Is Shifting Realities Dangerous? Check This Before Trying!

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The reality-shifting trend may have caught your attention if you’ve recently fallen down the TikTok rabbit hole.

Over 1.1 billion times have been viewed using the #RealityShifting hashtag.

Several TikTok accounts are dedicated to the topic, offering tips and answering FAQs. As a result, the trend is growing.

If you are not a gen z, you might be unfamiliar with the term” shifting.”

In short, it means doing certain activities and rituals to move your mind to another reality where you can go anywhere you want and do whatever you like.

This reality-shifting is based on multiverse theories and their existence.

Many people use different methods for their shifting. Some use popular forms such as the “raven method,” which includes 10-minute meditation in a starfish position while lying on the floor, counting up to 100, and focusing on the desired reality while repeatedly saying, “I’m shifting” constantly.

Additionally, there’s the “pillow method,” in which you write down on paper your desired reality so you can give your subconscious mind specific details about that experience before you go to sleep.

Essentially, you fall asleep and wake up in an alternate reality.

But the main question we want to discuss is this: is shifting realities dangerous? Let’s discuss this now!

So, Is shifting realities dangerous?

An open portal representing is shifting realities dangerous

The quick answer to this question is this: usually and naturally it’s not harmful but if the individual is not healthy then it can dangerous, just all any other spiritual practice it totally depends on the person who is using shifting reality.

Many people believe that reality shifting is dangerous and harmful to the state of mind.

Also, some religious people have said that this concept is dealing and associating with the devil while selling your soul, which is not valid!

As a general concept, this is a type of self-hypnosis. Many shifters on TikTok will use their imagination to build a safe place with all their needs and wants.

This method will make the person believe that this reality is more accurate than the one we are in and will help them be more present there. 

It might sound a bit concerning, but you have to bear in mind that the shifter is always in control, and no one can get lost in their imagination more than they need or have to.

You can shift from a dangerous or unpleasant reality by using your will as a co-creator with your consciousness. You have complete control and can’t get stuck in a new reality/world.

There is also a very interesting video regarding this topic that we recommend you to see:


Doctors concern about shifting realities

Many mental health professionals have said that they are concerned about reality-shifting effects on people with mental illness suffering from illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, dissociative disorders, or PTSD.

They are worried that people will use shifting as a coping mechanism to the extreme without realizing how it will interfere with their daily lives.

It may become addictive, or it may be used compulsively as a distraction to negate their current reality.

Overdoing things in any way is dangerous and might harm your life permanently; that is why we suggest you to be careful with reality shifting and its frequency in your life.

 If you need a safe space to cope with impactful traumas and emotions, seek professional help from doctors or phycologist. It might be scary at first, but nowadays, having a therapist who helps you throughout your life journey is very common and would be considered a green flag for many people.


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Motivations for doing desired reality shifting

Our online testimonies and talkbacks concerning the inspiration for Reality Shifting vary.

Still, an impressionistic analysis of random reports reveals that participants tend to experience joy and delight during their desired reality shifting experiences.

Some reports suggest that realities shifting may serve as a way of coping with hardships in the CR. For example:

I wanted to shift because I thought it would be nice to escape my current reality.

After all, it is exam season, and I am feeling a little stressed out now; that is why I want to shift right now just [so] that I can escape the pressures of my current reality and get a moment in my desired fact where I can feel stress-free.

The following is also representative of YouTube comments:

I have always dreamed of going to Hogwarts, but I thought it was impossible.  Also, I HATE most of my car, so I was just escaping reality by watching Harry Potter Movies. I also am a Draco simp. So it has always been my dream, and this gives me so much hope. Thank you so much.


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Does reality shifting work?

It is impossible to determine if TikTok users are telling the truth or simply hopping on a trend for popularity and more likes as they always do. Still, one thing we can say for sure is that according to science and psychology, reality shifting is doable.

A little example is when we try to imagine the root outcome of the situation, and we end up physically or mentally sick by being anxious or an overthinker.

Imagination is the most potent weapon the human race has.

Nothing could be invented if we couldn’t imagine “what if” scenarios in our heads. 


Individual differences among reality shifters

Not everyone can shift their realities.

Online reality shifting communities feature numerous posts by individuals who have unsuccessfully tried to implement RS induction techniques, such as the following:

I’ve been trying to shift for almost two weeks now, and nothing’s happening. I see angel numbers. I get all the symptoms, but I don’t shift. I don’t know how to reach my dr, I’ve tried all methods possible, but nothing is working. I feel like crying because I’m trying so hard, and there are no results. Now I just feel so demotivated and useless.

This new young person’s subculture resembles other mental activities that may shed light on the ontology of reality shifting.

We now review researched psychological phenomena relevant to shifting realities and analyze their differences and similarities.


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Some steps to do a safe and simple reality shifting:

If you want to try out reality shifting for the first time, try to follow the steps below:

1- Find a quiet place

it’s clear having a peaceful environment around you will increase your focus. Go to your bedroom or office, and put on some music to help your mood. For more relaxation, you can light a candle or make a playlist for this specific time.

2- Start a shifting journal

Start writing down your reasons and why you are shifting today. Keep it simple and describe the logic in one or two sentences.

3- Choose your desired reality(DR)

picture the reality that you want to be in. Either it’s from a movie or your favorite book, or even the restaurant you had your first date. Make it as straightforward as possible in your mind, even if it’s a memory, and you can’t remember every little detail; use your imagination and try to recreate things yourself.

4- Describe who you are

this part is like writing a character for an already exciting story. You can write down new backstories, lifestyles, and even characteristics and features for yourself. If you enjoy drawing, you can start sketching yourself in those realities with your unique qualities.


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5- List your relationships

list down the kinds of relationships you want to have in this reality. You might want to be a love interest for three different, and that’s fine; it is your reality you make the rules. you are like a god only stopped by the limits of its imagination.

6- Decide the length of your shift

if you are a new shifter, start with small amounts of time, like one hour or two.

The more you begin to shift, you will be experienced and will find the right amount according to your needs.

7- Find other shifters

by using hashtags on TikTok, you can find other shifters that share the same reality that you have. Learn from them and start making new friends that have the same interests as you.

8- Write a script

planning your journey will make shifting and entering the desired reality(DR) easier. You can be precise about some steps, but having an overall picture will make everything so much more enjoyable.


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9- Lie down and try to relax

lie down on your body and focus on relaxing your mussels. Try to be as calm as you can be and feel the calmness sway you away.

10- Repeat the affirmations

remind yourself what you are doing and why you are doing it. You have to convince your mind you are not where you are but somewhere entirely new. Start the shifting by saying,

“ I’m shifting to a new world; I’m not here; I’m there.” 

11- Try famous methods

you can choose well-known methods that are trendy now on TikTok, such as: 

“The Alice in Wonderland Method”:

Imagine you’re leaning on a tree until someone from your DR runs by, then chase them like they’re the White Rabbit.

The Pillow Method“:

Write affirmations down on paper, then tuck them behind your pillow right before you sleep.

The Heartbeat Method“:

Listen to audio of a heartbeat while you picture lying on the chest of someone you’re dating in your DR.

“The Train Method”:

Close your eyes and picture that you’re on a train ride to your DR.


pay attention to your physical cues while shifting. It might differ from person to person, but we all have some signs that will show we are in another reality.

Enjoy the ride:

now that everything is good, you can start the shift and enjoy your time in your DR. take in all the beauty and the joy. Don’t hold back because it is your time to escape the real world and all its pain.


Ask yourself, does it feel natural?

This is one of the first things I’d love to address, as it’s a question almost every new shifter has at the beginning of their journey.

The reality you’re planning to shift to will be exactly like this one, only with the changes you’re making. By that, I mean that it’ll feel the same.

Take your hand and touch the thing closest to you. Perhaps it’s your bed or your phone. Touch it and really take in how it feels.

Next, what can you smell? Maybe you can smell something cooking or the smell of your freshly washed clothes.

Maybe go and grab a drink or something to eat. You taste it, right? When you shift, none of this will change.

Your senses will be precisely the same as this reality, and it will be just as accurate as this one. I’ve said this before, but we’ve been shifting since birth.

We could not detect these shifts due to their minuscule and unconscious nature.

These realities have always felt the same, right? They’ve always felt just as natural, so why would that be different this time?


Warning: Try prioritizing your creant reality over your DR. as much as it’s fun and relaxing, it’s not real, and if you spend too much time in it, you will fall behind the real world.

To better achieve this, put on a timer for your DR so you know it’s time to go back into your real life every time it rings.


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By listening to this podcast you can find the answer to your questions about shifting realities:


Shifting realities allow you to experience and practice a version of yourself that you can strive for. You will become more relaxed and happy as you get closer to yourself if you know how to shift properly.

If you are still asking “is shifting realities dangerous?” then you need to know that It is a very safe journey to understanding the realities that exist, but it is also adventurous and exciting.

I find it such an interesting premise, and I hope (in this time when travels are pretty stagnant) you found it interesting to read about too.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried it or have success stories to share

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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