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30 Best Atomic Habits Quotes To EMPOWER Your 2024

atomic habits Quotes

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Welcome my fellow readers to the world of atomic habits! If you are trying to create an atomic habit using the famous book Atomic Habits Quotes then you are in the right place!

James Clear’s Atomic Habits describes how to break out of bad habits and create new, healthy ones.

Honestly, this book is one of the best books that I have ever read and is definitely a must-read!

In the year 2018, it was a groundbreaking book that continues to inspire and motivate people around the world today, as it did when it was released in 2018.

Also, It was ranked by Business Insider as one of the best self-help books of 2018.

The book has also been described as “a supremely practical and useful book” by Mark Manson, who is also the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Here are some of the best Atomic Habits quotes and mantras to help you stay on track if you have read Atomic Habits and you are looking for some motivation to stay on track.

So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for a journey! Ok no, wait a minute! Before starting we recommend you to check this video as well:




30 Atomic Habits Quotes

1. “Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.”

There is no doubt that habits are what make us who we are or what make us who we want to be in the future.


2. Habits are a double-edged sword. Bad habits can cut you down just as easily as good habits can build you up.

Our habits, which are like a double-edged sword, can either destroy our process or make it faster than it was before, depending on how we use them.


3. “Your habits shape your identity, and your identity shapes your habits.”

 There is a two-way street; you know why? The reason is that many people will base their entire identity on their habits, and bad habits will be a lousy way to identify yourself.


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4. “Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become.”

The following quote demonstrates why James Clear has become the most renowned expert on habit-making and habit-breaking in the world. With just 14 words, he shows us what is possible if we put our minds to it. According to this quote, our actions at this moment can play an important role in shaping our future in future. The most important thing to remember is to look at your actions instead of your best intentions. If you could do one thing right now that would move you in the right direction, what would it be?


5. “Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.”

Achieving your dreams requires both systems and goals. When you don’t have a destination or a plan, you are completely lost.


6. “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.”

It is one of my favorite atomic habits quotes that I would like to share with you. Having written it on my refrigerator, it has had such an impact on me that I have kept it there.


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7. “The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity. It’s one thing to say I’m the type of person who wants this. It’s something very different to say I’m the type of person who is this.”

If you have been doing something on a daily basis for 15 years, you will realize that this activity has become part of your identity, and if you skip it for one day, you will feel out of place or awkward because it has suddenly become part of your daily routine. Your identity is this.


8. It is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.

If you do not have the necessary determination to succeed, I am sorry to inform you that you will not be able to do so. In order to succeed, commitment is the key and the answer to everything.


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9. Every action you take is a vote on the type of person you wish to become.

It’s a common sense fact that bad votes eventually lead to bad results; it’s just a matter of time.


10. With our bad habits, the immediate outcome usually feels good, but the ultimate outcome feels terrible. With good habits, it is the reverse: the immediate outcome is unenjoyable, but the ultimate outcome feels good.”

As humans, we live in the present moment, and that is why feeling good for a short period of time is much more enjoyable for us than feeling suitable for an extended period of time.


11. “Anyone can work hard when they feel motivated. It’s the ability to keep going when work isn’t exciting that makes the difference.”

There is only real success when we do something, even though we are not in the mood to do it, and yet we do it anyway. Those are the progress that has been made.


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12. “Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

Overnight success is just a fairytale.

It’s one of those stories people tell to get our money and feed us bullshit in return for it.

This success takes many hours, many days of many months. You will get there if you are patient and committed to the process.



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13.“You don’t have to be the victim of your environment. You can also be the architect of it.”

Throughout the book, it is stated that our environment has a significant impact on the amount of work that we get done or the habits that we have.

As a result, it is very important to place yourself in the right environment so that the process can be accelerated and helped a lot.


14. Habits are mental shortcuts learned from experience.

Depending on our habits, we may be able to enjoy life more or escape from the harsh realities of life.


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15. Success is not a goal to reach or a finish line to cross.  It is a system to improve, an endless process to refine.

There is a saying that states goals are like steps; they help us to take one step at a time and help us get to the final destination we have set for ourselves.


16. “Too often, we convince ourselves that massive results require massive action.”

The process is made up of little-by-little steps, as I mentioned earlier, and it is the little-by-little steps that make us get results at the end of the day.


17. “With outcome-based habits, the focus is on what you want to achieve. With identity-based habits, the focus is on who you wish to become.”

As part of the process, it is also very important to choose the right habits to follow.


18. “Problem #1: Winners and losers have the same goals.”

Wow, this quote really reflects the reality of the situation. There is no difference between a loser and a winner when it comes to goals; it doesn’t matter what your position is.


19. “A lack of self-awareness is poison. Reflection and review is the antidote.”

Prior to achieving your goals, you must be self-aware of your desires and needs in order to identify them.

20. “You get what you repeat.”

As a result of your actions, you become who you are. It is what you do and what you believe you can do that defines who you are. Keep in mind the good actions you have taken, and you will be on the right track. 


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21. “A very small shift in direction can lead to a very meaningful change in destination.”

To be on the right path, you need to follow the right people in order to be on it.

There is no limit to how much change can lead to a totally different outcome if even the slightest changes are made.


22. “Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy.”

A person cannot be warned enough about how bad habits can affect them and their lives and that the outcomes of those bad habits must be bad for everyone involved.


23. “Once your pride gets involved, you’ll fight tooth and nail to maintain your habits.”

That is why you should tell your friends and family about your habits and your goals; by doing so, you will achieve them regardless of what others expect from you.


24. “The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.”

Decide what you want to do. As soon as you start, there is no turning back.

Sign up for a gym membership; the moment you pay the money, there is no way you are not going to go to the gym. 


25. “Here’s the powerful part: there are many different ways to address the same underlying motive. One person might learn to reduce stress by smoking a cigarette. Another person learns to ease their anxiety by going for a run. Your current habits are not necessarily the best way to solve the problems you face; they are just the methods you learned to use. Once you associate a solution with the problem you need to solve, you keep coming back to it.”

As far as I can tell, there is nothing that I could add to this atomic habits quote. What an amazing piece of work. 


26. “Whenever you want to change your behavior, you can simply ask yourself: How can I make it obvious? How can I make it attractive? How can I make it easy? How can I make it satisfying?”

For more information about these quotations, I recommend that you read the first part of the book if you have not already done so.

This is such a good concept that will show us why we sometimes fail to maintain our good habits in spite of our best efforts.


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27. “Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

You will see results if you try hard and work hard.


28. When preparation becomes a form of procrastination, you need to change something.

My suggestion to you is to improve your surroundings or find a place where you can focus more, such as a library or a sealed room, so that you can stop procrastinating.


29. Decide the type of person you want to be. Prove it to yourself with small wins.

It is important to realize that, in the end, you are the only person who can change your life. Make sure that you prove to yourself that you are more capable than this.


30. “Missing once is an accident. Missing twice is the start of a new habit. This is a distinguishing feature between winners and losers. Anyone can have a bad performance, a bad workout, or a bad day at work. But when successful people fail, they rebound quickly. The breaking of a habit doesn’t matter if the reclaiming of it is fast. I think this principle is so important that I’ll stick to it even if I can’t make a habit as well or as thoroughly as I would like.

According to this atomic habit quote, while it is okay to miss a single day, it is essential not to become lazy after the first day, or you will truly forget why you started the habit to begin with.

Do not let the second day, third day, and so on happen. Even doing 5 mins of what you wanted to do on a busy day is an accomplishment on its own.


How do Atomic Habits teach you?

It is important to remember that Atomic Habits are “a regular practice or routine that is not only small and easy to accomplish but is also a source of incredible power; a component of the system of compound growth.”

Essentially, it involves making it easy for you to practice good habits, with positive results compounding with each passing day.


Atomic Habits: What are they, and what do they mean?

The aim of Atomic Habits is to make it as easy as possible for people to create positive habits that will last them a lifetime.

We recommend you to check the this podcast as well:


How would you summarize Atomic Habits?

Atomic Habits is based on the premise that repeated 1% improvements can have a massive compounding effect with every successive improvement.

There are four basic laws of behavior (cue, craving, response, and reward), and the best way to make it obvious, easy, attractive, and satisfying for you to take incremental action toward positive behavior is by establishing four cues.

It is also possible to break bad behavior by doing the opposite of the opposite.


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What is the process of forming Atomic Habits?

A habit is formed in the brain when it becomes evident, easy, attractive, and satisfying to take incremental steps towards positive behavior, as well as doing the opposite to the opposite in order to break a bad habit.


How good is the Atomic Habits book?

If you want to create a good habit and break a bad habit, and if you are willing to make an effort to take action steps to create a positive new habit, then Atomic Habits is definitely a book worth reading.

In the book, you will learn how to make this process as simple as possible by using the advice in the book.


Atomic Habits is recommended for who?

Atomic Habits is a book for those who want to make a positive change in their life in the long run and are willing to do the work in small, incremental steps that compound over time.

It shows how to make good habits attractive and easy to perform while making bad habits unattractive and difficult to perform.


Atomic Habits Quotes: A Final Word

These quotes were just a few of our favorite quotes from Atomic Habits by James Clear.

You can see that this book has a lot of powerful words and that there is a lot of great advice in there.

No doubt the quotes from James Clear will be inspirational for you regardless of whether you are making a vision board for yourself or just need some words of encouragement to get you going.

Do you have a favorite quote from Atomic Habits that you would like to share with us? Comment below and let us know what you think.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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