How Mindset Affects Success

How Mindset Affects Success

If I ask you what a person’s success depends on, what would your answer be? You may tell me it depends on his talent, his intelligence, or the education he has received.¬†

Perhaps you consider that the best starting point for success is to count good opportunities. However, beyond all this, the key seems to be in the mindset. but how mindset affects success?

Without crossing the line to¬†magic¬†or thinking that problems are instantly solved just by¬†thinking positive¬†and waving a wand, there seems to be a significant difference between people who have a recurring optimistic¬†mindset¬†or thoughts and those who don’t.

A study which published by the famous journal called the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that people with positive minds are at lower risk of early death from heart disease, stroke, or respiratory disease.

In addition to this, and according to the same study, these people with positive thoughts tend to have a better quality of life, more physical and psychological health, high energy levels, recover quickly from injuries or illnesses, are less depressed, and have greater coping skills and stress management.

Discover the mindset, how many types there are, and the best mental training to achieve success.


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Mindset means ‘mindset’ and is a term used in the studies and theories of Dr. Carol Dweck, author of the book ”¬†Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” and professor of psychology at Stanford University.

According to this specialist, the way of thinking plays a primary role in goals, desires, and determination, which could define an individual in their attitude to achieve success or not. It suggests two types of mindset: fixed mindset and growth mindset, opposed to each other.

If you want to know how mindset affects success, first, you need to know what can cause success and how you can improve it!

Also, this video from the GaryVee TV youtube channel can be really helpful to understand that how mindset affects success:


Success is the direct result of your way of thinking

Success Is The Result O Your Thoughts

Many people believe that only talented or very lucky people can succeed. However, success depends on how you respond to new situations.

If you have a progressive mindset, then you will know how to explore, embrace new experiences, and enjoy challenges. 

Otherwise, you will always worry about not meeting your expectations.

Do you want to program your brain for success? The first step is to learn to understand new things without worrying about making mistakes.

Types of Mindset

It all comes down to whether qualities like talent and intelligence are changeable or fixed traits. The fixed mindset refers to those people who are convinced that these two qualities (ability and intelligence) are innate talents, they do not develop and are immutable.

Under this theory, it could be said that they believe that the ability to understand science or be exceptional in a sport is because you were somehow born with those attributes. 

This type of mentality tends to behavior that implies the following characteristics:

  • Worrying about looking smarter.
  • Giving up in the face of a problem and avoid challenges.
  • They do not like criticism, even if it is constructive.
  • They feel diminished by the success of others.
  • They abandon complex tasks.

The growth mindset differs greatly from the one described above. He does not believe that you are born with an innate ability. On the contrary, they give credit that skills and intelligence are acquired through commitment and hard work. 

A growth mindset is more optimistic, is passionate about challenges, has a constant desire to learn, listens to criticism, and believes that skills are achieved with effort.

These types of mindsets may not be permanent in people. It depends greatly on the circumstances they face in life and how they impact them. Still, a growth mindset guarantees greater success.

According to a study published in Brain Science, a growth mindset is also linked to natural motivation, which drives people to do things for the simple joy of doing them. In the execution itself, a reward is obtained.


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What kind of mentality do you have?

What kind of mentality do you have

You may already know this, but a few statements could help confirm it. Which of the following statements do you feel identified?

  1. You think that people are born with only one ability and have to discover it. However, there is also the possibility of not being born with any.
  2. Skills are only acquired with practice, skills, and training yourself for it.
  3. Every human being has the ability to change their lifestyle if they make an effort.
  4. There are people who are born less intelligent than others, and no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to develop specific skills.
  5. The secret to acquiring new skills is to be committed to them.
  6. You can’t do anything about who you are.


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If you lean towards positions 1, 4, and 6, you may be a person with a fixed mindset. On the other hand, if your options meet with affirmations 2, 3, and 5, you tend to a growth mindset.

Fortunately, you can change your mind. According to Dr. Dweck, everyone can change, be more positive, focus on results, and understand that effort, hard work, and dedication are the prerequisites for success.

Tips for training your brain to have a better mindset

These tips can help you train your brain and get a different perspective to meet your goals.

Learn from mistakes

As the saying goes: human beings make mistakes. But insisting on making mistakes is the secret of failure. Anyone who is successful can list the many mistakes they made in the process.

Mistakes are part of the learning process. People who have the brains to program for success can learn from every setback and work hard to turn it into a positive. That is what makes it different.

So if you make a mistake, don’t torture yourself. Take a look at the work that has been done, the changes that may have occurred, and move on!

Develop a positive mindset

develop a positive mindset

Having a positive attitude towards circumstances helps reduce stress. This is not about thinking that something magical will change the situation, on the contrary, it refers to looking at the panorama carefully and seeing if you can take advantage of it.

Either spending time in another activity or learning something new so that this problematic situation does not repeat itself. Indeed, mourning an event that did not go as expected is normal and sometimes necessary.

Also, surround yourself with positive people who will help you improve your self-esteem and focus on the possibility of achieving your goals. Having them around you will encourage you to have a different approach.


If you are looking for an effective podcast then Positive Mindset Podcast can help you a lot:



Avoid self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs decrease the ability to try again after relapsing. In general, limiting thoughts tend to justify themselves and are the perfect barrier to curbing positive thoughts.

They prevent the individual from leaving the comfort zone, so achieving goals or success can be difficult or impossible. 

According to research, self-limiting thoughts are linked to low self-esteem and low self-confidence.


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Don’t think in extremes

too much thinking

Extremes are not good. Thoughts like you are the most intelligent, or you are a failure in everything are considered negative and limiting mental strengthening.

Likewise, it has been shown that these types of thoughts will cause anxiety and depression. Why? Because they usually create a feeling that if you do not perform a task perfectly or if you do not fully meet some standards, then you are useless. 

If you’re not the best, don’t you have talent? Do not believe it, human virtues and skills are varied, as well as achievements.

If you let these types of¬†extreme thoughts¬†form part of your day, you can’t successfully get these projects done.¬†

One way to combat these thoughts is to review the situation and realize the benefits you gained from exposing yourself.

Reverse the key

Negative thoughts are inevitable. The problem is when negativity becomes normal in your daily work. If a person’s mindset is negative, they will always be afraid to take risks and their tendency to be in their comfort zone.

Reversing is the key, identifying negative thoughts and replacing them with positive words and attitudes is an essential step towards a successful mindset.

Instead of saying, “This is not going to work,” it is better to change it to “I will do my best to make it work!” Gradually, you will think positive.


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Develop new habits to keep up with changes in your thinking.

Integrating powerful daily habits can combine thoughts and actions to help change the way you think. For example, if you have bad health habits and want to develop new and healthier habits, changing your mind will go a long way toward achieving this.

Another technique to help you change your thinking is to spend time studying and writing down your studies and achievements every day. This habit will motivate you a lot!

If you want to know more about how habits work? You can read this book, “The Power of Habits” and use the best ideas to change your habits!


Write your plan of action

Write your main goals and action plan in pencil and paper to achieve this goal. This type of vision will help you plan possible locations in more distant moments.

Not sure where to start? No problem! Take the main goal as your goal and break it down into smaller goals. Set the closing date (remember to be flexible) and focus on each step so the final outcome can be the best result and can be.

An important tip: whenever you achieve a goal, reward yourself.

Practice internal dialogue

According to studies, the way you talk to yourself may influence your thoughts and the way you handle stress and feelings. 

Usually, we are our worst critics and can be helpful in identifying our negative areas.

However, it can also turn into a monster that ends up neutralizing strengths and positive thoughts. Maintaining a positive self-talk is the best way to solve this.

Work on what is usually negative; you may not notice it and do it with the subconscious. Asking a friend or colleague if you think you are using this monster or not? Take a decision about it.

Having a growth mindset helps you achieve success. A growth mindset includes thinking that any skill can be mastered with preparation, effort, and work.

 Positive thoughts affect health and, in addition, strengthen the convictions of being able to achieve goals.

Success can be achieved by accepting constructive criticism, facing challenges, being resilient, exploring possibilities, and working hard for it. 

There is no magic in any solution. Being positive, trying hard, and thinking about solving problems is what will give you the result you want.


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