Top 16 Shifting Symptoms (Complete list of 2024)

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Have you ever wished to live another life for a while just to feel better? Well, we are happy to tell you that all of this is possible with shifting, or in more specific terms reality shifting. This type of practice, which helps you move from your current reality to another of your choice, is usually accompanied by signs called shifting symptoms.

Here, we will introduce 16 types of shifting symptoms, which assure you that you are on the right path to having a successful transition from one reality to another.

These 16 signs are,

  1. Floating in your dream
  2. Your desired reality feels real
  3. Feeling happier
  4. Daydreaming
  5. Having the ability to control that reality
  6. Oversleeping
  7. Physical detachment
  8. Numbness
  9. Being able to smell your surroundings
  10. Changes in time speed
  11. Homesickness
  12. Experiencing flashing lights
  13. Getting goosebumps
  14. Body vibrations
  15. Dizziness
  16. And getting headaches

However, before we jump into explaining these signs, we will tell you about the meaning of shifting and its true nature.

We also recommend you watch this video which explains reality-shifting methods:

What is reality shifting?

Though reality shifting is not something to be called magic, where you get to open a portal to travel into another dimension, it is still a good way for you to get lost in your dreams. This type of process happens in the depth of your mind and allows you to escape the real world for a while.

If you are good at imagining your goals and wishes and have no trouble focusing your thoughts on one specific thing away from distractions, then you will have no problem shifting. This type of process is not different from having a dream and since human beings are known to have no trouble in visualizing their desires, you will find it very easy to shift.


Is shifting a good thing or a bad thing?

There have been no reports of shifting being bad for your mental and physical health, however, there is one downside to this technique. For those who want to escape their exhaustion and frustrations, reality shifting could be a great method for ending a long day of work.

But if you keep overdoing this process, you might end up blurring the line separating your current reality from your desired reality, which could lead to confusion between the two worlds. So our suggestion for you would be to know the difference, when trying out similar methods, and keep reminding yourself of which one is your true life and which one isn’t.


What are shifting symptoms?

Now, after getting to know shifting better, we will move to the main point of this article, which is shifting symptoms. When shifting realities, you are expected to experience some symptoms or signs, which indicate that you are on the right track to reaching your desired reality. These signs are known as shifting symptoms.

The list below includes the signs, which were reported by people practicing shifting. Certainly, you are not expected to experience all of the symptoms at once or you may even fail to feel any of them as you perform similar methods. Because, here, the main point is to feel yourself in another world.

It is okay to concern yourself with these signs to some extent but make sure you are more focused on shifting than you are on the symptoms to avoid any distraction from your ultimate goal, which is shifting realities. Are you ready to get to know these signs better? Then, check out the list below.

1- Floating in your dream

A woman floating on a dream.

One of the symptoms, which could be regarded as a few of the important ones is the sensation of floating in your dream. This feeling will make you forget about your current life and it will help you see yourself in a completely different reality.

Any concerns that you may have at this stage will be dismissed and you will feel completely free. Here, floating means that you feel lighter than you usually do and it would seem as if you have no obligations toward anything or anyone while you are at this stage.

2- Your Desired Reality Feeling Real

Though there is no doubt that this imaginary world is not your real life, you will still feel as if it was completely real. Because all of your senses are supposed to work when you are shifting and if your desired reality looks like a dream, where you can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste what goes around you then you are definitely not just imagining things.

Shifting realities is about creating a world, where you feel your presence, and not a place where you are only regarded as an observer with little to no control over his/her surrounding environment.


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3- Feeling Happier

A happy young woman standing outdoors wearing earphones

Moving from one reality to another is done for the reduction of your concerns and anxieties and this could already mean that once you have transitioned to your desired reality, you would feel happier.

Moving to the life of your dreams is bound to you letting go of your worries in the current life because no one wishes to take negative feelings and thoughts to their next destination. Therefore, you need to focus on happy thoughts and how you could improve your life condition in your next reality. This will depend on you and the way you decide to approach the process of shifting.

4- Daydreaming

For some shifting methods, which require sleep, shifting will feel like dreaming, but for those, which are done while you are awake, it would be like having lucid dreams. Since many of us get lost in our thoughts every day, it would be good to know that daydreaming is also considered to be a sign of shifting.

Being awake and witnessing gradual changes around you are a part of reality shifting. To make sure that this is real and you are not just dreaming you can try and see if you have any control over your body while being in that reality. If things work out your way, it means you have shifted successfully.

5- Having The Ability To Control That Reality

Woman sleeping with sleep mask.

The main point in shifting is having the freedom of choice to decide what goes on in your desired life and what does not. So, if you get the chance to choose your family members, your friends, your co-workers, and your neighbors as well as many other things about your life, then you are definitely experiencing one of the shifting symptoms.

6- Oversleeping

Since you are likely to experience a happier life in your desired reality, it wouldn’t be odd if you showed a tendency to oversleep. This usually happens due to the fact that you have enjoyed your second reality so much that you rather stay in it than open your eyes to your current life.

Still, you need to keep track of this habit in case it turns into one of your daily routines to avoid putting your physical health at minor risks.


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7- Physical Detachment

When the soul leaves the body.

Although this symptom might seem a little bit scary, it is important to point out that on some occasions you may feel as if your body and soul have been separated from each other. During this stage, your soul would be released from its carnal duties and it would feel as if your freedom has doubled with time.

Considering that this is a temporary sign, you have nothing to worry about and remember that you can always get back to your former self and life.

8- Numbness

Feeling a bit of tingling on your skin or your body going numb is another sign of shifting. This symptom is your body’s way of saying that it is adjusting itself to the new reality and the changes in the environment. Once you have shifted to your desired reality, these signs are expected to stop, therefore, it is good to know that they are just temporary until you have transitioned completely.

9- Being Able To Smell Your Surroundings

Woman smelling flowers

All of us know that in dreams we can’t put our sense of smell into use, but in shifting, that case is not true. In your desired reality, all of your senses including your sense of smell are supposed to work and this is the sign, which can tell you whether what you are experiencing is a dream or a new reality. Once you get to test out this sign, you will know that your shifting has been a success.

10- Changes In Time Speed

Another sign of shifting is a change in the speed of time. Unlike sleeping, which usually takes 8 to 9 hours of your time, your desired reality will have a different timing process, where sometimes it would feel as if it only lasts 5 minutes and on other occasions, it would seem as if it’s been going on for more than 5 years. These changes in timing are quite usual in shifting.

11- Homesickness


Since shifting feels like moving to a new home, it is very normal for you to feel homesick at some point in your transition. This can be associated with the change of time in your desired reality, which sometimes takes too long and make you long more for your previous home.

12- Experiencing Flashing Lights

Experiencing flashing lights and flickering is another sign of shifting. The color of those lights is said to be white for most of the shifting practitioners, but you could still witness other colors. According to some, the flickering lights were synced with their heartbeats, and every time their heart made a sound, the lights flickered as well.


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13- Getting Goosebumps

Goose bumps - human skin reaction on the cold

Shifting is a process, which is believed to affect your emotions too. So, if you start experiencing goosebumps, and tingles or your skin starts itching in an irritating way, know that you are shifting to a new reality. This is one of the famous shifting symptoms.

14- Body Vibrations

One odd sign of shifting is body vibration. For some, this might seem like a strange and worrisome symptom, but you have nothing to worry about because this type of vibrations will be very mild and they are not going to put your health at any kind of risk.

15- Dizziness

Photo Of Young Woman Suffering From Vertigo illness

Feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous is quite common during shifting and if you feel that you are experiencing any of these signs while you are trying to move to your desired reality, keep your cool because this is just a part of the process.

16- Getting Headaches

Last but not least is headaches! We are sure that nobody would be happy about getting mild migraines, isn’t that right? But have no worries because as long as you are not overdoing shifting and you are giving your brain its fair share of rest, you are not expected to reach this stage.


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Here we have a podcast that compares 3 reality shifting methods and explain them:


The growing interest in shifting and making sure that you have succeeded in shifting is urging many people to look for shifting symptoms, which would indicate the success of their practice. Many factors could affect the way you experience those signs and while they may be mild for some, they could still be intensified for others.

In this article we have prepared you 16 different types of shifting signs including floating, your desired reality feeling real, feeling of happiness, daydreaming, having the ability to control that reality, oversleeping, physical detachment, feeling of numbness, smelling your surroundings, changes in time speed, homesickness, experiencing flashing lights, getting goosebumps, vibrating, dizziness, and getting headaches.

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