Top 30 Shifting Methods To Enter Your Desired Reality (2024)

A man doing mediation with shifting methods and getting his desired realities

Everyone is looking for the right Shifting methods to enter their desired reality (DR). Do you happen to be one of those people? If you do, then this is the place, where you’re going to get the answer to your questions!

Shifting methods can range from very simple ones to far more complex techniques, which you can choose according to your preferences. To help you out pick the right one, we have a list of 25  methods explained below.

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Best 30 Shifting Methods To Enter Your DR

Top 30 Shifting Methods To Enter Your Desired Reality


1. The Alice In Wonderland Shifting Method

A woman doing shifting in wonderland

The Alice in wonderland shifting method begins with meditation followed by imagining yourself leaning your back against a tree. You need to keep imagining this state until a person from your DR passes you by. Once, you notice the person you are expected to follow him/her until you fall into a rabbit hole, where you’ll find a key that opens the door to your DR.

2. The Raven Shifting Method

As one of the most popular shifting methods, the Raven technique requires you to lie down in a quiet place in a starfish position. Then, you’ll need to start counting from 1 to 100 as you repeat specific shifting affirmations while also keeping your focus on your DR.

3. The Pillow Shifting Method

The pillow-shifting method involves writing affirmations on a piece of paper and going through them before bed. After finishing reading those sentences, you should place the paper under your people and go to sleep.

4. The Piano Shifting Method

A man playing piano and doing piano shifting method

For the piano method, you’ll have to start imagining yourself dressed up in fine clothes in a room full of people. For some time, the attendees will be mesmerized by your beauty until they are not. Once, they stop looking at you visualize yourself playing the piano as you try to enhance all of your 5 senses. Later bow down to the audience and take one person’s hand as you walk out from the event. This person needs to be someone from your DR.

5. The Mirror Shifting Method

For the mirror method, you’ll need to lie down and visualize yourself standing in front of a mirror. You should be able to see glimpses of your DR in the mirror. The moment you start witnessing your desires, put your hand on the mirror and use it as a portal to shift to your wanted life. By the end, you should come across a door behind which is your DR.

6. The Heartbeat Shifting Method

Before commencing the heartbeat shifting method, look for an audio file of real heartbeats, which you should place under your pillow before starting to shift. Then, lay down on the bed and recite some shifting affirmations as you imagine yourself placing your ear next to a person’s chest, who’s supposed to be from your DR. By the time you wake up, you are expected to open your eyes to your desired life.

7. The Estelle Shifting Method

The Estelle technique is about dancing to your favorite happy music with the person of your desires. Here, you need to imagine the both of you filled with joy and euphoria as you enjoy each other’s company. When you are ready to shift all you have to do is say yes to the transition, if you’re not give yourself some time until you are fully ready.

8. The Rope Shifting Method

The rope technique belongs to the category of shifting methods, which expect you to relax and surround yourself with a strong aura of energy. When the energy gets stronger, start visualizing your DR, where there is a rope that leads to your desired destination.

9. The Tea Party Shifting Method

A woman doing team shifting method

For the tea party method, you should begin by meditating and then visualizing yourself having a cup of tea with your DR version as you lie in bed. After finishing your tea bid your other version farewell and imagine you two becoming one. Once, you are awake you are expected to open your eyes to your DR.

10. The Cloud Shifting Method

Begin your shifting by drawing your attention toward your breathing. Next, imagine your DR in the sky and specifically on clouds. Continue visualizing your DR until your current reality and your desired reality come together to become one.

11. The TV Shifting Method

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch in front of the TV. As you switch channels to find the right one, all of a sudden you should come across a channel that broadcasts your DR. At this moment, the TV screen will be your portal to your DR, but remember that you need to say affirmations to make your transition easier.

12. The Ballroom Shifting Method

If you are looking for shifting methods similar to the Estelle technique, the ballroom method is the one for you. First, let your body loose as you listen to your favorite songs. Next, imagine yourself dancing with a specific someone to those songs as you keep an eye on each of their reactions. The moment you stop visualizing; your dance partner will ask you to follow him/her to the other end of a staircase with 100 steps. With each step, you need to repeat one of your affirmations.

13. The Train Shifting Method

A lady in a train doing the train shifting method

Imagine yourself on a train ride as you stick your head out of the window of the train. While you are gazing at the outside visualize scenes of your DR passing you by. Make sure that these scenes are accompanied by your desired affirmations. Once, the train stops running and you arrive at your destination, it means that you’ve made it to your DR.

14. The Staircase Shifting method

When practicing the staircase method, you should imagine yourself in front of a staircase at the end of which is your DR. As you take each step on the staircase repeat the necessary affirmations for shifting and when you get to the end of the stairs, you are supposed to come across a light, which will be your door to your desired world.

15. The Swirly-Eye Shifting Method

For the swirly-eye shifting method, relax on your bed and start counting to 1000. As you continue to count take some time to rub your eyes gently. At some point, you should start seeing a line, which would take you to your DR. Make sure you start saying shifting affirmations and visualizing when you begin to see that line. You are supposed to wake up to your DR by the end of this practice.

16. The Julia Shifting Method

With the Julia method, you need to start writing a script followed by a few minutes of meditation. Next, you should recite affirmations that relate to your DR. Once, you are done with the first step start counting to 100 and repeat affirmations that define your identity in your next destination. And for the final step, visualize what you want to later open your eyes to your desired life.

17. The River Shifting Method

A woman beside river is doing River Shifting Method

Choose a spot to relax and begin to count to 100. While counting shift your focus to your breathing and imagine yourself next to a river. In this river, you should see a reflection of your DR with the help of your visualization skills. When the time is right, try to dive into that reality.

18. The Elevator shifting Method

The elevator method is about visualizing yourself in an elevator, which keeps on ascending until you choose to make it stop. As it goes up, you are supposed to feel a rush of energy going through your body, which gets more and more intense as you head up. The moment you feel like you are full of energy that is when you need to stop the elevator and enter your DR. This method usually ends with you waking up in your desired state.

19. The Eleven-Shifting Method

Inspired by a fan-favorite TV show “Stranger Things” and its main lead character “Eleven”, this method begins with you going blindfold at the start of shifting. For the second step, you need to relax by listening to Subliminals. Here, you should start feeling like your desired self as your current reality starts to vanish. To make sure that your shifting is working out, you are supposed to feel an aura of energy taking over your body.

20. The Sunni Shifting Method

First, relax your body and mind by laying down in a comfortable position. Then, start visualizing your DR in every possible detail. To practice the Sunni method, you should be a person with a very strong imagination. Activate all of your 5 senses, when imagining things. Next, focus on saying the required affirmations until you begin to feel the shifting symptoms. If your practice was successful, you should open your eyes to your DR by the end.

21. The Hug Shifting Method

A boy and girl hugging each other for The Hug Shifting Method

If you are longing for someone, the hug-shifting method is the one for you. Start by laying down on your back and closing your eyes while imagining waking up in a room. After a few minutes of being in that place, your desired person should walk into the room as you hug them. Imagine spending a whole day together and later saying goodbye by hugging and telling them that you’ll see each other soon. When you are done, start saying affirmations before bed and sleep.  The success of this method will be determined once, you wake up to your DR.

22. The Valentino Shifting Method

If you want to spend time with a specific someone, you’d surely love the Valentino method. First, you need to write a letter to that person followed by a script. Then, say shifting methods affirmations before closing your eyes. For the next step, visualize a room and open your eyes when you are ready for your DR or you can fall asleep and be in your desired state when you wake up.

23. The Intent Shifting Method

With the intent method, you have to be ready for hitting the sack for the shifting technique to work! Right before falling asleep, get comfy in your bed and start imagining yourself in your intended reality. Once, you feel like you are about to sleep, tell yourself that you wish to open your eyes to your DR. The next time you wake up, you should be in your desired life.

24. The Coraline Shifting Method

If you have watched the “Coraline” animated movie or you’ve read the book, you’ll know how to perfect this method. First, you need to relax on your bed then, start imagining a key by your bedside. This key will open the door behind which there is a tunnel. After going through that tunnel you can open your eyes to your DR.

25. The Double Staircase Shifting Method

Stair and mirror for The Double Staircase Shifting Method

In the double staircase method, you will imagine yourself taking the steps to find a mirror at the end of the staircase.

Then, after you finish observing yourself in the mirror, you will turn back and find a door, which will take you to another staircase.

At the end of the second staircase, there will be one person from your DR asking you to go through the door, which resides at the end.26.


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26. The Library Shifting Method

This shifting method requires you to meditate at first. Relax your whole body and breathe deeply and gently.

Close your eyes and picture a vast library with infinite books. All of the books are representative of different realities and each contains one.

Look for a book titled “My Desired Reality” and open it. This book contains your DR’s details and shifting methods.

Start reading the pages and you will be drawn into your desired reality and story bit by bit.

27. The Lighthouse Shifting Method

You are standing at the shore where you can see a lighthouse in the distance. Imagine walking towards the lighthouse, getting closer and closer.

Once you reach the lighthouse, climb the spiral staircase and get to the top of the building where you can find a door.

When you feel ready, open the door to your desired reality.
When getting close to the lighthouse and climbing the staircase, repeat the shifting affirmations.


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28. The Cosmic Dance Shifting Method

This shifting method is a bit different from the other ones.

While reality shifting using the cosmic dance shifting method, you need to picture a vast cosmos with many stars dancing to a celestial rhythm.

Picturing this might be a bit challenging so you need to meditate and use affirmations first.

Picture yourself walking into the scene, becoming one of them, and dancing to the same rhythm.

The cosmos energy will reshape your current reality and once you are done dancing with the stars, you should go into the brightest star and meet your desired reality.

This shifting method might seem a little different than the others but if you are into weird stuff, you will probably like it.

29. The Time Capsule Shifting Method

The Time Capsule Shifting Method

While breathing deeply, close your eyes and picture burying a time capsule. The time capsule represents your current reality and it contains all its memories.

Dig deeper to find another time capsule. This one contains your DR and all its details.

Start saying the shifting affirmations out loud and once you are ready, take a deep breath and imagine opening the time capsule.

The memories and details that are hidden in the time capsule will start pulling you into the new reality.


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30. The Sandcastle Shifting Method

To start reality shifting using the sandcastle shifting method, imagine you are walking on the beach, staring at the beautiful horizon that is ahead of you.

Suddenly you stop and take a look at the sand, trying to realize how to build a sandcastle.

You start building a sandcastle that represents your real life and the waves start to wash it away after a while.

Once you find your sandcastle being washed away, start building a new one.
This new sandcastle represents your desired reality.

As you finish the sandcastle-building process, you can feel your desired reality coming true.
Imagine the details that create your desired reality and use affirmations for a better result.

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Looking for shifting methods can be a long process, especially, if you don’t know which one is the best for you. But once, you limit your options by getting to know yourself and your abilities, finding the right shifting methods will become much easier.

Since we don’t want you to go through all the trouble of getting a complete overview of different shifting methods, we prepared a long list of similar techniques, and how each of them can be done according to your visualization skills. For further information, you can also check out our detailed articles about other methods. To find these pieces all you have to do is look for the word “shifting” in our search section. Have fun!


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