Best 30 Symbols of Wealth & Their Meanings [2024]

Best 30 Symbols of Wealth & Their Meanings [2024]

Our lives are heavily dipped in symbolism and iconicism.

Centuries of cultural history from various communities around the world present us with a multitude of symbols for wealth and abundance.

Wealth, abundance, and prosperity have always been among the preoccupations of humans and no matter how far back you travel in human history, we always sought abundance in food and resources, prosperity in growing our crops and businesses, and wealth in the forms of gold, gems, and currencies.

Symbols of wealth are not primitive; we can rather consider them visual representations of our desires which are capable of invoking our unconscious.

There is immense power in symbolism, and this power can be witnessed easily when it comes to manifesting wealth and attracting riches.

Using symbolism is a sure way of boosting your manifestations.

If you want to improve your manifestations and maximize the effects of your energy and manifestations, continue reading this article to discover the symbols for wealth you can use next time.

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Types of Wealth

When we talk about wealth, our minds wander immediately to money, cash, and jewels.

While wealth can be translated into currencies, properties, and gemstones, it’s good to know that when one mentions wealth, it is not only material wealth.

There are in fact four distinct types of wealth that one can be referring to when we talk about wealth.


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1. Financial Wealth

financial wealth

For many people, wealth translates to financial wealth.

Material or financial wealth is the accumulated money and financial assets of a person.

Having financial wealth is synonymous with being wealthy in today’s world. Being rich is a common goal for a lot of people.

But the untold secret of gathering wealth is that it almost always comes with a price, which is spending your other types of wealth.

2. Social Wealth

social wealth

Your social wealth is every social connection and network you have created in your life.

Our friends, family, coworkers, and classmates are our social wealth and they satisfy our social needs through interactions.

This kind of wealth is earned through your character and although you might not be able to buy anything with it, it can create opportunities for you.

Physical Wealth

Physical wealth boils down to our health and fitness. It is always said that you won’t appreciate your health until you lose it.

As mortal beings, we are getting older day by day, and as we get older, we are more prone to diseases and death. Physical health is underestimated but it could be more important than financial wealth.

3. Mental Wealth

Mental wealth refers to our mental health, spirituality, and knowledge.

Mental wealth can drive you forward and lack of it can make you miserable. Mental wealth could also refer to your knowledge and wisdom which can be a defining point in your decision making.

It is overlooked most of the time since it is not visible like the other types of wealth, but it could be the most important type of wealth in your treasury.

With that said, the type of wealth these symbols attract falls under the first category.

But sometimes, it can include physical wealth (fertility and vitality) or mental wealth (wisdom and happiness).

They usually attract abundance and prosperity which are related to a more tangible kind of wealth (financial wealth).


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Why Should I Have Symbols for Wealth in My House?

Why Should I Have Symbols for Wealth in My House?

Using symbolism is integrated in every culture and it has become a tradition throughout history.

Good luck charms, mementos, figurines, and signs might seem immaterial but what they represent is of great worth.

In today’s world, symbols have taken on a new meaning.

Unlike before when people thought these symbols were magical and created wealth through magic and spells, today, we hold them dear as stimulants of our minds and energies.

If you are a practitioner of the law of attraction and create vibrations in the universe to attract what you desire, then you are in need of symbols and signs to empower your vibrations.

Symbols for wealth can do wonders when it comes to manifesting abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

In order to harness the power of these ancient symbols, you simply need to select your symbol and put it in your house, office, or shop, or just carry it with you. Now that you know it is vital to use such symbols to boost up your manifestations, go on to the next part where you can find a list of wealth symbols.


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Best 30 Symbols of Wealth & Prosperity and Their Meanings

Here, we will look into the best 30 symbols for wealth from every culture and have a look at their meaning and significance.

Wealth, abundance, and prosperity have always been highly sought after and many cultures and religions came up with symbols that could attract such things.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 30 best symbols of wealth.

Flower and Plant Symbols for Wealth

Flower and Plant Symbols for Wealth

  1. Lotus

Lotus is generally regarded as a precious flower since it is said that each Hindu’s heart contains a lotus flower.

This flower always carries a positive meaning and is usually associated with spiritual enlightenment, beauty, fertility, purity, prosperity, and eternity.

One of the most important aspects of the lotus flower is that it also symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

  1. Narcissus

This spring flower is associated with Chinese New Year since it blooms at the same time.

In Chinese culture, it is believed that the narcissus flower can bring good fortune and prosperity all year round.

Since these flowers bloom in spring, they are also symbols of rebirth, new beginnings, and hope in addition to prosperity.

  1. Alstroemeria

In the Victorian language of flowers, Alstroemeria is usually regarded as a sign of devotion and friendship.

In addition to this, Alstroemeria flowers symbolize wealth, prosperity, and fortune.

The flowers with red and purple colors are the variations that are associated with good fortune and wealth. These flowers could be a good gift for your friends who are starting a career.

  1. Orchid

For all its magnificence, orchids have always been a symbol of nobility, purity, and prosperity.

In China, in addition to being admired for its beauty, orchids represented wealth and power.

Similarly, the Japanese take orchids as symbols of elegance and wealth and associate them with royal families.

Moreover, since only the upper class was capable of affording orchids and caring for them in Victorian England, they grew to represent supreme luxury and wealth.

Usually, the symbol of wealth and riches is the purple orchid, due to its color’s association with royalty.

  1. Peony

If you think peonies are only suitable for confessions of love, think again.

Although they are usually seen as representations of happy marriages and lucky unions, they can also be symbols for gathering riches, prosperity, and good fortune.

In Japan, peonies are known as the “king of flowers” and since only Chinese Emperors could afford them, they became a symbol of wealth and luxury.

  1. Money Plants

Money plants or money trees are usually used in Feng Shui.

There is a variety of plants that are regarded as money plants, some of their most popular varieties include Pilea Peperomioides, Jade Plant, Pachira aquatica, Golden Pothos, Swiss Cheese Plant, Silver Satin, Silver Dollar Vine, and Lucky Bamboo.


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Animal Symbols of Wealth

Animal Symbols of Wealth

  1. Salmon

Native Americans believed that salmons represented abundance.

Since most of their food came from wild salmons, salmons were held in a spiritual position among the Native Americans, especially for the Innuits.

Due to salmons’ connection to sustenance, they are also considered signs of prosperity and wealth.

  1. Horse

Even in today’s world, horses are signs of wealth and luxury. This symbol has its roots in ancient Greece.

Back then, only people with a high social status could afford to buy and maintain horses and this line of thought continues to the modern period.

Nowadays, horses are symbols of extreme wealth and are more associated with old money.

  1. Ox

Ox is a significant animal in Chinese mythology and culture and it is believed that those who are born in the year of the ox are likely to be successful in life.

This animal is a symbol of prosperity and wealth and to this day, many use ox statues or jewelry and decorations with an ox design to attract wealth and abundance.

  1. Deer

Deer are another symbol of wealth and prosperity we received from the Native Americans.

In the same way that salmons were a source of nutrition and in association with food, were recognized as symbols for wealth and prosperity, deer were another food source.

Their significance can be traced to many cultural and spiritual ceremonies of the Native Americans.

  1. Ladybugs

These tiny bugs are regarded as a symbol of good fortune and luck in many cultures around the world.

It is believed that seeing a ladybug can be a sign that you will soon receive considerable wealth and become successful.

Since ladybugs are symbols of prosperity, luck, and wealth, killing them can bring misfortune and misery.

  1. Pig

In many cultures, pigs are symbols of wealth.

Pigs might also carry some bad connotations but in Chinese culture, they are considered as symbols for wealth and good fortune.

Likewise, in Hinduism, pigs are seen as sacred and signify abundance since they are believed to be the incarnation of Vishnu.


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Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth

Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth

  1. Fish

In feng shui, having an aquarium and a fixed number of fish can attract wealth and fortune.

Generally, having 8 goldfish or redfish and a black fish in an aquarium or tank in your house or office can bring you luck and wealth.

Additionally, Arowana or Dragon Fish which is another symbol of wealth in feng shui can be used in an aquarium.

It is noteworthy to mention that having a painting or a statue of Arowana could also be effective.

  1. Garlic

A discipline in feng shui states that the dining room is where the family’s abundance is generated and thus it is important to display symbols of abundance in this room.

A bowl of garlic can be a perfect decoration for the dining table. But if you don’t like to stink up your dining room with garlic, feel free to use a garlic statue as a centerpiece.

  1. Oranges and Tangerines

Another decoration for your dining room that incites wealth and prosperity is a bowl of fresh oranges or tangerines.

These orange and tasty fruits are ancient symbols for wealth and good fortune and are associated with gold coins.

In many Chinese festivals, oranges, and tangerines are served since they represent good luck and wealth.

  1. Laughing Buddha

No symbol in feng shui is stronger than the laughing Buddha in attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

It is recommended to have a statue of a laughing Buddha in the southeast corner of your house or office.

According to Chinese mythology, if you rub the belly of the laughing Buddha you will receive wealth and luck.

  1. Feng Shui Items

A popular item in feng shui that invites prosperity and abundance is the red envelope.

It is said that carrying these envelopes attracts chi energy which will enable you to attract wealth easily. These envelopes would be more effective if you put a coin inside it.

  1. Feng Shui Animals

Animals play an important role in attracting wealth in feng shui.

Some of the animals that are considered stimulators of abundance and riches include deer, three-legged toads or money toads, and peacocks.

A painting or figurine of these animals can be placed in the southeast corner of your living or workspace to invite good fortune and wealth.

  1. Mystic Knot of Infinite Prosperity and Abundance

As the name signifies, the mystic knot is a symbol of infinite luck, prosperity, and abundance.

This tiny red trinket is believed to secure a never-ending amount of luck in gathering riches and prosperity.


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Cultural Symbols for Wealth from All Over the World

Cultural Symbols for Wealth from All Over the World

  1. Color Green, Purple, and Gold

There are three colors that are usually associated with money and luxury.

Gold is the primary color that symbolizes wealth and opulence since it has been used as a currency for a long period of history.

Additionally, purple is another symbolic color of affluence because it is associated with royalty.

Purple was a hard color to produce in order to dye fabrics and this was reason enough to make this color exclusive to royalty and the extremely wealthy.

Green is rather a new symbol of wealth and is related to cash and its color.

  1. Gemstones

Most gemstones are valuable, making them signs of wealth.

Some of the most significant gemstones that symbolize wealth and abundance are pyrites, citrines, amethysts, jades, quartz, and diamonds.

Citrines resemble the sun and are believed to be stones of wealth and luck, amethysts are thought to be magnifiers of health and wealth, and quartz amplifies your wealth.

  1. Cornucopia

One of the classic symbols of abundance and wealth is the cornucopia.

This horn-shaped wicker basket was believed to be the vessel from which Zeus was fed and thus grew to become associated with prosperity, wealth, and fertility in ancient Greece.

Additionally, the cornucopia is used on Thanksgiving as a symbol of abundance.

  1. Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko which is a figurine of a Japanese bobtail cat, is usually made out of white ceramic and one of its arms moves back and forth.

It is believed that this cat invites money and good fortune to any house or business it is set in. This lucky cat originates from Japan and is considered a symbol of wealth.

Placing a Maneki Neko at the entrance of a house or establishment is a way to stimulate wealth and welcome good luck.

  1. Lakshmi

In Hinduism, one of the goddesses that are highly respected and worshiped due to her association with material desires is Lakshmi.

A statue or figurine of this Hindu goddess is a symbol of power, wealth, luxury, and beauty.

Her statues usually include a lotus flower and gold to fortify her image and symbolism of wealth. Her outstretched hands are a promise to bestow wealth upon her worshippers.

  1. Chan Chu and Lu

Chan Chu or Jin Chu is the three-legged money toad that based on Chinese mythology, is a symbol of wealth.

This red-eyed toad sits on a pile of gold and is an obvious symbol of wealth. The significance of the toad goes to a myth that says this toad is seen on full moons near places that are about to receive wealth, luck, and prosperity.

Lu is another Chinese symbol that invites wealth and riches.

This symbol has mythological significance which associates it with wealth and high social standing.

  1. Four-Leaf Clover

In Irish culture, a four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck and good fortune. Due to its rarity, finding a four-leaf clover can bring you luck and success in your ventures like your career.

  1. The FA Rune

Nordic runes were believed to hold powers and were capable of invoking various things.

Fa rune literally means cattle but it is one of the Nordic runes that signifies worldly possessions, namely among which is money.

This symbol is usually engraved on gemstones to amplify its power and attract riches.

  1. Kuber Yantra

Yet another symbol of wealth from Hinduism is Lord Kuber, the god of wealth and abundance.

Kuber Yantra is a symbol that is drawn by the worshippers of Kuber and is thought to provide abundance for its owner and carrier.

Keeping this symbol in your house, office or establishment can boost success in financial matters.

  1. Horseshoe

Horseshoes are universal symbols of luck and are well-known around the world.

They are usually regarded as magnets of good luck due to their long history of association with religion and wealth.

In addition to luck, they are symbols for wealth and prosperity, and hanging them in your place could attract good fortune.

  1. Hex Signs

Hex signs are symmetrical designs that were introduced by Pennsylvania Dutch people.

They are decorative pieces that are shaped like circular stars and are colored in bright orange, yellow, and green colors that represent abundance and wealth.

They are beautiful modern symbols of wealth.


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Final Words

Although these symbols for wealth work as amplifiers to attract great wealth and fortune, in order to use their full power, you must prepare your mindset and learn how to manifest money and wealth through the laws of attraction.

Abundance and wealth only come to those who seek and summon it.

Now that you possess the priceless knowledge of the symbols for wealth, it is time to put them to practice and witness their effects.

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