Success Versus Failure

success versus failure

Let’s be honest, no matter what is success to us, we all want it. The problem is that we don’t know the exact difference between success and failure. So, let’s first talk about success versus failure!

The ideas we have about success and failure are extremely important in today’s society. We judge ourselves and others based on our ideas about what constitutes success or failure. 

When we decide that someone has succeeded, we applaud and envy them. And when we condemn a person as a failure, we avoid them and feel sorry for them. However, our ideas about success and failure are extremely limited and tied to poverty and wealth.

A man or a woman who earns large sums of money owns many assets and enjoys power over others are seen as successful people, regardless of whether they feel happy and fulfilled, whether they are self-aware and kind to others. 

A person who feels satisfied, who is at peace with himself, who is generous and spiritually aware, can nevertheless be seen as a failure if he is poor or has few assets.

How could we create such a distorted idea? The answer is because of fear. This emotion is what makes us believe that, no matter how much we have, it is never enough. 

The one that motivates us to pursue money and believe that it will give us happiness and that we will feel satisfied if we earn more. These kinds of myths have arisen in recent centuries and are now prevalent in most societies around the world. 

We just have to look around us to see that many wealthy people are unhappy. And yet we still want to be as rich as they are, believing that this will not happen to us, that we will be content with our luck.

Expose yourself to failure

success and failure

We are all exposed to failure, that is a reality that can affect any area of ​​your life and at all levels: your best friend disappoints you, you choose your profession badly, your soccer team loses the cup, your business is ruined, you get divorced, etc. 

However, if we assume failure with the correct attitude, we can even strengthen ourselves and open ourselves to new horizons.


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Fear of failure stops all efforts: “No matter how hard you work to achieve success if your thoughts are surrounded with the fear of failure, it will weaken your spirits, neutralize them, and make success impossible.”

The fear of failure produces negative thoughts and feelings which reduce your full potential. It convinces you that you can’t achieve something, when in fact, you can.

One of the most destructive elements that accompany the fear of failure is the inability to accept criticism.

Are you afraid of what people think of you; but if they will give their opinion anyway? You have to prepare yourself for any kind of criticism! and you have to learn to not give a s*it about them! That’s the lesson. 

Success versus Failure

Success is the benefits that you will receive when you can simply be yourself. Without adornments or deception, in the field you love, with enthusiasm, attention and pleasure, you will succeed in it. Lasting success comes from the experience of showing all that you are and can be.

Don’t forget! Your success is inside of you, within your abilities and skills. If you feel success from the outside, then surely it’s nothing but an illusion made by the fear that can be fade away by a little challenge.

The secret to success is unconditionally accepting life and what it brings to you each day. If you can accept whatever happens to you, both good and bad, easy or difficult, with the same calm and positive attitude, then you will succeed. 

If your heart remains open, you will know that no matter how difficult circumstances are, they continue to offer you opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed.

Opportunities often appear in disguise to test your determination and adaptability. Real success lies in discovering a task in life that is in line with who you are and being willing to overcome obstacles and persevere in them, whatever the challenge is.

The advantages of success and failure

success or failure

Despite the myths perpetuated by society, we have the power to question these myths once we understand that they are nothing more than stories. Our lives’ successes and failures have many things to teach us if only we had the right perspective to learn.

Success and failure can reveal peace when you understand your place in life. This experience happens in quiet moments when you achieve success and feel fulfilled, or when failure teaches you to accept life as it is.

The opportunities you have to succeed and fail are endless. These are in every radiant and spacious state you enter. If you look within and discover that you are the creator and destroyer of your own life’s momentum, you will be in control.

The value of failure

Many people give up before achieving what they had set out to do. They lose faith and don’t think they can get it. That is why many of those who are convinced they have failed do not know how close they were to succeeding when they decided to give up. 

And failing at something you’ve been about to achieve is a heavy loss. Many people bow down to the ‘If only I had another chance‘ in life and then feel guilty, regretful, resentful, or bitter.

And yet, failure does not have to depress you because, in reality, it is a life-making experience. When you try to succeed, you detect something inappropriate or false each time. Next time you look more carefully for what is appropriate and real. 

Each dead-end indicates a new direction; each mistake shows you what to avoid in the future. What we call ‘failure‘ is not a fall, but a failure to get up.

What do you think about success and failure? Share your opinion on the wall (comments) your answers will not only help you but others.


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Written by Saeid Ahmadi

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