I Don’t Have The Motivation To Write My Essay , What To Do Now?

Are you there staring at your essay? Not even sure of where to start from, not to talk about completing it. Sometimes it feels like you have hit the wall, and you don’t have the motivation to write.

If you are demotivated to start your essay writing and are overwhelmed, ask yourself, ‘how do I write my essay’ or ‘should I possibly get help to write my essay online?’. You are not the only student who has found themselves in this situation.

Writing can be so thrilling when we have all our thoughts well penned down in our writings. But sometimes, our minds blank out, finding it difficult to write. I have discovered and organized a list of tips in this article that will help you be motivated and enthusiastic about starting working on your essay.

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Tips for finding the motivation to write your essay

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Writing an essay is part of college life; however, many students dread writing because having a good essay requires a lot of research, time, and concentration. After facing some challenges on this part, many students are quick to “throw in the towel”.

1. Know the cause of the lack of motivation

The first step to staying motivated is to ascertain why you are not motivated to write your essay there are many reasons and factors that could have possibly led to these, some of which include;

  • Lack of interest in the Essay topic: this often happens when the given essay assignment doesn’t interest you. 
  • Lack of confidence: When you don’t trust your writing abilities and are already viewing your essay as “a piece of trash”, this can jolt your motivation.  
  • Feeling overwhelmed: Because of the nature of essay writing, which requires a lot of effort and time, it can take over your mind and make you feel intimidated. Hence, make you lose the motivation to write your essay.


2. Choose an interesting topic

One of the primary ways to keep your motivation to write an essay is to choose a topic that you find interesting. Some articles don’t afford you the luxury to select the subject, but when you do, don’t choose a topic you aren’t interested in.

Writing an essay on a topic that interests you is enough motivation because you genuinely want to know more about what you are writing about, making it more fun and exciting.


3. Minimize distractions

Create the right environment by shedding off extra tasks that take most of your time to focus on writing your essay, including music, noise, your mobile device, and the internet. You can block some websites that might distract you.


4. Find a conducive environment to write your essay

Find an environment that is convenient and comfortable to write your essay. The less distracted you are, the better it is for you to focus on what you want to write, getting a serene, quiet, and clean place that won’t drain your energy due to discomfort.

The feeling of being relaxed and in a conducive place would be an excellent motivation for you to write.


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5. Gather all the necessary materials you need to write the essay

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Have your necessary tools and resources at hand when writing your essay, including articles, writing materials, or your computer system, as this also eases unnecessary stress that can demotivate you.

You can also plan to reward your effort with snacks or coffee; you can have them available also as you will need to be energized and comfortable as you write your essay.


6. Break down the writing process

You don’t necessarily have to rush the whole essay assignment at once; we spoke earlier about being overwhelmed by the essay assignment as one of the reasons for being demotivated. So, take it a step at a time.

To avoid being intimidated by the workload of doing it all at once. You can break down the writing process by setting aside time for research, writing, editing, and proofreading. Don’t rush to finish the essay; you will maintain motivation if you take it gradually.


7. Create an outline

Creating an outline helps you write clearly and efficiently; it gives a sense of direction and gives your writing a focus.

An essay comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion.

The outline does not have to be extensive but should include the main points your essay will make. It helps you follow a particular format and save the article from rambling. 


8. Divide the word count for each section of the essay

You should determine the number of words in each section of the essay.

For instance, in an essay of 1500 words,  I would have 150 words for my introduction and conclusion and 300 words each for four body paragraphs.

Breaking down the number of words for each section depends on your choice. The closer you get to each word target for the units, it also serves as motivation and encourages you to continue.


9. You don’t have to begin with the introduction

Yes, in every essay, the introduction section comes first. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be written first; people often get stuck at the introductory part, not knowing what to start with. 

The introduction section is an essential part of an essay, so you tend to face a lot of pressure because you have to ensure you start with something that can get your reader’s attention.

It’s not a bad idea to start with the body paragraphs before you decide to write the introductory part. In fact, writing the introductory part after the body makes it relatively easier.


10. Take breaks


Taking regular breaks is quite crucial in staying motivated. Take a break from your writing and do other activities aside from writing, like taking a walk down the street; it helps refresh your mind.

You can also get a few drinks and snacks to keep your energy level up; you are advised not to consume too much as it can slow down your pace.


11. Reward yourself

In every field, reward boosts motivation. Creating a reward system for yourself when you finally complete the essay will motivate you to push yourself to write the article to get the compensation at the end. It can be something as simple as eating at your favorite restaurant or going to a cinema.

We also have found this awesome podcast that teaches you how to start writing an essay:

Getting a writer motivated to write an essay might be pretty tricky, but it’s not impossible, especially if it’s not a topic of interest. However, follow the tips we have put together for you above on how to be motivated and make it easier for you to approach your essay efficiently.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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