Top 33 Self Care Affirmations To Create A Positive Mindset

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It’s not a mystery anymore that what we think and believe about ourselves has a great impact on our personality and life. How many people around you never got their dream job due to a lack of confidence? How many friends lost their perfect relationship because they didn’t have enough self-esteem? Probably a lot!

So, it is super important to believe in yourself, probably more important than what you think. But how we can do this? Well, there are many ways but one of the easy ways to strengthen this belief is by gathering some positive phrases and reminding yourself by confirming and repeating them every single day.

These positive phrases are called self care affirmations and we are going to talk about them in this article and show you some good examples to create a positive mindset. Ready to start? Let’s go!

We recommend you watch this video to know how important is self-love for having a positive mindset:

What are self care affirmations exactly?

Affirming means acknowledging or confirming. In the mental health world, affirmations are short and encouraging statements that we say to ourselves to have a positive mindset. Comments like “I can do it” and so on that, we mention 33 of them a little further. So, it’s called self-care affirmations because we are saying these positive(care) things(affirmations) to ourselves(self).

And it’s not just saying these affirmations once but we repeat them over and over. We repeat them as many as it’s needed according to our condition. We repeat them before starting the job or doing something particular, we repeat them while walking, seating, before sleeping. We repeat them everywhere and every time to remind ourselves we are okay.


Are self care affirmations good or bad?

Definitely Having a positive mind gets you in a good mood, reduces your stress, and increases your confidence. So, they could be outstanding but like everything in the world overdoing things is not ideal. Positiveness is not a bad idea (in the worst case) but blind positiveness could prevent you to see the truth.

Too much confidence and too few skills can stop progress and even lead to disaster. So, just be logical and self-care affirmations will be okay.


Top 33 self care affirmations to have a positive mindset

We have picked 33 self care affirmations of the best affirmations in the mental health world for you. Choose those whom you think are best and feel better with them. Stronger relation with affirmations, stronger influence. It’s not a bad idea to create your own special affirmations for yourself too because whatever you like most is the best for you.


1.”I can do it”

One of the simplest affirmations that you may have already said, maybe in childhood or school, a period of learning and doing so many things for the first time. It’s not so different now, we are always learning.

2.“let’s do it”

Maybe the more informal and cooler version of “I can do it” that we mentioned above. These terms and any other similar self-care affirmations are very good when you have a little doubt before doing a job.

3.“I know my work”

This is a very good affirmation to inject confidence into your very veins! That’s one of my favorites. Usually is used when I am certain that work is going to be okay. I hope you like it too.


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4.“I am Tough”

Of course, you are! Being Tough is very important. It means you won’t fail so easily. no matter how much rock is thrown at you, you stand, endure and keep walking forward and won’t stop until reaching your goal.

5.“I am Strong”

You may think this affirmation is a synonym for “I am Tough” which is introduced in the previous one. It could be true but, in my perspective, “I am Strong” has a less defensive approach. you just don’t endure here but act against threats.

6.“Victory is mine”

This is one of the best self-care affirmations from when I was very younger! It’s like that victory is one of your personal stuff! You can even add a little term to it and say victory is mine and i=only mine! This makes it a little exclusive.

7.“Finally, I will achieve you”

This is of affirmation for those who have a goal or at least is used when you are moving in a way to achieve it, so you call your purpose (it doesn’t have to be a lifeform!) and remind it that you are coming for it/him/her.


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8.“I have faith in my skills”

Finding, knowing, and using your skill is a great part of your success. But if you stop using them or get distance from them, you may forget how great you are and lose faith. So, if can’t use them now, just remind your skill to yourself.

9.“I am a hard trier”

Having faith in skill is very important but hard effort is even more important than that. You may have skills but not use them hard, and not push yourself to the job. So, some affirmations to encourage yourself to try harder is not a bad idea.

10.” I have self-confidence”

This affirmation maybe is the most straightforward of all self-care affirmations in this article. Because the point of most of them is to increase your self-confidence. Don’t forget, confidence is much more important than skill and effort.

11.“I take care of myself”

This article’s name is Top 33 self-care affirmations to create a positive mindset and The Whole point of this article is taking care of ourselves anyway, Mentally and physically. We should pay attention to any aspect of taking care of ourselves.

12.“I deserve the best care”

Why? If you don’t care for yourself, who else does? Who else cares for you more than you? Who knows better what you need more than you? Don’t forget, the best person that can take care of you is yourself.

13.“Today, I will be kind to myself”

This self-care affirmation is not so different from both previous affirmations, just it’s a different way to say it and it’s more kind and attractive. This cooler stuff is always better than a simpler and stereotyped one.


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14.“I pat myself on the back”

This is another encouraging term that it’s a little fun or strange. You may prefer it if you are a funny person or something like that. Don’t forget, what you like most is the best self-care affirmation for you.

15.“I love myself”

Isn’t too romantic, isn’t it? maybe it is and you don’t want to use such a term for yourself (just for others). But the point is we always care about whom we love, and here we want to take care of ourselves. So, maybe not a very bad idea.

16.“I am safe”

One of the simplest of self-care affirmations again. As it is clear our focus is on safety here. In a time of safety and peace, we are far away from the stressful life that all of us deserve. So, let’s remind ourselves about our safety.

17.“I am happy that I am myself”

Some people wish to be another person, have another life, a better one. Well, if this really happens (we assume that’s possible), we will see some good things in the previous life that were unseen and wish to take it back. Be happy with what you are.

18.“I am what I need”

You can consider this as a better version of the previous self-care affirmation. You are what you need, nothing less, nothing more. Being yourself it’s enough to take the challenges of your life. You don’t need more.


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19.“Life is beautiful”

Life was always beautiful and it always remains such. We may forget this from time to time and don’t appreciate it. In such times, you just need to open your eyes and watch deeper to understand its beauty.

20.“While there is hope, there is life”

Are you not agree with me in the previous affirmation? Your life is not beautiful? Well, hope can make it. It’s all you need and you should never lose it. Hope is a very strange force, if you don’t believe it, think again!

21.“My hard work will pay off”

Believe me, the sweetest success is the hardest one to gain. You may have very challenging times that even bring you pain, stress, and anger but if you are doing right, what to gain in the end will be worth it. Just try it once and you will see.

22.“No pain no gain”

You may say this is a proverb, I should confess, yes, it is but for me is an ancient version of the previous affirmation. So, if you are an ancient person(!) or like them, you may prefer using this self-care affirmation instead.

23.“I make the right decision”

Don’t panic even if in the future you realize that was not the right decision. Because we make decisions based on the choice we have on the table and our knowledge about them and of course our current condition. So, worry not and make the best one.


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24.“I am grateful for what I can do”

This is another satisfaction sentence or self-care affirmation. The whole of current is all about positivism anyway.  So, we encourage ourselves to appreciate what we have and what we are capable of doing.

25.“I believe in myself”

Again, believing in yourself is the whole point of this article, it’s the very purpose of affirmation. so, this is one of the most important and simplest self-care affirmations in this long list. Just believe in yourself, just!

26.“I am always learning”

There is a popular sentence that says: I never fail, I succeed or learn. It means if you even fail in doing a job, see the positive part of it, the part that you have learned from your mistake and you are not going to repeat that again.

27.“I will find the good in everything”

Another good example of positivism. Suppose something bad happened and it’s over. You can’t do anything anymore, not about the past. So, you have two options, sorrowing over something you can’t change or seeing the positive parts of it.


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28.“My life is a gift”

Everyone’s life is a gift that is given once and someday will be taken back. We have some decades to be happy, to be grateful, to make and feel love let’s don’t waste it with any other useless thing. Let’s appreciate it.

29.“Each day is filled with joy”

This affirmation is not very different from the previous one. The world is small, our life is short, and not that serious to spend it on some sad days. Instead, fill every day of it with joy unless you may regret it in the end.

30.“I will change this world”

At least if you want that really! This is an ambitious self-care affirmation. It’s not necessarily a big change, but anything, any small positive influence at your around requires some encouragement and remembering of such terms.

31.“I give myself time”

We may be all busy people. All day working or taking care of others or anything else except living for ourselves. That’s a very important matter. We should give some time to ourselves to rest, to enjoy, to live.

32.“I am calm”

These self-care affirmations are here to make you calm. They are written for you to say there is nothing to worry about. Leave stress, take a deep breath, and be relaxed for a while. We deserve it, we need it more than any other time in history.

33.“Since I’m unique, my self-care will be unique too”

So, this sentence is not exactly an affirmation but we are encouraging you to make one a unique and special one by yourself. Why not? It’s not too hard. Think about it, I am sure you will find out something, something customized for yourself.


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This podcast is a good guide for you to find the positive path in your life:

Final Thoughts

Of course, you should use every single self care affirmations that we listed above but you should choose some of them or make some for yourself. That’s very important to use whatever you like most, something that makes you emotional. Only then they will be super effective.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

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