Top 40 Throat Chakra Affirmations For Excellent Communication

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Are you the kind of person, who gets stage fright when he/she is invited to make a speech? Do you find it hard to express your thoughts and emotions through words? If you have been struggling with any of these problems, we think our list of throat chakra affirmations could solve several numbers of your communication issues.

These top 40 throat chakra affirmations will boost your confidence and teach you how to become a better speaker and listener. By repeating these sentences to yourself you will learn that your voice matters and to deliver your message through words you need to speak up.

To get better results while practicing the next 40 throat chakra affirmations you can keep a bottle of essential oils such as chamomile and peppermint around you and let their scent surround you as you repeat those sentences. Now, without further ado, here are the mentioned affirmations.

BTW, if you want to know more about throat chakra we recommend you to watch this video from Sonia Choquette YouTube channel:

Top 40 Throat Chakra Affirmations For Excellent Communication

1. “I Express Myself Clearly And Openly.”

Believe that you have the power to use your voice clearly and openly. Don’t doubt yourself and be confident that anything is possible. Once, you start believing in yourself and the effectiveness of these throat chakra affirmations, you’ll see how they’ll improve your communication skills.

2. “When I Share My Words, I Share My Light.”

Know that you utter your words for a purpose and that is to enlighten others. See power in your speech and convince yourself that there is a hidden message in your words that will help others in a specific way. Never bring yourself down for thinking you are wasting others’ time by using your voice.

3. “I Speak My True Feelings Always.”

Let your voice be the vessel for communicating your actual feelings. Don’t hold back on expressing your thoughts and emotions, when you feel like telling someone about how you feel. This practice will help you become lighter by unloading your feelings.

4. “I Communicate Effectively.”

Before starting a conversation, go through the purpose of this talk and what you want to achieve through this process. Once, you realize your main goal, you will learn the way to have a more effective conversation.


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5. “I Love My Voice.”

If you are not confident about having a good voice, you can’t expect others to like the way you speak. So, learn to love your voice. This way others will come to like it too. See the beauty in your way of communicating and don’t beat yourself up for thinking you’re not good enough.

6. “I Allow Myself To Express My Thoughts And Emotions Freely Through My Words.”

Don’t be afraid of using your voice for your own benefit. If you have any thoughts or emotions that are worth sharing, do it. Because you never know that the chance you have now to express yourself may be the only one you’ll get in a long while.

7. “I Am An Amazing Communicator.”

Believe that you have the necessary skills to start and end a conversation effectively. Highlight your strengths as a good communicator and work on the ones that need some modification. Even if you are not in a stage to call yourself an amazing communicator, it doesn’t mean you can’t be one.

8. “When I Speak, I Speak With Confidence.”

See yourself as a confident speaker, who is not afraid of sharing his/her thoughts with others. If you start believing that you are a confident speaker, you’ll notice that others we’ll start to see this too.

9. “My Voice Is One Of My Strongest Tools.”

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but if you want to be seen as a strong figure, you’ll need to view your voice as one of your strongest tools. Don’t underestimate the power of your words and what you can achieve by using your voice. Know that you have been given this ability to serve your own objectives.

10. “The Power That My Voice Holds Is Immaculate.”

Believe that you are a powerful individual with a powerful voice, who is brought into this world to achieve great things. Put your trust in your words and let them flow easily as you express your thoughts and emotions, and never let anyone tell you, you can’t have what you want.

11. “It Is Safe For Me To Use My Voice.”

The current sentence in our list of throat chakra affirmations reminds you that there is no harm in putting your voice into use and taking risks every once in a while. In fact, your voice could open new doors to you once, you start using it.


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12. “Words And Thoughts Come Easily To Me.”

Trust yourself and believe that making a conversation is an easy task for you. Let your thoughts flow smoothly through your words and don’t bury your voice down. Speak loudly, because you too deserve to be heard the same way you hear out others.

13. “I Use The Power Of My Voice For The Greatest Good.”

Look at your voice as a tool, which is going to bring goodness into the world. Have a purpose, when using that voice, and make sure it is a good one. With your words, you can defend the people, who have been left unheard, and teach others how to fight for what’s truly theirs with their voices.

14. “I Feel Calm And Relaxed While I’m Speaking.”

Don’t allow negative thoughts to come into your mind when you’re about to make a conversation or a speech. Invite calmness into your life and make that speech fearlessly. Because after all most of our fears are just in our heads and don’t have an external existence.

15. “People Trust Me Because My Actions Match My Words.”

Allow your words to align with your actions. This move will represent you as an honest person to others and as time goes by, you’ll notice that more and more people are starting to trust you. Being truthful will give you an advantage over a lot of people, who fail to stay true to their words.

16. “It Is Safe For Me To Ask For What I Need.”

Convince yourself that your voice is going to get you one step closer to your goals every time you use it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, especially, when you are given a voice for the very same purpose. Embrace your strengths and use them for your own good.

 17. “I Speak With Kindness.”

Allow your voice to be kind and resonate positive vibes. Make sure that the purpose you are serving with your voice is of a good kind and not the type, which would put you and others in unwanted situations.

18. “I Am Honest And Authentic In My Speech And Actions.”

Speak the truth and be honest about who you are. Don’t hide your true self so that others will like you, instead show yourself and let those, who see the good in you follow. Don’t force likeness and let them like you for your true, authentic self.


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19. “My Words Are Powerful.”

Have faith that what you say will have an effect on the listeners and never allow yourself to take the power of your words lightly. This belief will give you enough confidence to use your voice and not hold back from saying what goes in your mind and heart.

20. “I Am Pure Eternal Consciousness.”

Emphasizing your consciousness would mean that you are fully aware of what goes on around you and this includes your own words. Being conscious of your ins and outs will give you the chance to know yourself better and learn how to put your strengths to use.

21. “I Speak My Truth.”

Believe that you are an honest person, who uses his/her voice to spread this trait. Be honest with people and let them get to know you by hearing your truth. Don’t use your voice to give ill information to others because this can hurt both you and the people around you.

22. “I Receive Messages From The Universe.”

If you want to be the person, who delivers certain messages by using his/her voice, the 22nd sentence on this list of throat chakra affirmations tells you to believe that you have been given the ability to speak in order to utter purposeful words.

23. “I Am Mindful.”

Don’t let yourself ever doubt your true potential and believe that you have the mental and physical strength to make profound conversations. You are smart enough to use your words in the right way and you need to start believing it.

24. “I Am A Good Listener And Give Others My Undivided Attention When They Speak.”

To be a good speaker you also need to be a good listener. Once, you pay attention to what people have to say, you’ll notice that the world is starting to reward you by making others listen to you as well. This confirms the power of giving and receiving.


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25. “I Remain True To Myself In All That I Say And Do.”

Let your words reflect in your actions and vice versa. Don’t talk about things that you cannot achieve or do, otherwise, people will accuse you of dishonesty for not sticking to your words. Allow your actions and words to mirror each other.

26. “When I Speak, Others Listen.”

Assuring yourself that people will listen to you once, you start speaking will give you the confidence to open up a conversation and watch others listen to you carefully. This belief will be enough reason to let go of your fear of speaking up.

27. “My Voice Matters.”

See the importance of using your voice. Think highly of your words and know that they matter. Nothing good would come out of having little faith in your voice. But if you start believing in your powers, things will go smoothly for you.

28. “I Speak With Courage, Compassion, And Love.”

Let bravery and compassion be your guide as you speak with others. Know that your words not only carry an important message but they also hold a positive and powerful energy within them, which could change your surrounding atmosphere for the better.

29. “I Find Creative Ways To Communicate My Self-Expression.”

Believe in your creativity in using the right words, when communicating with others. Having confidence in your ways of expression will help you become a better speaker. The kind, who knows how to form the correct sentences and deliver them to others.


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30. “I Carry Myself With Integrity.”

Boost yourself with any positive energy that could possibly change the way you speak. See perfection in your ways and never degrade yourself. Having integrity will alter the way you see yourself and speak in the crowd.

31. “I Value The Words Of Others.”

Respect the words of others so, they respect yours in return. If you believe in mutual respect and the power of valuing others, then the 31st sentence of these throat chakra affirmations is a reminder that you need to start showing appreciation towards others.

32. “I Come Across As Knowledgeable And Confident.”

Keep reminding yourself that people view you as a knowledgeable and confident individual, who knows their value. Resonating this type of energy will give you the respect you expect from others.

33. “I Embrace Silence And Know Deep Inner Peace.”

Working on your inner peace will help you get rid of all the negativity that is going on in your mind and it allows you to make more space for uttering the right words.

34. “I Choose Authenticity Over Perfection.”

In the speech, authenticity precedes perfection because no one wants to listen to a well-spoken person, who though is delivering a great speech, he/she is still unable to express their true thoughts and emotions.

35. “My Voice, Words, Ideas, And Presence All Matter. The World Needs The Magic Inside Of Me.”

Have faith that the world is in need of your wisdom. Don’t be the one, who tells himself/herself I am not good enough for people to hear me out. You are good enough and the world does need to hear your voice.


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36. “I Have A Sharp Mind.”

You are a smart and mindful person, who knows the ways to be a smooth talker. Believe that if you have been given the ability to speak then you also have the ability to find your voice and let it be heard by others.

37. “My Insight Is Welcomed, Needed, And Valuable.”

People need to hear you and there is nothing that makes you a person, who doesn’t deserve to be heard. Your words matter as much as everyone else’s words. If others are being heard, then why shouldn’t you?

38. “I Love The Sound OF My Voice.”

Embrace your voice and love it for what it is. Appreciate the fact that you have been given this gift, which some people may not have. Loving your voice will make people love it too.

39. “My Vocabulary Allows Me To Communicate.”

Believe that your vocabulary is complete to give you the ability to talk in the right words. Don’t underestimate the words you have learned so far and start putting them to good use by letting them make their way to your conversations.

40. “I Always Know The Right Words To Say.”

You are an intellectual individual, who is acquainted with the right words. And you are put into different situations to allow those words to flow through you.

Now please listen to this podcast to know how to open your throat chakra:


Finding the confidence in your voice can be a tricky thing and many may find it hard to utter even the tiniest word, but with our list of top 40 throat chakra affirmations, we think you can overcome all of these minor obstacles.

Love your voice and enjoy improving your speaking abilities as you repeat these throat chakra affirmations to yourself!

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