The Ultimate Guide To Cinn’s Method Of Reality Shifting [2024]

The Ultimate Guide To Cinn’s Method Of Reality Shifting [2024]

Are you so sick of the reality that you just need some time off?

No need to panic about real life. There is another reality waiting for you via Cinn’s Method Shifting.

You are looking for one of the latest trends on TikTok, SHIFTING, and I have gathered everything you need to know about Cinn’s Method Shifting.

This is the ultimate guide to Cinn’s Method Shifting technique. Sit tight and keep reading.

Cinn Method Shifting technique can help you unleash your wildest dreams, and make them happen in your mind lucidly while you are wide awake.

Gen Z’s constant interest in Cinn’s Method Shifting procedure has been rising ever since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reason is obvious! We can use Cinn’s Method shifting technique and other shifting methods (both sleep-shifting methods and awake-shifting methods) to travel somewhere else.

Somewhere you have never been to before.

Somewhere that the pandemic and the quarantine for Covid-19 would not allow you to go safely, but somehow you can experience it with Cinn’s Method Shifting and the best reality shifting methods.

But now in 2024, Cinn’s Method of Shifting is still a popular trend, along with all the reality-shifting methods, while the quarantine has been over for a relatively long time.

Gen-Z and other generations are still interested in reality shifting, even though it requires hard work and practice.

The joy and pleasure that shifting brings you can be addictive and irresistible, but the effort it takes requires persistence and hard work.

Cinn’s method shifting technique is one of the awake shifting methods that you can use to enter a different reality mentally.

I suggest you watch this video before reading the post:

What is Cinn’s shifting method technique?

What is Cinn's shifting method technique?

We refuse to use the word “Magic” to describe Cinn’s Method Shifting and other reality-shifting methods, but awake shifting methods are almost like a tiny little spell you could cast to overcome reality at least for a while.

I strongly discourage using the Cinn Method Shifting technique to escape reality simply because you cannot cope with it.

You need to stick to your life anyway, though you can take some time off by reality shifting once in a while.

Why is the Cinn method used?

Simply, you can use Cinn’s Method Shifting technique to shift realities while awake.

Shifting realities is a good way of daydreaming and getting things off your shoulders.

It can help you relax and feel happy when you are tired of your reality.

The important point of using the Cinn Method Shifting technique is that you need to know and keep reminding yourself that all the things that happen in your desired reality (DR) are dreams and temporary.

You cannot get attached to them under no circumstances. It will ruin your mental health.

Use shifting as a fun hobby. Do not get emotionally obsessed and if you think you are close to that, quit shifting.


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Is Cinn’s Method shifting any good?

Is Cinn's Method shifting any good?

Cinn’s Method Shifting technique is reportedly one of the best awake-shifting methods you can use to enter your desired reality mentally.

This method is especially great and easy when you want to shift to your waiting room (WR).

Describing the traits of your WR and DR in Cinn’s Method Shifting is important.

Once you know what your WR looks like and you describe the details in your head, then Cinn’s Method Shifting is easy and doable.

What are some downsides of the Cinn Method Shifting?

Overdoing anything can cause numerous troubles.

Cinn’s Method shifting technique can do you harm if used a lot. Just like any other awake-shifting method would do.

Reality shifting can damage your mental health if repeated regularly.

You can also end up in a situation where the fine line between your reality and the DR gets shattered.

If the current reality is not separated thoroughly from your desired reality, you are in big trouble. This is where we are faced with this question: Is Shifting Realities Dangerous? Check This Before Trying!

 What is the solution?

I strongly recommend you set some specific boundaries for your shifting routine.

  • Have a shifting routine and do not shift realities out of routine. For example, assign one day in a month or a week to shifting and avoid shifting on random days just because you seek it.
  • When you want to shift, use positive affirmations and keep reminding yourself that you want to shift and that you are shifting realities.
  • Have an ultimate shifting script where you keep all your reality-shifting scripts.
  • After each shifting session, make sure to check the journal to see what you wanted to experience.
  • It is better if you assign a page of the journal to write about your experience after each shifting session. Compare your expectations with the events that happened. Mention any unusual feelings and write down if you felt out of control or not.
  • You need to have a safe word that brings you back to the current reality when you are shifting. Pick something memorable but not too useful in daily conversations.

The ultimate guide to Cinn’s Method shifting technique

The ultimate guide to Cinn's Method shifting technique

Now that we know what the Cinn Method Shifting approach is, we need to recognize the ingredients of a good awake shifting method:

What does Cinn’s Method Shifting require?

  • You need to have a lot of focus during Cinn’s Method Shifting.
  • A safe, comfortable, and silent room
  • A comfy bed that you can lie in
  • Cinn’s Method Shifting requires your mental and physical peace and calm
  • You need to channel your mental power and strength
  • Affirmations can do a lot for you in Cinn’s Method Shifting.
  • A proper waiting room in your mind can be useful if you are accustomed to WRs.

What is a waiting room (WR)?

When using any reality shifting methods including Cinn’s Method Shifting technique, having a waiting room design is significant.

What is a waiting room? Let me explain.

A WR is an environment (or simply a room) where you can go mentally and wait for your consciousness to enter the DR.

You are in charge of your WR design.

It can be a simple bedroom with a bed and chair, an elevator, a grand hall, an outdoor environment, and simply anything.

Pick your favorite traits of a place to create your waiting room.

How to get ready for Cinn’s Method Shifting?

How to get ready for Cinn's Method Shifting?

The beginning is always the hardest. You need to gather a lot of energy and focus.

This is a step-by-step guide for you if you want to try Cinn’s Method Shifting:

1. Scripting and writing everything about your expected journey of Cinn’s Method Shifting

Just like any other shifting method, the Cinn Method Shifting technique requires you to write down a script (or at least say it out loud) in which every detail of your DR has to be described.

The script is better if it includes:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your appearance
  • Where you live
  • The people you live with
  • How are your surroundings like
  • The situation and the events that are happening and their details

Mention everything that matters.

The more the details are described in the script, the more chance you got of Cinn’s Method Shifting technique’s success.


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2. The preparation of your soul and your body for Cinn’s Method of Shifting

Remember that your soul needs to be very calm and relaxed.

To achieve that, your body needs relaxation as well.

The best way to achieve the preparation you need is to meditate

Start with about 10 to 15 minutes of meditation, guided by others or yourself.

Relax your muscles as well. If you have any pain in your body, then it might be harder for you to focus. Brush away the pain with meditation or wait until the pain is gone.

3. Writing and reciting affirmation statements about Cinn’s Method Shifting technique

Now that you feel ready, start by stating positive affirmations. Statements like:

  • I am very calm and relaxed.
  • I love reality shifting.
  • I am great at reality shifting.
  • It feels great how easily I can shift to my desired reality.

Starting to do the Cinn Method Shifting

1) Pick the perfect place for shifting

Pick the perfect place for shifting

You might be comfortable in your bedroom.

But if there are a lot of noises bothering you there, or if people keep walking in on you, then it is best not to shift in your room.

You are going to need a lot of focus. So pick a place that is silent and calm, where you can be alone for a while.

2) Lie down

Now get in a safe and comfortable position. You can lie down in a bed or on a sofa.

It is recommended that your arms should not touch your torso.

3) A shifting subliminal can help

Use your shifting affirmations or subliminal if you have one. Light calming music can help as well.

You can use headphones to listen to them.

4) Relax your muscles and body parts

Relax your muscles and body parts

For the best result of Cinn’s Method Shifting technique, focus on one part of your body at a time. Then try and release the tension until you are fully relaxed.

5) Your mind needs peace, too.

Forget about every irritating and distracting thought now. Let your current reality (CR) go and focus on one thing: Cinn’s Method Shifting techniques.

6) Close your eyes.

Focus on the darkness behind your closed eyelids. It helps your mind clear.

7) Breathe calmly and deeply

Breathe calmly and deeply

Focus on your breaths. Inhale and exhale regularly.

8) Start counting slowly

You are going to count from 0 to 100, but each 10th number is a stop for you.

Count on each breath. Say 1 when you inhale, then exhale. Again, count 2 when you are inhaling, and then exhale.

Once you reach number 10, pause and try to think about every detail of yourself and your appearance in the DR.

The detailed affirmations you previously wrote down in the scripts need to be recited now. Believe in everything you say, and picture it.

Keep that in mind, focus on it, and then resume counting up to 20.

After counting to 20, try to visualize another aspect of your DR in detail. Like the environment you are in, the colors, the shapes, etc.

Keep doing the same thing until you reach number 50.

Then feel free to recite the affirmations you made earlier, or even positive affirmations about how to shift realities, etc.

9) Count from 50 to 100 normally

After counting the first 50 numbers, you are free to count upward until 100 normally. No need to pause or count slowly.

Just focus on the visualized picture in your mind and give it energy.

10) Recite the finishing affirmations

After counting the number 100, you are almost ready to shift.

Say any affirmations that make you feel better and powered.

Keep doing the same for as long as it takes until you feel signs and symptoms of success in the Cinn Method Shifting.

11) Now that you feel the symptoms of Shifting, open your eyes

The ultimate guide to Cinn's Method shifting technique

Congratulations, you made it!

Now explore your DR for as long as you want. (Not too long, though!)

If it did not happen, do not worry. You just need more practice and patience.


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How do I know whether I am shifting or not?

After doing all the steps of Cinn’s Method Shifting technique correctly, certain signs can help you tell if you are shifting or not.

How do I know if Cinn’s Method Shifting technique has worked?

The signs are rather simple and obvious. Some of the shifting symptoms are:

  • You hear some unusual voices that were not present at the time when you started shifting, and you know that it does not come from the environment. (That is why it is important to start Cinn’s Method Shifting technique in a rather silent room.)
  • Flashing lights that are unusual to you because there was no such lighting in the room before.
  • You feel unusual senses physically. Something you have never sensed before. A feeling very similar to floating or flying around.
  • Another physically unusual sense that happens regularly while shifting can be numbness as if you are not feeling your body anymore.
  • You do not feel attached to your physical body.
  • Dizziness can be a sign.
  • You are likely to get Goosebumps.
  • Your surroundings have odors you can smell.
  • Sensing unusual feelings spiritually can indicate that you were successful in Cinn’s Method Shifting attempt and now you are shifting.
  • One of the spiritual traits indicating your success in Cinn’s Method Shifting is a happy spirit and feelings. You feel very different from other days in life.
  • You are in charge of every detail of reality around you. Once you are shifting, you can control everything that happens in the DR.
  • Now that you are in the DR (desired reality), the time is speeding faster.

If you are a fan of reality shifting, I suggest you listen to this podcast, it is a club for shifting lovers:

Final words

Cinn’s Method Shifting technique is easy and doable, but it also requires a lot of energy and focus.

You are unlikely to shift realities the first time you try any awake shifting methods, including Cinn’s Method Shifting technique.

But with persistence and patience, you can do anything. Be patient!

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