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30 Best and Inspirational Elliott Hulse Quotes

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In this world, there are many people that can show you the true meaning of life through what they have to say. If you listen, among those words, you can find valuable lessons that will guard you against darkness.


Elliott Hulse, the CEO of the Strong camp, the man who can show you how to fight your way through anything, is one of these people.

Before reviewing his words, I recommend taking a look at Elliott Hules’s YouTube channel and seeing his accomplishments for yourself.


Who is Eliott Hulse?

It may be a good idea to have a quick review of who our influencer is before reading his quotes.

Strength Coach and Pro Strongman, Elliott Hulse, runs the world-famous Strength Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Over 2 million people subscribe to his personal YouTube channel and the channel for his strength camp, where he provides education and inspiration and persuades his followers to become the strongest version of themselves.

So if you need inspiration, read this Hulse’s Quotes to the end, and let the words of this man, who has made it his mission to make you a better person, enter your mind.


Top 30 Inspiring Elliott Hulse Quotes


"Successful people don't make the right decisions, they make their decisions right." ― Elliott Hulse


“Successful people don’t make the right decisions, they make their decisions right.”

Making decisions is risky. There is always room for failure. That is why no matter how carefully we consider the consequences of a decision, everything can still go wrong. When you think about it, if you could learn how to benefit from a poor decision, all decisions would be right no matter what.



“I believe that there is a strongest version of every human being… it is my mission to uncover it in myself and inspire you to discover yours.”

The idea of having multiple versions in one person is so appealing, which is probably why this quote is so popular. There are versions of us even we do not like to know. But there is surely a version among them that has potential.

Our mission in life is to reach deep down inside and awaken the best version of ourselves.



“There’s more to getting strong than lifting heavy weights.”

This quote basically means that physical strength, while respected, is not always enough. What counts for real is the strength of our spirits.

The strength that keeps us alive is about the perseverance we show and how we manage to survive through hard times.


“Failure is an experience that lends wisdom, and ultimately makes you stronger.”

Elliott Hulse quote about failure

By now, we should all know that failure is not a bad thing. It is helpful, and it gives us more experience. When we fail, we become aware of what we are not supposed to do. So the next time we try, we are 100 times more prepared.


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“Do the thing that your heart is asking you to do, regardless of the external circumstances.”

Would a lotus flower be able to grow so beautifully if it was affected by the swamp around it? We can let the people around us, our conditions, and the world we live in tell us what to do. But we will never be happy unless we get our hearts what they crave.


“Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not.”

Surely everyone has days in which they just want to sit around and do nothing. But selling your willpower to laziness is the worst trade possible.

What makes successful people different is that they never allow themselves to procrastinate productivity.


“Crawling is acceptable. Falling is acceptable. Puking is acceptable. Tears are acceptable. Pain is acceptable. Injury is acceptable. Quitting is unacceptable.”

In simple words, get to the finish line no matter how hard it is. You may go through hell for getting something done. But in the end, you will be proud of yourself because that hell was the only right way to get to heaven.



"Courage is what you will experience and what you will grow when the doubt is there but you do it anyway." ― Elliott Hulse


“Courage is what you will experience and what you will grow when the doubt is there but you do it anyway.”

Courage is not the same as being fearless. Courage is being afraid but acting as you wish anyway. Sometimes, you have to go on even when nothing sounds certain. In the end, you will thank yourself for not hiding behind your fears.



“I have never liked anyone telling me what to do. I would rather screw up completely, fall flat on my face and knock out all my teeth making my mistakes, then someone else telling me what to do. The dependency that we as individuals have come to embrace is dysfunctional, and you end up having individuals who are not fulfilling their human potential, and they become a drain on those who actually are.”

Here is the problem with letting people tell you what to do: if they leave one day, you have no one to guide you through life.

That is why it is always best to expect nothing from others and do what you need to do on your own.

Remember that nothing can be as harmful as dependency and constantly relying on everyone else.


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“Don’t make excuses. Develop a warrior mindset. Make decisions and stick to them. You can start simply, by focusing on something small, but you must start and you must follow through.”

You do not have to accomplish something unbelievably huge to consider yourself successful. Sometimes, achieving the smallest goals can give you the confidence to go on.

Take small steps, but take them at all costs.



“Don’t be afraid to jump in the deep end of life. Take risks, and be brave. Get excited about doing the things that scare you. We all have the capacity to be courageous. In the end, all you need to do is follow your heart.”

Courage is not something we earn. It has been given to us since day one, and we only need to get our hands on it.

Being scared has never helped anybody get anywhere. Summon all your courage and run the world with no fear.



"Your best bet in life is to follow your heart." ― Elliott Hulse

“Your best bet in life is to follow your heart.”

You can plan, calculate, and follow numbers as much as you want. It is not going to get you to the right place if your heart is not supporting your decisions.

Want something with your whole heart, and chase after it. That is when you can win big in life.



“Don’t be afraid to let life wash over you. When you run from pain, you run from an opportunity to grow. Embrace life as being in a constant state of flux, and do not separate yourself from any part of it. You are only robbing yourself.”

Life is not a buffet. You cannot pick the stuff you like and avoid other things. This gift called life is given to us, and even if we do not like some parts of it, we should learn to love it as a whole.



“We create the world we live in by the thoughts in our mind. If you think negatively, you will attract negative things, situations, and people. You have the power to choose which thoughts you allow to take up residence for a period of time in your mind. Make them positive ones.”


If you constantly think like you are nothing, it can be remarkably hard to become anything else.

You would not know about the magic of positivity until you let it fill your mind and heart.

Staying positive is the key to success and happiness.



“Failure is only failure when you quit. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, allow failure to be the way you test new ground, where you learn what it is that you don’t want. Failure can bring you great clarity if you allow it to.”


If you go through with something to the very end and still fail, you have actually gained what is needed to win next time.

But if you give up halfway, do not think that you have dodged the bullet of failure. In fact, giving up means you have shot down every chance of winning with your own hands.



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“No pain, no gain. It’s an old saying but there is a lot of truth in it. Instinctively as humans, we try to avoid pain. But if you truly want to be great, if you want to create the life of your dreams, you need to get used to being in pain.”

No one likes to go through pain, that is for sure. But it is also true that pain and hardship open our eyes and change us for the better.

When you run away when things get hard, painful, or uncomfortable, you are only running from your stronger self, who is waiting for you down the road.


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“Happiness is not a goal. It is a by-product of a life well lived.”

What do we want the most in the world? We want to be happy.

But if we learn to live every moment to its fullest, happiness will come along anyway. So instead of waiting for it, we should get ready for when it finally comes to us.



“Stop looking to authorities, universities, religion or governments to tell you who you are, what you’re capable of, or where you belong. You are the king of the kingdom inside.”

Basically, stop letting your surroundings define you. It sounds cliché, but no one can help you except yourself.

You need to find out for yourself what you are here for and where you want to go. Do not trust the world with your mission in life. Trust yourself and see how easy it gets from there.



"Know yourself, accept your limitations, maximize your strengths and inspire others." ― Elliott Hulse

“Know yourself, accept your limitations, maximize your strengths and inspire others.”

To win in business, you should get to know your partner completely. In the business of life, only you can be your own partner. So the best thing you can do is to know about your weaknesses and strengths to reach a life full of success.



“Love it for what it is because if you didn’t fail you would never be able to appreciate success.”

What this quote tries to say is that regret nothing. Even the times you faced failure have taught you the lessons you needed. You would not have been the person you are today without the mistakes and errors that gave you your experience.



“Don’t be like the man who kills himself in the winter because it’s so cold, not knowing spring is just around the corner.”

No matter what we want to do and who we want to be, there is always that time in our lives where we want to give up because everything just seems impossible. But if we hold on a little longer, we can see that every struggle we thought we had in vain eventually pays off.



“Do the things you fear the most and fear will move away.”

Get out of your comfort zone and see how magical everything can be. We all have one or two things in our life that we never dare to try because they seem so frightening.

If we overcome the fear and make ourselves go for them, then there is nothing stopping us.


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“When you discover that all the challenges in your life are just like the plates on the barbell – you not only learn to accept these challenges, but you beg for them.”

This quote means that each challenge makes us stronger. And who can say no to more strength?

When we finally realize that what makes us the person we aspire to be, are the difficulties in our lives, not only do we stop avoiding them, but we welcome them with open arms.



“It’s not about what you get. It’s about who you’re becoming.”

Elliott Hulse quote about becoming strong

The most obvious part of any journey is its end. That is why sometimes we forget what we have seen and learned along the way.

In other words, do not focus on the result, but focus on how your hard work changed you.



“Don’t hold back on becoming the person you truly want to be. Drop the excuses, leave them at the door and step into your strongest self. There is no reason that you cannot achieve your dreams, except the story you tell yourself that you can’t.”

In this world, we can be whatever we want to be. The beautiful irony is that something that sounds so imaginary is the only real fact in our lives.

So stop telling yourself it will never happen because it can happen, and the only person standing between the person you are and the person you want to be, is you.



“A life without pain is a life without challenge. And a life without challenge is a life without growth. So not only do I embrace the pain associated with challenge and growth. But I even look forward to it in many regards. Some people think I’m strange, but sometimes I even ask for it.”

When we think of people who have been through hard times, we cannot help but feel sorry for them. What we overlook is that each painful accident and each suffering has made them stronger.

Therefore, it is not strange to think that some people actually ask for hardships when they are, in fact, asking for more power.



“Growing stronger is about accumulating wisdom, learning from your mistakes and inspiring others to become the strongest version of themselves.”

Over the course of life, you tackle many obstacles and learn a lot from each struggle and fight. Use what you have learned for your own good and share it with others.

Let people know that if they want, they can get what they want. Energy always comes back to you. So better send it out positive.



"To grow into a king without the flexibility of the lover, you become a tyrant." ― Elliott Hulse

“To grow into a king without the flexibility of the lover, you become a tyrant.”

Never get so busy with becoming the best to the point you forget to be kind. We can only live in the best way possible when we try to let others do the same. Focus on yourself, but do not forget about others in the process.



“Every time I ignored my gut I made the biggest mistakes.”

Sometimes, if you listen closely to your feelings and instincts, you can clearly see which way you need to take. Listen to what your soul has to say to yourself. This way, you will never regret your decisions.



“Focus your energy on one goal, work at it, and you will find great success.”

Having multiple goals at the same time can only make you confused and lower your performance level.

Focus all your energy and time on one thing at a time, and when you accomplish a goal, you can move on to the next.

A cat that is constantly jumping from one branch to the other can hardly enjoy the view when he is on the top of a tree.

We’ve found his podcast for you, click and listen:


Words are powerful. They have the ability to take who you are and change you. As for if they can change you for better or worse, that is your choice. Hulse’s words can be life-changing if you take them by heart and do as they say: Be brave, be positive, and say yes to challenge.


Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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