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Thursday affirmations

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Here it is; another neutral Thursday. A day which you have to live it. It’s all depended on yourself and how you are going to live it. To have a good day we have an attractive offer for you: Thursday affirmations!

You may know about affirmations; they are some positive statements that influence your mind by motivating you, helping you to get focused, and making you happier in your life. Here we prepared the best affirmations for you to have a great Thursday. Ready? Lets rock!

To start an energetic Thursday, watch this video:

Top 50 Thursday affirmations to boost your day

1. I’m warm and friendly

We are living in a society with many people and it’s important how you deal with them. Stay warm and friendly and make good relationships as much as you can.

2. I just count on myself

Many people may help you during the day. But you can’t count on them. You don’t have others’ help all time so you’d better do what you want as you can finish it lonely.

3. today I’ll get rid of my bad habits

There are some annoying habits that getting rid of them is hard so we prefer to continue being annoyed by them. If you want a happier life just try to prepare your mind to get rid of those habits.

4. today I’ll learn from my journey

“Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” – Socrates


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You need to keep learning your whole life if you want to make your days better.

5. I’m greedy for success

You may want to say is bad to be greedy! You’re right but sometimes when you are seeking success you need to be greedy and want more and more.

6. I have the ability to say No

This is one of my favorite Thursday affirmations. Anytime for any offer and suggestion, you should consider your happiness and success; there are no other remarks. So repeat the affirmation and increase your confidence to say no.

7. I’m an unselfish leader

When you are a manager of a group, collection, or even your family both leadership and being unselfish are important for you to reach your defined goals.

8. I’m polite and respectful

If you want others to respect you, you need to respect them first. so being respectful and polite can increase your social life quality.


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9. I don’t let myself regret today

Many of the past days are lost and you are sure that you could live them better! It’s not late, just don’t let today be one of them and do your best.

10. I have a positive attitude

A positive attitude makes you optimistic about all things around you even yourself! It keeps your hope and won’t let you down. So use the affirmation and train your mind for a positive attitude.

11. I make opportunities for myself

Don’t wait for opportunities to come, it’s a difference between successful and unsuccessful people; successful people can make opportunities for themselves.

12. I’m not lazy and bored

Some people have these two awful traits; they are always bored and tired and they can’t do their things. They can’t reach their goals. so you have to be motivated and energetic.

13. I’m strong and resilient

It’s natural to have problems and obstacles on your way. Winners are people who were stronger than the problems and could be resilient against obstacles. So remember this affirmation.

14. I have now and I won’t waste that

Your life and every second of it are gifts from god. Just take care of your time and don’t lose that. 

“the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second best time is now.”
—Chinese proverb

15.  today I’ll smile more and see more smiles

Did you know that brain can’t determine fake and real laughter? So just smile and laugh more and you are a happier person. 

16. I’m generous and kind

Being kind and helping others have two great benefits; the first is that you will be glad and content, and the second one is that you can be happy because of their success, so you have more reasons to be happy. This one is another favorite Thursday affirmations for me!


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17. I’ll take smart risks

Risks are necessary for life but they should be wisely and in good frequency. You should be not Reckless nor conservative. Stay moderate and take smart risks.

 18. today I’ll avoid toxic people

Toxic people are people who have a negative attitude and always think the glass is half empty. Avoid such people and don’t care about what they say. Believe in yourself.

19. I’m healthy and fresh

You have to take care of your body and try to stay healthy. Not only does your physical health support your mental health, but also it can help you be more confident and try harder.

20. I’m carefree of unimportant issues

Prioritize your goals. Don’t waste your time and energy on some unimportant things which they don’t worth your effort and don’t forget to don’t regret them.

21. I’m a good negotiator

There are many conversations during the day that you prefer to persuade others. What you need to improve your oratory and have a bit more confidence that you can gain it but repeating the statement.

22. I don’t afraid of changes

If you want to be perfect and have a perfect life too, so you can’t dismiss changes. Don’t be afraid of them and have a positive attitude by considering them as a part of your progress.

23. today I let nothing distract me

Focusing on your goals is very important. Think about that: you are on a trip but you forget your destination, you can’t arrive there even if you try hard. So you have to define your goals and focus on them.

24. I’m organized and disciplined

Another favorite Thursday affirmation that I really love! Discipline yourself, do anything in the time, and put everything in its place. This is what being disciplined and organized means. It’s not hard but it’s like a booster for you to gain success.

25. I can ask for help whenever It’s needed

As we said you shouldn’t count on others’ help, but you can ask them and accept their help. Many people offer you their help but there is no problem to ask too.

26. I’m confident, not cocky

The nature of these two traits is the same, but you must be aware of the quality. Being confident helps you be strong but being cocky can have negative effects on your life.


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27. today I’ll find new hobbies

To have a happy life, hobbies are essential. Find different hobbies that can entertain you in different situations and benefit you more. Reading books, watching movies, or even listening to music are some good ones.

28. I’m a powerful athlete

Why not? Choose a field and start exercising regularly. You don’t need to be a professional one, you just need its benefits such as improving your health, reducing stress, boosting your confidence, etc.

29. today I’ll take more care of myself

What is more important than yourself? You are even reading the article for yourself to have a better life. So take more care of yourself.

30. I’m an opportunist

You have opportunities during your whole life, but some of them are really great and there is a short time to use them so you have to be ready to use all opportunities.

31. I don’t care about the details

Sometimes considering details is equal to losing opportunities.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat!”
Sheryl Sandberg 

32. I don’t worry about hardships

It’s clear; no pain, no gain. so believe in yourself and try harder than the hardships. For a powerful mind in this way use this affirmation.

33. I’m ethical

Ethics matter. With ethics, you have almost all the positive traits such as loyalty, responsibility, kindness, fairness, etc.

34. today I’ll enjoy all my achievements

You don’t need great success to enjoy and be happy. the small positive things are important. You can be happy with anything, even finishing a puzzle. So let your mind take care of small things. 

35. today I’ll improve in all aspects

Progressing in one dimension isn’t perfect. You need to improve yourself in all aspects in order to be a successful person. you should care about inner success, physical success, economic success, social success, etc.


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36. I’m calm and peaceful

Avoid being angry and aggressive. What you think you can gain with violence, you can earn much more in peace.

37. I’m trustworthy and loyal

Being trustworthy and loyal is very important to have a good social life and career. These two traits encourage people to continue their relationship with you and respect you more.

38. I’m cheerful and hardworking

To reach your goals, you need to be cheerful, motivated, and hardworking. These traits are good and helpful but the combination guarantees success.

39. I’m happy!

You can be sad and seek reasons to be happy, or you can be happy with no reasons. be happy and don’t let anything make you sad.

40. I’m clever and alert

Pay attention to the events around you. You are smart enough and you can use anything that happens to benefit yourself.

41. I’m patient and tolerant

Meditation requires practice and patience

If you really need a good Thursday affirmation then this one is for you! Sometimes success isn’t easy and near, so you have a long journey to access that. So you need to have a powerful and patient mind to stay focused and not to give up. So don’t waste time and repeat the statement.

42. I love myself and I accept who I am

You are gifted like any other person. In this huge world, all people can be happy and successful. Just believe in yourself and love yourself.

43. I’m ready for unexpected situations

An unexpected gift

When you are planning for your life consider two things; always have a plan b for the times that your main plan doesn’t work, and have a flexible plan for some partial changes due to problems.

44. I have the ability to problem-solving and critical thinking

Today’s problem-solving and critical thinking are more important than other skills and abilities. It’s your art to think as others can’t and see things as others don’t.


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45. I’m adventurous and brave

A man crossing a ridge on a mountain

Live in search of adventure. Success is more possible in adventures because if it wasn’t so, most of the people in the world were successful. So don’t be afraid of experiencing new things.

46. I’m conscientious and responsible for what I do

Accept that you are responsible for what you do so you will be conscientious and you will do your job in the best way that you can. So repeat the affirmation and make it clear in your mind.

47. I’m wise and mature

Young thinking man reading a book and enjoying his leisure morning.

A wise person can control his or her feelings and don’t make decisions because of feelings or getting excited. You should be mature and wise enough to progress and achieve your goals. 

48. I know how to deal with my past

Your actions about the past should be different and it depends on the situation. You should learn from your past mistakes but forgive yourself and You should remember good memories and keep enjoying them.

49. today I’ll give a compliment to everything

Holding hands with flowers in the background of the sunset

This could be a great habit for you that helps you have a positive attitude and see the benefits of things that you’ve thought are useless.

50. today I’ll forget all the grudges

You should know that your happiness just depends on yourself, not what others do or their failure. Make your mind clear of bad thoughts by repeating this affirmation.

This daily affirmation podcast is also what we recommend for your affirmations, hope you enjoy it:

Here it was 50 Thursday affirmations that You can use as much as you want and believe that you will see the effects as soon as possible. What is important is to keep repeating the statements to change your mentality. Have a great Thursday!

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

Who am I? A blogger, mindset mentor, personal development coach, content creator, SEO Specialist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, reader by night, and writer by day.

Mindsetopia, my brainchild, is more than a platform, its my vision of a world where everyone has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for personal growth and self-growing.

What really makes me excited is helping people to unlock their true potential. So,I am here to give you the kick you need to change your mind and then your life :)

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