Success Without Integrity Is Failure

success without integrity is failure

Let’s be honest, we all want to be successful, whether success means growing our business or getting the gold medal at the Olympics to us.

But the question is, can success be called a success without integrity? Is it really important? What is integrity? Mindsetopia answers in this way: success without integrity is failure! period. 

I once read an interview with Warren Buffet in which he stated:

“We look for three things when we hire people. We look for intelligence, we look for initiative or energy, and we look for integrity. And if they don’t have the latter, the first two will kill you because if you’re going to get someone without integrity, you want them lazy and dumb. “

Success Without Integrity Is Failure

The word “integrity” indicates goodness, honesty, blamelessness, someone who can be trusted.

If you go to the Oxford dictionary and look for the definition of integrity, then you can this sentence: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Integrity is always doing the right thing in any circumstance, even if others are not watching. Doing the right thing does not mean getting it right. 

Making mistakes is acceptable, we all make mistakes, but lying to hide them is not. Integrity is being faithful to our feelings, values ​​and ethical commitments.

Also, this video from Time Management and Productivity youtube channel can help you understand the meaning of integrity:

Integrity matters!

Integrity Matters

Imagine you are working as a leader of a team in a company. When you show integrity, it flows into all levels of your team members.

That does not mean that new people who don’t fit to this group’s energy will leave, but they will go when they discover that the group handles differently.

One of the most important aspects of business integrity is growing but not under any circumstances!

It goes against the famous phrase: “you have to be successful, no matter the cost!” this can be a perfect tool even for your teammates to learn integrity and apply it in their personal life.

When you have a team that honestly cares about each other, that supports each other, it becomes a magnet for people fed up with the unfair competition seen in many places, it would a welcoming place where you can grow.

Also, it can not only push the company toward success, but also it can be a place for individual progress.

It would be best if you kept watching what happens in your team. For example, creating rules and a code of honour that establishes correct behaviour patterns within your team can be useful.

Answer some of the following questions to measure the integrity with which your team is managed:

  1. Is your word worth it? Do you keep what you promise?
  2. Do you encourage the purchase of original materials, or do you make copies in bulk?
  3. Do you pay your taxes according to the laws of your country?
  4. Do you respect other distributors’ guests at open events and make sure they are signed with their rightful?
  5. Do you pay for events and marketing materials, or do you encourage the company to pay?
  6. Do you keep your testimonials about your products honest and do not create excessive expectations in people about your products?
  7. Do you present your income opportunity and your company honestly?

When you handle yourself with integrity, you will attract and keep good people in your team.

You will maintain a more united team that will not fall apart in the face of any challenge, but above all, you will feel better about your business conscience and inner peace.


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When do we act with integrity?

Acting with integrity does not mean subordinating our efforts in pursuit of inner well-being but rather giving the best we really have to achieve the goals we pursue. This is perfect, and there is no integrity without a pursuit of perfection. 

Inner peace is only obtained, ultimately, by recognizing that we have given ourselves thoroughly in what we pursue, in what matters to us. Integrity is ultimately our best guide to success.

Acting with integrity can be difficult. There are many situations that are not entirely clear, sometimes a person who always seems upright can make a bad mistake. It seems that he is not really upright, although everything is ok about him.

Pay attention that not being upright at work can result in losing your job or in your personal life, it can cause you to lose your family or loved ones. So it is really important! But how can we boost our integrity? Here are useful tips.

Boost your integrity 

Boost your integrity

To start, you will have to talk to others and find out what they think of you. You have to find out if you have an appropriate level of confidence for others. 

This way, you will know if you are acting with integrity or parts you have to improve. With these tips, you can shape your integrity so that others begin to trust you … really!

  • Keep your promises. Keep your promises both in your family, with your friends or at work. If you break a promise, you will have to apologize. But never break promises as a pattern of behaviour, or no one will trust you.
  • Go to your appointments. Go to your professional meetings, but also to personal and family ones. Others also need you to be by their side.
  • Before committing to something: think about it. Before committing to something, you will have to reflect and be 100% sure that you want to do it or that you can comply with it.
  • Say no. You must feel like when you have to say no. No one can say yes to everything and get on with it.
  • Examine your reactions. You will have to examine how you react to your most natural emotions. As well as how to have long-term commitments (for example, attending events, completing projects, etc.). Use this thought to be self-aware, and improve. (You can also use these behavioural patterns to determine if others act with integrity with you or not).
  • Improve your communication skills. Please re-read that email or report before sending it; plan what you will say in oral presentations and phone calls. Blurred or poorly defined communication leads to broken promises … Have someone review written communications and point out any uncertainties before sending them.
  • Consider what skills you have to develop. You will have to think about what your skills and strategies are that you need to develop for better integrity in yourself. You may need to stop specific actions (for example, speaking impulsively or sweetening your responses). And you may need to improve others: build your personal courage (because fear prevents you from acting with integrity). Apologize when you need it since it is more effective than trying to justify yourself for your mistakes.
  • Be careful with the language you use. You must be careful with the language you use, especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as sexual preference, racism, and religion.
  • Avoid people who have no integrity. The people who have integrity do not have to be near you. Others will think about how you are according to who are those around you.


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