Top 40 Funny Affirmations To Make Your Day (2024)

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Ok, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a positive, funny, and awesome day? We all do! But how exactly we can have one?

Well, the answer can be a lot of things! Like winning $1 million dollar in the lottery or watching one of Jim Carrey’s movies with our best friends.

Since we can’t give you the other options then we have decided to give you something special!

Top 40 funny affirmations to make your day.

Affirmations are some positive statements that are used to inspire and motivate you.

After repeating an affirmation for a while, you will see its power.

It takes some time to influence your mind and help you to increase your efficiency and be happier.

The time depends on how much you use them and how much you believe in them.

Now that you are aware the benefits of affirmations, it would be perfect to review the effects of laughter too.

Laughter is a powerful and free medicine that can help you feel better, decrease stress levels and improve your physical health.

With such great benefits, it would be great if we can be funny and use some funny affirmations to boost their efficacy.

Now if you want to watch a video rather than reading then we have found an interesting video about these funny affirmations:

Finally, we have 40 affirmations, the first ten of them help you be a funny person and make others smile and the next 30 are funny affirmations that you can use and put a smile on your face.

Lets start!

Top 40 funny affirmations to make your day

1. I know life is so short to be serious.

It’s sad but a real fact that we don’t know how much we are alive. So using jokes and staying happy is an easy way to increase life quality.

2. My sense of humor makes the world a better place.

Being funny and making others laugh improve your communication and make others happy, so it has double benefits for you.

3. I’m creative enough to make fun of everything.

Believe in yourself and tell others about your funny ideas. You are not a comedian, you just want to put a smile on your own and others’ faces.

4. I can make fun of others, but I won’t mock them.

Making fun of others and telling jokes about them is good and can improve your relationships with others but be careful about not mocking them. Don’t forget that your goal is to make others happy, but it doesn’t worth making someone sad.


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5. I will let myself laugh freely.

Some people think that laughter is for jaunty people, and it decreases their prestige. So they always seem serious and suppress their feelings. This will cause emotional damage and make their life harder. So just laugh when you wanted to and be sure that it’s a sign of sincerity.

6. I can laugh even when I’m sad.

You probably don’t know that mind couldn’t define fake and real laughter. So you can easily deceive your mind and make yourself feel better with some fun and exaggerated laughs.

7. I can see the funny side of everything.

You have heard that everything has a positive side and a negative one, but it’s not all, everything has a funny and a sad side too. A comedian can make fun of everything and an author can make a sad drama of it. It depends on you whether to use the perspective of a comedian or not.

8. I’m amusing and people enjoy talking to me.

Being funny increase people’s tendency to connect with you and talk to you. You can make friends and have good relationships if you believe in your sense of humor and fill your mind with funny and positive thoughts.

9. I know the best time to make fun.

Timing is very important for jokes. A great joke can be the worst because of bad timing. You need to be a good listener, make eye contact and wait for a good time.

10. I’m totally funny!

It isn’t so funny just to tell some funny things. You have to care about your body language and even laugh better! Exactly like yawning, laughing is some kind of contagious, and you can help others laugh more by just laughing at a good time and in a good way.


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11. I prefer stairs to elevator because I have no limits.

On the stairs you are free, you don’t need to wait for it, and you have no limits, so take the risk, strengthen yourself and try new and uncommon ways.

12. Impossible exists, but I don’t care!

You don’t need to do impossible things to be successful and enjoy your life, many times the key is doing easy jobs in the best ways.


13. I’m not superman but I’ll change the world.

Believe in your abilities. It doesn’t matter how small you are, you can do things that no one expects it.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.” – African proverb quoted by the Dalai Lama.


14. I’m gifted, and I can be successful because I’m a human.

All humans have talents and can make progress. They just need to believe it. No one calls a can opener that doesn’t work a can’t opener, it’s still a can opener that can be fixed and helpful.


15. I have a positive mind. Nobody sells a vacuum cleaner because of collecting dust.

The most important art in life is to see the positive sides of things more than the negatives. If you are crafty in this art, you surely have a happy life. But remember it’s not a wise idea to ride a bull to meet a nurse.


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16. I can prioritize my goals and joys.

It’s good to enjoy all positive things in your life, but enjoy important things more! I prefer not to enjoy my wedding because of the good taste of the cakes.

17. I will focus on my goals not how I’m trying for them.

Walking is flying without wings. After becoming champion in the world cup, no one cared how you did it and how much you tried. The only prominent point is the championship.

18. Today I’ll do squats instead of diddly-squats.

Don’t deceive yourself. Every day you postpone changes you get further of your goals. Start a new life and don’t be lazy like a Koala.

19. Don’t ignore little changes; even a nice belt.

Details and small changes have a great effect on your life’s quality. A nice belt can promote a 0 to 8, so why it can’t improve your life?

20. I believe in myself because I can jump higher than buildings.

It’s not important that buildings can’t jump at all. You have this chance to use their disabilities and enjoy your day.


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21. I’m hopeful because at least life isn’t in the worst situation.

Do you know what is worse than finding a worm in your apple? Yes, finding half a worm in it! Every time that you are disappointed, think about the worst things that could be happened.

22. I’ll care about my time.

The only thing that you got on your birthday every year is getting one year older. You can re-earn money, remake relationships, or progress in your career, but time isn’t something you can replace.

23. I’ll accept problems as a part of life.

Animals are jealous of snail because it has a house on its back, but no one like to be as slow as snail. Don’t forget this golden rule; No pain, no gain.

24 . Sometimes I can pay more attention to my problems.

If you bite your tongue on purpose, it won’t hurt you, but it’s very painful when you do it unintentionally. Sometimes thinking about problems won’t let them happen.


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25. I’ll motivate myself whenever it’s vital.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”  Zig Ziglar

26. I do my best even if I have nothing!

Do you know the wealthy man who bought Twitter recently? Yes, Elon Musk. He had leased his house to nightclubs when he had no money to pay for university tuition.

27. My fears can motivate me.

Fears can benefit you by motivating you or preventing you from taking risks or doing what you need. Try to control bad fears and use your bad feelings to have a better life.

28. I’ll change my routine habits.

Without changes in what we do, we cannot expect big changes in our life. A palm tree won’t give you bananas.

29. I am wise enough to make the same mistake again!

Doing the same mistake, again and again, is a foolish act that just wastes what you have. One time is enough to see the results of some actions.

30. I’ll smile at others until I have teeth in my mouth.

The cheapest gift to people that you can give them all the time is a face with a beautiful smile.

31. I’m like my socks. They don’t care about being single or alone.

You can’t always find someone to support and help you. So you must plan to do your tasks lonely but don’t reject others’ help.

32 . I deserve to be the best; I’m better than a pawn!

Imagine that the world is like a chess game. Even the weakest and most worthless piece can change to Queen by repeating some easy actions.


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33. I’m lovely because everyone likes me more than Monday morning!

The second part is just kidding but believe in the first part. Repeat this affirmation, and you will feel others love you more and more.

34. I’m like an orchestra conductor; I do my job without caring about others.

Orchestra conductors can be good samples for you. They don’t look their back and do their best without thinking about what others do or say.

35. Today I’ll learn how to enjoy life from sheep.

Sheep are great teachers of carelessness about others. They don’t think about how much they are alive, what will happen tomorrow, or the possible attack of wolves. All they do is eat plants and enjoy them.

36. Everyone cares about me; creditors more!

Almost all the times that you think others don’t care about you, it doesn’t mean they really don’t, maybe you expect more attention than normal. So change your sight by using this affirmation.

37. I’ll try to be loyal as Patrick to SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: “what do you normally do when I’m gone?” Patrick: “wait for you to get back…”

38. I’ll stop being lazy from today.

Maybe you aren’t lazy, you just enjoy doing nothing! You are enjoying the wrong thing. You shouldn’t do everything that you enjoy.

39. I’m a good person, and I’m not a liar.

People are two types; some of them are good, and others only say they are good.


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40. I love people who support me.

Finally, after kidding and having fun with those funny affirmations, you should appreciate people who love you and help you have a better life.

In the end we suggest you to listen to this podcast as well:

Here it was a great collection of some funny affirmations and some that help you to be funny. Don’t forget that the key to using affirmations is repeating them frequently. Believe in yourself and you have a better day.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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