Top 30 Fake Family Quotes To Have A Healthy Life

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the load of pressure that your family imposes upon you? Are you dealing with toxic family members and don’t know how to set boundaries for them? If you are looking for ways to put end to the negativity you are receiving from your family, we think our fake family quotes will be a great help to you throughout this journey.

Even if you don’t want to cut ties with your family members, these fake family quotes will teach you how to confront your close relatives when they start to bring you down by affecting both your physical and mental health in an undesired way.

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Below, you will find the top 30 quotes in relation to dealing with negative family environments, which will teach you how you can bring serenity and prosperity into your life by setting a limit for the toxic people around you. Enjoy!

Top 30 Fake Family Quotes To Have A Healthy Life

1. “It’s Okay To Cut Toxic Family Members Out Of Your Life, Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Peace Of Mind.”

Peaceful Mind And Body

Many of us stay loyal to our family members due to the feeling of obligation, but if your family is straining your energy and causing you mental distress you need to end or limit those relationships. For those of you, who care about their mental state, it would be better to do this sooner than later.

2. “Know Your Circle, Make Sure Everybody In Your Boat Is Rowing And Not Drilling Holes When You’re Not Watching.”

When dealing with people, make sure they are not backstabbing individuals, who act one way in front of you and another way behind your back. Because if you allow these people to become a part of your life, you will be risking having a life of quality.

3. “Stop Checking On People That Are Not Checking On You.”

Don’t waste your time on individuals, who never support you or show up when you need them the most. This group of people are usually the kind, who only care about themselves, and they never check on you unless they need something.

4. “Fake People Are Like Clouds When They Disappear The Day Is Much Brighter.”

If your mental state is a priority for you, it would be a good call to leave fake people behind. Because these individuals are like dead weight, which will keep holding you back and bringing you down until you let them go.

5. “Be Careful What You Hear About Somebody, You Might Be Hearing It From The Problem.”

Fake people tend to talk behind other’s back as well as yours. So, if they try to start gossiping about somebody, know that the next person they will be gossiping about is you, unless you decide to confront them about this habit and show them that you are not a fan of backbiting.


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6. “Stay Away From People Who Can’t Take Responsibility For Their Actions And Who Make You Feel Bad For Being Angry At Them When They Do You Wrong.”

There IS No Greater Blessing Than A Family Hand That Lifts You From A Fall; But There Is Not Lower Curse Than A Family That Strikes Your When You’re Down

The number 6 on our list of fake family quotes indicates that fake people usually see themselves as the victim, who would never make a mistake, and the others are to blame for their misery. While the truth is that they just don’t want to apologize for their wrongdoings.

7. “There IS No Greater Blessing Than A Family Hand That Lifts You From A Fall; But There Is Not Lower Curse Than A Family That Strikes Your When You’re Down.”

Dealing with toxic family members is not an easy task and if they don’t support you when you need them the most there is no point in keeping those relationships. So, if your family keeps on leaving you alone during hard times, make sure you take action to fix things before you get hurt even more.

8. “Real Situations Always Expose Fake People. Pay Attention.”

If you get stuck in a bad place and notice that only a few decide to show up for you, know that those are the ones, who value you the most, and not the people, who left you all alone. Once, you recognize the people, who didn’t have your back, you will get to know your true family and friends.

9. “Watch Out For Those Jealous Spirits Hidden In People You Call Family And Friends.”

Achieving success in life can be a marvelous thing but not to those, who get jealous whenever they see you strive. So, if you notice any signs of jealousy around you, remind yourself that you need to make a few changes in your relationships.


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10. “Be Careful Who You Share Your Weaknesses With. Some People Can’t Wait For The Opportunity To Use Them Against You.”

No matter how hard you trust people, you will always be at the risk of getting betrayed by individuals, who see your weaknesses as an opportunity to stab you in the back. Therefore, be careful who you share your weaknesses with!

11. “Don’t Fear The Enemy That Attacks You, But The Fake Friend That Hugs You.”

Shot of two girlfriends taking a selfie in a

Since your relatives and friends are the ones, who know you the most, they will have more power to destroy you. Unlike your enemies, who only know you from a faraway distance. So, when it comes to forming relationships make sure you look for quality and not quantity.

12. “Never Let The Same Snake Bite You Twice.”

Never allow anyone to hurt you more than once, because if you do it would be like fooling yourself into believing that a toxic person can be fixed and you know what they say,

“fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”!

13. “Blood Makes You Related, Loyalty Makes You Family.”

Family doesn’t have to be about blood ties because many people have that relationship but still don’t receive enough loyalty. So, the only ones you can call your true family are the ones who are loyal to you. And not the people, who bring you down whenever they get the chance.

14. “You All Better Start Being Aware Of Your Surroundings. There Are People In Your Life Who Hate You Secretly But Laugh With You Every Day.”

Always stay alert, when you are dealing with people. Many friends and family members are not, who they pretend to be, and they can hurt you in ways you could never imagine. So, watch out for any signs that indicate they are hateful individuals, who want nothing but to see you fail.


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15. “It’s Not The Stab In The Back That Kills You. It’s When You Turn Around And See Who’s Holding The Knife.”

Getting hurt by close relatives and friends is more common than getting hurt by the people, who don’t know you. To avoid being involved in a similar situation, try to know your people and their intentions toward you.

16. “Sometimes It’s Not The Person Who Changes. It’s The Mask That Falls Off.”

Many situations could help you reveal the true colors of one person. So, if you see their behavior starting to change, it could be a sign that they are finally showing their true self after lying to you about who they are.

17. “A Snake Is Still A Snake No Matter How Many Times It Sheds Its Skin.”

Don’t trust people, who have already hurt you once, because if you do you would be putting yourself through the same pain all over again. A person, who loves and respects you, would never hurt you and if they do, it means that they never really cared about you.

18. “It’s During The Worst Storms Of Life That You Will Get To See The True Colors Of The People Who Say They Care For You.”

Going through difficulty in life will show you, who is your one true friend or family. And if people, who claim to be on your side don’t support you through your life battles, then they have no right to call themselves your relatives or friends.

19. “Most People Want To See You Do Better, But Not Doing Better Than Them.”

Not everyone will celebrate your success as you continue to progress in life and many would only cheer for you, when you do less than they already did. True family and friends are the ones, who celebrate you, even if you surpass them in life.


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20. “Not Everyone Will Appreciate What You Do For Them. You Have To Figure Out Who’s Worth Your Kindness And Who’s Just Taking Advantage Of You.”

Some people will only treat you well when they need a favor and once they are done with you, they will never ask how you are doing. So, don’t invest your kindness in relationships, where the respect and care is not mutual.

21. “I’m Making Changes In My Life So If You Don’t Hear From Me Then You Are One Of Them.”

Cutting ties can be done indirectly by getting toxic people less involved in your life. You can reduce your contact with them by giving them less updates on your life and whereabouts. This way they will know that you are setting a limit to your relationship.

22. “Some Of The Most Poisonous People Come Disguised As Friends And Family.”

Just because a person is your relative or friend, it doesn’t’ mean that you have to trust them with everything. Even if you are close to the person, you are still in a position to get hurt unless they have proved their loyalty toward you over and over again throughout the years.

23. “If They Want You In Their Life, They’ll Put You There. You Shouldn’t Have To Fight For A Spot.”

Never try to force a relationship, when the person is not ready to invest in what you have. If one individual cares about you, they will make sure to get you involved in their lives. Otherwise, they will show no effort to keep you around.

24. “Keep Your Distance From People Who Will Never Admit They Are Wrong And Who Always Try To Make You Feel Like Everything’s Your Fault.”

If a person is not ready to take a blame for their mistakes and they keep on insisting that you are the one to blame, don’t fight back and tell them that you respect yourself too much to be in a one-sided relationship.

25. “Narcissists Would Rather Impress Strangers Than Do The Right Thing For Their Family.”

For toxic people their success comes before everything else even if it means that they have to betray their own family. So, if you see that the people in your life tend to throw you under the buss for their own pleasure, cut them loose before they hurt you more than they already did.

26. “Never Forget Who Ignored You When You Needed Them, And Who Helped You Before You Could Even Ask.”

Always distinguish between the people, who show up for you and the ones, who don’t. Many would rather ignore you than be there for you when you need them. But if your people keep checking on you without expecting any favors in return hold on to them because these individuals are very rare to find.

27. “Being Family Is Determined More By Behavior Than Blood.”

How you are treated by your family is the thing that determines your ties and not your blood relations. If your family members don’t love and respect you, they shouldn’t have the privilege to call you a part of their negative environment.

28. “Sometimes We Cannot Grow And Blossom Because We Have Dead Weeds Around Us.”

Our surroundings will determine how we deal with life and if we want to see success as a part of our daily events, we need to spend time with people, who would help us grow instead of bringing us down. So, be selective about the people you spend your time with.


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29. “People Will Do You Wrong Then Turn Around And Act Like You Did Something To Them.”

Toxic individuals will always point fingers to you and make you doubt your abilities. These people tend to play the victim when something goes wrong and instead of trying to fix things, they will attempt to destroy you.

30. “Family Is Supposed To Help Family, Not Watch Them Struggle And Talk About Them.”

Real family members will support you and have your back in every stage of your life. If the family, you have is not anywhere near what we have described in our collection of fake family quotes don’t be afraid of putting a limit to those ties.

And now I recommend you to listen to this podcast, It may change your attitude about what is going on around you:


Having a family doesn’t always mean you have the right people in your life. And sometimes you may get hurt by those people more than you’d ever think. Therefore, if you think you haven’t been blessed with the right family members and you could use some fake family quotes to change a few things by getting to know the people around you, don’t forget to check out our top 30 fake family quotes.

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