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Do you ever feel frustrated with life and start looking for something to boost you up? Have you ever thought of reading some you got this quotes to lift your spirits? If you are the kind of person, who finds motivation in words, and you can change things for yourself with a few inspirational quotes, we have just the right thing for you.

Our list of top 40 you got this quotes is made for those of you, who are starting to feel like quitting or are too beaten up by the obstacles in life that they need something to get them back on your feet. These quotes will be a reminder of all your achievements, your hardships, and your success throughout life.

To get a better idea of what we are talking about, keep on reading what we have prepared for you and enjoy the process of re-energizing yourself with positive and spirit-lifting vibes!

Before doing anything else, I asked you to watch this motivational speech by Oprah to rock your day:

Top 40 You Got This Quotes To Rock Your Day

1. “You’re A Fighter. Look At Everything You’ve Overcome. Don’t Give Up Now.”

Whenever you feel like giving up, take a moment for yourself and look at what you have achieved so far. This will help you remember that you didn’t come all this way to quit halfway. So, take a break but never hold back from getting what you want!

2. “It’s A Slow Process But Quitting Won’t Speed It Up.”

Nothing comes easy in life and there are several steps you need to take before achieving your ultimate goal.  But this doesn’t mean that you’ll never get what you want, so keep pushing forward and know that giving up will not grant you your dreams and wishes.

3. “You Get In Life What You Have The Courage To Ask For.”

If you want something, you have to work hard for it. Taking risks and putting in an effort is what you need to accomplish your life goals. If you expect to achieve your dreams without a certain plan, you are already preparing yourself for failure.


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4. “You Never Know How Strong You Are, Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have.”

Many of us underestimate our abilities until we are put in a situation that requires more effort from us. If you choose to act vulnerable and weak in front of an obstacle, you are giving that bump on the road the power to bring you down and start doubting your strength. Instead, try to act strong even if you don’t know how. And you know what they say, “fake it till you make it!”.

5. “If You Can’t Stop Thinking About It, Don’t Stop Working For It.”

Don’t allow problems to get in your way because if you do, you’ll never get to see yourself ever succeeding in life. Once, you have a goal set in your mind start planning it out by breaking it down to smaller steps and remind yourself that you are stronger than what comes in your way.

6. “You Create Your Luck By Working For What You Want.”

The luck vs. hard work debate has always been an ongoing debate and though you might get lucky sometimes, it would still not guarantee your success. However, with hard work, you can assure yourself that achieving success and getting lucky would be an inevitable thing for you.

7. “People Aren’t Always Going To Be There For You, That’s Why You Got To Learn To Handle Things On Your Own.”

Teach yourself the art of being independent because no matter how much you need to rely on people, there will be times that you’ll only need your own company. This goes for your goals, which are valued by you the most, and not by other people, who don’t realize how important your dreams are to you.

8. “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.”

No matter how many times life knocks you down, you will always have the chance of getting back on your feet. So, don’t let your frustrations and failures make you give up because as long as you are alive and well, you still have the chance to start over.

9. “Millions Of People Can Believe In You, And Yet None Of It Matters If You Don’t Believe In Yourself.”

Always believe in yourself because if you have no faith in what you do and how it will unfold for you, there’s no chance you could achieve your goals. It’s ok to have some doubts, but it is not ok to let those doubts overcome your whole life.

10. “Don’t Count The Days, Make The Days Count.”

If it’s taking you too long to get your wish, stop for a second and see where you went wrong. Don’t look at the timing and the length of the process, instead, try to look at the effort you put into each day and the tiny steps you take at every moment. And carpe diem!


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11. “A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life.”

Having a positive mindset is one of the most important things about life. So, try to generate happy thoughts in your mind and start believing that you are capable of great things. Never allow negative beliefs to find their way into your mind.

12. “Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud.”

Keep pushing forward and don’t give up until you are satisfied with the results. Whenever you feel like quitting halfway, take a moment and ask yourself “am I happy with the results?”, if the answer is “no!”, then it means it’s not the time for you to give in.

13. “Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For.”

Think about all the opportunities that will come your way once, you have achieved your goals. The more effort you put into your life, the brighter future you will have. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of having a better life by focusing on your goals.

14. “Do Not Dare Not To Dare.”

Don’t be afraid of having wild and unique goals. There’s nothing wrong with striving for the extraordinary if that’s what you want from life. Dare to dream of great things so, you can achieve greatness!

15. “I Never Tried Quitting And I Never Quit Trying.”

Continue to prove life wrong for thinking that you are not strong enough to handle things. Prove yourself that you are capable of great things and that giving up does not exist in your dictionary.


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16. “And Just Like Any Other Hard Time, You’ll Make It Through This One Too.”

Think about all the difficulties you overcame over the course of your existence on earth. Did you give up back then? Are you ready to give up now? If you are not ready to back down, then you are surely not ready to quit.

17. “Doubting Yourself Is Normal, Letting It Stop You Is A Choice.”

Having doubts is a part of the process but allowing that doubt to consume you is up to you. Many people start getting cold feet when doubt appears their way. But the real ones are those, who continue to fight despite their doubts.

18. “Believe You Are Powerful, Believe You Are Strong, Believe You Can Achieve Your Goals, Believe You Can Fulfill Your Dreams, Believe In Yourself.”

Have faith and trust yourself. Keep in mind that you have a powerful character and if people before you achieved their goals why shouldn’t you be the one doing the same? You are here for a purpose and you need to make it worth your time by believing in yourself.

19. “The Moment You’re Ready To Quit Is Usually The Moment Right Before A Miracle Happens.”

Just when you start thinking about quitting remember that you may be one step away from success. Always make one more push before giving up, because you never know this one push could be your one last strike to create a miracle!

20. “It’s Ok To Be A Glow-stick, Sometimes We Need To Break Before We Shine.”

The 20th quote on our list of you got this quotes reminds you that sometimes it’s ok to fall before you rise again. Even if you get angry and start crying, it is fine because the final result will remind you that it was worth it.


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21. “Stop Acting Like You’re Afraid Of Your Own Power And Start Moving As Your Highest Self. Completely And Unapologetically.”

Don’t bring yourself down by thinking you are not made for this world. Embrace the power within you and continue to impress your inner existence by being your true self. Never apologize for who you are as long as nobody’s getting hurt!

22. “Don’t Let Challenges Scare You. Everything You Experience Is Meant To Make You Stronger And Better. You Got This!”

Find strength in the scariest situations. The obstacles in life help you improve your strength and become more and more powerful every day. These minor blocks push you to bring out the strong version within you.

23. “You Have Overcome Everything Meant To Destroy You. Don’t Give Up Now.”

Once, you start getting tired of what you’re doing take a step back and look at how far you’ve come. Going through your previous success could help you reignite your self-esteem and get you back on your current journey to achieving your dream life.

24. “The Struggle Is Part Of The Journey. Everyone Goes Through It. Keep Going And Don’t Give Up.”

If you think that you are the only one having difficulties, you are wrong! No one has ever achieved their dreams without minor obstacles on the way. But what distinguishes those successful people from unsuccessful ones is that the former saw beyond their problems and fought back for their goals.

25. “When You Find Yourself Doubting How Far You Can Go, Just Remember How Far You’ve Come.”

It’s ok to find inspiration in your past achievements. This suggestion will help you remember all the journeys you took to be where you are now. It will also remind you of your ability in going after what you want.

26. “Either You Run The Day, Or The Day Runs You. You Choose.”

Success is a choice, which cannot be made into a reality if you are choosing to give up. So, ask yourself this question, “am I going to let life run over me, or am I the one, who will run it myself?”.  Take control of your life and be the master of your own destiny.

27. “You’ve Done It Before And You Can Do It Now. See The Positive Possibilities. Redirect The Substantial Energy Of Your Frustration And Turn It Into Positive, Effective, Unstoppable Determination.”

See the good in things and overlook the negative events that come along the way. Focusing on positive things will change your mindset into a better one, which could guarantee your success. Try to alter the negative situations by turning them into your driving force.


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28. “Set Goals. Push Yourself. Move. Don’t Quit. No Excuses. Be Awesome. You Got This!”

Continue to push harder and harder until life gives you what you want. Have a clear vision of your goals and make sure you write them down to remind yourself of your desired destination. You can also have them written down on a piece of paper and put the sheet in a place, where you can see it.

29. “Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize And Don’t Look Back.”

Don’t let distractions get in the way of your success. Put your eyes on the prize and continue to have faith in your dreams because what’s the point of starting a journey if you are not going to finish it?

30. “Your Competition Isn’t Other People. Your Competition Is Your Procrastination, Your Ego, The Unhealthy Food You’re Consuming, The Knowledge You Neglect, The Negative Behavior You’re Nurturing, And Your Lack Of Creativity. Compete Against That.”

Many people compare themselves with others and when they fail to live up to their potential, they lose faith. But you don’t need to be competing against other individuals, instead, compete against your own bad habits, which are keeping you from achieving your goals.

31. “Trust The Wait. Embrace The Uncertainty. Enjoy The Beauty Of Becoming. When Nothing Is Certain, Anything Is Possible.”

Don’t be scared of the unknown, be scared of not having tried despite your fears. Think about all the possible outcomes for your journey and don’t be afraid to go wild with your imagination because nothing is impossible.

32. “The Fact That You Are Trying Is A Proof That You Are Strong.”

Focusing on your goals can be a great thing, but don’t miss out on the chance of enjoying the process as you continue to move forward. The fact that you are investing your time and effort into this journey is proof that you are strong.

33. “So Far You Have Survived 100% Of Your Worst Days. This Too Shall Pass.”

If you have survived life challenges so far then this too shall pass. Whether you get what you want or don’t, you’ll still be gaining something out of the situation. So, look for the hidden lessons in each journey.

34. “If You Have The Courage To Begin, You Have The Courage To Succeed.”

If you were strong enough to set foot on your current path, then you are strong enough to get to the finish line. Because life wouldn’t put you in difficult situations if it doesn’t believe in your strength to overcome these obstacles.

35. “Don’t Forget You’re Human. It’s Okay To Have A Meltdown. Just Don’t Unpack And Live There. Cry It Out. Then Refocus On Where You’re Headed.”

Just because you are tired it doesn’t mean you are ready to quit. When you feel overwhelmed by your current situation take some time for yourself, read some of our you got this quotes, or even take a vacation if you have to. But never lose sight of your ultimate goal.

36. “You Are Still Here. You Are Still Breathing. And That Means, You Are Still Fighting.”

The fact that you are alive despite all the hardships means that you are a survivor and if you survived difficult situations before, then you can survive this one too! Keep your fighter spirit alive and be the one who made it!


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37. “The Size Of Your Problems Is Nothing Compared With Your Ability To Solve Them. Don’t Overestimate Your Problems, And Underestimate Yourself.”

Don’t bring yourself down and make a giant beast out of your problems because no problem is left unsolved in this world and yours are no different. Believe that you are capable of overcoming these problems no matter how much time and effort they take from you.

38. “It’s All Going To Work Out, Even If You Don’t Have It All Figured Out.”

It’s ok to be baffled and lost at some point because if you haven’t been in this situation before nobody expects you to overcome it from the very first try and neither should you. Take your time and study the situation, observe it from every angle, and write down every possible solution that comes to your mind. You never know, the next thing you write may be the answer to your call!

39. “Making A Big Life Change Is Pretty Scary. But, Know What’s Even Scarier? Regret.”

Avoid living a regretful life and seize every chance you get to get closer to your dreams. If you want to be happy with life try to be the person, who took a chance on everything and saw possibilities in the scariest situations, instead of being the one, who is never tired.

40. “You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarter Than You Think.”

Start believing in your abilities even if you are not that strong because at some point you will convince yourself that maybe what you’re saying is true and you have the potential to be great. Love yourself and have faith that you can be whoever you want to be.

It’s better to finish this post with a good motivational quote podcast:


What you’ve read so far was our list of you got this quotes, which was organized to help you restore your energy and faith, after being disappointed by the obstacles in life. These top 40 you got this quotes can be used as daily affirmations to remind you of your greatness.

One suggestion would be for you to write some of these motivational quotes on sticky notes and stick them to your mirror so you can read them every day when you wake up in the mornings. Hopefully, these you got this quotes will lift you up in times when you need motivation the most! Have fun reading them!

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