How Mindset Affects Success

How Mindset Affects Success

If you are reading this post, you may probably think that the Mindset is an achievable badge to your success. That is true.

Most of the time, we are told to have positivity towards the universe, but what is the truth about success?

Is it all about being an optimist?

Well, yes, but actually no!

Ok, then how mindset affects success exactly?

Our mindset defines our perspective and these fundamental attitudes will naturally affect what we do and where we go. So, having a positive and successful mindset can lead to creating success-making habits and finally achieving long-term success.

But If you are craving to know more and in detail about how mindset affects success, then let’s get started!


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What is a Mindset?

In the beginning, we should define ‘mindset’. Mindset is a set of methods and notions held by oneself. It is their discourse and philosophy, so it is not all about positivity.

What matters is having an excellent mindset is how do we deal with the outside world.

So, now that we know what a mindset is, it is good to know some types of mindsets.


Watch this video from the GaryVee TV youtube channel can be really helpful to understand that how mindset affects success:

Success is the direct outcome of your thoughts

Some people believe that talent or maybe luck can make people successful but success is nothing but our response to new situations.

You can know how to explore, welcome new experiences, and appreciate challenges if you have a growth mentality.

Otherwise, you’ll be constantly concerned with falling short of your goals.

Do you want to train your mind to be successful? The first step is to practice understanding new concepts without fear of making mistakes.

Now let’s dive into the types of mindset.


Types of Mindset

What kind of mentality do you have

Fixed and Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck, a psychologist from Standford University, describes two types of mindsets in his book entitled ‘Mindset’.

One thing about these theories is that all of us may have these types depending on the situation. Therefore, the importance of recognizing the types of mindsets covers our understanding of behavior.


  1. Fixed Mindset is identifying everything solely as talents. A person with a fixed mindset regards their failure as a boundary. This philosophy presents intelligence as a key concept to success.
  1. As the name may suggest, the growth mindset describes itself in the process of growth.


It means that each obstacle and possible setback are a part of learning. Failure is no longer defeat; it is called learning.

This mindset exposes intelligence as the foundation and not necessarily the compulsory factor of success.

People with a growth mindset believe by putting more effort and training more, barriers mean nothing. Consequently, having a growth mindset enlarges your skills to achieve your life goal.

However, a fixed mindset is quite proper for talented people to keep up their motivation to succeed. Hence, there is no concern with which one of them is good because everything depends on your perspective.

If you see yourself as a talented person, you would likely have a fixed mindset. Besides, if you have a growth mindset, you will unlock many other accomplishments in your life, which actually lead to success.

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Positive and Negative Attitude

Success Is The Result O Your Thoughts

There is no doubt that there are some stages in life that await our response. Even though they are challenging and frustrating, does disappointment any help? We have heard this question a lot.

Many people say to be positive, wear colorful clothes, be energetic, but does it help?

Being positive or negative does not mean that you smile or frown. To be positive is to have an unbreakable attitude towards barriers and failures.

It is your wild gene that is thirsty to move forward. Whilst with a negative scope, one tends to give up. No one wants to surrender.

So, why do we sometimes forget it? What happens to us?

This is how mindset affects success. Understanding the types of mindset not only helps us educate ourselves but also helps us recognize our behaviors. Once we realize this, we learn how to become unbreakable in our business, relationships, education, etc.


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Train Your Mindset

Congratulations! It is time to take your next step, i.e., training your mindset(s).

Once you choose your mindset, you would know how to think properly. By thinking, you take action.

All of these depend on developing your self-esteem, and it follows giant steps in your career or other activities. Here is how.

You might have noticed that there is an inner voice inside your head. It tells you how much you are good at something. It also designates who you are. So, it is something that we should take care of. We call it self-esteem or self-dialogue.

In this regard, Rene Descartes says, “I think, therefore I am.” Hence, this internal voice is extremely important.

Consider someone with low self-esteem. What happens if this self-dialogue decreases? It totally destroys one’s reflection of themselves. In an observational study, researchers found how self-esteem could lead to depression.

When someone feels low confidence, they start to doubt themselves. The overthinking continuously flows in their head. That is the moment we say self-dialogue is quite important.

Self-esteem is not the sense of compliment or temporary things. It is a complex bond that lies inside your neurons. Therefore, it gives you identity.

You might have probably seen people with high self-confidence. Usually, they do not let anything go easily. They put all their effort into accomplishing their intention.

In the growth mindset, we have already discussed that people with this mindset do not regard intelligence as required.

They believe in themselves, and so does in work do they — because of intention. Accordingly, it is your self-esteem that helps you succeed.


Intention as a Principal Key

develop a positive mindset

Every decision must be made on a daily basis!

A goal-driven business plan is at the heart of every successful business. The best relationships are built on shared goals.

It is critical to have an intention if you want to advance your mindset.

Mindsets, we dare to say, are completely intention-oriented. People who are successful do not wander aimlessly.

They do not walk through the sky on cotton silk; they run on asphalt. Our decisions are largely inspired by our goals. We do not however sign anything if we are not aware of it.

The same stands true for our thoughts. Each action has an adhesive backing.

Then, paying no attention to decision-making as another pillar of a well-built mindset is not wise.

For example, one of the common problems in society that is reasonably related to the decision-making’s consequence is time.

Many people easily make lots of decisions each day. We should denote that decisions are not always like those giant steps we take.

Decisions could also be spending your time in a gym rather than checking your social media accounts.

Almost all of us agree that if we plan for our every five minutes, we could pace big footsteps in the near future.


If you are looking for an effective podcast then Positive Mindset Podcast can help you a lot:



Some Tips on Developing a Powerful Mindset

1- Value Your Mistakes

According to the state of mind of growth, our mistakes are the celestial doors that truly lead us to success.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, as one of the most prosperous businessmen, explores the important role of making mistakes in our lives.

He believes that mistakes must not be avoided, whereas the current education system encourages people who have only studied the books they have been told. Real-life does not work that way.


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2- Sanctuary

A clean room

Several studies have shown that congestion is an indication of depression. A well-organized room allows you to relax and helps you think better.

As a matter of fact, some people struggle to concentrate for many hours. When your environment is well looked after, and everything is well settled, there is nothing to distract you.

Moreover, you would have heard people say that we should start with a very small step.

Cleaning up is one of those great examples of turning your life around. The only things you ought to do are.

  • Set a timer,
  • Gather everything you may need, and
  • Do not forget that you are making a change today!

3- Acknowledge Your Imperfection

Imperfection in the carrots

Knowing your imperfections is essential as you progress through life. Most people live without knowing their faults. Aforementioned, mistakes are the precious parts of our life journey.

We cannot say that we have learned something and not made a mistake. Unlike the current education system, learning is a multi-step process.

One of them is to try to learn by making mistakes because it pretty much stimulates our knowledge in its own way.

The problem that a lot of people are pointing out with this ideology is that we will learn nothing. By making mistakes, we mean thinking that once we make a mistake, we should avoid it the next time.


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4- A Comparison in Real-life

Behind every entrepreneurs’ life, some moments beat them back so hard. Typically, they divide into two groups: The first group loses their heart, and the second group spares no effort.

It is completely normal to feel upset after a breakdown. This is where your mindset comes into play. A negative mindset pushes you back and tells you that it is not going to be working.

Something may be draining you there, especially if you are aware of the importance of self-esteem.

You recognize the value of time and recognize your efforts, but this is the point at which you feel overwhelmed by everything.

You want to move and change that mood, but there is nothing you could do.

Do you doubt the concept of mindset? Yes, but actually no! Do you remember it? That is the moment we say you have a negative attitude.

Let us change our time and space glasses and observe another entrepreneur’s life with a positive growth mindset.

The obvious fact about this person is that, even though they get upset, but they get ready to move.

They do the exact tips we introduced in this post, and they do not surrender anymore because they have realized it is a part of learning–they have not mastered it yet.

This is an exciting word, ‘yet’. It is Dweck’s favorite word because it allows you to see the gap. When you see this, you will comprehend this criterion that there are much more stairs that you should go up.

All it demands is a well-organized mind that is thirsty for success.

Written by Saeid Ahmadi

Who am I? A blogger, content writer, SEO Specialist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, reader by night, and writer by day.
I am here to give you the kick you need to change your mind and then your life:)


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