How To Shift: ULTIMATE Step By Step Guide [2024]

How to shift reality

Have you ever wanted to live in another world? Has it ever occurred to you that there may be another type of reality we could inhabit?

Just think about it! How awesome would it be if we could travel between realities and change the reality we currently live in?

Reality shifting pursues this exact same purpose. At first, It sounds like an unbelievable magical practice, but it might as well be very true.

Since you have already clicked on a link to content that explains “How to Shift” I’m going to assume that you believe in it and the effects it can have on all of us.

So with no further ado, let’s see how we can shift and travel to the world of our dreams.

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The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Shift

The world we live in may be awesome, but the idea of it being the only habitable place for us may come off as disappointing.

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Shift

That’s why, from time to time, we dream of an alternative reality that features all of our deep desires and interests.

Well, if we’re dedicated enough to making another reality happen, and with a bit of luck and courage, we might be able to shift to a whole new world.

Think it is a bit of a stretch? Many spiritual guides and directors may disagree with you.

Over the years, they have researched the idea of shifting thoroughly.

While we still wait for strong scientific evidence, many people have shared their experiences on shifting, and some of the stories sound so convincing that they make believing in shifting without scientific proof feel okay.

And who knows? Maybe if you follow the following guide carefully, you can shift to a different reality and prove everyone who regards shifting with suspicion wrong.

This is what you need to do if you want to join the shifting community.


1. Make Sure Why You Want to Shift

Deciding on a serious experience like shifting because of unhealthy motivations can have some very serious consequences.

So first off, you need to decide why you want to shift and why you’re not pleased with your own reality.

What are the reasons for your interest in reality shifting?

Are you bored? Stressed? Tired of not having enough? Curious about living in a certain world where superpowers and magic are real?

Or do you just want to grow and develop your mentality by exploring new horizons and forms of existence?

Whatever your reasons are, I advise you to make a list and then decide if any of them are actually worth the trouble of shifting practice.


2. Decide on Your Shifting Destination

Plan What You Want to Do Once You Shift


Let’s say you’ve already mastered shifting. Where is the place you want to travel to the most?
In simple terms, what is your dream world like?

In shifting, this place is commonly referred to as “DR,” which is short for “Desired Reality.”

You can even use your favorite movie, series, or book as a source of inspiration for creating your desired reality.

Or you can come up with a whole new dimension that is only tailored to your needs and desires. And this brand new world of yours can be as fictional or as real as you wish.

The most important thing while designing your reality is to be as detailed and meticulous with it as possible to ease the process of shifting.

It’s like reading a novel. The better the writer has explained and illustrated the setting, the scenery, the situation, or the plot, the easier we can imagine it. Right?

It doesn’t matter what your reality is like, but it has to be your absolute ideal.

This reality of yours needs to come out of your deepest, most profound desires to live up to the name of “Desired Reality.”


3. Determine The Amount of Time You Will Spend in Your DR

See, Shifting is like a trip. You can’t obviously go on a trip without planning for it, can you?

So Think of how long you are going to stay at the place you most desire. And remember that when shifting, you have all the control.

That means you get to decide how long is it going to take in this reality when you’re enjoying your time in your desired destination.

Remember the movie “Interstellar” when every hour on Miller’s planet was equal to seven years on Earth?

Obviously, you don’t want that kind of horrifying time difference except if your current reality, which we would be calling CR from now on, has sickened you to the core.

Come up with a time formula of your own, any formula that you want. Every minute of this current reality can equal an hour, a day, a month, or even a year and more in your desired reality.

Once you have set an equation of the time in your DR and the time in your CR, the only thing that will be left is to decide on a time limit, and the time you will spend in the other world.

The choice is yours to make. The important thing is to make a choice before shifting.


4. Plan What You Want to Do Once You Shift

We need to go back to the detail rule once more because the more detailed and carefully you plan your time in your DR, the easier it will be for you to use your time there.

Explain everything as thoroughly as you can. Believe me, while it is very time-consuming, it will be worth it in the end.

Think of how your relationships are going to be in that other dimension.

If you are traveling to a fictional world, what characters are you going to meet, befriend, or despise? What characters do you definitely not want to meet?

I’m serious! Can you imagine running into and making an enemy out of Light Yagami when he can literally kill you with a simple movement of his hand on the papers of his Death Note?

If you think it would make things easier, you can write a whole screenplay and explain what is going to happen to you in an alternate reality once you set foot in there until you come back to your current life.

I’m saying it again. Being very detailed is going to be your salvation.


5. Choose Your Shifting Method

shifting methods


There are various methods you can use to shift to your DR, and you need to choose one of them.
Like the techniques for any other task, shifting methods also vary from simple to complex.
We also have an article about the top 25 shifting methods to enter your desired reality (2024) which you can read and use.

If you are not familiar with any shifting methods, here are some of them that suit beginners more.

  • The Raven Method: Ultimate guide to the raven method in 6 easy steps (2024 Update) was explained here. But in short, lie down, take the pose of a starfish, count from 1 to 100, and repeat shifting affirmations with yourself.
  • Pillow Method Shifting: Write shifting affirmations on a piece of paper, start reading them once you’ve laid down, and then put the paper under your pillow before going to sleep. If you want to know how to do pillow method shifting like a pro (2024), read its post.
  • The Julia Method: Write a shifting script, meditate for some minutes, repeat affirmations, count from 1 to 100, and visualize what your desired reality looks like.
    You also can read about Julia method shifting in 7 simple (Yet Effective) steps – 2024 Update from here.

That should help you enter your world of choice.

For the time you have not had any practice, you can try out different methods and see which one works best and is easier to follow for you.


6. Choose Your Shifting Place

Congratulations! You have come through with all the steps before the shifting happens. Now you can get into action.

But first, you need to find a place where you can lie down and shift. It would be better if you choose a place quiet and without any disrupting noise or sound or anyone and anything else that can distract you.

The reason is obvious. If you wish to shift, you need to reach your most relaxed state. That can’t happen if you’re constantly distracted.

Shifting requires focus and imagination. Do whatever you can to remove distractions from the environment and add things that can help you get into the mood.

You can play a song, turn off the lights, or fill the room with objects that remind you of your DR.
Word of advice: Forget about shifting when you’re stressed because it is not going to be easy.

The last thing you need when you’re stressed out or angry is the frustration of not being able to enter the world you desire.

Instead, wait until you’re calm enough to get into a fully relaxed mode and then try again.

It doesn’t matter which method you choose for shifting. What matters is to fully concentrate and stay away from anything that can disrupt your trip.


7. Lie Down and Relax

Choose Your Shifting Place


To shift, you need to get into a deep state of consciousness. So you’re probably way better off lying down instead of sitting.

Since stress does not help with shifting at all, relaxation and meditation, help you ease the stress and focus less on what is going on around you in the CR.

It is also recommended to do grinding exercises since they can help you with visualization techniques.

You need to get to a point where you’re sleepy while nothing is on your mind but your desired reality. More or less, you’re going to feel hypnotic right before shifting.

Reciting affirmations related to your Desired world can make things easier.

8. Keep Repeating Affirmations in Your Head

Affirmations are statements that make you feel confident and positive enough to enter the word you have chosen.

What is standing between you and your desired reality is your subconscious.

By repeating affirmations, you will soften your subconscious to the point where it believes you belong to another dimension and reality.

Some of the best-shifting affirmations are the following:

  • “My reality is what I want.”
  • “I deserve to have my desired reality.”
  • “I am powerful enough to shift my reality.”
  • “I am grateful for the opportunity to enter my desired reality.”
  • “I am ready to shift now.”
  • “All is well.”
  • “My reality is going to be amazing.”
  • “Everything I want is within me.”
  • “I am shifting to my desired reality.”


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Also, keep in mind to add affirmations that directly describe your life, situation, and identity in the new desired reality. That would help with visualization.

9. Enter Your Desired Reality

Yes! You have made it! You have shifted to the world you desire the most and left your current reality behind.

Since there are asleep and awake methods for shifting, you need to be careful if you’re method requires you to stay awake.

Because you need to know when to open your eyes exactly and that is not always easy to guess.

You can mention the time of opening your eyes in your script or plan out a trigger for opening your eyes, like a scent or a sound.

The signs of entering your desired reality differ based on your chosen method, but you will sense them once you have gotten a good grasp of your method.

For instance, you can see a kind of light or feel like you are floating or falling. It all depends on your shifting method.

10. Keep Faith and Succeed

Keep Repeating Affirmations in Your Head


Sure enough, some people don’t even believe in shifting. But if you want to try it out, you need to have absolute faith in it and in yourself.

You need to believe that you are strong enough to change your reality and your desired world is just one subconscious away from you.

Stay away from doubts or negative thoughts and remain positive at all times.

With deep faith and confidence in your shifting abilities, you will open your eyes to your deeply desired reality in no time.

The hardest part is to think of your desired reality and stay focused enough to enter it.

Once you have gained the skills to master that part, all that’s left is to enjoy your time on the most special trip of your life, live the time you have there to the fullest, and use what you learn there to make your current reality better.


How to Shift for Beginners

As we have stated, shifting has simple and complex methods.

If you are a first-time shifter, you are better off choosing the simple methods we have mentioned since starting off with a complicated technique can frustrate you.

Also, beginners who have never shifted before tend to have more doubts about the idea. To avoid negative thoughts, I suggest you strengthen your faith in shifting as much as possible.

You can find other shifters online and talk to them, asking about their experience.

Knowing the stories of those who have shifted before make you believe that you can have your own story too.


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Also, immersing yourself in the shifting experience and filling your surroundings with shifting-related items and thoughts can help you stay positive and confident in its power.

A good example is following pages related to shifting on your Instagram account so their content keeps popping on your feed. You can also buy posters with positive shifting affirmations.

We also have a podcast here that explains shifting and its methods:

How to Shift Like a Pro

Practice, practice, and practice. Shifting is like any other skill. It needs dedication and devotion if you want to master it.

The first few times are always harder because you have never done anything like it before. But once you have gotten the hang of it, it’s going to be a piece of cake, a cake from your most desired world.

Once it becomes easy for you, you can choose more complex methods and use more unique scripts to get the best out of your shifting experience.

The more you shift, the closer you get to becoming a shifting pro. My advice is to try and take any chance to practice and shift.

Use the holidays and breaks. When you’re alone and bored, pay a visit to your DR instead of scrolling on your phone. Do it as much as you can until it becomes as natural as breathing.


How to Shift Realities Permanently

]While it is technically possible to leave your current reality for good, it is not recommended to do that.

First of all, it’s risky and dangerous. While shifting itself poses no real danger, it can be extremely draining, mentally speaking.


How to Shift Realities Permanently


Now imagine exhausting yourself to the highest limit because you want to stay in your desired reality forever. The consequences cannot be favorable.

Plus, neglecting your CR because you prefer your DR kind of steps on the toes of positivity and growth, and confidence, which is the healthy motivation for shifting.

Can you be absolutely sure that there is nothing you want to do with your current reality anymore?

You need to be 100 percent sure that you want to leave your CR behind because once you shift permanently, you cannot change your mind later.

For obvious reasons, permanent shifting means accepting a lot of responsibilities and coming to terms with serious consequences.

But if you’re absolutely sure that nothing good in your CR awaits you, you can try and set the time limit for your shifting to forever. It’s called respawning, and it’s not going to be easy, obviously.


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Final Words

For people who like to back everything up with the word of science, it’s going to be hard to believe in shifting.

But remember, shifting is not about science. It’s about the power of feeding your subconscious with a series of new facts until it believes its new reality, a reality that is perfect and comes from the deepest place in your heart.

A person who can master that, a person who can create a new dimension and travel to it, can do anything else as far as mental power is concerned.

That kind of faith, strength, and focus is going to help you reach great places, both in your desired reality and current reality.

So believe when no one else does, and stay positive and confident when no one else can.

We live only once, after all. So we all deserve to pay a visit to another world that holds our deepest dreams, real and tangible.

W hope you have found the best answer to the “How to shift realities” question.

Written by Saeed Ahmadi

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