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What Does Perfectly Imperfect Mean? Perfectly Imperfect Meaning and Examples

What Does Perfectly Imperfect Mean Perfectly Imperfect Meaning and Examples

Perfectionist much?! Let me introduce you to real life: perfection does not exist for people! Only perfectionism does, and what a vain world we live in!

A world where people want to have anything and be perfect, yet are not clever enough to know the perfectly imperfect meaning.

This is what gets perfectionists in much trouble and insecurities.

infographic about Perfectionist people can experience these more regularly1

If you do not know the perfectly imperfect meaning, then it is easy for you to fall into the bait of perfection too often.

Then you will try too hard to achieve anything and be a perfect version of yourself, which does not exist.

Here we have a video of a Japanese philosophy that talks about perfectly imperfect meaning:

Isn’t perfectionism good and productive?

Isn't perfectionism good and productive?

Now you might wonder: perfectionism is good! It makes people creative, productive, and PERFECT!

What can go wrong with that? Isn’t perfectionism one of the best characteristics and habits in the world that makes people thrive?

If I want to be honest with you, I am going to answer: No it is not!

The reason? Well, it is obvious but let’s see:

According to the counseling and psychological services of the University of Michigan, perfectionistic behaviors can lead to results that are opposite to the person’s intentions.

Some results can strongly affect the person’s productivity and mood, causing them to end up feeling full of anxiety and blue because they usually cannot keep up with their perfectionist desires.

Perfectionist people can experience these more regularly

  • Low self-esteem
  • Decreased productivity
  • Troubled interpersonal relationships
  • Impaired health

They tend to suffer from anxiety, anger, depression, obsessiveness, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, impatience, compulsiveness, frustration, etc. more often.

So yes, trying to be too good can be very bad! That is the actual perfectly imperfect meaning.


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If I cannot be perfect, then I am impaired!

If I cannot be perfect, then I am impaired!

Many people tend to believe that they can only be efficient and good if they are perfect.

They do not give themselves the right to be a human who can make mistakes.

They believe that since they have only one life to live, any mistake or waste is not allowed.

They think that they must adhere to some strict rules that ban them from going out there and taking a shot at anything.

That explains the reason why almost all parents want their children to be good at everything, and why these children grow up afraid and isolated in their safe zone so that they would not have to face defeat.

There are lots of sophisticated modern families that cannot tolerate flaws in their children.

They believe that their kids are bound to be great at every school subject, art, music, sport, etc.

But all they get as a result is a mentally unstable child suffering from anxiety and depression, and some more mental disorders.

Being imperfect does not mean being impaired. That is the true, perfectly imperfect meaning.

The fact is that everybody seeks perfection in any shape or form and you cannot deny a human being’s improvement right.

So what is the solution? Keep reading to find out.


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What is the perfectly imperfect meaning?

What is the perfectly imperfect meaning?

“Why would I care about such a meaningless word, to begin with?” you might ask. And we shall answer

Oxford Dictionary defines the word “Perfect” as having everything necessary; complete and without faults or weaknesses.

Perfectly Imperfect meaning can be confusing or seem weird to you once you realize that the same dictionary has defined “Imperfect” as not complete or perfect, containing faults or mistakes.

There are many uses for the phrase “perfectly imperfect” meaning. You can use it to describe another person, yourself, or even an incident.

Or you can boost your self-esteem by even believing in the existence of this combination’s meaning, and it can mean a lot to everyone.

Perfectly imperfect meaning shows that there is perfection in imperfection.

Perfection is unachievable, and there is absolutely nothing and nobody in the world who is considered perfect.


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When can I use the term “Perfectly Imperfect”?

When can I use the term "Perfectly Imperfect"?

Simply anytime and everywhere, and first of all, you need to believe it.

Believe in the imperfect world that we live in and know that perfection is a lie that we have been told so that things like consumerism would not feel wrong.

Perfection only exists in the form of perfectly imperfect meaning. By knowing your flaws and trying to be better at what you can change, you do yourself a huge favor.

Know that you are not perfect, but perfectly imperfect!

Everybody has flaws and mistakes, right?

Everyone has at least one unsolved issue in life, or a problem or flaw that can never be fixed.

Some people struggle with addiction, some people dream of a big house they cannot buy, some have family issues and some do not feel confident or pretty enough.

So, we all have flaws and imperfections.

Once you realize that nobody is perfect and neither are you, good things start to happen. You try to become the best version of yourself and not the PERFECT version.

Being the best version of yourself means that you are imperfect and you know that, but still, the imperfection of you feels perfect because you have accepted yourself, your flaws, and your mistakes, knowing that you are lacking and you are fine with it.

Perfectly imperfect meaning emphasizes being the best version of yourself, and acceptance of what it is.


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How can I get better if I simply accept my flaws?

best version of yourself


You have to dig deep within yourself. Certain imperfections cannot be better or improved at any cost.

By getting obsessed with them, you only get worse because they cannot change.

But of course, you can always work on yourself to control some imperfections and even change them in your favor.

For instance, if you are overweight, you can work out regularly and go on a diet or even have bariatric surgeries to lose weight and become the best version of yourself.

But if you do not like your face, your skin, or your height, the best option is learning how to love yourself and accept that this is you and it might not seem perfect to you, but it is perfect in its way. This is the perfectly imperfect meaning.

Know that other people are also perfectly imperfect!

We know the perfectly imperfect meaning and how important it is to not be perfect, but the best version of yourself.

The best version of you knows that you cannot change your family members, your good friends, or even your partner, so instead of whining about unfair life all the time, you start seeking the good in everyone you know.

You already know that nobody is perfect, so if you find out bad things about them, you will pay attention to their good characteristics.

You have probably listened to John Legend’s beautiful song, All of Me and heard him sing:

“Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Just like what this song is about, you need to accept people for all of them, their flaws and lacks as well as their goodness and beauty.

Not to do so is selfish and ignorant, and does not seem like a rational and smart person’s doing.


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The origin of the term “Perfectly Imperfect”

The origin of the term "Perfectly Imperfect"

It will not surprise you if I say that the origin of this unique and practical phrase is not known for sure.

Perfectly imperfect meaning is considered to have arisen from pop culture and music.

Some language experts are under the impression that this phrase has been used for almost half a century since the 1970s.

Although they are only suggestions and there is no official record that we know of.

What are some phrases similar to perfectly imperfect meanings?

If you want to adore someone’s perfect imperfections by saying a few words, you can always use these:

You might not feel beautiful enough or not fully complete, but you are completely whole and that is great.

Not being imperfect means not being alive.

There is beauty in imperfection and fiction in perfection.

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What are some antonyms or the opposite of this term?

The opposite of perfectly imperfect meaning is usually perfect which means flawless, faultless, seamless, and ideal.

Of course, some things can feel perfect sometimes, like when you make it to the bust just in time, or when you cook a delicious meal. But people are never flawless or ideal.

Here I suggest you listen to this podcast if you want to know more about the perfectly imperfect meaning:

In the end

The next time your daughter or your son, or even your girlfriend nags about their small eyes, their height, or anything else, just smile and tell them:

You are perfectly imperfect and it is very beautiful. I love all parts of you the way you are right now.

Having this attitude can boost your life and your aspect in a very positive way.

We are all worthy of love. We have values within us, and yet you cannot see anyone who is not a little broken inside.

Be the perfectly imperfect version of yourself, and take pride in being so.

Perfectly imperfect meaning is a sign to you that you do not need to push it hard all the time. Sometimes it is okay if you only chill and relax, being satisfied with your mediocre work that is done nicely.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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