5 Ways To Manifest Pregnancy For Healthy Baby

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Every couple, especially the ones, who are trying to conceive, wishes to welcome a healthy baby into the world, and to help them with that we have the perfect solution to manifest pregnancy in the right way. Many people, who don’t get pregnant on the first try will start panicking and feeling anxious that they might never experience parenthood.

Still, these negative thoughts are all a part of the games our minds play with us and they are the result of overthinking a situation and its outcome.

To manifest pregnancy, you need to come to good terms with the fact that you control your mind and it’s not the other way around.

Once, you become the master of your thoughts you are ready to take the next big step and that is to find the right way, which would give you the chance to hold your own little bundle of joy in your arms. Here, we have listed 5 ways that could get you closer to your dream of having a baby.

Before reading this post, please watch this video to know more about having a beautiful pregnancy and how to have a healthy baby:

5 Ways To Manifest Pregnancy For Healthy Baby

1. Jot Down Your Expectations And Thoughts

The easiest way to manifest pregnancy could be to keep a journal to jot down your expectations and thoughts. For this step, you will need to pick out a notebook that matches your intention.

For instance, if you are hoping for a girl you could purchase a notebook with a pink cover, which has prints of babies or young kids all over it. For manifesting a baby boy, try the blue color.

Next, choose a pen or a pencil that gives you a good feeling when you use it. The positive vibes accompanied by the items you use could attract more positive energy and raise the chances of you getting your ultimate desire.

Choose one specific spot in your house to be your sacred place for writing down your thoughts. Make sure the place is as comfortable as possible so you don’t feel annoyed when manifesting your intention.

Once, you follow the instructions above, you are ready to sit down and write everything that comes into your mind. You can write about the weight of your baby, the color of their eyes, their gender, their date of birth, and anything you expect to see in your baby.

Don’t be afraid of jotting down small and big details because writing can have an unbelievable effect on your goals.


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2. Make Gratitude A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Gratitude might seem like a small act but the moment you make it a part of your daily routine you’ll start asking yourself, “why didn’t I start earlier?”.

Practicing gratitude is like showing the universe that you are grateful for all the blessings that it has given you over the years.

By showing appreciation for the things you have and the people in your life, the world will try to reward you by giving you what you want even if you were hoping to manifest pregnancy.

For this method, grab a notepad and write 3-5 things you are grateful for every day.

The things you write don’t have to be big and you can show thankfulness toward the small gifts in your life. You can start with your body and the organs that are working together to keep you healthy and alive.

Thank your senses of hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, and touching for giving you the ability to feel the world with every fiber within you.

But most importantly thank your reproductive organs for the possibility of giving you the healthy baby you want. You can even try to thank the world for a blessing that you are yet to receive.


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3. Visualize Yourself As A Parent

Thanks to your mind and thoughts, you can use your imagination to start visualizing yourself as a parent. You can try out this method by dedicating a few minutes of every day to imagining what it’s like to be a parent and what responsibilities accompany this role.

Choose a spot for your daily visualization and select a position, which makes you feel in your most comfortable state. You can lie down or sit down with your legs crossed and close your eyes to have better control over your thoughts.

When you feel that you are comfortable enough, close your eyes and direct your focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths until you feel calm and your heartbeats start beating in harmony. Then, try to see yourself as a parent and how you would react in every situation.

You could think about all the foods that you are going to make for your kid, the reactions you’d have when they fail or succeed in life, the adventures you’ll have together, the activities you’ll do on your weekends or vacations, and everything that you think you should do as a parent.

4. Practice Meditation

If you are a person, who worries too much or thinks about how he/she could fail as a parent, try to find comfort in relaxing activities such as meditation. However, before taking a similar step try to see the main reason you are anxious and find the best audio files that match your problem.

If you are overthinking a situation, look for guided meditations that are produced specifically for this purpose. Once, you acknowledge your problem, you’ll have a better understanding of where you are and where you are headed.

After choosing the right meditation practice for yourself, choose a noiseless spot in your place and try to follow the instructions given in the chosen audio file. By making meditation a part of your daily routine, you’ll start to notice how your worries are beginning to fade away and you are feeling more relaxed.

You can also invite your partner to join you in this practice to have a better chance of attracting your desire to manifest pregnancy.

If you think meditation is not something you’d try, look for other relaxing activities such as drawing, coloring, or reading. You can even try letting off some steam by doing sports.


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5. Spend Time With Children

To prepare yourself for parenthood and see if you are ready to take such a responsibility see if you can spend time with young children. To be able to do this suggestion, you could ask your friends or family members with children and see if they are ok with you babysitting their kid.

Spending time with youngsters will be like your way of telling the world that you are ready to manifest pregnancy and you want nothing more than to become a parent at the moment.

One fact about parenting is that it doesn’t come with an instruction manual but by putting yourself in a situation, where you get to interact with kids and understand their world, you’ll know where you stand on this journey.

Becoming a parent is about accepting all the good, the bad, the sweet, and the sour that comes with this adventure and knowing that nothing can prevent you from getting what you want. Believe in what you want and put your trust in the universe that when the right time comes you’ll also have your own little miracle.


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Pregnancy Affirmations

If you are thinking about making your previous practices more effective, you could use some of the pregnancy affirmations below to manifest pregnancy. You could practice repeating these lines to yourself every day or use them when you are meditating.

Some of these affirmations are for before pregnancy, the others are for during pregnancy and the nearing of your birthing date.

For getting pregnant consider these affirmations,

  1. I will have a baby in my belly
  2. I will have the family of my dreams
  3. I am worthy of a baby
  4. I am eagerly awaiting my motherhood. I am full of gratitude for the chance of becoming a mother
  5. My mind is relaxed. My body is relaxed

After finding out that you are with a child, you can start reciting these lines,

  1. Everything I need to take care of this baby is already within me
  2. I choose to be happy for me and my baby
  3. My pregnant body is beautiful
  4. My body will protect my baby on its journey to me
  5. I am safe. My baby is safe

Once, you enter the final month of your pregnancy, you are ready to practice affirmations, which are designed for having an easy delivery.

  1. I feel safe and secure to give birth now
  2. Women give birth every day all around the world. I can do this
  3. I am transitioning into motherhood with ease and grace
  4. I grew this baby. I can birth this baby
  5. My baby and I are working together

Make sure that your body and mind are relaxed as much as possible and try to discard any negative thoughts that try to bring you down.

Other Practices To Manifest Pregnancy For A Healthy Baby

One important thing you need to realize about having a baby is that before anything you need to focus on your physical health to welcome a healthy child. You need to keep reminding yourself that your body is a temple and your baby deserves to grow in a beautiful place.

Another thing you need to focus on is your mental health. If you are struggling with your thoughts and feel overwhelmed by your emotions try to find a solution by giving yourself a break from the world and everything that is making you anxious.

In case you and your partner are having relationship difficulties, try to mend things by listening to each other and seeing what is causing you problems. Most problems are not caused by the person but by the circumstances of your life such as work. You can even take a vacation and spend some quality time together away from all the noise around you.

And last but not least trust the process. If you think you are going to have a baby without faith, you are wrong! Because what’s the point of trying for something that is bound to fail? Convince yourself that you the same as everyone else deserve to have your own child.


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This podcast is probably what you want:


Starting a family may not come easy for everyone and some might end up struggling for years to see their child step into this world. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to give up hope. Though the wait may be long, it is still good to have some faith.

There are many ways to manifest pregnancy and some of them are the same as the ones mentioned in this article relate to the soul. Sometimes, it is not your body that needs healing but it is your spirit that needs tending. And to make this process easy for you we chose 5 methods to help you with this practice.

Never allow anyone to tell you, you are not good enough to be a parent because nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Also, if you think childhood trauma may be the reason why you’re having doubts about becoming a parent seek an expert’s help for some advice.

The moment your mind and body become ready for the journey of parenthood, things will go more smoothly for you and you will see how the universe will try to be by your side when things get a bit complicated. Because when there is a will there’s a way!

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