The Ultimate Guide to Sunni Method Shifting in 2024

sunni method shifting

Sometimes we need to escape from our reality and enter a new one. By this, I mean that we go to a different universe or a world of our choosing. It is a way to live and feel our favorite and most desired places and universes.

I think there are many reasons that individuals do so. One of the main reasons that people tend to shift, is to release themselves from the stress and pressure of the reality that they live in.

So one of the ways to do so is called reality shifting and it’s the process of moving one’s consciousness from one reality to another. It is not making a reality; it is just deciding which one you want to focus on. Also, the #Realityshifting has garnered almost 400 million views on Tik Tok and it is growing.

The Sunni method shifting is one of the many methods of reality shifting that individuals use to enter the desired reality.

There are many methods that people can perform to shift and we will get to them later on. However, all of the methods have one purpose and the main difference between them is how they are performed.

Shifting has become popular among many people in recent years. The purpose of shifting is to train your mind and experience a different and new reality. Some think it’s essentially dreaming while others think it’s possible to shift into another reality throughout this process.

The Sunni method shifting specifically tends to convince your mind into believing that you’re actually in your desired reality. It does so through visualization and imagination but, it’s not suggested for people who became recently familiar with shifting.

Many believe in the existence of multiverses and especially those who perform shifting. Because this way they make it easier for themselves to enter their desired reality.

A person’s desired reality may be wandering in the Marvel universe and fighting alongside the Avengers or solving crimes in the city of Gotham with Batman. Each individual has his/her favorite and desired reality and we really would like to experience it even for just a few moments.

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What Is the Sunni Method Shifting?

The Sunni method shifting is one of the fan favorites for manifesting your desired reality but if you’re just getting acquainted with shifting, this method is not for you.

Because the requirements of this technique include visualization and getting your senses into work which could be two difficult tasks for beginners.

So, try to approach this method only when you have already had some extent of training and knowledge related to shifting.

My suggestion is that you first should know and learn about simpler shifting methods and try some of them. Many say that the first time that you try to shift, it won’t work but, by repeating and trying you’ll get the hang of it and will shift to your desired reality.

Necessary Preparations for The Sunni Method Shifting

So now that you’ve come to a better understanding of what shifting is and how it processes, let’s explain how exactly the Sunni method shifting works.

First things first, in order to perform the Sunni method shifting you have to prepare yourself. I don’t mean to start doing push-ups or anything, because that’s not what we’re talking about right now.

What I meant is that you have to choose a place or environment that you feel peaceful and comfortable in. Also, this place should be quiet and free of any distractions so that you can perform the Sunni method shifting without any problems.

Another thing that’s suggested to do in order to prepare for this method, is to meditate so that you can clear your mind. this way you will make the process of shifting much easier.

One more technique you can use in order to shift would be writing a script. Though there is no obligation to prepare any written information, it is good to have a detailed script describing your desired reality. For example, you can write “I’m a superhero”, “I’m rich” or “I can’t get permanently injured”. It all depends on the reality that you desire and want to shift to.

So let’s explain the process step-by-step:


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#1. Lie down in a position that you feel comfortable and close your eyes.

Smiling serene Hispanic woman close her eyes put hands behind head breath fresh

This is the first thing that you should do to start performing the Sunni method shifting. After meditating and clearing your mind of any thoughts, lying down makes you even more comfortable and you’ll have inner peace. It will help you feel relieved and makes you ready for the next step.

#2. Begin to imagine the reality that you desire and visualize it in detail.

Businesswoman thinks and reflects with her imagination

Deceive your brain and make yourself feel that you’re truly there. Focus on each and every detail in your desired reality, this way you can really sense that it’s becoming real.

#3. Feel with your 5 senses the desired reality of your own.

A science education illustration of icons representing the 5 senses attached to central brain in black and white

Hear what’s happening in your desired reality, whether people are talking, birds chirping or music is being played.

Also smell the surroundings, for instance, flowers, cooking, etc. See with your eyes the people that you want to see and the city for example.

Feel what you touch, a cushion, a book, or a musical instrument. Use your sense of taste as well, when eating.


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#4. Start uttering shifting affirmations until you feel symptoms.

Smiling young woman in nature, feeling happy.

Once you’re passed the third step, you should be reciting some shifting affirmations like;

  1. I have shifted to my desired reality.
  2. I will shift this afternoon.
  3. I am good at shifting

After saying these affirmations, you’ll probably experience some specific symptoms such as;

  1. Headaches
  2. Getting nauseous
  3. Sense of falling
  4. Floating
  5. Rising heart rate
  6. Getting itchy skin
  7. Sweating
  8. Difficulty in breathing
  9. Getting dizzy
  • Unclear vision


The moment you start feeling one or a number of these symptoms, you can be sure that you’re heading the right way and having a successful shift.

Before jumping into the next and final step, make sure that you have passed all of the former instructions respectively and successfully otherwise you won’t be able to get your desired reality after the previous processes.


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#5. Open Your Eyes to Your Intended Reality.

Open your eyes written under torn paper.

Following the fourth step, you’re ready to prepare your body and mind for another reality. In this step, you need to make sure that you have full faith in your shifting being a success to avoid any disappointments when opening your eyes.

However, you should remember that no living human being can succeed on their first try, and getting good at this practice needs time. So, believe in what you do and have a fully vivid picture of where you want to go from here.

After opening your eyes, you’re expected to be faced with your desired reality as your current reality starts disappearing little by little.

Here we have a great podcast about the Sunni method shifting:


Apart from the Sunni method shifting, there are other shifting methods that different people use to shift into their desired reality. These people are called shifters and they get their name from what they do. Also, not forget that shifters use scripts to help them make the shifting process much easier.

These scripts differ from one another and they are based on the universe and reality that the shifter wants to go to. For example, shifting to the Harry Potter universe demands the shifter to write a script that makes him/her feel close to any of the characters or places in that particular universe.

Shifters have many methods to shift and each one of them chooses a specific method to shift. There are up to 15 methods that shifters use and we are going to name some of them. The Raven method, which is the most famous, the Pillow method, the Heartbeat method, the Julia method, and of course the Sunni method that we explained.

All these methods have different procedures to perform. But, they all share the same thing and that is shifting. A Shifter can change almost everything in his/her desired reality. For instance, he/she can alter his/her appearance, name, nationality, and the place that he/she lives.

With that being said, let’s explain more about the process of shifting. As you can see, shifting is good to escape from the current reality and it is a form of escapism.

Of course like almost everything in our world, reality shifting has and will have its haters. Many think that what shifters do is fake and it is not much of a big deal. However, the struggles and hardships that people face nowadays make them to choose escape from their current reality.

If shifting makes you feel better and gives you a purpose to live, then do it. We exist and live in a society in which anxiety and isolation are really common among people. So this is one of the many ways to get far away as possible from this anxiety and isolation and who we are to judge how a person provides him/herself a way to experience peace in their mind?

Each one of us has his/her way of putting aside his/her problems even for a short time. However, I bet that many of us do not completely have the proper knowledge to do this. Shifting as I said is one of the many ways that people use to escape reality and I’m certain now that you will give shifting a try after reading this article.

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