Ultimate Guide To Raven Method In 6 Easy Steps (2024 Update)

A raven with a text of Raven Method Shifting

Have you ever wondered what it means to shift realities with the Raven method? Well, if you have, you are just in the right place to know more!

Raven shifting method is one of the popular ways of shifting realities, which is similar to the pillow method, and requires the practitioner to sleep, to help him/her move to their desired reality and also invite serenity and calmness to their life.

The reason behind the naming of the Raven method lies in the way which one poses on the bed when he/she starts shifting according to this technique.

Similar to the way a raven spreads its wings and tail, in this method, you are also expected to set your arms and legs loose on the bed.

This technique is also known as the starfish method.

We also recommend you watch this video which can be very helpful:


Here, we will present you with a full guide of 6 steps on how to practice raven method shifting.

But first, we will tell you more about how to prepare yourself for a successful shifting, the risks of the current methods, and how to follow each step which are:

  1. Preparing the shifting site
  2. Writing a script
  3. Meditating
  4. Laying down in a starfish position
  5. Counting to 100
  6. Imagining your desired reality

To know how each step is done, all you have to do is go through our thorough and detailed guide.

The Raven Method In 6 Steps

A lady in raven method shifting known as starfish position

For shifting according to the Raven method, we listed 6 main steps for you to follow. If you think there are other optional steps or tips to this technique, that we may have forgotten to mention, you can always comment them down below!

Still, skipping some of the main steps will not ruin your shifting as long as you do everything according to the guidelines. Therefore, just take it easy and enjoy the ride!


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1. Prepare The Site

Where you sleep is very important and since we all know that going to sleep is a part of this method it is important to have a specific site prepared for your shifting. The first thing you need to consider here is your bed. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible and your sheets and pillow are made of soft fabric and material.

As for your surroundings, be sure that there are no noises to distract you from sleeping and when it comes to the temperature of the chosen room, avoid too cold or too hot spots and go for a moderate temperature.

Don’t forget about the lightning of the room as well because the darker it is, the higher chances of your body producing the sleeping hormone, melatonin, which helps you sleep faster.

2. Write A Script

Though writing a script is not the most important part of this method, you can still use it to have a clearer vision of your next step. Putting your thoughts and expectations on a paper will give a detailed description of your desired reality. This includes the facial features of the people, the colors, the nature, and anything that you wish to see in your next world.

Of course, all of these details can be kept in your mind and you are in no obligation to write them down, but writing will exclude the chances of you ever forgetting about what you want. These details can be kept in a notebook for later use.

3. Meditate Before Sleep

A lady mediating beside a lake

Since it is essential to have a clear mind before doing any type of shifting, you can always dedicate 5 to 10 minutes of your time to meditate. Keeping your calm and inviting peace to your mind and body, will increase the chances of your success in shifting.

To meditate, you can either sit on a chair or lie on the bed, but first, you need to choose sounds like subliminal tones or relaxing music, which would bring you to a state of complete relaxation and comfort. As you listen to the chosen sounds, try to close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the inhaling and exhaling of your breaths.


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4. Lie Down In The Starfish Position

Once you are past the three previous steps, it is time for you to lie down in a starfish position. For this stage, you are expected to spread your hands and legs in different directions to look like a starfish.

Make sure that your limbs are as free as possible and that you are feeling no tension in your body whatsoever. For this stage to work better you can play some relaxing music in the background.

5. Count From 100 To 1

For the fifth step, the practitioner of the method is expected to count from 1 to 100 or go from 100 to 1. Similar to the trick of counting sheep before going to sleep, this process will increase your chances of falling into a deep slumber.

If you want this step to really work, you can try reciting some shifting affirmations such as,

  1. “I am shifting”
  2. “I am prepared for shifting realities”
  3. “I am almost in my desired life”

With every number, you can repeat one of these affirmations and make it easier for yourself to shift.

6. Imagine Your Desired Reality

A lady is imagining her desired reality

The final step, which is the most important of all, is imagining your desired reality. In fact, the preparations in the previous stages were all for you to come down to this step. Here, you are free to visualize every detail you have in mind and there should be nothing to stop you from imagining what you want.

At the end of this step, the person should fall asleep to later open his/her eyes to his/her desired reality. This is the stage, where you find out whether your shifting has been successful or not. If you open your eyes to another world, that would mean you have succeeded but if you don’t it would just mean that you will have to try harder next time!

If your shifting is successful, you might experience some shifting symptoms such as tingling in your body.

Tips To Shift Realities Faster

Whether you are a beginner or you are just hoping for smooth shifting, you can always put some fast-shifting tips into practice.

Approaching shifting with a prepared body and mind will give you better chances of succeeding in transitioning to your desired reality even if it is just your first time.

A number of tips for easy and quick raven method shifting are:

  1. Sorting out things in your first reality
  2. Enhancing your focusing powers
  3. Letting go of your worries
  4. Keeping your cool
  5. Knowing your intention
  6. Choosing a permanent place for shifting
  7. Tending to your needs
  8. Not giving up


Also, there is a podcast that we believe can be super useful for you:

Below, we will look at each suggestion in a detailed manner and explain how you can proceed with every one of the mentioned solutions to prepare yourself mentally and physically for achieving your main intention of shifting.

Then, we will move to the most important part of this process, which is the Raven method itself!


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1. Sorting Out Things In Your First Reality

If you feel that you have some unfinished business in your current life, and you are worried that they will come in the way of your shifting, start by listing out those things on a paper and make sure you have taken care of all of them before trying out any type of shifting. This technique will clear your mind and make it easier for you to let go of your current life.

2. Enhancing Your Focusing Powers

As an essential part of shifting, you need to constantly practice your focusing skills to be able to envision your desired reality. The better you are at focusing on your wishes and goals, the higher chances you will have at a successful transition.

3. Letting Go Of Your Worries

It is very normal to struggle with negative thoughts and unnecessary worries when trying to shift, so the best way would be to reduce those anxieties by methods such as meditating, journaling, and talking with others about your concerns.

4. Keeping Your Cool

A man is relaxing on home

In case you are not sure about how to lower your stress, you can start by watching relaxing videos of nature on YouTube or try exhaling and inhaling deep breaths to slow down your heartbeats and approach shifting with complete serenity.

5. Knowing Your Intention

To make sure you know what you are doing, you need to have a clear vision of your desired reality. For this to work, you can practice writing scripts every day. These writings should be as specific as possible in a way that things like the colors of your surrounding environment in your desired reality are defined as well.

6. Choosing A Permanent Place For Shifting

Similar to the way there are sacred places for praying in different religions, you can choose a permanent spot for your shifting. This way your chances of manifesting your desires increases once you enter your chosen place.

7. Tending To Your Needs

Before shifting, it is good to listen to the needs of your body. These needs can relate to the feeling of hunger or any similar senses, which once you tend to them, you will be less likely distracted by them when shifting.

8. Not Giving Up

It is a well-known fact that no one has ever succeeded from their first try and shifting is no exemption. Therefore, never lose hope on your first attempt and know that with practice you will eventually get to where you want.

Now that you got to know some of the techniques for approaching shifting, we will tell you about the possible risks of this method.


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Is The Raven Method Safe?

The answer to this question would be Yes! Once you take a quick look at the steps to performing the Raven method, you will realize that there are no harmful risks within this technique.

And all you have to do is focus on imagining things and try to manifest your intention.

The main act in this method is visualizing your desires, and since there is no harm in imagining things, we doubt that you will ever face any difficulties in performing this shifting technique.

Try to avoid overthinking when it comes to practicing shifting and just do what wish to do!

Can The Raven Method Cause Sleep Paralysis?

A man has sleep paralysis

If you think you might end up with sleep paralysis during this method, Don’t! because being a safe process is a part of the Raven method’s nature and the chances of you ever facing sleep paralysis are slim to none.


Many of us dream of changing some details about our lives, and what would be better than doing it by just sleeping?

With the increasing popularity of shifting methods, it is hard to deny the effect of shifting processes such as the Raven method.

This technique as its name reveals is all about letting your body loose in a starfish-like posture, where you are asked to lie on the bed and fall asleep by the end of the shifting.

Of course, there are several points for you to consider when experimenting with this method because you need to guarantee the success of your practice.

Preparing your shifting site, meditating, writing scripts, laying down on the bed, counting, and imaging your desired reality, are all a part of this method and you can always be sure that once you do each of these steps right, you don’t have to worry about failing this process.

If you have some concerns about the possible risks of this method or you believe that you don’t have the required physical and mental qualities to practice shifting, you can start by looking for some ways, which would make your shifting process faster and easier.

To help you out in this type of shifting and to answer any possible questions you might have about this method, don’t hesitate on giving this article a look, enjoy!

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