How To Do Pillow Method Shifting Like A Pro (2024)

Pillow Method Shifting

Have you ever heard about pillow method shifting? It serves to go to your desired reality, a practice that has become common in social networks. In networks like TikTok or YouTube, the term “shifting” or going to your desired reality has become popular, but what is it, and how to achieve it? Among users, the practice of going to your desired reality is achieved through various methods, the most popular being Raven’s, Julia’s, Stelle’s, or the pillow method shifting.

Today we are going to focus on pillow method shifting. Let’s start! 

We recommend you watch this video before anything else:

Where did shifting reality come from?

Shifting Reality assumes the existence of multiple universes. As many know, scientists and visionaries have been talking about this for decades, where it is said that there are various “parallel realities” to what we know.

In general, theoretical physics creates various hypotheses around this issue. One of the most widely accepted is Max Tegmark‘s “Inflationary Multiverse”, which suggests that the universe continued to expand after the Big Bang. As a result, it produces various inflatable bubbles that are essentially the world itself.

The distance that separates each of these worlds is “infinity”! It is physically impossible to reach a new reality. Because the speed of light is not enough to reach them. This is where the viral concept of Shifting Realities comes in.


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The logic behind the theory of pillow method shifting

Pillow method shifting consists of believing in multiple worlds. That is the existence of different and parallel realities. According to those who practice the pillow method, there may be other versions of ourselves in these realities, and they believe that the mind can be moved to them through guided and quiet meditation.

To make the journey, one must be clear about the “desired reality” one wishes to achieve. You can visit any world you want! Whether it’s a world from a movie, TV series, book, or a world of your invention.


How to do pillow method shifting

1- Prepare a detailed script

The pillow method shifting to change the desired reality is to write all the specifications in the script. that’s a perfect way! 

You surely need to prepare a detailed script of what you want to manifest in your desired reality. Write everything that wants to see, feel and achieve! don’t be afraid to add any idea that might sound foolish! the more detailed you are, the better you can do the shifting!


2- Start mediation and use affirmation to empower your mind

You need to start doing mediation and, at the same time, use powerful and positive affirmations that can help you! affirmations such as:

  • I am ready to get my desired reality now
  • I feel I am in control of my desired reality
  • My desired reality is happening now!

Repeat them and combine them with emotions to prepare your mind for the shifting.


3- Ask yourself what desired reality you want to travel to

Unrecognizable traveler admiring mountainous landscape

  • Name
  • Age
  • Physical appearance
  • Family

Then, to make the pillow method work, you will have to read the script 3 to 6 times, put it under the pillow, and listen to relaxing audio. These audios can be easily found on YouTube and even on digital platforms like Spotify. By doing this, sleep will be required, and you should quickly wake up in your desired reality with the pillow method.


4- Put the script under your pillow and start imaging your desired reality

As you fall asleep, start imagining and focusing on the script you have written. Keep reminding yourself that what you want and it will happen for sure! This will help to put the desire in your subconscious mind to cultivate it from the universe.


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Planning to do the Pillow Method (What you need to do before the method)

Okay, so before we start the moves toward the Pillow Method, there are a few essentials that will improve your probability of moving reality. A portion of these means is fundamental; others are discretionary yet suggested.

Pick your positive assertions (Fundamental)

Assuming you’re into appearance and otherworldliness, you’ve presumably found out about confirmations being utilized to reconstruct the psyche mind. Be that as it may, confirmations are perfect for moving as well! This is because they assist you with getting into the outlook to drive, center around your ideal reality, and help you move. 

One of the fundamental pieces of the pillow method shifting is having a composed arrangement of positive certifications.

I suggest beginning with 2 or 3 assertions. Along these lines, you will not have much to remember and can start utilizing the Pillow Method immediately. You can constantly add more confirmations down the line.

Lay out your Essential Moving Area (Fundamental)

Your Essential Moving Area (PSL) is where you will dependably be moving from most or constantly. Having one dependable spot to move is ideal since it advances effortlessness and redundancy, two foundations for solid moving and fostering your ability to drive. Your PSL ought to fit the accompanying prerequisites as intently as could be expected:


Calm Agreeable region to sit or lay
Private Safe
Liberated from the unsettling influence Dependable access


Don’t bother to overthink this! Numerous shifters just pick their room.


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Snatch a pillow (Fundamental)

This is the least demanding and most comfortable aspect! Your pillow will be what you want to lay your head on and put your composed insistences under.

Ensure you have moving content (Suggested)

While moving content isn’t needed for the Pillow Method, content is vital for any shifter. Prearranging characterizes the subtleties and very nature of your ideal reality. It additionally guarantees that you will be protected there.


Who the Pillow Method is best for and when to utilize it

Unrecognizable traveler admiring mountainous landscape

We, as a whole, are at various places in our moving excursion and have multiple purposes behind needing to move to our ideal reality. This implies that a few methods like the Pillow Method may tuxedo a few of us better than additional troublesome methods or methods suggested for explicit sorts of moving.

Knowing this, I chose to spread out who the Pillow Method is best for and when to utilize it:

  1. Complete amateurs are otherwise called “child shifters.”
  2. Smaller than normal moving.
  3. Shifters who are as yet composing their content.
  4. Assuming that you experience difficulty envisioning distinctively.

Regardless of whether you fall into any of these cases, there’s no mischief in giving it a shot. It’s a straightforward method; you can check whether it works for you!


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Script is super important!

Proof of woman reading a script

Before embarking on the journey, the shifters recommend preparing the script of your desired reality, that is, writing the story you will live. Your appearance, personality, the characteristics of the place where you are going to go, your environment, the people with whom you will interact, etc. 

Likewise, you can also indicate limitations that you want to have. For example, establish that you cannot feel hunger or physical pain, and you can define the time in which you will live in that reality.

People who practice it highly recommend writing the text to define the trip better. Said writing can be made as long or specified as the person wishes and can be handwritten or digital. 

Some people add pictures for a better reference, and others put them under the pillow for a better result. Within the shifter community, there are multiple templates for people to download and fill in the blanks with information from their desired reality.


What number of reality-moving (shifting) methods are there?

On the off chance that you’ve been essential as fascinated as us by the new “moving” pattern that has been going near, chances are you’ve posed yourself those equivalent inquiries.

  1. Raven Method
  2. Alice in Wonderland Method
  3. Pillow Method
  4. Heartbeat Method
  5. Train Method
  6. Staircase Method
  7. Double-Sided Staircase Method
  8. Elevator Method
  9. Eleven Method
  10. Piano Method
  11. Intent Method
  12. Tea Party Method
  13. Rope Method


5 different reasons to experience pillow method shifting

1- Help to reach the ideal situation

A climber who helps another to reach the summit

First, what we experience in our desired reality can influence our current reality. For example, experiencing that you are healthy, confident, and successful might help you feel similarly when your consciousness returns to your current reality.

2- Cheating from parallel lives

Second, you can gain insight and wisdom from your desired reality self. Let’s say he wants to be a successful entrepreneur, then go to the desired reality where he is and ask yourself what he did to become successful. And consider applying it to your current reality.


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3- Sending positive energy to others

space energy

Third, connect with loved ones regardless of physical distance. For a person with whom you feel a close connection, experiment with creating a shared desired reality where you can experience all that you most desire, with positive intentions for yourself and others.

4- Increase strength and self-confidence

Fourth, use your desired reality to develop your true power. While it is common in anime or movies for people to have energetic abilities that give them superpowers, in reality, you have much more power than you thought. Allow the desired reality where you can launch balls of energy, heal others, influence reality, and more to develop these abilities and awareness to impact your current reality positively.

5- The ability to change the future

A man holding a missing puzzle piece.

Fifth, experiment with influencing past events with your desired reality. A study was done in which skilled meditators prayed for people who had been sick years before and those they prayed for when the results were checked today had faster recovery times. The implications are complicated and open many questions. Potentially, if there are no conflicting future events due to prior influence, perhaps one’s current reality can be influenced through the actions of a desired past reality.


Is shifting realities dangerous?

Shifting Realities is not dangerous at all because the body is not involved in any aspect, it is only the consciousness that would be affected, hence the importance of the script so that there is no severe damage.

It is also recommended to practice at bedtime so there is greater security for the person’s body. In the same way, many recommend eating well and hydrating properly so as not to suffer a possible decompensation.

Without forgetting that doing a whole relaxation process would also be appropriate. Something to point out is that each person defines the space/time moments with their script; it can be established that one hour in the current reality would be one year in the desired reality, thus living 8 years of adventures in 8 hours of sleep.


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Frequently asked questions about pillow method shifting

1. Can you stay in your desired reality forever?

yes, you can have as many different desired realities as you want. you can do whatever you want in your DR. if you want, you can stay in your desired reality forever


2. Are changing realities just lucid dreams?

While many people theorize that shifters are simply lucid dreams, Vasque and Judah have had lucid dreams before and find that there is a difference. things feel real. You could eat things.


3. Are shifting realities like dreaming?

“Change is a very strange experience. It’s like an extremely vivid dream, but it’s more real than any other dream I’ve ever had. Before I plan the change, I write a script to myself in the notes app on my phone, in which I plan exactly what happens in the desired reality. “The experience of change is different for everyone.


4. Can I type on my phone to change it?

Yes, you can make a script on your phone.


Why did it become popular?

Butterfly Change

It isn’t easy to establish how this fashion began to become popular. Still, hundreds of young people became interested in this practice once the first people uploaded their anecdotes. 

The idea of ​​being able to travel to the worlds of their favorite movies or series and live with the characters they like caused more and more people to want to see if this was possible.


People’s reaction to pillow method shifting

People outside the community have been responsible for discrediting and, in some cases ridiculing shifting. Still, their attempts have failed to diminish the members of this community. The latter argue that it is not about anything harmful or dangerous for them. It is simple entertainment. Some believe that their trips are nothing more than lucid dreams with continuity and that they can control what happens in them thanks to meditation. But for the most part, shifters maintain that they travel to other realities.


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The value of the pillow method shifting among young people

Regardless of the position people take around shifting, there is no denying that it is an activity that is growing in popularity and is at least interesting for young people.

If you want to know more about the pillow method, better to listen to this podcast:

Finally, does the pillow method work?

Now, can you do Shifting Realities? Can we change from reality to pleasure? More or less, statements from various people indicate that the trip cannot always be made it could take several attempts before this happens or never happen.

However, they also point out that they have been able to connect with their desired reality on several occasions; It will depend on each person if they want to try it and if they are persistent in this idea.

They also clarify that Shifting Realities is not the same as sleeping and dreaming because, in the change of reality, one has full certainty of the acts, while when resting, the state of vigilance is lost.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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