Top 7 Shifting Methods Without Visualization In 2024

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When it comes to manifesting your desired reality it is very likely that you might find it hard to visualize your favorite state; however, by finding the right shifting methods without visualization all these problems can be solved.

As their name reveals, shifting methods without visualization does not require you to be good at focusing your thoughts on something specific, and in fact, there is no need for you to be able to do any sort of envisioning that may strain your mind while trying to shift.

Below we will present you with some of the most common shifting methods without visualization alongside a full guide on how to practice each one of them.

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Top 7 Shifting Methods Without Visualization

1. The Pillow Shifting Method

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Being one of the ways for manifesting your desired reality, the pillow shifting method expects the practitioner to write down his/her affirmations on a piece of paper, and use another sheet of paper to jot down a script for his/her preferred reality.

Considering that this method demands you to sleep at a certain point of the practice, it is important that you read the script and repeat the affirmations before falling into sleep.

Once you are done with the second step, you are ready to put the papers under your pillow and go to sleep.

In case you find it hard to go into a deep slumber after placing the papers under the pillow, you could choose to listen to subliminal or any relaxing sounds that might help you fall asleep.

To make sure that your attempt at shifting works out, have faith in what you do and believe that once you are awake you’ll be opening your eyes to a new reality.

Because if you have doubts the attempt might not be as successful as you think.

2. The Raven Shifting Method

A raven flying and raven shifting method text

Another method for shifting is the raven shifting method in which you are required to lay down in a starfish

position and count to 100. While counting, one can recite positive affirmations or play subliminal waves as he/she tries to shift.

As the most popular shifting method without visualization, this easy way of shifting should be preceded by a written script as well as a 5 to 10 minutes meditation.

Once you have passed the first two steps lie down on your back in a starfish position and start counting to 100.

For better results, don’t forget to accompany your counting with Subliminals and identity affirmations such as,

  1. I am 22. (age)
  2. I have blonde hair (appearance)

The raven method is believed to work best when a person is extreme fatigue and is trying to go to bed.

To get even better results while practicing this method make sure that there are no distracting factors around you.


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3. The 369 Shifting Method

A man doing meditation in the sunset with 369 shifting method

Unlike the rest of the shifting methods, the 369 shifting method is more writing based and it has little to do with scripting and repeating certain affirmations.

In this method, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil to write down your main objective. First, write your main goal three times as in “shift, shift, shift”.

Then write your aim for six times in the form of a sentence like the example below,

“I am capable of shifting x6”.

And for the third and final step jot down your goal in a sentence as if you have already achieved that goal. Also, remember to write that sentence for nine times. For instance, “I had a successful shifting x9”.

4. The No-Sleep Shifting Method

To perfect the no-sleep shifting method, start by dedicating some time to meditation in order to get your mind and body into a state of relaxation.

Then allow yourself to get comfortable by closing your eyes and repeating “I am” affirmations. Once you feel relaxed and start to witness signs of shifting, you can move to the next step by counting to 100.

These signs can range from small tingles to much bigger feelings such as twitching and hearing or smelling certain things.

The moment you start feeling as if your environment has changed, you are ready to open your eyes and experience what you had in mind as a new reality.


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5. The Blanket Shifting Method

In the blanket shifting method, the first step requires you to put yourself in a ready to shift state through meditating, listening to Subliminals, or putting some music. This will help you let go of any factors that might block your way to shifting.

Next, grab your blanket and cover your whole body alongside your head with that blanket.

If you have claustrophobia it would be for the best if you avoided this method unless you can go through the process without any complications.

After the second step, try saying some shifting affirmations like, “I lay in my bed of desired reality”, “my desired reality bed is warm and cozy”, or any similar affirmations that would help put you in your desired state.

For the fourth step, start counting to 100 alongside saying positive things about your desired reality. In this step, you are expected to begin to experience some shifting signs.

As for the final step of the blanket method you are given two options of whether you want to sleep after the first four steps or just open your eyes to your new reality.

If you choose to sleep, you can witness your chosen reality after waking up but if you want to see instant results try opening your eyes after sensing some changes around you.

6. The Oxy Shifting Method

To try the oxy shifting method, begin your practice by listening to theta waves and shifting your focus to your intended reality.

Within this method, you have to act as if you have already achieved your desired state by saying your affirmations in the present tense. For example, “I am in my desired reality”.

Similar to other shifting methods, the oxy method also expects the person to start feeling some signs of shifting at some point in the practice.

The moment you begin to feel those symptoms; you are ready to open your eyes to a new state. As long as you have no doubts about the success of your shifting, you will have nothing to fear.

In comparison to the other methods, the oxy method is probably the easiest one to try both as a beginner and an expert within this domain.


7. The Dax Shifting Method

When choosing the Dax shifting method, you should start by getting into a comfortable position.

This chosen state can be on your back or on your side, whichever makes you more comfortable.

Next start telling yourself a story about your desired reality as if you were going through the pages of a book.

Then when you start to approach the ending of your story start saying affirmations that say you are in your desired reality.

You can continue those affirmations until you fall asleep or until you are sure that you got to your desired reality.


Other Shifting Methods Without Visualization

Besides the top 7 methods we mentioned above, there are still other shifting methods without visualization, which you may find more to your liking below.

These methods include the simi method, the vains method, and the VinegarChips method.

The Simi Shifting Method

For the simi shifting method, you are required to dedicate a full day to saying affirmations every hour.

Then once the night comes, spend a while listening to subliminals. Followed by some music, which you can associate with your desired reality.

Next, try to tell a story of how you would spend a day in your desired reality and as you do be sure to fall asleep at the end of your practice.

If this method of shifting ends up with you dreaming use that dream as a way to access your desired reality.

At the end you are expected to end up waking up in your intended state.

The Vains Shifting Method

The first step in the vains shifting method is about perfecting your skills in lucid dreaming.

As you try to start dreaming don’t forget to have a script and a number of your preferred affirmations prepared before commencing your practice.

The moment you succeed in getting into the state of lucid dreaming, use that dream as a way to transfer into your desired reality.

In the end you should find a door to your intended reality and when you are certain about the success of this method cross through that door.

How To Perfect Lucid Dreaming

  1. Be observant of your current reality to become more observant in your dreams


  1. Go to sleep and try waking up after 4-5 hours. Once you are awake try going to bed once again


  1. Similar to the second step try waking up after 5 hours but this time confirm that you will have lucid dreams before going back to sleep


  1. Another way for getting better at lucid dreaming relates to focusing on your senses of smelling, hearing, etc. In this method, wake up after having 5 hours of sleep and then focus on the aforementioned senses and what you feel at that moment


  1. Affirm your intention after 5 hours of sleep and make sure that the next time you fall asleep; your objective would be to have lucid dreams.


The VinegarChips Personal Shifting Method

For the VinegarChips personal shifting method, begin your journey by playing sounds that can be associated with your desired reality.

Later, get into a comfortable position and start meditating.

After finishing your meditation start saying affirmations, which you have full faith in.

Then try to convince yourself that you have already reached your goal of entering your desired reality. And as for your last step try to fall asleep at the end.


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How To Have A Successful And Fast Shifting

Man has opened his arms in the mountain after successful shifting

Sometimes some people may find it hard to shift even if they encounter easy ways to do similar practices, yet by finding the right ways to intensify your vibrations, you’d have no trouble in pursuing your desires.

  1. Meditating: constant meditation before shifting can not only raise your vibrations but also relax both your body and mind


  1. Subliminals: listening to certain sounds and saying the right affirmations is another way for you get closer to what you want


  1. Scripting: have a clear vision of what you desire and write it down on a piece of paper to make your shifting much easier


  1. Find the method that suits you best: it is very likely that not all of the methods would work for you, so try to find the best one among the mentioned methods.


  1. Practice thankfulness: keeping track of the blessings you have in your life and show gratitude to the universe

These simple yet effective steps will help you enhance a more positive environment around you and approach shifting with more confidence.

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On some occasions, you might feel frustrated by the fact that some shifting methods require visualization.

However, you have nothing to worry about, because whether you are good at visualizing your desired reality or not, you can still find several shifting methods without visualization.

These methods include the pillow method, the raven method, the 369 method, the no-sleep method, the blanket method, the oxy method, the dax method, and many more, which we have mentioned for you above.

And to make your experience more fruitful we set you a full guide on how to get better at shifting if you are just getting started.

Remember that not everyone succeeds on their first attempt at shifting, but if you have full faith in what you do and try to block any doubts about these shifting methods, you’ll get better at what you do.

Also never forget that what might work for another person may not work for you, so keep on trying different shifting methods until you find the one that works best for you.

Hopefully, you will enjoy what we have prepared for you and happy shifting!



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