My Favorite 10 Shifting Methods Without Visualization – 2024

Meditation of a woman

I understand that it could be hard to imagine that your wishes will come true.

However, what are you aware of? You don’t have to worry about picturing everything to make things occur. 

I assure you that by employing these tactics, you don’t need to be an expert at thinking or envisioning certain things.

This, in my opinion, is a simpler way to lead things towards the desired direction.

Considering my goals while gazing in the mirror is a cool activity that I enjoy.

It’s simple and requires little mental strain from focused visualizing. 

I also like to put down exactly what I want to happen as a strategy.

I don’t have to visualize something spectacular. Simply, I put my ideas down on paper. It seems to be narrating a tale about my future. 

Try these techniques if, like me, you have some trouble imagining things.

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My Top 10 Shifting Methods Without Visualization

My Top 10 Shifting Methods Without Visualization

1. The Pillow Shifting Method

A woman dreaming about pillow shifting method

Using the technique of switching pillows to get the reality I desired has been an interesting trip.

I take the time to jot down my aims and desires together with my affirmations on paper.

I then write a script for the reality I want and add details that speak to me on a different sheet.

There are certain special times when performing this workout.

I went to sleep. At this critical point, I read the script cover to cover and repeat these affirmations so they become ingrained in my mind before I go to sleep.

I’ll beg for change if I nestle both papers under my pillow in a comfortable position.

Even so, it could be challenging to get a good night’s sleep.

At these times, I use subliminal messaging and calming music to set the mood for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Every ritual I take part in makes me more aware of the strength of faith. To be really honest, I thought I would wake up in a different world.

My personal experience has taught me that uncertainty can make this method less successful.

Knowing that the seeds of change have been sown and that my reality is changing in accordance with my greatest aspirations, I approach this with unflinching confidence.

2. The Raven Shifting Method

A raven flying and raven shifting method text

I’ve been looking into the Raven Shift technique as an additional means to bring about change.

As I count to 100, I lie down in the starfish position.

I prefer to play subliminal waves or say affirmations as part of my shifting process while I count.

This technique begins with a written script and a quick five to ten-minute meditation. It is well-known for being simple and does not need visualization.

I lie down in the starfish posture and count to 100 after finishing these initial steps.

I use identification and subconscious affirmations in my count to achieve better outcomes. Affirm things like age and how I look.
In my view, the Raven Method works best when you are really exhausted and ready to go to sleep.

1. I am 22. (age)
2. I have blonde hair (appearance)

I suggest that you make sure you are free from distractions in order to get the most out of this strategy.

I believe this tailored strategy fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to effective change and incorporates mindfulness into the process.


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3. The 369 Shifting Method

A man doing meditation in the sunset with 369 shifting method

Based on my research, the 369 Shift method is very distinct from other approaches.

This approach does not involve scripting or affirmation repetition rather, it concentrates on writing.

This method only requires paper and a pen or pencil. Start by writing down my primary objective three times, such as “shift, shift, shift.”

Next, I use the sample below as a guide and state my goal six times in complete sentences. “I am capable of shifting x6”.

The third and last step for me is to write out my objective and repeat this line nine times as if I had already accomplished it.

For instance, “The x9 circuit was successful.” I find this writing-based approach to be both effective and personally meaningful.

4. The No-Sleep Shifting Method

It’s now a ritual for me to get my own adaptation of the no-sleep shifting technique just right.

I begin by setting aside some time for meditation, which enables my body and mind to accept a condition of peace.

In my opinion, this first step is very important since it sets up a mental environment that will support the journey ahead.

Following the peaceful meditation, I close my eyes and repeat positive statements like “I am.”

This is a reassuring way to go, letting me know that I’m prepared for the next phase.

As soon as I start to relax and see the first indications of shifting, I move into the counting phase with ease and count up to 100.

For me, these symptoms can take many different forms, such as mild tingles, sporadic twitches or enhanced sensory sensitivities like hearing or smelling particular things.

In my view, the way the sensations interact is fascinating and suggests that the process is moving forward.

When I begin to notice changes in my environment, that’s when things start to shift.

It’s a distinct sensation that signals I’m prepared to open my eyes and venture into the brand-new world you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s not just a method each time I set out on this trip, it becomes a very personal process of growth and fulfillment that is uniquely mine.


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5. The Blanket Shifting Method

Setting up the moving circumstances should come first, in my opinion, when using the all-in-one relocation strategy.

I meditate, play soothing music, and listen to subliminals to put myself in a state of readiness.

This will assist me in getting rid of any last elements that can obstruct the process of change.

When I’m ready, wrap my entire body, including my head, with my reliable blanket. I dive right into the process like a warm blanket.

I will concede that until there are issues, this might not be the best approach for claustrophobics.

Let’s proceed. The technique then moves on to include altering affirmations.

“I am lying in the bed of my desired reality” or “The bed of my desired reality is warm and cozy” are examples of phrases that serve as my mantra and help me stay in the mindset I want to be in.

When I made it to my fourth attempt, in this phase, I started a counting routine to 100 while thinking positively about the world I wanted.

This stage quietly signals that things are starting to shift and that the process is starting to take shape.

I now have a decision to make at the end of the blanket method.

Would you rather follow the first four steps, go to sleep and then wake up to see the reality that you have chosen?

Alternatively, do you open your eyes as soon as you sense a shift in your environment for quicker results?

This is a personal decision that broadens the alternatives for this appealing approach.

6. The Oxy Shifting Method

For me, beginning the Oxy shifting method has become a ritual.

I start my practice by focusing my mind on the reality I wish to accomplish while submerging myself in the soothing rhythm of theta waves.

I approach this technique with the perspective of someone who has previously succeeded.

The ideal state is aim.

Affirmations in the present tense, like “I am in the reality I desire,” ring true in my mind and help me stay rooted in my developing practice.

In my opinion, the Oxy Method, like every change program, promotes the appearance of little but telling indicators of progress.

This is the phase in which my elevated awareness is tuned in to the transformations occurring within me.

When I open my eyes and sense the faint indications that I am ready to start, that is the turning point.

I can tell you from experience that having unwavering faith is crucial.

When I ignore my misgivings, I cultivate sentiments of eagerness as opposed to fear.

When weighing the various techniques, I’ll see that the Oxy shifting method is incredibly user-friendly.

Its ease of use makes it much more alluring, regardless of my level of experience in the field. It’s more than just a process for me.

I believe it’s an individual trip into the unknown, driven by curiosity, faith and focus.

7. The Dax Shifting Method

Finding a posture that is comfortable for me is the first thing I do when I decide to employ the Dax shifting method.

Whether I’m lying on my side or my back, I always go for the most comfortable posture.

I immerse myself in the habit of telling myself one story once I am at ease in my body.

It’s similar to turning pages in a book, only that this time, the actual story I want to read happens.

As this heart story comes to a close, I move smoothly into affirmation.

These statements ground me in the conviction that I already exist in the ideal state and mirror the reality I want.

In my view, the adaptability of the Dax Method is its greatest asset. Whether I choose to or not, I shall repeat these affirmations all the way until the conclusion of my slumber.

Alternatively, I can hold off until I am certain that I have made the shift to my desired reality.

This is a unique experience because it’s a personal journey that the approach adjusts to my comfort level and pace.

8. Alphabet Method

Alphabet Method

Using the alphabet approach was an enjoyable experience for me since each letter serves as a unique key to unlock positive energy. 

To begin creating a roadmap to my dreams, I start with the letter “A” and select a word that represents my aspirations. 

It goes beyond simple creativity.

It also modifies my perspective and enables me to concentrate on the good things in life that I desire. 

There are various facets of my goal that will become apparent as I work my way through the alphabet.

It’s similar to instilling positive ideas in your head. 

Examine the text’s various facets and my desires as I read it. It functions similarly to a cool mentality that keeps me focused. 

It’s not merely a ruse to use a good term for each letter.

In actuality, it will alter how my day is organized. 

To put it briefly, the Alphabet Method has evolved from a technique to a practical and easy way for me to feel good and maintain positive thoughts.

I believe the dream is getting closer, one letter at a time.

9. Mirror Method

Mirror Method

The mirror method resembles my daily inspirational speech. I envision the version of myself I want to be when I look in the mirror. 

Making eye contact seems to be the link between where I am and where I want to be.

It functions similarly to a unique tool, assisting me in reflecting on my identity and aspirations.

Standing in front of the mirror is not just a normal thing. It’s a great moment to get an idea of ​​the qualities and strengths you want. 

This makes me more aware of who I am every day. It’s not just about looking at your own reflection. 

It reminds me of my goals and makes me feel positive about becoming the person I want to be. 

It was not ordinary for me to stand in front of a mirror, but this was an excellent time to start identifying the traits and advantages I desired. 

I become more conscious of who I am every day as a result. It goes beyond simply staring at my mirror. 

It gives me motivation to pursue my goals and gives me hope for my future personal development. 

10. Sound Method

Sound Method

For me, the Sound Method acts as a daily mood enhancer.

I select sounds and songs that I truly enjoy, such as calming beats and melodies that align with my goals in life. 

It’s similar to making my own playlist for the improvements I want to see.

I feel happy and am able to maintain a connection with my ideal reality when I hear these noises. 

In addition, I sometimes paint on a canvas or paper while listening to the sound.

I pick up a colored pencil, and without thinking about what I want to draw, I let my hand paint whatever it wants. 

That’s how I am able to paint unintentionally. I believe this kind of painting connects me with my desired reality.

It’s not merely instrumental music. It resembles having my own personal cheerleader more.

My chosen songs and beats travel with me much like traveling companions. 

It adds enjoyment to each step and provides the drive to keep going forward during challenging times. 

From personal experience, the Sound Method has added a unique element to my regimen. It goes beyond music alone. 

It’s an easy way to brighten my day.

My daily life now includes melodies that not only make the path to a better reality more successful but also more pleasurable.

Other Shifting Methods Without Visualization

In addition to the ten best practices I previously highlighted, I discovered a few more repositioning strategies that don’t involve visualization and might be more in line with my preferences.

See it down below!

I discovered techniques including the VinegarChips, Vains and Simi method.

These all appear to provide a different perspective on change, and I’m interested to discover which one best suits my preferences. 

I suggest that trying out several techniques and determining which one suits you the best is always enjoyable.

1. The Simi Shifting Method

I experimented with the Simi shift method for the entire day, making an affirmation every hour.

I like to have relaxing subconscious sessions as the nights become longer. Then music is played specifically selected to fit my ideal reality. 

I weave stories and go on spiritual journeys during my quiet time.

In your dreams, what is your daily routine? At the conclusion of this creative journey, going to sleep becomes a crucial step in the process. 

It’s a special fusion of narrative, music and affirmations that prepares me for the following phase. 

When using this technique to induce dreams, I take advantage of the chance to bridge the gaps in my present situation. 

My ideal reality is close at hand. It’s similar to entering a universe that has been molded by my wants through a gateway. 

A new sense of expectation arises when I wake up in the morning.

I find myself in the desired state I imagined throughout my switching practice, in addition to beginning my day with a sense of renewal. 

This is a personal experiment that I’m continuing, and with each try, I learn more and more about this intriguing process of transformation.

2. The Vains Shifting Method

I’ve been honing my lucid dreaming techniques and researching the Veins Shifting Method.

It was an interesting journey that called for both human interaction and technology. 

I make an effort to have a well-written script and a list of affirmations that represent my most fervent goals before I enter the dream world. 

I’m able to achieve lucid dreaming during these times, and the dream becomes a dream.

A link that brings me closer to the desired reality. 

It’s like entering a path where the line between the dream world and my intentions blurs, creating a unique and immersive experience.

My own experience using this strategy has shown me that the best part is when I find something along these lines, an actual door that takes me straight to my desired reality, so to speak. 

In my view, this is an exciting and self-assured time. Going through this door is a tangible step toward making my ideal reality a reality, not just a symbolic one. 

The Vains Shifting Method has given my quest for self-discovery and development additional depth and excitement.

It combines lucid dreaming with conscious scripting.

3. My way of lucid dreaming

I’ve experienced a number of techniques to help me become more conscious of my dreams. 

First, I am acutely aware of the details of my everyday life, and I think that this knowledge includes my dreams. 

Secondly, I try changing up my sleeping schedule. I aim to get four or five hours of sleep, wake up and then go back to sleep.

This is how I give my sleep cycle a new rhythm. 

The final step refines this approach by waking up after 5 hours and confirming my intention to experience a lucid dream before going back to sleep.

This conscious affirmation has guided me on my dream journey. 

I have also experimented with the idea of intensifying the senses.

After five hours of sleep, I wake up and concentrate on my senses of smell, hearing and other memorized sensations. 

Verifying my intentions will be a crucial step in the procedure.

I make sure that my objective is to enter the domain of lucid dreaming the next time I go to sleep after obtaining five hours of restful sleep. 

These introspective changes gave my exploration of the dream and awareness domains more depth.

The VinegarChips Personal Shifting Method

To change VinegarChips, I start by playing a sound that I think perfectly captures my mood.

It might be a calming tune or any other kind of music that matches my ideal world.

The atmosphere is set for what comes next by these noises.

I then look for a cozy spot to meditate. This is your time to unwind and get ready for the trip ahead.

Then I speak affirmations which are just words that I genuinely believe to be true.

Convincing myself that I already exist in the reality I desire is the next stage.

In my view, it’s a mental change from hoping for something to occur to thinking that it will.

Ultimately, I go off to sleep with the conviction that I am going to step into my fantasy world.

The Vinegar Chips Method feels like my own unique approach to investigating change since it incorporates sound, meditation, affirmations and persuasive thinking.

I feel like I’m adding a new dimension to this fascinating adventure with each attempt.


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Is there a risk of the mind wandering during shifting methods without visualization?

If I try switching without having too strong of an image in my head, that seems to work for me.

But for it to function, I must give my desired task my whole attention.

It’s similar to playing a game where winning requires focus. 

My small contribution to this process is mindfulness. This entails paying great attention to every step and changing gears with extreme caution. 

I have the impression that I have a guide who directs me and helps me stay on course. 

I ask myself to ensure that there are no unnecessary distractions “Am I clear in my head and ready?”

The correct route to my ideal reality. 

I can focus and de-stress with something as easy as deep breathing.

It’s similar to having a helpful guide with me while I go through the stages of change.

How To Have A Successful And Fast-Shifting

Man has opened his arms in the mountain after successful shifting

Even though walking was an accessible mode of transportation, there were still some obstacles in my path.

But it turns out that raising my frequency in the appropriate way was the missing piece that prevented me from manifesting my wishes.

I now consider meditation to be my greatest ally.

Frequent meditation sessions improved my vibration and left my body and mind feeling incredibly at ease.

In my opinion. It offered a soft starting point for the transformation process.

Subliminals have become a fascinating part of my daily practice.

The practice of confirming good remarks and focusing on certain sounds helped me get closer to my true desires.

It was evident how my thinking had changed slightly.

It turned out that scripting changed everything.

My desires became tangible when I was able to visualize them clearly and put them down on paper.
This provided focus and direction to my gear-shifting technique.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that there isn’t a single, universal method for changing gears.

I, therefore, embarked on a self-discovery trip to determine which of the techniques mentioned above is most effective for me.

The key is to identify the appropriate solution.

Gratitude practice has taken center stage in my everyday routine.

Things were more upbeat and peaceful when I kept a gratitude notebook and acknowledged my blessings.

In addition to making others around me happier, taking these little, tailored steps toward change has given me more confidence to carry on this journey of transformation.

Listen to the episodes of this podcast. It’s all about shifting methods and will guide you:


I believe when it comes to some modification techniques that demand a great deal of vision, it can be a little annoying.

However, there is a bright side to this.

It’s not necessary to use this; there are many other ways to shift, regardless of my level of expertise in visualization.

I’ve experimented with a number of methods, including the pillow and Raven methods.

Numerous techniques are listed above, including the DAX approach, the blanket method, the oxy method, the 369 method and the no-sleep method.

I’ve created a comprehensive guide for others who are just starting out like me in an effort to make my switching experience more fulfilling.

I believe it is important to remember that not everyone will get into gear on the first try.

In my view, the secret is to consciously set aside any remaining concerns you may have about these techniques and to have total faith in what you are doing.

I also keep in mind that what suits others well might not be ideal for me.

I want to try out various switching techniques until I discover the one that suits me the most because of this.

I hope the guide I created for myself was helpful to you. This is a joyful process of shifting that is exhilarating.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

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