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8 Reasons Why Success Is The Best Revenge in 2024

Why Success Is The Best Revenge

I love this phrase: Why Success Is The Best Revenge! – I love it! You can’t even imagine how many times I have used it to encourage those who feel ignored, little recognized or simply not valued by friends, family or people at work. 

I have also repeated it to those who felt a deep pain in their life. I have used it to comfort those who are downcast by deception, disloyalty, or worse, the betrayal of someone we trust or appreciate.

Surly There is no better revenge than success,” I tell everyone, looking into their eyes and with a knowing smile.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, soon or late you have to experience this feeling, we all know that it is not a pleasant feeling at all, in fact, it is kind of terrible, whether you are a boy who has lost a game to his friends or a business person whose company has officially gone bankrupt. It’s called failure.

You know That phrase works. Raise your spirits!

It makes us pull out our claws, it allows us to see the light at the bottom of the tunnel that guides us, that gives us direction and, above all, a reason to stand up and move on.

Is that so? Can success also serve as revenge?” They ask me incredulously. “Yes“, I tell them very seriously, and with the honesty of someone who knows what he is saying because he has felt the same experience so many times and totally understands them.

But it is not the revenge part that works in this sentence. It is not revenge that encourages and inspires us (because revenge, in itself, is ultimately a negative emotion), but the one that has to do with success, with daring to dream that we can achieve it.

Yes, well, success is definitely the best revenge. And how good it feels!

But if you want to know why we need to be successful then this video from GaryVee TV youtube channel can help you:



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Remember that in order to achieve any success, we need to fail many times. The path to success goes through a path called failure. Every failure acts as a catalyst, making your path to success easier. After many failures, achieving success is much sweeter and indescribable. 

So this time, you think of revenge for only a few moments. Imagine a place in your mind where you have achieved your desired success. Then you will realize that the best revenge is to let go of the past and think about the future you want. As American singer Frank Sinatra says:

“The Best Revenge Is Massive Success”

the best Revenge is massive success

But before taking revenge from this goddamn failure, let’s hear the story of a person who has unbelievably avenged the failure, Sylvester Stallone.

Many of you know Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series. However, many of you do not know the story of this actor. Sylvester Stallone was broke once and even became homeless. Yes, you hear right, homeless

He spent three weeks at a bus stop in the port of New Jersey. He was also rejected more than 1,500 times by film industry talent scouts, so surely Stallone was once a big failure. Things were so bad for him that at one point, he had to sell his dog for $25 just to pay his electricity bill. It was a disaster because his dog was his best friend, but don’t worry, later on, he bought the dog and even starred in the original Rocky movie.

How many years do you think Stallone failed during the years of struggle for success? How many people do you think told him that he would never reach his goal and get out of this situation?

Just imagine how perfect Stallone’s revenge on success was when he took the stage in 1977 and then his film won three Academy Awards. So there is no impossible, anything is possible.

Now that you are on a journey, and the failure is a part of it, so it does not matter how many failures or defects you have experienced or how many people in your life tell you that you cannot achieve anything. 

Know this, success can be for you too. It’s the best revenge you can take of your life because it is not about trying to prove someone wrong. It’s about proving to yourself what you can do. The rest of it happens alone.

If you are struggling with how to be successful then the Business Ryan podcast helps you:



Now let’s dive into the 10 reasons why success is the best revenge in the new year, 2024. Avengers, assemble!


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8 Reasons Why Success Is The Best Revenge in 2024

1. Victory after defeat is much sweeter

sweet victory

Remember that in order to achieve any success, we need to fail many times. The road to achievement passes through a road called failure. Every failure acts as a catalyst, making your path to success easier. After many losses, achieving success is much sweeter and indescribable.

So when you are thinking of revenge, just imagine for a moment in your mind the position that you have achieved the desired success. Then you will understand that the best revenge is to let go of the past and think about your future.

2. By overcoming your fears, you become a new character

crush the fears

If you want revenge and think about success, you will have to overcome your fears along the way because no one can succeed without overcoming their fears. Fears play a deterrent role in our lives. 

Fears come from our conscious and subconscious minds. It gets bigger and bigger because others are constantly diminishing our courage and self-confidence. 


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So the best revenge is to let go of your fears and move on to the success that others have always said you can not achieve. This will make you a new person. 

You become a new person because to achieve any achievement, you have to go beyond the limits that you imagined for yourself. By crossing your boundaries, you are no longer the person you used to be. This can the most painful and sweetest metamorphosis of all times for you.

3. Positive thinking will defeat negative thoughts

positive thinking

Today, negative thinking has overwhelmed the world. Negative thinking is born of fear. But the fear is transmitted to you through the media and society. 

Many people around us encourage this negative thinking by reducing others’ courage by saying that it is impossible to achieve. Despite this huge amount of negative thinking around us, staying positive is not an easy task. 

But if you have a meaningful purpose in life, try to instill positive thinking in yourself and make positivity a habit. On this account, having a positive mindset to achieve your goals is one of the best revenge you can get.

If you want to know how you can have a positive mind then this video from youtube channel can be helpful:




4. You will discover your true friends in adversity

The truth is that many friends who are around us in times of success leave us in difficult times. Everyone is willing to bet on the winners, and no one is betting on the losers. 

But on the positive side, if you lose, you will find your real friends. So the best revenge is to try to move towards your goal, and even if you fail, you will have real friends instead.

5. Success makes you aware of your abilities

success for abilities

Most of us have a low attitude when it comes to imagining a picture about ourselves. The human mind and creativity are unlimited. Over the last hundred years, man has been able to make the dreams of people who lived in the past a reality. In essence, modern human civilization owes much to its dreams. 

You, too, can achieve all your dreams only if you put laziness aside and work tirelessly to achieve it. It is then that when you reach your goals, you realize what extraordinary abilities you have.

With that in mind, the best revenge is to pursue the vision we have in mind, focus on it, and work tirelessly, then we will realize abilities we did not even think about. Achieving something that seems impossible and unattainable is like a miracle.


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6. On the road to success, others will support you

Success is said by many successful people to be the best revenge because others have supported it, and you are not the only one talking about it. In other words, success shows itself whether you talk about it or not. 

As you work in silence, success will make noise on its own and tell others around you about your abilities. On the other hand, people around you who are mentally healthy will support you and lift your spirits. 

Those who were not mentally healthy and continuously weakened and disappointed you will doubt themselves and feel more frustrated. For this reason, moving towards success, whether you win or not, will be the best revenge.

8. You will be a role model for others

Revenge for success

Usually, everyone is looking for successful people to put them at the top of their lives and, in other words, to have a role model. When you succeed, you show others that the impossible does not exist and that everything is accessible. 

They learn in your life that if they do not give up and work hard, they can overcome their problems and achieve their goals.

According to research, and as you probably know, many people do not accept themselves and have low self-esteem. Because they 7themselves are powerless and weak, they find it difficult and impossible to achieve their goal and constantly make excuses. 

But if you succeed and see your success, they will use you as their blueprint and try to use the methods you have achieved to achieve the same impossible dreams.

Therefore, they set an example from you and follow you, which makes your ill-wishers uncomfortable, and you can take revenge on them in the best possible way.

8- The possibility of changing the world

Yes, you heard right! It may be impossible and even funny for many people initially. Still, the truth is that by achieving our goals and becoming great people, sometimes we can even make the world and people better forever.

You ask how? Just look at Edison’s inventions. In the beginning, were his various inventions, such as light bulbs and the movie camera, anything but a distant goal? Didn’t Edison make the world a better place by achieving these goals?

Undoubtedly, changing the world and turning it into a better place is one of the best possible revenge for failure.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

Who am I? A blogger, mindset mentor, personal development coach, content creator, SEO Specialist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, reader by night, and writer by day.

Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

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