drawing and reading.

These guidelines could be practiced on a daily basis and even before starting to practice shifting.

Following the symptoms of the affirmations, the body and mind are ready to move to the next step by counting to one hundred as a way to help them detach from their current reality.


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4- Count to 100

Stairs below which are number one to one hundred

Once the body starts showing signs of the aforementioned symptoms, you are ready to start counting to 100 in a slow pace. For obtaining better results, it is best to include proper inhaling and exhaling as a part of this step.

The importance of counting to 100 lies in the ability of this level to separate your body from its current state and make it feel as if it is detached from what goes on around you.

People, who fail to achieve their targeted reality on their first try, could continue repeating the fourth step until they begin to feel some symptoms.

When counting, the individual is expected to keep as still as possible to avoid causing any kind of distractions to his/her body and mind.

Some people may choose to count backwards from 100 to 1, which is also considered to be quite acceptable as long as it brings the person to his/her desired state.

After finishing counting to 100, another set of affirmations, which are called identity affirmations, must be uttered by the person.

These affirmations as can be notified from their name relate to the naming of an individual as well as other things, which define his/her personality as a human being.


5- Identity affirmations

A woman holding a piece of paper and pointing at the camera

In the Julia method shifting, identity affirmations usually follow the “I am” affirmations as a way to help the person build up his/her new desired character. These affirmations mainly concern the name, age, and the living condition of the user of this technique. A number of examples, which can be regarded as identity affirmations are;

  1. I am Jack (change of name)
  2. I am 20 years old (change of age)
  3. I live in London (change of location)

One can continue to say similar affirmations until he/she feels that he/she is getting detached from their surroundings.

In this step of the Julia method, one can change endless of things about his/her life and decide to alter matters as simple as his/her look and things as big as the extent of his/her popularity among people. After finishing the fifth step of shifting, you are ready to leap into the next step, which demands the person to invest his/her time in doing extensive visualization.


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6- Visualization

The woman he is visualizing

In the pre-final step of the Julia method, you are free to start visualizing a detailed picture of what you desire. Here, both your thoughts and feelings should be invested in your visualizations and they need to feel as if they are moving toward your intended goal.

In case you find it hard to visualize, you can get better at the current step by imaging a set of your wished ideals such as your ideal weather, your ideal family members, your ideal time of the day, your preferred sounds, and the smells that you love to sense around you.

The best way to see whether your attempt at visualization has worked or not is by checking if you can smell, hear, or see any of the things that you have imagined in your mind.

One suggestion for getting better at visualization is through constant practice before attempting at a serious and effective shifting.

Perfecting the first six steps of the Julia method shifting depends on perfecting your focusing abilities as well as your ability to shift your thoughts from the depths of your mind into a reality in front of your eyes.

If one wishes to measure the extent to which he/she mastered this type of shifting, he/she can move to the seventh and final step of the Julia method. The last step works as an evidence of whether your attempt at shifting has been successful or not.


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7- Opening your eyes into a new reality   

Picture of a woman with a caption Open your eyes

In the final step, the person is expected to open his/her eyes to a whole new reality.

To perfect the seventh step and avoid any mishaps that might lead to your disappointment, you can instruct your mind and body to prepare your eyes to be opened in an automatic and unconscious manner.

Though some might feel hesitant and in doubt before opening their eyes, it is still possible to drive away these thoughts and shake off those feelings by following a few simple steps.

One way to overcome these suspicions is through shifting your whole attention toward a more general ideal of your intended reality and instead of looking for signs; you should try to focus on the bigger picture.


Another step that might help a person succeed in mastering this short but interesting journey is through finding his/her comfort spots. These places can include spots like coffee shops, stores, train stations, or any other locations that can lead to easing an individual’s unnecessary worries. One can even try to deal with these blocking factors before trying any sort of shifting to be exempted from any type of hindrance along the way.


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In the end, listening to this podcast is worth:


When it comes to shifting, there are endless numbers of methods to choose from and anyone can select his/her preferred technique on the basis of his/her preferences.

In general, these types of shifting are divided into two categories where in the first one the person ends up sleeping during the chosen practice while in the other category the practitioner remains awake and aware of his/her neighboring environment.

Among the several methods of shifting, like pillow method shifting, Sunni method shifting, and blanket method shifting,  Julia shifting method may seem like the best one to be used by beginners and those, who want to be in charge and in control of their shifting, would definitely find this technique more to their liking.

However, some people may fail to get instant results on their first attempt and they may even give up at some point of the road, but with careful scripting and meditating as well as saying the right affirmations and intense visualization all of your attempts can be turned into a successful experience.

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