Ultimate Guide To Bay Leaf Manifestation In 2024

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As time goes by, more and more interest is gained in the world of manifestation and specifically turning your wishes and desires into a reality.

One way for putting the law of attraction to work, and eluding your desires toward you, is through the bay leaf manifestation.

By burning those herbs, you can perform a ritual called bay leaf manifestation, which is presumed to help in bringing prosperity alongside other positive things into your life.

To practice this kind of manifestation and put the magical powers of bay leaves to work, we have prepared a guided instructions on how to perform this technique.

This video can be very helpful in learning this technique:

But first, we’ll give you a glimpse of what you need to do before starting this method, which will get you prepared for a successful manifestation. Let’s start!

How To Prepare For Bay Leaf Manifestation

To prepare for the bay leaf manifestation, there are a few yet simple steps for you to follow.

This method is presumed to help you let go of your worries and anxieties due to the linalool in the leaves, which is believed to contain relaxing effects.

But before trying any steps of the bay leaf manifestation make sure that you are not suffering from any type of allergies when using those herbs.

And also if you have any kind of respiratory problems or asthma, try to avoid this or any other similar methods as much as possible.

Another important fact that you need to consider is that you should always approach this method with a positive attitude and an open heart, knowing that things will definitely turn out your way.

Once you discard any possible worries about using bay leaves or its method, you are ready to prepare the necessary items for the manifestation. The things you need for this ritual include,

  1. Dry bay leaves
  2. A fireproof dish
  3. A match, a lighter, or a candle
  4. A glass of water just in case
  5. Tweezers or tongs to hold the burning leaves
  6. A marker or a pen to write on the leaves
  7. A gardening shovel

The moment you have all your things sorted out, you are ready to follow the steps below.


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How To Perform Bay Leaf Manifestation

In general, there are four main steps for performing the bay leaf method, which we will discuss separately in the next paragraphs.


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Write Your Goal On The Bay Leaf

Bay leaf, background

The first thing you need to do for setting the bay leaf technique into motion is to write down your goal on one of the dry leaves that you have set aside before.

The moment you hold one of the dry bay leaves in your hand, take a few seconds to visualize your main objective and have a clear vision of what you are aiming for.

Once you have a vivid picture of what you want, grab a marker or a pen and write down your vision on the leaf. This vision can be written down in the form of one simple word, an affirmation, or any other way that works best for you.

If you are planning to write a sentence on your leaf make sure that it is written in the present tense, as a way to make the possibility of it happening more probable.

After conducting the previous steps successfully, you have permission to jump into the next step, which requires you to hold on to the bay leaf for a while.


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Hold On To The Bay Leaf For A While

The second step for performing the bay leaf method requires you to do one simple task: hold on to the bay leaf for a while.

The main reason why you need to take a few moments to hold on to the bay leaf is that after writing down your wishes you are expected to do another set of visualizations, which will help you get closer to your objective. This is also called the bay leaf spell technique.

This step is expected to free you from any remaining worries within, which may act as a hindrance or stop you from reaching your final destination.

If you are performing this ritual in outdoors, you can also try and take advantage of this step as a way to connect with your surrounding nature. This can work as a way to align your energy with the world.

You can also take a few moments to thank the universe for working in your way to make your wishes come true.

Once you are filled with positive energy about your goal, you are in the state to grab a match, a lighter, or a candle and burn down the bay leaf.


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Burn Down The Bay Leaf

Fire Burning at Night

To burn down the bay leaf first, you need to use either tweezers or tongs, which will help you hold the leaf in order to avoid any possible mishaps.

Next, you can grab a match, a lighter, or a candle and start burning down the herb. If you are using still green leaves, it may take you a while to see the herbs catching fire so take your time and make sure that you are doing this step with intensive care and patience.

As you perform this step, remember that you will also need to have a fireproof dish nearby. The reason why it is important to keep this around is that the moment the leaf catches fire you need to put it in that dish to stay safe.

While the leaf continues to burn down in the fireproof dish, you can use the time to think about your written wish and again thank the universe for the blessing that you are attracting into your life at that moment.

This manifestation method can be considered a successful experience once the leaves have turned into ashes and scattered as will be explained in the next and final step.


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Release The Ashes

For the fourth and final step of the bay leaf technique, you need to release the remaining ashes of the burnt-down herbs. By this step, it is believed that your wish has been handed to the universe and the sky. And now you are in charge of gifting the ashes to the earth.

When it comes to releasing the ashes and scattering them around the earth, there are several options for you to choose from.

One suggestion would be to take your gardening shovel and bury the ashes in a hole that you dug in your garden or anywhere of your choice.

A second option would be for you to hand the ashes to the water and let them travel the earth with the current.

And another option that you could have is to let the wind blow the ashes away in the direction that it wants and give it the freedom to place it somewhere fit on earth.

As the ashes are released to the earth, make sure that you are also letting go of your wish. Here, it would be best if you had faith that things will take their course in your desired way and also try to feel some sense of freedom as you do so.

If you are interested in using bay leaves in other ways to manifest certain goals in different areas of your life, we suggest that you try the instructions that will follow in the next paragraphs in relation to attracting love and money.


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Bay Leaf Manifestation For Love

Woman is holding in her hands bay leaves

When you are aiming for a picture-perfect love and hoping to attract a partner with certain features, bay leaf magic can also be a good way to help you with your quest.

Similar to what was taught in the previous steps, you can write down your hopes and expectations from a relationship on a bay leaf and perform the said ritual to attract your ideal partner.

For this manifestation to work, you are expected to execute this technique by burning down the leaves and scattering the ashes around the earth.

One way for burning down the fresh bay leaves would be with a red candle, which represents the color of love. If you belive in bay leaves wish spell then it will surely work!


Bay Leaf Manifestation For Money

A cartoon man doing Bay Leaf Manifestation For Money

If you are hoping to attract more money into your life by using the bay leaf manifestation, you can start by writing down certain words, affirmations, or the sum of money that you wish to have on a bay leaf.

As you write down your intentions on the leaf make sure that you are fully confident about this technique and that your body and mind are flowing with positive energy.

This gives you more chances of welcoming those possibilities into your life as they prepare the grounds for you to manifest your main goals.

After writing down your financial hopes and dreams, take the bay leaf and put it in your wallet.

If you do not want to be known as the person carrying around an herb in his/her wallet, you can just write down your intentions on the bay leaf and then burn it down as it was instructed in the previous paragraphs.

You can also burn down the leaves with a candle that is in green color similar to the color of money.

This video was also super helpful! check this out here:


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Other Uses for Bay Leaf In Manifestation

Another way to use the magical powers of a bay leaf to your benefit is by mixing those powers with different types of scripting methods.

Being one type of aromatic herb, which is mainly used for cooking, bay leaves can also be utilized as a way to attract your goals with the right instructions.

Scripting methods, which are based on manifesting your desired life through detailed writing, are said to have a better effect when you put a bay leaf among the pages of your scripting notebook.

You can also burn some bay leaves with sage and fill your house with its relaxing scent as a way to prepare yourself for manifesting your desired life.

Another way is bay leaf candles. If you want to try burning a bay leaf with a candle, you can crush a dried piece of that herb over a pillar candle and then light up the candlewick to enjoy its aroma. As the scent spreads around your house you can use that time to do some visualization and manifestation.

A fourth way for you to use a bay leaf would be by putting it under your pillow. For this method to work you need to write your affirmations on the leaf and then burn it the next day after having slept on the said pillow the night before.


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What To Write On A Bay Leaf

In case you are not sure what to write on a bay leaf start with writing present tense affirmations that are preferably positive or draw symbols that can be associated with your intention like tiny hearts for love or the dollar signs for money.

Another suggestion would be to write down angel numbers, which are a series of digits like 777, 888, 999, etc.

Other numbers like grabovoi codes can also be used. An example of these sequences includes 19751, which is used for fast recovery, and 520 741 889 8, which is referred to as the number of money and wealth.

If your focus is on love and you already have a specific person in your mind you can use the initials or the birthdate of that person and write them on the leaf. For better results, you can also add your initials and birthdate to that leaf.


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When Is The Best Time To Perform Bay Leaf Manifestation

According to some people, the best time for you to perform the bay leaf method would be during a full moon or a new moon; therefore, if you are looking for better results paying attention to timing could also be of big help to you.

For this, to work you need to keep track of the lunar phase and the movements of the moon during each month.

To know more about manifesting listen to this podcast:


Nowadays, everyone is interested in manifesting their dream life, and what is a better way than trying to do this with the use of bay leaf manifestation.

With a little attention to detail and some dry bay leaves, you can make your wishes come true and all you have to do is read through the preceding paragraphs. Enjoy!

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