My Personal Guide To ADHD Method Shifting (2024 Method)

ADHD method shifting

In my opinion, you might have ADHD if you find it difficult to focus for longer than five minutes or to pay attention to details.

I don’t see it all bad, and I believe you can truly take advantage of it with expert assistance.

When it comes to transforming reality into your desired reality (DR), there are a few issues.

There are moments when switching is difficult and other times when it is impossible.

It seems that the standard approach is ineffective.

Then I wrote this article. People with ADHD, like me, are the target audience for this text which offers detailed methods for altering your experience.

I can’t wait to give them a try and see whether they simplify the procedure.

I’ll stick with it through to the conclusion since I have some further advice on how to improve the efficiency of your shifts and save your time.

I’m hoping that these suggestions will improve your experience.

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How To prepare for the ADHD method shifting?

To improve everything, you need to prepare by following these steps. These are helping me successfully learn how to shift my ADHD.

1. Having calm Surrounding
2. Try Meditating
3. Use background noise to focus on
4. Hydrate yourself more

1. Calm Surroundings

I make an effort to select a time when I won’t be bothered. To make the most of this technique, I set up a peaceful, distraction-free area during this time.


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2. Meditation

I spend five to ten minutes in meditation before beginning this approach. This helps me focus, stops my mind from running and provides me with a better place to start.

 3. Subliminal

Subliminal messages are part of the background noise I use.

These are not cognitively accessible messages but rather subliminal affirmations that my subconscious is aware of.

This is an engaging method to occupy your thoughts.

4. Hydration

It’s important to stay hydrated. As many problems in daily life might result from dehydration, I make an effort to drink adequate water.

I believe drinking water improves your mood, increases your vibration and increases your receptivity to change.


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11 steps to start ADHD shifting methods

infographic about My Personal Guide To ADHD Method Shifting (2024 Method)

1. It is time to get set up

It’s time to prepare everything. In my opinion, listening to music while dozing off and donning headphones is highly recommended.

I, therefore, place my laptop or mobile device in a comfortable spot for me to work.

2. 8D audio tracks

I look up 8D audio tracks online and pick my favorite, which can be music, white noise, ambient noise or a mix of all three.

Put on your headphones, select the music and repeat the song as desired.

3. Place yourself in a comfortable position and lie down

I usually make sure I’m comfortable before lying down in a peaceful place.

4. Make a choice between one or more affirmations

For my part, I select one or more statements.

Changing your affirmations to something like “I’m moving toward my desired reality” or “I’m now in my desired reality” seems to work.

There are several alternatives available depending on your needs.

5. Keep your attention on the audio

My main worry is the tone throughout the process. Although it can be challenging at times to focus, I believe this level is quite simple.

6. Synchronizing your breathing with the audio

I breathe in and out in rhythm with the noises around me to become attuned to the soundscape.

7. Count down with breath

Each time I take a breath or release one, the countdown begins.

8. Repeating Affirmations

I decided to repeat certain affirmations five times a week or as many times as I wanted whether I say it once or several times is completely up to me.

9. Feel the symptoms

I assure you that you start to see results after a few days or weeks of practice with the adjustment.

It’s critical to grasp proper gear-shifting technique. As a result, I advise viewing the linked articles as a source.

My emotions showed up in a variety of ways.

Every now and again, there was a small vibration or an abrupt flash of light.

There were times when I thought my limbs were jerking.

It will be interesting to see how these different experiences demonstrate how successful the relocation process is.

10. Visualize in details

Then, I start visualizing my perfect reality in detail and with clarity.

11. Open your eyes

I am aware that I can open my eyes to the reality I want to wake up to at any time during the procedure. Depending on how at ease and prepared I am.

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Some tips for a better shift in reality

Here, I provide some recommendations for enhancing your travels in accordance with changing reality based on my personal experience.

1. Clarify Your Intentions

As I’ve seen, it’s vital to begin with my goals.

If, before facing the shifting reality, I am clear about what I want to experience and accomplish, my journey will feel more pleasant.

2. Craft a Cozy Environment

My experience with transition has been substantially enhanced by creating a cozy atmosphere.

My ability to totally immerse myself in a calm and dark environment enhances the vibrancy and significance of my encounters.

3. Embrace Mindfulness Techniques

I’ve found that incorporating mindfulness practices like meditation and deep breathing has changed my life.

This enhances my whole experience and keeps me relaxed and focused.

4. Set Manageable Time Limits

I learned the value of time restrictions through trial and error.

In my view, this keeps the mind from overworking itself and guarantees a well-rounded, pleasurable journey without feeling overburdened.

5. Take Necessary Breaks

I’ve learned the importance of taking pauses from experience.

I feel less worn out and more rejuvenated as a result, giving me more energy and attention for each session.

6. Learn from Others

Consulting therapists and skilled people helped me better grasp how reality is evolving.

Their advice was really helpful in broadening my viewpoint and enhancing my experience as a whole.

7. Exercise Responsible Use

I’ve learned that reality is a potent weapon that has the ability to alter reality via personal development and investigation.

But I take a responsible approach to it, emphasizing the need to strike a balance between awareness and curiosity.

Remember that these suggestions are based on my personal experience, and your results may differ.

It’s about figuring out what suits you best and making happy and rewarding experiences in a world that is constantly changing.

Is shifting realities safe?

Is shifting realities dangerous?

Well altering reality seems to be a generally safe process if done moderately and with the necessary safety precautions.

Like any technique, these techniques do come with certain risks and negative effects, though.

Based on what I understand, some things to think about are provided in the following.

Physical Discomfort and Headaches

According to what I’ve heard, some users may get headaches and physical pain as a result of their bad posture during the procedure.

Psychological Impact

I believe excessive time spent in synthetic settings may have negative psychological repercussions.

I saw some people have issues like anxiety, despair and even addiction as a result.

Motion Sickness Symptoms

I saw some users may encounter symptoms of motion sickness, including nausea and dizziness.

Particularly when fully submerged in a virtual setting.

Impact on Real-life Relationships

I discovered that an excessive amount of time spent in a virtual setting can have an adverse effect on obligations and relationships in the real world.

The secret to a successful blending of two worlds is striking a balance.

It is crucial to remember that while these conclusions are based on broad observations, individual experiences may differ.

In my opinion, a safer and more satisfying transitioning experience can be achieved by exercising caution, being aware of one’s own boundaries and implementing the required safety measures.


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What is the ADHD Method for reality shifting for manifestation, and how does it work?

In my quest to manifest utilizing the ADHD Reality Shift Method, I’ve discovered that employing affirmations and visualizations together is a potent approach to changing my perspective and molding the reality I want.

This is how I go about doing it.

Setting SMART Goals

To begin, list the precise, measurable, realistic, relevant and time-bound (SMART) objectives I wish to accomplish.

Visualization for Focus

Maintain concentration and give myself time to picture myself accomplishing my objective.

I can clearly picture every aspect of it in my head, including the sounds, sights and emotions.

Positive Affirmations

Creating affirmations that are positive is crucial.

I repeat it to myself several times a day and feel grateful as though I’ve already accomplished my goals.

Writers of affirmations use the present tense.

Taking Action

While visualizations and affirmations can be helpful, I understand that moving forward with my goals requires actual action.

I will get closer to my goals if I can think of tiny, doable steps that I can do each day.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

I discovered how to reframe difficulties and roadblocks as chances for development and education.

This mental adjustment will enable me to overcome obstacles.

Staying Focused and Motivated

To remain motivated and concentrated in the face of difficulty, I employ affirmations and visualization.

Positive feelings are strengthened by this habit.

Celebrating Progress

I make the decision to acknowledge and appreciate each and every advancement, regardless of how big it is.

Encourage happy feelings and keep moving forward.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that there is no magic bullet when it comes to helping people with ADHD become more realistic.

I’m sure getting outcomes requires patience and persistence. I use my mind’s ability to manifest my desires by integrating action, affirmations and imagery into my everyday life.

Is ADHD method shifting easy?

According to my observations, some people find it easier or harder to change their reality about ADHD.

Personally, I’ve discovered that a number of crucial variables affect how effective they are.
The conviction that affirmations and visualizations work I believed it was crucial to the success of the ADHD technique.

Your level of efficacy as a whole rises when you have self-confidence.


Using affirmations and visualizations on a regular basis has helped me stay committed to my objectives and feel better over time.


I’ve come to realize that change comes gradually.

Using the ADHD technique will require perseverance and patience to see benefits.


Having a well-defined objective in mind makes it simpler to maintain control over my visualization.

I make sure the affirmations match my goals. It’s critical to have specific goals in mind.


The more I use the ADHD approach, the more instinctive it feels to me, just like any other ability.

Over time with constant effort, visualization and affirmations will naturally become ingrained in my mental processes.

In my perspective, while some people may find it simple to apply ADHD reality alteration techniques, others may find it time-consuming and labor-intensive.

View the outcomes.

Nonetheless, I’ve discovered that this approach is a useful tool for symptom development when applied consistently and cautiously.


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Why isn’t it working?

I discovered that tailoring the previously mentioned strategies to my own needs helped me on my path to achieving my goals.

Changing the audio track can have a significant impact if the initial modification is ineffective.

I make an effort to provide myself with the direction I need to set things up correctly.

I’m ready for this strategy to not work immediately because changes take time to materialize.

Do I have to complete every step?

Not very much. Although the directions are thorough, I’ve seen more straightforward versions that just concentrate on listening to the noises rather than counting and breathing.

Ultimately, I thought they were a decent place to start, but you can pick the one that suits you the most. I’ll just listen if that’s what’s most beneficial.

Whichever approach you decide on, you can always modify it to fit your objectives and personality.

Is journaling a good idea for shifting reality?

Yes, it seems that altering reality is a terrific concept to keep a diary.

This is a helpful tool to monitor my development and maintain focus on my goals.

This is how keeping a journal has helped me in my attempts to alter my reality.

Recording Progress

It’s inspiring and motivating to see how far I’ve come when I put my progress into writing.

Clarifying Goals

Writing down my objectives can assist me in making sense of them and concentrating my energy on the things that truly matter to me.

Tracking Thoughts

By keeping a journal of my emotions and thoughts, I can spot trends and get rid of restrictive or negative attitudes that might be preventing ME from moving forward.


Thinking back on my experiences in a journal allows me to see where I may make improvements and provides me with important insights into my behavior and mental processes.


Writing affirmations down in my journal encourages me to internalize them and strengthens the good signals I give myself.

This is a crucial matter.

In my opinion, a diary-altering reality is merely a single component.

I will get the most out of this and get closer to my goals if I combine it with everyday activities, affirmations and visualization.


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Listening to this podcast is a good idea for overcoming ADHD symptoms:

Final Thoughts on ADHD Method Shifting

In my experience, it is totally possible to apply the ADHD Change Method successfully if you follow the guidelines and modify them to fit your unique circumstances.

It takes some visualizing to use this strategy, however, here are some resources I found useful if you need them, an alternate switching technique that rejects visual aids.

Throughout the process, it’s critical to maintain my focus on my objectives.

It’s critical to remain calm, have an optimistic outlook and drink plenty of water.

Ultimately, it’s critical to have faith in my capacity for change.

Being confident is crucial in this.

If so, please share your experience with me. I’ve tried a few different approaches to help me with his ADHD. Kindly share in the comments section!

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

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