The Ultimate Guide To Heartbeat Method Shifting In 2024

Heartbeat Method Shifting

With the ongoing rise of shifting methods and people’s desire to manifest their preferred realities it may be hard to find the perfect shifting method. But if you are looking for an easy way to shift, the heartbeat method shifting could be the one for you.

The reason for the popularity of this method is that unlike some other shifting methods, this technique is considered to be one of the simplest yet most effective ones among them all.

To help you with your shifting journey, we will give you a full insight on the essence of the heartbeat method shifting as well as the steps you need to take to perfect this practice.

In this video you will get familiar with Heartbeat Method Shifting more and more:

What Is The Heartbeat Method Shifting?

As its name reveals, the heartbeat method shifting is the kind of method that is associated with listening to heartbeat-like rhythms while attempting to manifest your desired reality.

The reason why it is important to listen to similar sounds is that according to some sources, thinking about your desired reality makes your heartbeats go faster and therefore, associating heartbeat sounds with your shifting could help you get closer to what you hope to manifest.

To practice this method, you are free to write a script, yet there is no obligation for you to do so. And also, you can consider some affirmations that would be effective in your practice.

Remember that before jumping into your practice there are a few points that you need to consider as listed below;

  1. Go through your script or wishes before starting to shift
  2. Avoid alcoholic drinks and any kind of foods
  3. Take off your jewelries and watch to avoid distraction
  4. Select a quiet and noiseless room
  5. Choose a perfect timing to shift
  6. Get hydrated
  7. And don’t forget to meditate to become fully relaxed

Now without further ado, we will give you a full guide on how to approach the heartbeat method shifting and have a successful experience in turning your wishes into a reality.

How To Do The Heartbeat Method Shifting

Once you are past the previous steps and you have found the right time and place to start your practice, you are ready to follow the next few steps one by one.

Step 1: Choose A Heartbeat Sound

Serious man in t-shirt touching heartbeat line as symbol life on projection screen

As simple as it sounds, you should not take the task of choosing the right heartbeat sound very lightly. Because without the proper rhythm, you may end up with unsatisfying results.

To find your desired beat, you can start with doing one simple Google search or looking for audio files on YouTube.

The first thing you need to consider is that, the heartbeat on your audio file should be clear and there should be little or no noises accompanying it.

Another point to take into consideration is that you need to avoid any rhythms that contain screeching sounds, because the last thing you need would be losing your focus to annoying and unbearable music.


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Step 2: Prepare Your Bed

Messy bed. Bad habits. Leaving the messy bed behind.

The moment you have your chosen heartbeat sound on your phone, start setting your bed and pillow in the way that you like the most. And make sure that they are as comfy as possible.

In case there are too many things crowding your bed that you believe may distract you, set them aside and only leave the things you need on top of your bed.

Next, put your phone, which contains the heartbeat sound, under your pillow and get ready to follow the guidelines of the third step.

Step 3: Get Into A Relaxing Position

Woman Sleeping In

After putting your phone under your pillow, try to clear your mind from any irrelevant and disturbing thoughts and then try to lay down on your bed.

While putting your head on the pillow, see which position makes you more relaxed without forcing you into changing positions every few minutes or so. Keep on trying different spots on your bed until you know that this is the spot where you will fall asleep easily.

Because if you fail to find your preferred position you will not only fail to fall asleep but you will also keep on getting distracted by your discomfort on bed.

However, you need to remember that since you are going to listen to the heartbeat sounds, it is best for you to sleep on either your left or right side and have one of your ears against the pillow.


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Step 4: Play The Heartbeat Sound

 it's a heartbeat, but it could be sound waves, or any type of waves.

For the fourth step of the heartbeat method shifting, the practitioner of this method is required to hit the play button and start listening to the heartbeat sound on their phones.

Of course, as the rest of the steps this level also demands a few simple tricks to be mastered. And what is a better way than getting yourself acquainted with the sound that is going to help you in your shifting process.

To put your body and mind into a ready to shift state, it is best to listen to the beat a number of times and be sure that you are going into a full relaxation mode, before moving forward with the next step.

Once you feel that you are ready for the fifth step and nothing can disturb your shifting, you are in state to start visualizing.

Step 5: Visualization

Composition of human face and technological elements to serve as a supporting backdrop for projects on mind, reason, intelligence and imagination

In the visualization step, the person is expected to start picturing the place and state of his/her dreams. Here, there is no limit for you to go beyond the current reality and begin to imagine unique and specific things.

During visualization, you are free to select your preferred timing be it a specific time during the day or night, your targeted mental and physical state, your desired emotions, and anything that gets you closer to where you want to be.

Still, you must remember that in order for this step to work out you need to imagine your pillow as if it were someone else’s chest and keep in mind that in shifting there is no room for negative thoughts.

To help you even more with this step, it is better to imagine the pillow as the chest of someone you either like or love.

Step 6: Go Through The Door

3d render, white fluffy clouds going through, flying out, open red door,

When visualizing your desired reality, the place you are imagining matters because it works as a portal to your next step.

In this step, you need to start imagining a door appearing in front of you while the loved one you chose from the previous level is standing next to you.

The reason why there is a door in the sixth step is that this object will work as the only thing separating you from your current reality and your desired reality.

Before taking any further steps and walking through that door you need to start reciting some shifting affirmations and rather positive ones to have a successful experience.

Some suggested positive shifting affirmations are;

  1. I am ready to go through the door
  2. I welcome my desired reality with open arms

Or anything similar that you know will make your passing through the door a much easier process.

Still, there is one more thing you need to consider before putting your hand on the handle of that door and pushing through its jambs.

Here, you can also use the person accompanying you on this journey as your support system and begin to visualize him/her saying positive things about your capability of crossing that door and eventually him/her telling you things like “let’s go home”.

The moment that person asks you to follow him/her through that door, you need to go after him/her and cross a dark path that will lead to that light at the end of the tunnel or in other words your desired reality.


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Step 7: Open Your Eyes To Your Desired Reality

Cropped studio shot of a beautiful young woman’s eyes

For the final step, you should do one more thing before opening your eyes to your desired reality. After passing through the previous step you are expected to end up in a completely white room where you will try another set of affirmations.

The necessary affirmations for this step should be the ones that confirm you have reached your desired state and you are home. The moment you start believing these affirmations you should begin to feel like falling.

Once your falling stops you will know that you have reached your desired reality and you have had a successful shifting experience.

Yet, some of you may still have a few questions regarding shifting, and to help you with finding the answers to these questions, we have prepared you a list of common questions and worries usually asked by first-time shifters.

Is Reality Shifting Safe?

Despite how scary shifting may seem, it is good to know that no harm can be brought to a person through shifting and it is quite safe to try reality shifting.

However, as a practitioner of shifting methods, a person should remember that the mind does most of the work during such practices, and pushing it too far can cause the mind undesired strain.

 How To Succeed At Shifting Realities?

Since many could fail at their first shifting attempt, it is important to know that only a few could succeed at shifting realities on their first try, and perfecting similar methods like any other skill needs constant practice.

Another point to remember is that without belief and having faith in this method you can never get to your ultimate goal. So make sure that you have excluded any doubts about shifting before trying to practice such methods.

Being an essential part of some shifting methods, visualization also needs a great deal of attention before trying out any new techniques. To get better at visualizing you can dedicate a few hours or even minutes of each day to enhancing your visualization skills.

Writing can also be a good way for you to take your thoughts out of your mind and put them on paper. This way you will have a more detailed version of what you want and your desired reality will become more manifestable.

Before shifting, you can make a list of goals that you want to see achieved as a result of this practice. Jotting down your objectives will work as if you are sending a message to the universe to help you out in attracting what you desire.

Considering that happy thoughts and mindset lead to better results, an individual interested in shifting methods should also try to be as positive as possible.

Furthermore, listen to your heart and go with your instincts by opening your arms to changes that may come along the way.


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What Are The Symptoms Of Shifting

Some shifting methods can be accompanied by symptoms including;

  1. Feeling of floatation
  2. Witnessing bright lights
  3. Itching or tingles
  4. Getting vivid dreams about your desired reality
  5. Sensing different smells that are associated with your desired reality
  6. Body detachment
  7. Numbness
  8. Getting dizzy or witnessing a blurry vision
  9. A feeling of nausea or sickness
  10. Fast heartbeats
  11. And twitching

What Are Some Of The Easiest Shifting Methods

If you are looking for other easy shifting methods similar to the heartbeat method shifting, you can choose any one of the practices mentioned below.

  1. The Julia method
  2. The Pillow method
  3. The Sunni method
  4. The Raven method
  5. The Melt method
  6. The Piano method
  7. The Staircase method
  8. The Elevator method
  9. The Train method
  10. The Alice in Wonderland method
  11. The Blanket method
  12. The Hug method
  13. The Intent method
  14. And the Estelle method

Here you can listen to the heartbeat method shifting as well:


Whether you are a beginner and trying shifting for the first time or you are just looking for easy shifting methods, trying out easy practices such as the heartbeat method shifting could be a great start for you.

In the current article, you will find a thorough step-by-step guide on how to practice this method and if there are any doubts or questions boggling your mind regarding this technique, all you need to do is go through this piece.





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