How to Manifest Business Success In 10 Steps 2024

how to manifest business success

Open Google and type: “How to be successful”, you will find many websites that are telling you about a business plan or how to manage money, etc. but honestly, there is a level before these plans that is even more important than others! It’s the mind level.

The truth is that there is no “magic formula” or “secret recipe” to achieve business success, but there are specific key points that successful entrepreneurs have in common.

Here in Mindsetopia, we will show you how to manifest business success in the new year 2024.

Warmup your mind because it’s time for Mindsetopia!

What is business success?

I start with a question: why do you want to start a business?

Surely you will answer me that because you want to be your own boss, create something that is yours, have freedom … And there may be a few more reasons.

The ambition to achieve it is what moves you.

All right. Well, for you the fulfillment of those ambitions, of those dreams, is business success. Achieving those dreams will determine the success of your business.

There can be several indicators that evaluate the success of a business. One, important and strategic, is the economic one.

A business that does not generate profits will rarely be able to survive. And if it does not, it is considered to have been unsuccessful.

If we value success in terms of satisfaction, the economic part goes to the background, because in this case, the feeling of accomplishment prevails, of feeling that something has been contributed and personal expectations have been satisfied.

Thus, business success can be assessed from three perspectives: economic, personal and social.


Types of business success

types of business success

Business success can be analyzed based on different aspects.

These are the 3 types of business success:


A successful business is defined in this way when it obtains a consistent return on investment, which makes it possible to recover the investment made at the beginning of the activity and generate profits.

This generates security to face the future, as well as wealth for the entrepreneur and his investors.

The practical way to assess the financial success of a business is to answer a simple question: Am I offering my children a better life than the one I had?


This concept is very subjective, and the personality, dreams, and other factors of the entrepreneur come into play.

For an entrepreneur, satisfaction and appreciation as personal success are given because they have been able to take their idea forward and materialize into a real business that is working.

Seeing that the work has paid off in itself is a reason for satisfaction, which we interpret as success.

A satisfaction that also generates a feeling of pride, since an idea that was born one day in your mind has germinated into an actual project.

It is something that you have created.


A third aspect, just as important as the other two, is social success.

This refers to the level of good that they do to society as a whole, without forgetting any of the cycle ranks.

Thus, it starts by assessing how it cares and offers to the business community itself to employees and customers.

Its objectives will be to generate benefits for these, which can range from social (such as facilitating family conciliation), to economic (such as an equitable distribution of services).

And in a more global dimension, it also measures how the actions it takes have a positive impact on society in general and what objectives are set to achieve this.

Now we strongly recommend hearing the best advice to small business owners from the great Waren Buffet on the Goldman Sachs youtube channel:

How to manifest business success?

1. Don’t let where you come from dictate your future

how to manifest success

It is common to hear individuals who want to be entrepreneur say expressions such as “Oh, it is really hard and I don’t have the conditions to do it,” ” I have not had the same opportunities as other people had,” or “If only if had more money I could it better. “

Let us be honest with you, STOP repeating these sentences in your mind! entrepreneurship has never been easy, and if you are looking for an easy way, you cant have it! You have to go through all blood, sweat, and tears, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, and it doesn’t matter how your situation is, where there’s a will, there’s a way, period.

To be successful, you must develop an unlimited mindset. The opportunity is endless, and everyone has the chance to become an entrepreneur if they want to. Dream big!


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2. Know yourselfself awarness in business

Self-awareness is one of the biggest keys to success.

When you look around, you will surely see people who are not satisfied with their business conditions and do not like what they are doing. Maybe you are in this situation right now. An awful feeling from the way you work that may grip you for two decades or until the end of your retirement.

There is only one reason for having this feeling, and that is not knowing ourselves. If we know ourselves well and can analyze ourselves for ourselves, we will definitely go in the direction we are interested in, and we will succeed in that.

So consider this key to success, knowing yourself as the first step to mental change.

But you may wonder HOW? how can I know myself? this video from the School Of Life youtube channel can help you to know yourself better:


3. Be determined

be determined in business

Many people think that it is about the skills that you have. And of course, you need to have certain skills to run a business. But it’s also about the determination to move forward with your endeavor. Building trust is a significant part of being a successful entrepreneur.

Each has its own methods. Perhaps for some, it is inspired by positive stories, such as reading articles or blogs online about successful entrepreneurs. For others, confidence is built through exercise. There is nothing like a race to uncover endorphins and entrepreneurship.

Remember that “with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, you can achieve anything.”

 4. Be 100% responsible

be responssible in business

What people do not understand is that people do not know that responsibility is directly related to success. I personally hold myself responsible for all the behavior around me, and I am not indebted to anyone.

If I had a driving problem and an accident happened to me unintentionally, I would give up the issue. Certainly, if I were more focused on driving, it would not happen by accident. Or if there is an argument between my co-worker and me at work, I still feel guilty, even if it starts with my co-worker. 

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I could control myself and not argue because I have the power to prevent it. I have simple things in my personal and professional life, this is the responsibility, you have to increase the expectations from yourself a lot because in these cases you can manage yourself, you will definitely be peeling for bigger managements, and in the future business No matter how big your workload is, you can easily manage your collection.

If you want to know how can you become responsible for your actions then this podcast from Dr. Darlene can be very helpful:

5. Commit to your business

commit to your business

If being an entrepreneur is your calling, you must commit to your business. If you don’t dedicate 110% to it and keep one foot in and the other on the door, the business may not even get started.

You must focus on their growth. If your attention is elsewhere, then so will your business. Think about your business and how you can improve it from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep (and on the weekends). It is crucial to make a mental commitment to your company.

6. Become an expert

expert in business

Try to get enough expertise in everything you want to start. You need to learn to practice constantly at the beginning. Only by practicing can you become an expert in a subject.

If you are interested in starting a business, like designing, you have to become a skilled designer in the future. You should increase your training rate to become as good as a master designer. Continuous practice answers everything and can make you an expert in that field. don’t forget, “practice makes perfect.”


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For example, if you want to work in science or economy, you should increase your study in your interest fields so that you can gradually become an expert in the field of your interest and be able to be an expert.

The only way to become an expert is to practice frequently, do not forget to practice.

7. Shine during times of difficulty

i did it

Surely you are going to experience rough times. But don’t let adversity finish what you have built. It’s all part of being an entrepreneur. Wait. Work through those difficult times, and then by stepping out, you will be more successful and happier.

Obstacles are just stepping stones on the path to something bigger and better. As Nietzsche says:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

This video from the Sadhguru youtube channel can help you to go through difficult times in life:

8. Surround yourself with people like you

we did it

Sometimes your family or friends may not understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. You might even have people who will try to discourage you or negative people in your life. This is also part of being an entrepreneur.

Surround yourself with people you can relate to, like other entrepreneurs. This will happen naturally as you build your own business. You are going to meet people in the business space. Hear their stories and learn from their experiences.

9. Never stop learning

never stop learning

Lifelong learning is the cornerstone for every entrepreneur. No matter how much you know, you can learn something new every day. Keep learning more through blog articles, digital courses, and books. Listen to podcasts while driving.

With all the changes that are happening, especially in digital marketing, it is essential to continue to perfect your art.


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Maybe 20 or 30 years ago, you might have been able to get by just learning a few basic skills, but now technology and commerce travel at the speed of light. And to stay competitive, you need to make learning a lifelong habit.

10. Set a big, bold goal

my bold goal

Maybe it might seem a bit silly to think of a big and bold goal, and perhaps you consider one to win $ 50 million in the next 10 or 20 years. To many people, this may seem so unrealistic that they couldn’t even imagine it now.

But just having the thought, and working toward that goal on a day-to-day basis, allows you to think that way and be in that state of mind to grow your business to what you dream it could become. So what is your big, bold goal?

These seven keys to business success are the product of years of experience from several successful entrepreneurs. If you practice them, these guidelines can push your entrepreneurial initiative to the next level. We hope you have learned how to manifest business success. 

If you want to know how to set goals properly then this video from The Art of Improvement youtube channel can help you:

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Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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