15 Best Awake Shifting Methods [2024 update]

15 Best Awake Shifting Methods [2024 update]

As a kid, I have always dreamt about traveling to fantastical destinations such as Hogwarts and Narnia.

It is obvious how upset I got after knowing that it is impossible, but a relatively new trend on TikTok that has gained too much popularity over the recent years shows us all that awake shifting methods are not useless after all!

The hashtag #shifting has over 300 million views. This is enough evidence to show you that Gen-Z is completely obsessed with reality-shifting and awak shifting methods.

Now we want to tell you the meaning of this trending hashtag, #SHIFTING!

15 Best Awake Shifting Methods [2023 update]

Now in this article, we have gathered important and necessary information that can help you realize the truth about reality shifting, different awake shifting methods, how safe awake shifting methods are, and a lot more.

Proceed to read if you want to know all about this fascinating trend on TikTok.

A good hint: if you know everything about shifting and your only questions are about the awake shifting methods, then proceed to the end of the article, where everything is about to awake shifting methods!

I suggest you watch this video about shifting methods:

What is shifting?

What is shifting?

You probably heard a lot about reality shifting and how to shift on TikTok and you have been asking yourself about what shifting is and how it is done.

Good news! We are here to tell you all about reality shifting and different methods of shifting.

Reality shifting can be described as a way of mind training.

By training your mind in certain ways and by some special methods, you can enter a whole new reality mentally, and stay there as long as it is safe.

The awake shifting method helps you move your consciousness to another reality that you have envisioned before.

Awake shifting methods and reality-shifting are a combination of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and meditation.

There are two types of reality shifting in general:  Shifting to another Alternate Reality or Lucid Dreaming and reality shifting in dreams

Types of Reality Shifting

Now let’s see what they are:

1. Shifting to an Alternate Reality

Shifting to an Alternate Reality

This reality-shifting method is equivalent to jumping into a whole new life, also known as an alternate reality.

It means that by doing so, you are changing your current reality and entering a new one that you have not lived in before.

If you have watched the movie Matrix, you probably remember that multiple realities (infinite realities in fact!) and different dimensions were happening at the same time.

Of course, if you can travel to each one of them that is happening simultaneously, you may find yourself working in a better job, having a higher degree, living in a different city or country, and having this whole other life.

This makes people seek different and easy reality-shifting methods.

This type of reality shifting is very hard indeed. Some people believe that this type of shifting includes physical shifting as well, meaning that you will need to take your physical body with you while shifting so that you could live there for good.

Awake shifting methods can be a subgroup of this category, but you need to remind yourself every time that the DR while awake shifting is not your true reality.

That is why some people count awake shifting methods as lucid dreaming

2. Lucid Dreaming and reality shifting in dreams

Lucid Dreaming and reality shifting in dreams

We all dream when we fall asleep.

Our dreams are mostly uncontrollable and we cannot change what we want to see.

We do not have the power to control our actions either.

A popular type of reality shifting is by using lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams give us control and power over our actions and the reality of our dreams.

This type of reality shifting means using your regular dreams to enter some other reality.

Let me explain it to you: when you are sleeping, you are dreaming about some events in a specific space.

When you are lucid in your dreams, then you can decide what space and what events you want to dream about, and you have power over all of them.

So by lucid dreaming, you can pick any place or world possible and dream about them.

This method is rather easy and also more common.

You can experience anything that you desire to see. You can visit the moon, tropical jungles, and even Bilbo Baggins’s house.

The important point is that you need a dream plan, and you have to practice a lot.

Nothing good comes easy, right?


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How is shifting done?

How is shifting done?

Shifting can be done to take you to your desired reality (DR). First of all, you need to have some scripts.

Scripts are some texts that contain every detail of what is going to happen in the desired destination and reality when you try the awake shifting methods.

Scripting means writing down the details and traits of your desired reality and describing everything there is, all the things that happen, and how they happen.

Some people rather having their scripts written down, and others are comfortable with only saying it loud.

The most common way of shifting is by falling asleep.

You need to practice your techniques before you go to bed, read your scripts several times, and then after you fall asleep, you will be awake in another reality, in your desired reality (DR).

Why do people try shifting?

Is shifting real?

Is shifting real?

Well, I have never done it before. I have tried but failed.

But I know that my failure does not let me describe a popular method as something fake and untrue. So I will only state the facts that we know of:

  • We know about the multiverse theory of quantum mechanics. So obviously, there is some scientific basis regarding the shifting theory.
  • Even though there is some scientific basis, there is no scientific evidence supporting reality shifting and proving it now.
  • We know that humans have been practicing sorts of astral projection for decades and centuries and millennia, giving us good background for believing in the awake shifting methods.
  • We know lucid dreaming is real and common, so scientists and experts claim that shifting can be a kind of self-hypnosis or mere lucid dreaming.
  • Many people experience reality-shifting and admit that awake shifting methods work. 

But let me tell you one thing. Quantum Physics contradicts many rules and expectations of Classical Physics. That is why so many scientists still refuse to discuss quantum physics.

So even though there is no certain proof now, it does not mean that shifting is unreal.

It only means that it might be true and doable, or untrue and false. We do not know yet for sure.

One thing we know is that a lot of people have done the awake shifting methods and after a lot of experience, declared the possibility and authenticity of it.

So I believe that there is no harm in trying it and seeing it for yourself because there have been some scientific experiments that shocked everyone and changed their old opinions regarding possible and impossible.


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Is reality shifting safe?

We already know that everything can be damaging if you get obsessed and addicted to it.

Some former shifters got too obsessed with this enjoyable experience. They have confessed that awake shifting methods can have negative impacts on people’s mental health.

But other than that, among people who have tried awake shifting methods, nobody mentions harm or real danger while attempting to shift.

Your physical self and body are not touched by the experience itself but still make sure to be in a comfortable and safe place while doing it.

You will experience exhaustion after doing awake shifting methods, of course.

But there has been no dangerous incident or tragedy while shifting. If you want to know Is Shifting Realities Dangerous? Check This Before Trying!

Can I get stuck in my desired destination?

Can I get stuck in my desired destination?

The answer is no. Some TikTokers might have suggested that you get stuck if you do certain things, but it is a false claim.

If you feel worried, then start practicing short-time shifting. When you are an amateur, you need to do simple things in the other reality and not take huge steps.

Try to shift back soon.

If you feel that things are going wrong, wake up immediately.

What if I forgot my safe word while shifting?

Do not worry. The important point is to stay calm no matter what.

Shifting is a lot like dreaming. When you are having a nightmare, you can simply wake yourself up by deciding so.

So if you do not remember your safe word, do not panic, it is all right. Then try telling yourself that you need to wake up now.

Convince your consciousness that it needs to get back to the same reality that you have lived for your entire life.

You are in charge of your consciousness, and nothing will go wrong. Just believe in yourself.

What is awake shifting?

What is awake shifting?

As you read above, most of the reality shifting methods require you to fall asleep, but again as we said earlier, the main goal of awake shifting methods is to send your consciousness to a new and different world.

The main question is: Can I shift realities while awake?

Yes, you can. If you do not know how then proceed:

How are the awake shifting methods done?

If you want a no-sleep shifting method, there are several awake shifting methods available you can use.

You need to know that any sleep-shifting method is also capable of being used as an awake-shifting method.

The only difference between them is that with sleep shifting, you choose to fall asleep before entering your DR, while the awake shifting method requires you to choose to stay awake and even keep your eyes open.

Interesting fact: if you practice sleep shifting regularly, you can get better at awake shifting, too. But remember not to get addicted to that. It can be mentally damaging.

Now let’s start!

Take your awake shifting methods journal, pick an empty page, and start writing down your scripts.

Mention every detail and trait of both the environment and the events.

Once you are completely satisfied with your written script, start reading it.

Keep reading the script, once or twice until you are sure about every detail.

After that, you need to meditate.

Just like every reality-shifting method, you have to practice meditation for a while before you start the awake-shifting methods, too.

Feel positive and capable while attempting to do awake shifting methods.

You need to be mentally and physically calm and relaxed, without any stress or negativity.

You can always use shifting affirmations to get the best results.


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Shifting affirmations while attempting awake-shifting methods

Shifting affirmations while attempting awake shifting methods

You can try using these statements if you do not feel strong enough to shift realities.

This is optional while doing awake shifting methods, but as you know, affirmations help you attract much more positive energy, so I suggest using them.

A few shifting affirmations are:

  • I am mentally very strong.
  • My mind, soul, and body are relaxed and positive.
  • I love how easily I can shift
  • I am shifting to my desired reality
  • Shifting realities feels amazing tonight

Now let’s learn about some awake shifting methods.

What are some awake shifting methods?

These steps have almost the same steps. Some obvious steps are spared in some of the methods for your comfort.

Meditation, reciting affirmations, getting into your position, and relaxing are the omitted steps that are done before every shifting method.

1. “I am” awake shifting method

"I am" awake shifting method

Start with about 10 minutes of meditation or even more. Once you feel completely relaxed, lay down somewhere.

Your position depends on your comfort, but it has to be both safe and comfortable.

Now start repeating the words “I am” after closing your eyes for more concentration and relaxation.

After a proper while of repeating these words, start counting slowly. Count from 0 up to 100.

You can count out loud or count in your mind.

Use shifting affirmations if you do not feel the necessary energy.

When you feel powerful enough, picture yourself in your DR and open your eyes. You should be in your desired reality now.


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2. Favorite Animal Shifting Method

First, you need to start meditating.

Get into a comfortable ad safe position. Now close your eyes and meditate.

You can start counting from 1 to 100, or any other favorite number as long as you feel good and full of energy about it.

Now start imagining!

You should picture an outdoor landscape. (Anything that you like and desire, a jungle or at the beach, etc.)

The scripts that you have written earlier must contain every detail of the environment. So now you need to picture all there was in the script, all the traits and details.

Now, there is your favorite animal running across the landscape (or flying, or anything at all!

The animal can be any animal of your choice, but please do not pick something you fear or hate, your consciousness will not cope!

You need to chase the animal. Just like what ALICE did! The rabbit took her to WONDERLAND! But wait, Alice in Wonderland Method is the next one!

After chasing your animal of choice, it will lead you across a gate or a portal.

Keep chasing the animal. You will get to your DR. Then you can simply open your eyes and enjoy that!

3. Alice in Wonderland awake shifting method

Alice in Wonderland awake shifting method

You remember the famous novel written by Lewis Carroll, right?

If you do, then doing this method will be easy for you.

Get into your safe and comfortable position.

You can simply lie down on your back and picture yourself in some pleasant landscape. Somewhere like a meadow or a hill can do just fine.

Imagine chasing somebody from your DR approaching you. They want to say something or show something to you, but start running away.

Now you need to chase that character until they jump down the rabbit hole. Then feel free to jump in with them!

After jumping, try to let go of your current reality. You are now joining a new one.

Then the one whom you were following before will lead you through a door that opens with a key, but before, you need to tell them that you feel ready to enter the new reality.

Open the door when you feel ready and then you will enter your desired reality.

There might be some times when you do not feel ready enough to open the door. In that case, the best option is to stay positive and repeat positive affirmations with yourself.

You might ask: What is the difference between awake shifting methods and shifting while asleep?

Well, when you are lying down in awake shifting methods, you do not try to fall asleep.

In other words, you are wide awake, and might even open your eyes when you have shifted realities.

After entering your DR, you are lying in a bed that you have scripted before. Then get up and explore your reality.


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4. Mirror awake shifting method

Speaking of Alice, you have probably seen her use a mirror as a gate to enter another reality.

I’m not saying Alice was sane or anything, but using a mirror as a portal is also a wonderful awake-shifting method.

The first steps are the same: script writing, meditation, getting in a nice position, and affirmations

After you feel powerful enough, imagine you are standing in front of a beautiful big mirror.

Try to intensify all your 5 senses.

Once you can see your DR through the mirror, use it as a portal and enter the new reality. Then open your eyes.

5. Tea party awake shifting method

Tea party awake shifting method

Am I still obsessed with Alice in Wonderland? Well, I hate to lie to you. As a child, I was so obsessed with the story.

The tea party awake-shifting method has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland, though.

You meditate, close your eyes, say affirmations, and lie in a safe and nice position.

Then start picturing that you are holding a cup of tea in your hands while sitting somewhere in your DR.

You start sipping the tea and by the time you finish it, you are detached from your body.

6. The 54321 awake shifting method

After meditation and other primary steps of the awake shifting method, take 15 deep breaths.

In this method you need to start picturing:

  • Picture 5 objects or views visible in the DR.
  • Sense 4 touchable things that you can feel in the DR.
  • Imagine 3 things that you can hear in the DR.
  • Sense 2 things you smell in the DR.
  • And one thing you taste in the DR.

Use shifting affirmation statements now. There have to be signs of you detaching your physical body.

Now open your eyes. You have shifted!


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7. Cinn method

Cinn method

Choose your position.

Start counting every tenth number slowly. For example 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.

While counting each number, you need to visualize and picture one aspect or trait of your DR.

For instance, when you are counting the number 10, imagine where you are.

Picture the people around you on number 20.

Visualize the color of your clothes on number 30, etc.

Once you pictured 5 aspects and reached the number 50, then count normally without adding details to your picture.

Now you may open your eyes. Welcome to the new reality.

8. Julia’s method

A rather popular method and the best awake shifting method for amateurs is the Julia method shifting.

Start with the same primary steps while listening to 6Hz Theta waves, and start counting up to 100 mentally and very slowly.

After reaching number 100, use this affirmation statement:

I am now in my desired reality. I have shifted.

Then repeat your identity affirmation. Say your name, your place of living, and other important things as such.

After a while, you will see and feel signs of detaching from your body.

If you do not get into your DR, restart the awake shifting method.

After feeling detached from your body, visualize everything you have scripted before.

After picturing every detail, open your eyes. You are in your DR.

9. Piano awake shifting method

Piano awake shifting method

Start with the same steps as others.

Picture yourself walking down a grand hall full of people and sounds.

Imagine your favorite piano at the end of the hall. Walk towards it and sit behind the piano.

Now start playing a song with the piano. The song could be anything but it is better if the song can connect your soul to your DR.

Now people are getting quiet, watching and listening to only you.

After the song has finished, stand up. Bow down and thank the audience.

Tell them you need to go home now and walk back towards the hall’s door.

Someone from your DR awaits you next to the door. Follow them.

Pass through the big door as they lead you.

There should be signs of shifting, and then you are in your DR. Open your eyes.


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10. Cloud awake shifting method

In this method, your DR is placed in the sky and the clouds.

It is important to visualize every trait of your DR while taking deep breaths.

Keep focusing until your current reality becomes your DR.

11. Heartbeat awake shifting method

Play an audio file of real heartbeats. Then lie down after meditation and start stating affirmations.

Imagine that you are listening to the heartbeat of someone from your DR who is currently standing very close to you, this is the Heartbeat awake-shifting method

They are next to you and they await you.

Once you feel ready, you need to chase them into your DR.

12. Estelle’s awake shifting method

Estelle's awake shifting method

Reality shifting while awake needs practice and patience.

Estelle’s shifting method starts with the same primary steps and continues with you imagining a room in which you are dancing with someone from your DR.

Dance to one of your favorite music that makes the connection easier.

Intensify your senses and feel every sensation as you dance.

After the music is finished, the person says: Now is time to go home.

They open the door for you and then you will be in your DR.

13. Worm’s shifting method

Another awake shifting method is the worm’s shifting method.

Squeeze one of your hands into a fist and then relax it. Repeat three times and then do the same with the other hand, and then repeat it with your toes.

Repeat the same with all your body parts including your arms and legs, torso, and face and neck. Contract their muscles and then relax them.

Now that your body is so relaxed, count slowly from 0 to 100.

A person from your DR will give you affirmations in your mind and after a while, you will shift.

14. The method of altered elevator

The picture that you are standing in an ascending elevator.

The elevator will not stop unless you make it stop.

You feel the energy rushing through your body as the elevator ascends.

Then at some point, you will feel full of energy. No stop the elevator.

The door will open when you are ready, and you will enter the DR.


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15. Staircase awake shifting method

Staircase awake shifting method

You are standing in front of a staircase. By taking each step you are getting closer to your DR.

Start taking the steps and with each step, recite affirmations.

At the end of the stairs, you will encounter a blinding light. The light is the portal that will lead you into your DR.

How can I know that I am shifting?

Certain signs help you realize that you are shifting while doing both awake shifting methods, and lucid dreaming.

But you can do awake shifting methods that do not have signs and symptoms with them.

Scripting can help you decide whether you want to feel these sensations or not.

Some symptoms and signs indicate that you are approaching your DR. They are:

  • Sensation of tingling
  • The feeling that you are being pulled elsewhere.
  • Floating feelings
  • Hearing unusual voices
  • Sensing strange lights that were not present in the room before.

I suggest you listen to this podcast if you are a fan of shifting methods:


Awake-shifting methods can be tricky and seem impossible to you, but no need to worry. As long as you practice regularly and keep calm, you are getting closer to making it there.

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