Top 25 Itachi Quotes In Naruto Anime [2024]

Top 25 Itachi Quotes In Naruto Anime [2024]

Now in 2024, we are all anime fans and lovers, and anime lovers, we all know that they teach us important and deep lessons. We have gathered the top 25 Itachi quotes in Naruto anime here.

You might wonder why, and you will know that by the end of this article.

Some people consider anime the best form of entertainment produced by mankind, and the reason why we chose Itachi quotes in Naruto anime is the inspirational and unique Itachi quotes.

I am not here to agree or disagree with the rising popularity of anime or Itachi quotes. You can decide that for yourself.

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Why has anime become so popular that Itachi quotes are listed here?

infographic about top 25 Itachi quotes in Naruto anime that you need to read

I can name many reasons if you want, but I think these few can illustrate my point perfectly, especially the last one:

  • Anime has the best visuals that anyone could ask for.
  • You can find very unique and special characters in anime and unlike other types of entertainment, you can rarely find similar characters.
  • The other special thing is that the main character of anime has flaws and imperfections all the time. They even die.
  • The genre of every anime is different, no matter your taste and type.
  • There is no limit to the amount of creativity used in an anime.
  • The rate of canceled anime is very close to zero percent!
  • The dialogues of anime characters are very deep and the stories are beautifully instructive.

As said earlier, anime can be instructive, inspirational, and hauntingly beautiful. Itachi quotes are beautiful and popular because there are real-life lessons that you can learn.

Ideas and lessons that anime can teach you are unique and shocking.


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What is Naruto anime about?

What is Naruto anime about?

If I am going to list the top 25 Itachi quotes in Naruto anime for you, you need to know what Naruto anime is about and who Itachi Uchiha is.

Shortly, the Naruto anime is an adaptation based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, illustrated and written by Masashi Kishimoto.

I think you put the name of the Naruto anime series on the “Watch Before You Die” list.

Naruto has about 600 episodes and this can be counted as a deal breaker if you hate long series, but I promise that as soon as you finish the first few episodes, you can never stop watching!

The genre and style of this anime are a bit complicated. It has a lot of good comedy and will make you cry sometimes. Relatable life-like situations get you deep into the story, and you can enjoy the ninja theme.

And I guess now you should proceed at your own risk if you want to see the Naruto anime series yourself. So here is the time when I shout: SPOILER ALERT!

Naruto anime tells the story of a young ninja. His name is Naruto Uzumaki and his lifelong dream is to become the leader of his village, the Hokage, by receiving recognition from all his peers.

What is the life lesson that Naruto anime taught us?

Naruto anime has a clear message that even in the worst-case scenario, choosing the wrong path only makes it worse. Itachi quotes also show that to us.

You need to keep it together after all the bad possibilities have come true. Keep your mental strength and you shall overcome.

Every character taught us something amazing. Naruto was the one in charge of Not Giving Up, the importance of friendship, and many more.


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Who is Itachi Uchiha?

Who is Itachi Uchiha?


The older brother of Sasuke Uchiha is portrayed as a negative character for most of the series.

You might lose interest in Itachi’s quotes after knowing that he seemingly worked as a terrorist for the Akatsuki organization and that he is the one responsible for killing all the people in his clan, except for Sasuke.

But Itachi quotes are listed in this article for some reason. He was not just a villain that killed people out of the joy that it gave to him.

Itachi is a beloved character.

He is a sensible person who supports his younger brother no matter what loves him no matter what, and sacrifices for him no matter what.

Itachi sacrificed everything for the greater good. A bigger picture that made him learn the true meaning of sacrificing everything for the village’s peace.

The top 25 Itachi quotes in Naruto anime that you need to read

Now is the time to read some fabulous Itachi quotes. Be prepared to think about them deeply.

Itachi quotes about decisions

Itachi quotes about decisions

1. You’re such a child. You talk of nothing but pipe dreams… there are times when people must make painful choices.

Itachi had to make a hurtful decision years ago.

He is too familiar with pain and he knows pain as a sacred and inevitable feeling. So you can trust him when he talks about painful decisions!

2. I never wanted to take out the Uchiha clan… But it was the only way to save my little brother.

His love for his brother is undeniably true. Itachi was forced to stay away from his brother for most of his life.

There are many situations in life when you need to be cruel and strong, and make that tough decision.


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Itachi quotes about pain

Itachi quotes about pain

3. Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning, for humankind cannot gain anything in return.

A good Itachi quote shows how Itachi thought that pain is an important factor in life. And also in real life, no pain means no gain.

As someone who spent his entire life in dire pain, Itachi knows a lot about pain.

4. Time doesn’t heal anything, it just teaches us how to live with pain.

You know how real this Itachi quote is if you think about it deeply. Did the pain go away? Or have you learned how to deal with it?

5. The Pain Is Not an Illusion. This Pain Is No Different From Reality. How Long Will Your Spirit Sustain? 

Itachi quotes about pain Illusion

He knows pain as a sacred element of life. Something holy and necessary.

Pain is real.

You have to deal with it the way that you deal with scars and injuries. If it cannot be healed, then at least grow familiar with coping with the feeling.

6. Loneliness is this world’s worst kind of pain.

Who would know it better than Itachi, who had killed his entire clan before leaving his younger brother for most of his life? Pain has many faces, but it shows the ugliest face to the alone.

Itachi quotes about self-knowledge and self-acknowledgment

7. Now I feel that knowing who I am is the key to reaching perfection. Because that means knowing what I can do and what I cannot do.


Self-knowledge is always worthy, valuable, and extremely important. It helps you know what you are capable of, and when you know your capacities, you live a better life.

Only by knowing your weaknesses and strengths, you can start evolving.

Self-knowledge is like a light and a map.

If you do not know yourself, then you will take shots in the dark that will never hit the aim.

8. Those who cannot acknowledge themselves are eventually bound to fail.

After getting to know yourself, comes the time when you need to acknowledge what you know now. It might be extremely hard to confess what you just realized about yourself.

But the important part of change (if you want to change) is to admit that you are the way you are, and you know and acknowledge it.


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Itachi quotes about death

9. We do not know what kind of people we truly are until the moment before our deaths. As death comes to embrace you, you will realize what you are. That’s what death is, don’t you think?

Itachi quotes about death

Itachi knew a lot about death while he was younger than most of the older shinobi.

When death comes upon us, there is nothing to lose. That drives our true selves out of the mask that they have been hiding behind for our entire lives.

10. People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.

Losing your belief, and your faith means losing your hope and motive to fight. And what is a person without the courage and energy to fight?

A soulless creature. A dead man walking. Someone with no life in their body and actions.

Itachi quotes about power, strengths, and weakness

11. Becoming Hokage Doesn’t Mean People Will Acknowledge You. But When People Acknowledge You, You Become Hokage. Never Forget Your Friends.

Itachi quotes about power, strengths, and weakness

This Itachi quote was about the significance of making friendship and acknowledgment among people.

Power will not bring true acknowledgment, but the acknowledgment of people can give you great powers.

12. No matter how powerful you become, do not try to shoulder everything alone.

Friends and family that you can rely on are your greatest gift. Being alone and not having any trustworthy people around you means weakness. That is what Itachi told Naruto.

13. Even the strongest of opponents always have a weakness.

Even the strongest of opponents always have a weakness.

This Itachi quote is rather famous. Itachi could always find a solution to fight his opponents. No matter how big your enemy or problem is, you do not need to worry and fear. There is always a solution.

14. Those who forgive themselves, and can accept their true nature… They are the strong ones.

As said earlier, self-acknowledgment is a very important principle for Itachi.

That is why you can find many Itachi quotes regarding self-acknowledgment and how important it is to admit what you truly are and take pride in doing that.

Even if you feel guilty and sinful, Itachi believes that admitting it makes a greater person out of you than escaping the truth and being a nice human in your mind.

15. You are weak. Why are you so weak? Because you lack… hatred.

You are weak. Why are you so weak? Because you lack… hatred.

Quote number 15 is kind of an important one.

It tells us about the nature of these brothers’ relationship.

One of Itachi’s greatest sacrifices was making Sasuke hate him. Uchiha’s power was multiplied when driven by pain, hatred, and anger.

The main reason behind Sasuke’s strength at such a young age was his hatred toward his elder brother.


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Itachi quotes about judgment

16. It is not wise to judge others based on your preconceptions and by their appearances.

And as you know, no book is to be judged by its cover. This Itachi quote might seem like a cliché, but it is indeed true!

You cannot even judge incidents by their looks. There might be loads of evil in a beautiful and happy party, and much good in a funeral.

Yes, the funeral means death, but you have no idea if it is for the better or worse.

Itachi quotes about forgiveness

17. Forgive me Sasuke… It ends with this.

Itachi quotes about forgiveness

The relationship between Itachi and Sasuke is fragile and distant.

Sasuke used to hate his elder brother for almost all his life, but he had no idea why he did what he did.

Most of our lives have the same story. Judgments can ruin lives and happiness very easily.

18. You don’t have to forgive me… but no matter what happens to you from here on out… I will always love you…

The support and love that Itachi had towards his younger brother, even though he hated him for almost all his life is remarkable.

Yes, it was Itachi’s fault that this separation had to happen, but these complications can never be judged entirely.

By being what you are and acting like what you feel inside, there is less regret in life. Just remember to be positive all the time, and never choose the wrong way!

Itachi quotes about fear

19. It is foolish to fear what we have yet to see and know.

Itachi quotes about fear

I guess we all have this problem. Overthinkers are the worst at predicting worst-case scenarios and fearing what comes next.

This Itachi quotes is not to be taken for granted. Fears can bring us to our knees.

Itachi quotes about sacrifice

20. Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow. That is a true shinobi.

This quote can fall under sad Itachi quotes. In Naruto, characters tend to repeat their “Ninja Way”. This is their reason to fight, what they live for, and their philosophy of living.

Itachi based his life on sacrifices, making hard choices, and then accepting what he had done.


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Itachi quotes about change

21. True Change cannot be made if it is bound by laws and limitations, predictions, and imagination.

Itachi quotes about change

The concept of true change is very fragile and delicate in Itachi’s mind, although he is always right.

True change should not obey rules and laws. True and honest change happens when nobody is there to watch you.

It happens when there are no guidelines or descriptions. It does not owe anyone anything. That makes it real.

22. Even if you don’t want your youth to end, dreams must come to an end at some point!

Change is a must. A necessary element in life, and an inevitable incident. All bad things must come to an end, and so must the good things.

Clinging to something that is no longer yours is a bad mistake.

It will make your soul rot and burn. Just like how your childhood shoes no longer fit you, keep you from taking big steps and even make you fall.

23. Change is impossible, in this fog of ignorance. How can we evolve when regulation is all we know?

Itachi quotes about change

This Itachi quote says that change is a vital part of life. The only way of evolving. You have probably heard the saying: “Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night.”

Changes are sure to come, and you need to be ready for them. We are humans and it means that we are adaptable. So do not limit yourself, no good comes out of it.

Itachy Quotes that are about his younger brother, Sasuke

24. Don’t cry Sasuke. Your big brother is here to protect you, no matter what happens.

True love is illustrated in the form of unconditional love. When you love someone no matter what, you can say your feeling is true. Just like what Itachi had with his younger brother, Sasuke.

25. Once more right before I leave this world and die… I wish to hear him call me elder brother.

Itachy Quotes that are about his younger brother, Sasuke

Itachi has many regrets, wishes, and hopes. Just like all of us do.

If there are things you wish to do before you die, I suggest that you start doing them right now.

Forgiving someone or forgetting something, talking to somebody, or even buying a small gift for yourself.

Life does not wait for anyone, including me and you.

If you are a fan of Naruto, I suggest you follow this podcast:

Final thoughts

The world of anime has a lot of masterworks and wonders. Dialogues and quotes from them are very instructive and educational.

In real life, people are not entirely black or entirely white. They are different shades of gray, some are darker and some are lighter.

Evil and good are black and white, and we are all gray humans who have a bright side as well as a dark side.

Just like Itachi who was considered evil almost all his life, but he was not a person full of black and evil intentions. He had goodness in him too.

There is more to a human being than what you first saw.

Learn valuable life lessons from Itachi quotes and remember not to judge people before you know their reasons and intentions.


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