Top 30 Best Root Chakra Affirmations For Grounding (2024)

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Have you ever heard about the word “chakra”, its impressive powers and great effects on your life? Or have you ever heard about root chakra affirmations? Maybe yes or maybe no! But first, what are chakras exactly and how do they work?

Chakras are an old and historical energy system that has been used for more than 3000 years. The literal meaning of chakra is a wheel or cycle and it refers to the energy points of the body. These points must be balanced and open to receive energy and increase the quality of life in different aspects.

The total number of chakras is unknown; 114, 112, and 108 are some claimed numbers for them, but the primary chakras are only 7; crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. All of them are related to some kind of energy and can affect a specific part of the body or personality.

One of the most important chakras is the root chakra or Muladhara. In Sanskrit, Mula means root and Adhara means base. As you can guess, this chakra is the first and basic step to opening other chakras.

The root chakra is the symbol of life, power, and physical strength and it’s located at the base of your spine, so a balanced root chakra can make you grounded like a tree. The root chakra is a gate to receive energy from the earth, so the main thing to use its advantages is to improve your relationship with the earth. The color of the root chakra is red, so being in contact with red things can help you get more energy through it.

We recommend checking this video before going into the affirmations:

There are many different practices that can make the root chakra balanced and open to help you use its benefits. Practices such as physical exercises (similar to some acts of yoga), a special diet, some meditations, etc.

But one of the best practices is repeating root chakra affirmations. Compared to other practices, affirmations are the cheapest and easiest ones; you have to just repeat some affirmative statements about the root chakra and it’s done.

Top 30 best root chakra affirmations for grounding

Women meditation and colored chakra light over her body with a big flash on root chakra

1- Every day above the earth is good

the root chakra is very reliant on the Earth and you have better change your attitude about it to increase your chance of having a balanced root chakra.

2- I’m independent and free

Independence and freedom are two signs of power and only powerful people can have those manners.


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3- I feel safe and secure

This affirmation can help you get rid of all your anxiety and stress, so you can feel safer. Most sociologists believe that feeling safe is more important than safety. So make your mind free of negative thoughts.

4- I’m strong and confident.

Strength without confidence doesn’t mean so much. You must know your strengths and believe them so you can use them efficiently.

5- Mother Earth always protects me

This root chakra affirmation can improve your connection to the Earth and let you receive more energy from it. Remember that Earth is the main source of energy for the Root chakra.

6- I can receive positive energy from the whole universe.

As I said, the main source of energy is the earth, but it’ll be better if you don’t deprive yourself of other parts of the world.

7- I’m in good physical condition

There’s a big interaction between the root chakra and physical condition. A stronger and healthier body makes it easier to balance the root chakra.

8- I’m rooted in the Earth.

Trees with stronger and longer roots in the earth have more stamina and resistance. This is exactly correct for people too; deeper connection to the Earth, better and easier life.


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9- Nature will provide what I demand

Nature is calling you! But this time it’s not about what you think; nature is calling you to tell you about what it has for you and make you sure about the future.

10- I’m at peace.

Train your mind to be at peace with everything around you. It’s essential to avoid tension and accept and improve your acceptance and contentment.

11- I’m resilient but constant.

You have to be mentally resilient, don’t get disappointed, and get adapted to new situations. But don’t forget that resilience shouldn’t make you change your mind or goals. A constant and strong personality is very important to balance your root chakra.

12- I feel energized.

Being energized and empowered is a very important factor. To get energized, you can find some tips like drinking enough water, reducing anxiety, cutting out alcohol, using caffeine, etc. By the way, don’t forget about that affirmation.


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13- I’ll dismiss negative thoughts.

The negative thoughts make you worried and disappointed and increase your anxiety, so it will have a bad effect on your life. This affirmation can help you leave those thoughts and fill your mind with positive ones.

‘We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.’ — Santosh Kalwar

14- I’m not afraid of experiencing new things.

Neophobia is what we refer to as the fear of experiencing new things. Believe it or not, all of us have neophobia in different amounts. Many people think that it is about being cautious when you avoid new things, but in fact, they are dispossessing themselves of some great benefits.

15- There’s no time for me to worry.

I don’t know how old you are and how much you’re gonna live, but I know that it doesn’t worth spending your time worrying about some unimportant things. Try to enjoy your life and use every moment in a good way.

16- The blockage of my Root chakra is broken

Many times root chakra can’t be balanced because of some blockage and you can’t use root chakra’s benefits unless you break that blockage. This affirmation can help you do it better and faster because most of those blockages are mental or related to some mental problems.

17- Nothing can confuse me.

It’s very important and essential for you to have the ability to focus and concentrate on what you want. you can’t let anything distract you. Muladhara benefits can’t be used unless you put all your mind to gain it.

18- I’m easy with grounding.

We mentioned the importance of increasing your relationship with the earth. Maybe you can count on grounding as a good and useful practice to open your root chakra. This affirmation can help you to get easier with that and make your attitude positive about the earth.


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19- I’m cool and relaxed.

This root chakra affirmation helps you have a calm mind, find peace all over your life and release all your tension. After overcoming stress and gaining the ability to stay calm, then you can feel staying calm, that’s the point at which you can access the energies that root chakra blesses you.

20- My diet is suitable for root chakra.

Not only diet but you need to set your whole lifestyle to make the process of balancing root chakra faster. For a suitable diet, you need to eat red-colored foods for increasing your stability and self-awareness. Some of the red foods you can use are tomatoes, cherries, red apples and peppers, etc.

21- It’s easy for me to balance the root chakra.

To balance root chakra you need to do many different things and it takes a long time but just take it easy. Doing some things like some yoga practices, eating some special foods, or repeating affirmations can be just a part of your daily activities.

22- I can handle my life

Your life, your rules! You don’t need to worry about anything, just do it how you believe it’s true in the best way and be sure that everything will be fine. You choose the best way and as a strong and independent person, you can go through it in the best way too.

23- I’m getting ready to heal all my chakras.

Don’t be satisfied by healing your root chakra. This is just the first step of a long adventure to balance all your chakras and receive a huge amount of positive energy from the whole universe. This also can motivate you to increase your efforts to heal the Muladhara.


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24- My life is full of chances to gain power and wealth.

Becoming wealthy and rich enough can make you financially independent, and you can gain power too. For this one, you can check out some wealth and money affirmations to especially influence your life.

25- I’m grateful for having healthy and strong feet.

Repeat this affirmation to strengthen your feet. Feet are very important because they are the most involved organ with the earth. Stronger feet cause incredible effects that will amaze you. It’s a bit hard to believe that even walking barefoot can help you heal root chakra faster.

26- All over the Earth is land of plenty.

Trust in Mother Earth; there are huge amounts of resources. It always gives you all blessings and felicity. Just be grateful for all of them and their blessings will be more and more. Don’t forget that all energy that you expect to receive from root chakra is from the earth. Any negative attitude can decrease efficiency.


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27- I can finish what I start

You have started a process that will lead you to a whole new level and you have to finish it. Such affirmations will motivate you and prevent you from leaving what you are doing.

28- I trust in my abilities

No matter how strong you are or what you can do, belief is the key. You can’t use your abilities until you believe them.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

norman vincent peale

29- I’m ready to accept support.

By activating the Muladhara you can expect every creature on the earth to help, support, and protect you. So it’s vital to prepare your mind with this great statement and accept all favors.


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We also found this podcast which is related to chakra affirmation and recommend you listen to its episodes:

30- My Root chakra is balanced.

A good way to gain a virtue (especially a moral one) is to pretend you own that already. When you want to heal your root chakra, repeat this statement and act like you have a balanced root chakra and you receive energy through it.


Here it was thirty root chakra affirmations that can boost your speed to heal your root chakra. We’ve tried to write the best and most effective affirmations but if you want to personalize them you can do it easily.

Fearfulness, anxiety, insecurity, codependency, and lack of focus are some symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra and the physical hurts are high blood pressure, fatness, feet and back pain, etc. So we can say that any affirmation that can put away those feelings or strengthen your connection to the earth or even motivate you to do root chakra practices can help you and can be used. But if you want to personalize these affirmations or even write new ones, don’t forget that affirmations should be simple and short for maximized effects. Mother earth bless you!

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