My Personal Guide To Raven Shifting Method For 2024 [8 Steps]

A raven with a text of Raven Method Shifting

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to change your reality using the Raven Method?

If so, you’ve found the ideal spot to get into the specifics!

The Raven Shift Method appeals to me personally.

I think this is a commonly utilized way of navigating multiple realities much like the pillow method

I will lead you to your perfect reality through this technique and enable you to sleep and feel at ease and at peace with your life. 

The nickname of this method comes from its unusual bed position. I began implementing modifications using this method. 

Envision a crow with its tail and wings outstretched. Stretching your arms and legs on the bed is something else I advise. 

The Starfish Method is another name for this method.

This gives my mission to change reality a peculiar spin. 

But first I’ll briefly tell you how I get ready for a successful shifting reality.

  1. Preparing the shifting site
  2. Writing a script
  3. Meditating
  4. Laying down in a starfish position
  5. Counting to 100
  6. Imagining your desired reality
  7. Consider your feelings in your DR
  8. Taking Care of My Body’s Needs

To grasp how to complete each stage, just go through my detailed instructions.

We also recommend you watch this video which can be very helpful:

The Raven Method In 8 Steps

infographic about The Raven Method In 8 Steps

I’ve included the eight crucial stages I took on my road to change using the Raven Method for you to follow.

Please feel free to add any further optional steps or advice for this technique that you believe I’ve overlooked in the comments area below. 

A lady in raven method shifting known as starfish position


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1. Prepare The Site

I am careful about where I sleep if I want to create the ideal atmosphere for my Raven Method adventure.

My bed transforms into a cozy retreat and every little thing helps my makeover come together. 

I can still clearly recall how I got into this habit.

As the pillows and the blanket are a physical link to my voyage that waits ahead, I make a great effort to choose the softest ones possible so that every touch enhances my total comfort. 

I believe the environment is important. I go for quiet and cut off anything that could keep me from falling into a profoundly healing slumber. 

The temperature of the room is another crucial element.

I steer clear of extremely hot or cold temperatures and opt for a cozy setting that fits the serene atmosphere I cultivate. 

In my view, darkening my room makes sense since it encourages my body to produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

2. Write A Script

The Raven Method, in my opinion, takes into account both the mental and physical sides of the procedure. 

Writing a reality script helps me to better control my expectations and ideas.

I set out to describe my ideal reality as I put pen to paper. 

I believe this script incorporates every little detail from a person’s facial traits to the colors utilized in the surroundings and in natural components. 

Though writing things down helps me prevent forgetfulness from impairing my eyesight, my ability to retain these facts in memory is still present. 

To make sure that these explanations are easily accessible for future reference and thought, I’m considering making a special note just for them.

3. Meditate Before Sleep

A lady mediating beside a lake

I am aware that making any kind of change requires mental clarity and composure.

I always dedicate a certain period of time (5–10 minutes) for introspective meditation as part of my preparation. 

A private practice of meditation entails quiet time for reflection and calmness.

Calm music and sounds will create the ideal environment whether I’m sitting in a chair or resting in bed.

I can achieve a completely comfortable and relaxed condition with the aid of listening to the landscape. 

To relax my body and mind, close my eyes and concentrate on taking deep, rhythmic breaths.

This meditation boosts my chances of success and helps me through the transformation process.


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4. Lie Down In The Starfish Position

After I’ve finished the preparation procedures, position myself like a starfish to establish the physical part of preparation. 

I twisted and spread my legs, resembling a starfish in its wide-open position.

This is a physical representation of the inner freedom I aspire to. 

I think the key is to release specific body tightness so the body may completely result in the shifting experience. 

I remember using background audio or certain tunes to help during this phase.

I believe they improve the experience as it develops and foster a calm atmosphere.

5. Count From 100 To 1

As I proceed to the fifth phase, the counting ritual serves as a link between the conscious world and the peaceful world of sleep. 

Counting sheep is an old method of achieving tranquility and counting from 1 to 100 and the reverse is similar.

But I weave a positive word in between each number to give it a more unique touch. I find that some phrases, such as

  •  “I am shifting.”
  •  “I am ready for shifting realities.”
  •  “I am almost in my desired life.”

take on a rhythmic quality and resonate deeply within me.

I establish a harmonious union between my consciousness and my evolving and changing experiences every time I perform an affirmation.

6. Imagine Your Desired Reality

A lady is imagining her desired reality

The sixth phase in my preparation is a time of intense vision and imagination.

This is where my imagined reality’s complexity manifests itself on my mental canvas. 

I shut my eyes and fully transported myself to the scene of my dreams, visualizing every aspect without reservation. 

Imagining opens a door to the world I want to be in, allowing me to freely explore and mold my wishes into whatever shape they may take. 

At this point, in my opinion, success signifies the start of a new reality as well as the conclusion of the process.

 7. Consider your feelings in your DR

The Raven Method count is almost over and I can’t help but think how amazing it would be to experience this adventure with all of my senses. 

When I turn 100, I begin to experience what it’s like to be there instead of merely envisioning what my unique world would be like. 

I can still picture the moment I envisioned making a flame and it felt real, warm, and in my hands. I was inspired and motivated to achieve more by it! 

What’s even more astounding, you ask? I’m considering adding more senses to my unique universe. 

What if, for instance, I could see vibrant auras surrounding objects or hear what other people were thinking?

It’s like giving my world a quirky twist to make it even more fascinating. 

I see myself hugging a loved one when I think of the people I want to be close to in my particular world. It reminds me of the king that I saved. 

It goes beyond simple observation. It all comes down to happiness and connection. 

8. Till you start to dream about your DR, keep your eyes closed

Till you start to dream about your DR, keep your eyes closed

Occasionally, right before I go to sleep, my thoughts transport me to a fantasy realm.

It resembles discovering a hidden door to a magical location. 

I recall having a dream one night about emerald vistas and historic mysteries.

And when I dozed off, the space around me changed into this colorful, surreal realm. 

I became aware of my surroundings just as I was about to nod off. Things are changing.

The familiar becomes precisely what I had pictured regardless of whether I am in a high-tech wonderland or a mythical realm. 

It feels as though I am engrossed in my own narrative and all of my dreams come true.

The surroundings will radiate a magical energy, the air will seem different and I could even join the adventure I’ve started. 

Every time I close my eyes, the entire thing feels like a great excursion.

It demonstrates to me the ability of my ideas to lead to realms far beyond my ordinary life. 

In my opinion, the powerful connection that exists between my imagination and my reality is perfectly shown in this final step. 

Now whenever I’m done shifting, I just slowly open my eyes and come back to my CR.

I’m excited to share the news of my successful entry into the Raven Method universe here in the world of my imagination. 

The slight tingle in my body will be visible proof that a significant shift has occurred if my efforts are successful.

These feelings which I can still clearly recall from my initial encounter, are like hints from a different reality, reassuring me that this voyage is genuine.

Tips That Helped Me To Shift Realities Faster

  1. Getting My First Reality in Order
  2. Sharpening My Focus
  3. Releasing My Worries
  4. Keeping My Cool
  5. Understanding My Intention
  6. Choosing My Special Spot for Shifting
  7. Darkness Aids Sleep
  8. Taking Care of My Body’s Needs
  9. Persistence Over Perfection
  10. Relaxed Repetition

If you’re just getting started or simply want your moving experience to go more smoothly, I’ve discovered that a few easy, useful recommendations can really help.

I found that I could change gears if I had my own body.

Additionally, especially if this is your first attempt, you stand a better chance of achieving your desired reality if you are mentally ready.

These are some pointers that I found useful while searching.

An easy approach to using the Raven method for a rapid shift is as follows:

Also, there is a podcast that we believe can be super useful for you:


Then, we will move to the most important part of this process, which is the Raven method itself!


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1. Getting My First Reality in Order

I start by making a list of any unfinished business in my life that might be impeding transformation.

Before attempting something different, I make sure that I have addressed every worry by taking the time to put it down in writing.

It’s easier to let go of my present life and helps me clear my head when I practice this.

2. Sharpening My Focus

It’s critical to sharpen my focus in the field of change in order to see the reality I want.

I practice a lot to get better at focusing.

My journey to the intended reality is more likely to be effective the more intently I focus on my goals and ambitions.

3. Releasing Worries

It’s common to experience unwarranted anxiety and pessimistic thoughts when attempting to make adjustments.

I use journaling, open communication with others, and meditation to help me get over these worries.

In my view, giving up anxiety is a critical first step toward adopting a more constructive and upbeat outlook that will enable transformation to be successful.

4. Keeping Your Cool

A man is relaxing on home

I suggest that you watch soothing nature films on YouTube as a starting point if you’re not sure how to manage your stress. 

In my opinion, deep breathing which involves slowly exhaling and inhaling, is another useful technique for lowering heart rate and preparing for the shift in attitude.

5. Understanding My Intentions

Having a clear vision of the intended world is essential to understanding what I am doing.

Every day, I strive to be as specific as I can when writing scripts. 

This means visualizing everything clearly in my mind, from the colors of my environment to the specifics of my ideal existence.

6. Choosing My Special Spot for Shifting

I designate a permanent location for my change initiatives, much like the hallowed sites of many different religions. 

I now consider this private area to be sacrosanct and every time I step inside, my dreams have a greater chance of coming true.

7. Darkness Aids Sleep

It’s similar to setting up the ideal setting for a productive shift when I darken my shift room. Melatonin, the hormone that signals my body to go to sleep, is produced when it gets dark, giving me the signal to relax and go to sleep.

This organic process not only helps my shifts go more smoothly but it also enhances the quality of my sleep in general which makes shifting more successful and peaceful.

To put it simply, choosing darkness is like having a magic potion that will make sure my transition to a different reality happens quickly and painlessly.


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8. Taking Care of My Body’s Needs

Taking Care of My Body's Needs

I consider my body’s needs before launching a change.

By attending to these needs beforehand, distractions throughout the transition process can be reduced whether they are related to hunger or other sensory needs.

9. Persistence Over Perfection

We remind ourselves not to give up even after the first attempt at change since we are aware that success rarely occurs on the first try.

I’ll let you know. I believe it’s no secret that practice makes perfect and if you stick with it, I have no doubt you will succeed.

10. Relaxed Repetition

For me, the secret to a successful transition attempt is to maintain a calm, uncomplicated routine.

While counting, I gently bring my thoughts back to the stairs if they stray.

The magic happens when I take my time and go through each stage in a relaxed manner.

In my opinion, they appear to be establishing a soothing rhythm that facilitates their transitions.

The more I gently go through the process again, the easier it gets and the more favorable the circumstances are for a smooth transition to the reality I desire.

Is The Raven Method Safe?

Of course! It becomes evident as I go through the Raven Method’s steps that there are no negative hazards associated with this method.

It’s about using my creativity and making my plans a reality.

In my perspective, it’s a risk-free and smooth transition approach because the main idea behind it is to imagine my desires and there’s no danger in letting my imagination run wild.

I discovered that the secret is to not overthink things, to concentrate on my goals, and to allow the process to happen organically.

Can The Raven Method Cause Sleep Paralysis?

A man has sleep paralysis

Using the Raven Method, I can confidently state that sleep paralysis is not a major issue based on my personal experience. 

My personal experiences have demonstrated the inherent safety of this procedure and the likelihood of actually experiencing sleep paralysis is incredibly rare. 

My personal experience with the Raven Method leads me to suggest that you approach this process with a low level of anxiety around sleep paralysis. 

I found it to be a secure and rewarding experience and I believe that anyone can do it with ease. 

How long does the Raven Shifting Method typically take to give you results?

If you’ve used the Raven Shifting Method before, how long does it take to notice benefits, in your opinion? There are variations in frames.

After just a few efforts, noticeable changes showed up for several people, myself included.

I believe it’s crucial to understand that each person will respond differently to this strategy in terms of effectiveness.

My level of focus, my faith in the process, and my level of ability are some of the variables. However, it’s acceptable to take years to succeed.

After five years, a few of my friends have witnessed the outcomes.


Like a lot of individuals, I consider making changes to my life on a regular basis.

I learned about the Raven Method which is the concept of doing it while you sleep.

While experimenting with this transformational technique, I had a combination of exhilaration and wonder as I dozed off in bed like a starfish.

I wasn’t sure if this could actually influence my reality when I first attempted it.

I discovered after some trying and mistakes that the Raven shifting method requires precise performance of each step.

It includes things like clearing my space, meditating, journaling, writing down my dreams, finding a comfortable position to lie down, counting, and visualizing the kind of life I want.

It’s wonderful to realize that the appropriate actions may significantly alter how something functions.

I discovered a way to make it simpler for others like myself who were hesitant or concerned about attempting this strategy.

Discovering methods to streamline the procedure and gaining knowledge from commonly questioned inquiries has turned into my personal journey.

By sharing my experience, I intend to make the Raven Method more approachable and fun for others who are intrigued or have questions about it.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

Who am I? A blogger, mindset mentor, personal development coach, content creator, SEO Specialist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, reader by night, and writer by day.

Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

What really makes me excited is helping people to unlock their true potential. So,I am here to give you the kick you need to change your mind and then your life :)

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