When You Focus On The Good The Good Gets Better

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One of the ideas that has greatly influenced my way of thinking is the notion that deliberately concentrating on the positive aspects of life enhances these wonderful traits. 

This concept was really helpful to me personally since I was able to apply it to enhance my own experience. 

This phrase which was coined by Abraham Hicks, explains how having a positive outlook can lead to a series of fortunate events in your life. The opposite is also true. 

I came to understand that I have the ability to draw terrible things into my life if I continue to think negatively. 

I learned this from becoming aware of the influence of bad thoughts and energies. 

Acknowledging the transformative power of concentrating on the positive, I established a personal code of ethics to enable myself and others to lead more contented and joyful lives. 

I believe it all begins with developing the ability to let go of negative thoughts. This is a crucial skill for cultivating an optimistic outlook, in my opinion.

To focus on the good, you should know how to remove negative thoughts at first. So in this video, you learn how to remove negative thoughts to focus on the good:

Ways To Focus On The Good

My own experience has led me to feel that I have a great deal of control over most aspects of life. My guiding concept is the great truth expressed in the adage, “If you focus on the good, the good will get better.”

I came to see that to truly embrace this viewpoint, a profound self-awareness was necessary.

My life was transformed by the process of self-improvement and self-discovery.

Take a look at the clever methods this article describes 10 Strategies for Understanding Yourself and Aiming for Self-Improvement in 2024 which I strongly advise.

Because these practices are essential to the development of my sense of self and my route to positive progress.

If someone is interested, I can explain to them what I think a comment like this signifies.

I have been able to focus on the good things in life and attain more success by putting the straightforward yet effective strategies described below into practice.

These exercises which range from practicing thankfulness to acknowledging little accomplishments have transformed my life and strengthened my conviction that our ideas greatly influence the course of our lives.

1. Forgiveness And Acceptance

Two beautiful girls make peace after talking

In my personal experience, I’ve discovered that deciding to forgive and accept myself has a significant influence on my ability to see the good.

I think that forgiving someone goes beyond simply moving on from the past.

Living the life I desire can be impeded by the transformational process of letting go of the hold that painful memories have over me.

I have firsthand experience with the negative effects of unresolved unforgiveness.

It started a series of regrettable incidents that came to an end when I chose to go on and extend my forgiveness.

I agree with the idea that taking charge of the process of forgiving has made it possible to go on to the next chapter.

I have to come to terms with the truth that I cannot go back in time.

My own experience has taught me that acknowledging this fact does not diminish our ability to use agency to shape a better present and future.

It all comes down to treating myself with kindness and realizing that even though there are some things I can’t alter, a happy life is still attainable if you have an optimistic outlook.

During my journey, I came to understand the need for a careful balance in introspection in my life.

In my opinion, maintaining an optimistic outlook and avoiding obsessive future-focused thinking are crucial.
Based on my own experience this method enables me to approach life with optimism, trusting that events will transpire in a way that either satisfies my wishes or teaches me important lessons.

I believe a happy and fulfilled life is largely dependent on the transformative power of forgiveness and acceptance.

Therefore, be kind to yourself and be sure that though some things are unchangeable, you can still lead a good life with a positive attitude.


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2. Gratitude

Being grateful has turned into a life-changing habit for me on my path to a happy and meaningful existence.

It holds a special place in my daily routine and gives me a means of expressing my sincere gratitude to the universe for all of my benefits.

This practice serves as a stabilizing influence when I’m experiencing emotional low points by gently encouraging me to recognize and value small gestures that I might otherwise take for granted.

I set aside small candies for my appreciation practice. notes that have been thoughtfully chosen to inspire happiness.

This notebook evolved into a physical representation of my thankfulness journey.

It has become a habit that offers me tremendous delight and peace of mind to write down my blessings no matter how big or small.

My approach to gratitude is quite flexible and I make it a part of my weekly or daily routine.

I am allowed to write down only three blessings or ten each time.

I understand from my experience that these gifts are numerous and include significant relationships organ health, job security, and the comfort of a paycheck among other things.

Every post reminds me of how fortunate I am and a motivation to be grateful for what others might not have.

In my view, being grateful is now more than simply a habit. It’s a path of introspection and appreciation.

This particular encounter made me very grateful and made my life happier and more satisfying.


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3. Seek A Minimalist Lifestyle

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Phrases like “When you focus on the good, the good gets better” seem to me to be a wonderful fit with the ideals of living a simple lifestyle.

According to my understanding, minimalism is based on the idea that living simply results in a more satisfying life.

Thus, the query is How can you apply this idea to my life? A sensible place to start would be to take another look at my clothes.

I concentrate on creating an outfit that radiates positivity because I’m a minimalist.

I decided to toss everything that was no longer needed and keep only those that fit my minimalist style.

This method enables me to give important things a higher priority than pointless accumulation whether they are donated or disposed of.

This philosophy inspires me to value quality above quantity in many facets of life and to look beyond material belongings.

I believe choosing minimalism demonstrates that a small number of faithful friends is worth more than a big number of unfaithful acquaintances.

In my opinion, making the decision to choose lasting relationships over a surplus of fleeting ones is a deliberate decision.

I think there are more advantages to becoming a minimalist than merely clearing out your physical area.

This will focus on what truly has value and cut out superfluous spending, saving me a ton of time, energy, and money.

I believe minimalism turns into a deliberate, individual decision to live intentionally and promote a more aware and meaningful life.


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4. Give Up On Comparison

My habit of comparing my appearance, behavior, and circumstances to those of others is something I personally battle with and it frequently leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

I’ve learned that breaking free from the comparison trap is crucial in my quest to develop self-love and happy existence.

Here’s what I did to break the negative habit of comparing my life to others.

I made a list of the things that make me happy and feel important as a proactive measure.

This list includes characteristics like my eye color, nose shape, and the positive effects of my kindness toward others.

In my view, making this list of self-praise has been revealing and transformational.

Despite my flaws, I possess admirable characteristics that others could find envious.

It reminds me that life is not as hopeless as I may believe even during those times when I feel insecure.

I have personally witnessed that emphasizing the positive qualities of myself enhances them since I have developed the habit of writing down the positive aspects of myself.

This is a powerful reminder of the good that my existence, in whatever small way, brings to the world.

I suggested making a straightforward notepad specifically for this use.

This notebook has become my soothing friend, a wellspring of courage and assurance to turn to when self-doubt threatens to overwhelm me.

It is a concrete reminder of my skills and qualities, boosting my sense of self-worth and showing me the way to a happier existence


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5. Focus On The Lessons Offered By Each Situation

The female golfer learns golf, the male coach helps

Through my own path, I have learned that everyone experiences both good and bad parts of life and that life is full of ups and downs.

I have made an effort to navigate these upheavals by keeping my attention on the lessons that are present in any circumstance no matter how unique.

In my life, there have been times when I have encountered hardship and been deceived into surrendering. the easiest fix.

But I came to know that even in the face of things that appear to be bad there can be good things that happen and room for improvement.

Imagine an athlete who had a poor performance in a competition.

Even while first failures can be demoralizing, I’ve discovered that they make me a better instructor.

Viewing a scenario from a fresh angle enables me to analyze my shortcomings and shortcomings in detail which helps me make improvements and better equip me for the next challenge.

So far in my trip, I’ve approached every circumstance with the mindset that for better or worse it’s a worthwhile learning experience.

I’m encouraged to ask myself “What can I get out of this?” after every event.

This change in perspective reinforced my conviction that there is value in learning from every setback and enabled me to use obstacles as stepping stones toward both professional and personal development.


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6. Get A Hold Of Your Emotions And Thoughts

From my personal experience, I have encountered circumstances where it was easier to give in to my feelings and thoughts to the point where they nearly consumed me.

However, I set out on a mission to discover how to manage my emotions so that they wouldn’t take over my life and instead contribute to it.

I’ve developed the practice of closing my eyes and taking a step back in order to vent my frustrations whenever they come up.

I’ve got a fresh perspective on the matter during this period of introspection.

It is a successful tactic to ask myself questions like “Will complaining help?” and “Do I want to get caught up in current events or do I want to protect myself?”

These questions remind me of my strength in every circumstance and my ability to overcome any obstacle.

It is the understanding that I have freedom and can choose how I react to the obstacles in life.

I discovered that holding onto optimistic ideas gave me comfort in my struggle for emotional and mental control.
It was crucial to write down my positive attributes and to practice gratitude.

I can reach my perfect existence and nourish my body and soul by going through this list and chanting positive affirmations.

This particular method of controlling my feelings and thoughts has grown to be crucial to my quest for a happier and more contented existence.


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7. Hang Out With Positive People

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Surrounding myself with positive individuals is one piece of advice that I find helpful when it comes to leading a fulfilled life.

Spending time with others that encourage and support me instead of making fun of me has made a big difference in my wellbeing.

Not like others who spread negativity or distance themselves from me.

They are upbeat individuals that don’t hesitate to pursue their aspirations.

They offer answers if issues come up in addition to encouragement.

Numerous facets of my life including my profession and other pursuits have transformed as a result of joining a group that exudes comparable positive energy.

In my opinion, positive people are amazing because of their steadfast support.

They are happy to provide me with advice and are always there to help me, especially if they are professionals in their fields.

This shift to a more upbeat social setting has contributed to the development of a climate in my life that encourages development, optimism, and support from others.

8. Help Others To Help Yourself

I came to understand the transforming power of giving and receiving on my path to a better life.

I believe the key is to interact with others by bringing optimism into their lives to be receptive to that wonderful energy myself.

I made the following decision to apply this strategy to my life: Devote a portion of my leisure time to volunteer work.

In my view, giving back is fulfilling whether one does it in a preschool, or a homeless shelter as a tutor helping younger kids learn new skills.

By making this promise I can feel kindness within myself as well as favorably impact the lives of others.

Taking part in these deeds of kindness demonstrates my compassion and brings joy into other people’s lives.

In my journey, it attracts more positivity like a magnet. My quest for a more purposeful and happy existence is based on this particular method of giving and receiving.

9. Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

As I navigated the ups and downs of life, I came to understand the profound benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

They now accompany me on a regular basis and provide a sort of spiritual sanctuary amidst the everyday grind.

Being mindful helps me recognize the positive things going on around me even in the midst of chaos and it’s like having a mental reset button.

Imagine for a time that your normally busy mind finds itself free of thoughts.

I now have a grateful sense of clarity and the ability to notice my thoughts without becoming consumed by them because of mindfulness.

It’s similar to lowering tension and elevating serenity to me.

10. Visualize Success

I discovered that imagining achievement is like having a secret superpower when faced with obstacles.

This goes beyond wishful thinking. I see all the amazing things I want to do as a movie in my head.

I believe this goes beyond simply having lofty dreams and It’s all about experiencing the thrill of achievement before it actually materializes.

Therefore whenever I stray from my path in life, I picture myself in the future having accomplished my objective.

It all comes down to having absolute faith in my skills.

Regular daydreaming or visualization as I prefer to refer to it, has the wonderful ability to point me in the direction of opportunities that align with my dreams.

To put it briefly, these customs are not intricate ceremonies.

I believe visualization is about picturing success to raise my chances of success, mindfulness is like taking a moment to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

In my opinion, It’s like having a straightforward yet effective instrument to help me navigate life’s journey.

We recommend you listen to this podcast to learn how positive things happen for positive people:


It has been clear to me throughout my life that dealing with a variety of circumstances is normal.

It’s fascinating to note that I may really have some control over these situations if I choose to concentrate on the good.

It serves as a kind of guide for me.

I came to see that my life tends to work out better when I devote time and effort to developing positive habits, moral behaviors, and practical abilities.

My thoughts are focused on the law of attraction. Putting my attention on what draws me in, I speak from personal experience.

People around me can see positive changes when I actively work to be positive and conduct nice deeds.

Seeking the positive aspects of every circumstance has become a habit for me as I strive to live a fulfilling life.

This easy choice enhanced my present situation and prepared me for many happy memories in the future.

It’s like a small gem I find along the road that adds to the pleasure of life.


Written by Saeed Ahmadi

Who am I? A blogger, mindset mentor, personal development coach, content creator, SEO Specialist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, reader by night, and writer by day.

Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

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