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In addition to being a spiritual leader, Sadhguru is the founder of the Isha Foundation, an international non-profit organization that provides yoga programs around the globe.

Furthermore, he is also an author and speaker who has been recognized for his wisdom and insight as it relates to a variety of spiritual and philosophical subjects.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 40 Sadhguru quotes that will inspire you in 2024. Let’s start! 

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Top 40 Sadhguru Quotes

1. Imagination is useful as a plan or a fantasy. But the only thing you can experience is what is here Right Now.

As this quote illustrates, you shouldn’t drown in your dreams. I have seen so many people dream rather than try to become their dreams, and it’s awful because it’s too late by the time they realize what they have done.


2. Today is a day to clear your home, your mind, and your emotions from all that is not useful to you, all that impedes your experience of life, and have a fresh start.

Even if you are going through some tough times right now, just remember that even a simple task such as cleaning your room or taking a shower is enough to make you feel refreshed and give you the ability to begin again.


3. Optimists hallucinate; pessimists get depressed. Both will not get anywhere. You must be willing and able to see everything the way it is.

I think that this is one of the most powerful Sadhguru Quotes because it implies that seeing the world through one window is not enough but that you need to take a step back and see it from all sides.


4. Whatever life throws at you, if you learn to shake it off and stand on it, you can make it the basis of your growth, maturity, and well-being.

Life isn’t always fun and easy. There are times when you have to go through hell in order to find heaven behind it. Never give up because you are meant to accomplish much more than you might think.


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5. Someone says something nasty because something nasty is happening within them.

One’s words are a reflection of one’s heart. It is essential to understand that if someone is giving you a hard time, they may be going through a very challenging time, and they don’t have anyone to talk to or who can support them.


6. Your entire life is a Virtual Reality because you are seeing it only the way it happens in your mind.

Seeing life from someone else’s perspective will enable us to be able to understand the meaning of it in different ways and in a deeper way, as I mentioned earlier.


7. In nature, everything is living and giving itself to the maximum extent. Only human beings are trying to save – their joy, their love, and their Peace – to rest in Peace.

It is undeniable that it is essential to enjoy life as it is without waiting for a more significant moment to occur or a more ideal situation to arise.



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8. All through life, your physical body will age. But your energy body need not age – you can keep it like it was just born.

When I see my grandma wearing pink nail polish or a colorful skirt, I think it’s so sweet. I think this just illustrates how a person’s soul will not age and will forever be young and happy.


9. The moment any sensitive human being misuses something, it will bother them from within. Sensitivity is proportional to one’s sense of Inclusion.

Simply this is one of my favorite Sadhguru quotes.


10. Food is not just nourishment – it is something that makes your life. We need to treat it with utmost love and reverence.

It is well known that Asian countries have a special respect for food. They don’t walk on it or throw it away often, and they try to treasure it as much as they can because they believe that many distant people have this, and they have to be grateful for what they have.


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11. Youth is life in the making. Being youthful means being willing to look inward, seek answers, and create your life the way you want it.

In my opinion, when you’re in your 20s, you start looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of others, and I think that is a sign of maturation.


12. Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want. That is when a human being naturally transforms into a spiritual possibility.

Sadhguru’s quote shows how important it is to direct these negative energies out of your life in order to avoid them backfiring on you in the future.


13. If you want brotherhood, it should be with every creature on this planet. If it is limited to certain people, it is the beginning of tyranny.

Having a loving relationship with animals is the best way to find peace with your own inner nature and to get in touch with it.


14. Maybe you are not able to do what someone else is able to do – so what. You do what you can do in the best possible way, and that is all that matters in life.

As humans, we need to realize that we have all been placed here for a reason and that there is no need for us to compare ourselves with others.


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15. The fundamental building blocks in the human system can be transformed very rapidly if one lives in a consecrated space.

Our surrendering environment is an excellent example of how our behavior and our life can be greatly affected by the environment we live in.


16. I am not here to solace you. I am here to awaken you.

There is only one thing we have to do for a better future, and that is to believe in ourselves and in the wisdom of the wise man.


17. You should know how to carry your memories like a bag in your hand. They are not the essence of your life – they are something that you have accumulated over time.

As I remember reading once, our memories are the ones that shape us into the people that we are in the present moment. A burden is not what they are, they are merely a stepping stone to a better future.


18. Christmas has become a symbol of love and light. Around this time, a new cycle of the life-giving Sun begins. May the light of love shine brightly within you. Love and Blessings.

I think Christmas is one of the best times of the year to start changing our lives and our bad habits for a better version of ourselves as the new year approaches.


19. Confusion is better than stupid conclusions. Confusion at least brings humility. Conclusions bring arrogance.

Sadhguru quotes are wonderful arent they? this is why teachers always tell their students not to be afraid to ask questions because the worst thing you could possibly do is not know or instead think that you know better than others.


20. If you are joyful by your own nature, you do not have to prove you are better than anyone else. You are fine the way you are.

When we find peace within ourselves, we realize that we really don’t have to compete with others, as we are the best version of ourselves that exists.


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21. It is in the hands of us human beings to either bring disaster upon ourselves or realize transformation. This is why the Conscious Planet movement has become super significant.

There is a great need for humans to be extremely careful as we are our own greatest enemies.


22. Why do certain people irritate you? Simply because they are not the way you expect or want them to be.

Don’t forget that you can’t change people the way you want to.


23. If you can access the source of creation within you, you will for sure live a magical life.

A great Sadhguru quote and one of my other favorites as well.


24. It is easier to change your thinking than to change the world. Changing your thinking will definitely change the world.

It has always been proven that changing our way of thinking can change our lives and even the world.


25. The only reason why human beings do not naturally become meditative is that they are not at ease. As long as the instinct of survival is on, you are under certain stress and tension.

Even though trying to get our minds off our instincts can be very hard and sometimes nearly impossible, with practice, we can at least try.


26. Raising your level of consciousness means that external situations do not decide who you are.

You must remember that it is not the world that decides who you are and what you do in your life, but rather you decide it yourself.


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27. Constantly thinking that something is wrong with them is a major disease that many human beings are suffering from.

Having the ability to accept oneself is one of the hardest things we have to do as humans.


28. Education should be about expanding one’s horizons, about having a larger vision of life.

There are many reasons why education is important, and it is not just for finding jobs or impressing others. By understanding the world better, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, which leads to a better understanding of God.


29. In meditation, do not try to go anywhere. There is nowhere to go. Nowhere is limitless. This is the journey from the limited to the limitless.

Don’t try to make sense of the journey; just enjoy it.


30. Be the light of your life.

There is only one person who can change your life, and that is you. You need to take control of the situation. Surely one of the best Sadhguru quotes of all time! 


31. The past can only be remembered. The present can only be experienced. The future has to be crafted.

What a beautiful quote; I really like this one as well.


32. May you be blissful. That is the greatest success in life.

There is only one emotion that can make life enjoyable and endurable: happiness.


33. Life is available to you only to the extent that you are open to it.t?

You should not be afraid to take risks in order to have changes in your life; after all, you are a vital human being who has made it this far after everything that has happened to you, isn’t it?


34. Human beings are coming into this world unformed. You can either mold yourself the way you want, or other people and society will mold you. If you allow too many hands to mold you, you will become deformed.

There are many ways in which we can form ourselves, such as interacting with others, reading books, exploring, and being mindful of the surroundings around us.


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35. True well-being is not only determined by your physical and mental health but also by the sense of peacefulness, joyfulness, and blissfulness within you.

To be happy in life, it is essential to know that being physically healthy is not enough.


36. When you are connected with life, you are naturally blissful. Unconnected with life, you become a mental mess.

Attempt to understand and savor the best moments and events of your life, as they are precious and may only come around once in your life.


37. The Creator has paid equal attention to every detail of creation. If you pay attention to everything and everyone the same way, your life will be rich.

Make sure you pay attention to every little detail, as they are there for a reason.


38. If one is absolutely devoted to the process of Yoga, it shall take one’s life to its Ultimate Goal.

Try yoga or meditation for a happier and healthier life.


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39. Meditation is not an act you perform – it is a quality you acquire. You cannot do meditation, but you can become meditative.

When I was living through some hard times in my life, I was losing focus in all areas of my life, and I used to meditate to help me stay focused in every aspect.


40. Children grow by observation and involvement, not by teachings and philosophies. Become a living example of the person you want your child to be.

I do not think it matters how much you teach your children how to read books because if they do not see a book in your hand, it is not going to be effective.

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Final Thoughts

This is a compilation of quotes that I hope will provide some insight and inspiration to readers about the topic of karma and personal growth.

My best wishes to you on your own journey as you seek strength and fulfillment. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed Sadhguru quotes or if you would like to share it with your friends.


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