100 Aesthetic Words + Examples You Must Know

100 Aesthetic Words + Examples You Must Know

Aesthetic words are something you need to learn if you are an aesthete.

You would love to hear some aesthetic words if art is your passion, you love pastels and your bedroom walls are not all plain and white.

Even if not, everybody needs to learn a few aesthetic words these days to create a whimsical caption and show off their cool vocabulary.

You know how we add the word “aesthetic” in the search bar when we are trying to find a beautiful picture on Pinterest, right?

This might seem unnecessary to some people but we know how different the result will be!

But be sure, adding the word “aesthetic” to the title of this article was completely necessary since we are about to learn 100 aesthetic words and their meanings.

So keep reading for 100 aesthetic words and their examples and meanings.

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100 Aesthetic Words + Examples You Must Know

  1. Woebegone


Meaning: to be heartbroken, sorrowful, or sad

For Example: to be woebegone is to be blue, bummed out, and simply sad.

To use woebegone in a sentence we can say: We were both worried and confused since Grandma seemed so broken and woebegone after the phone call. 

  1. Savor

Meaning: slowly enjoying and experiencing something (usually food or drink).

Savoring the moment means intentionally focusing on the good aspects of something at the moment and enjoying the experience.

For Example: why don’t you savor the moment before it is all gone? Worry less and live more.

  1. Scintilla

Meaning: scintilla means “spark” in Latin, but it also means a very small amount of something, a bit of something.

For Example: he could not see the slightest scintilla of emotions in her eyes. She said goodbye and turned around.


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  1. Aurora

Meaning: Aurora is also known as the southern light (Aurora australis) and Northern light (Aurora Borealis) but it also means the display of light in the sky.

For Example, They could all see the aurora flashing in the sky.

  1. Celestial


Meaning: about heaven or beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Heavenly, relating to divinity. Celestial is an adjective.

For Example: Mothers always have a celestial glow on their faces, at least that is what we expected.

  1. Cosmic

Meaning: relating to the cosmos or the universe beyond the earth

For Example, Our beloved home, the Earth, is a cosmic body that endures changes and disasters once in a while.

  1. Tranquility

Meaning: tranquil is feeling calm, quiet, and peaceful.

For Example: He used to enjoy the tranquility of their house but now everything is different.


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  1. Buoyant

Meaning: Buoyant is one of the aesthetic words meaning cheerful, but it also has another meaning: able to float.

For Example: I was in the most buoyant mood that summer but by the end of the winter, we were all filled with sorrow and grief.

  1. Benevolent

Meaning: Benevolence is one of the aesthetic words for charitable and kind. A benevolent person has only good intentions and is motivated by generosity and sympathy.

For Example: Such a benevolent figure for his children, he does volunteer work on the weekends and encourages his kids to do charity.

  1. Dazzling


Meaning: this aesthetic word means beautiful. Dazzling is something that catches one’s eyes and their attention.

For Example: she gave a dazzling performance but the rich girl got the part.


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  1. Quaint

Meaning: charming and cozy with old-fashioned vibes.

For Example: they found a quaint little place in their old village.

  1. Fanciful

Meaning: this is one of the aesthetic words that means imaginative and whimsical

For Example: I have the most fanciful ideas when I think about my new place.

  1. Amaranthine

Meaning: undying, immortal, everlasting, and unfading are other words for amaranthine, one of the most beautiful aesthetic words on the list.

For Example, Love was an amaranthine concept for both of them, but fate did not think so.


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  1. Panacea

Meaning: a solution, remedy, and cure for all problems and illnesses.

For Example: They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but do not stay away from the doctor if you are 50, the apple is no panacea.

  1. Labyrinth


Meaning: if you are looking for aesthetic words meaning a maze, labyrinth is the one. A labyrinth is a place with confusing passages that could make you get lost.

For Example: I could not find a way out, the labyrinth had me confused and lost.

  1. Relish

Meaning: this aesthetic word means pleasing and enjoying.

For Example, I cannot relish such a complicated relationship. I have no idea how to end it.


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  1. Ardent

Meaning: very passionate and fervent. Among aesthetic words, ardent means burning with intense feelings and passion.

For Example: Being so ardent about philosophy made him even more interesting.

  1. Sumptuous

Meaning: very costly or luxurious, magnificent, fine work, and lavish.

For Example: It looked like a sumptuous feast and I still felt overdressed.

  1. Augur

Meaning: augur is one of the aesthetic words for predicting and foretelling.

For Example, My grandfather still believes that a black cat on his way augurs bad luck. He hates to see one even though nothing happens.


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  1. Natal


Meaning: Natal is the aesthetic word relating to the birth of one person.

For Example, I think celebrating our natal day is meaningless. 

  1. Petrichor

Meaning: the scent of earth after the rain is called petrichor and it is one of my favorite aesthetic words.

For Example, She enjoys the petrichor scent after a rainy day.

  1. Astrophile

Meaning: a person who is fond of stars and loves astronomy.

For Example: my father knows a lot about astronomy. I think he is an astrophile.


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  1. Selenophile

Meaning: someone who is fond of the moon

For Example: I consider myself to be a selenophile. That is why I tend to stare at the moon at night. I enjoy its peace.

  1. Ailurophile

Meaning: aesthetic words do not need to be something weird and strange. Ailurophile means someone who loves cats a lot and I think it is a fascinating aesthetic word.

For Example: Even though she is an ailurophile, she cannot keep a cat at home. Her mother is extremely strict about that.

  1. Chatoyant


Meaning: to be chatoyant is to have a changeable luster or color.

For Example, My cat’s chatoyant eyes were visible in the darkness.


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  1. Brood

Meaning: among aesthetic words, brooding over something means thinking a lot about something that makes you upset.

For Example: After brooding over the conflict, he was ready to let it go.

  1. Demure

Meaning: demure is one of the aesthetic words that can describe someone as shy and quiet, appealingly.

For Example, Their daughter was so demure and sweet, I liked her a lot.

  1. Dainty

Meaning: very delicate and lovely

For Example: a dainty old lady walked in and started looking around.


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  1. Furtive

Meaning: behaving secretly and acting suspicious

For Example: the detective seemed too furtive to be trusted.

  1. Elegy


Meaning: a kind of poem about mourning and sorrow, mostly about the dead.

For Example, Thomas Gray’s elegy is very famous.

  1. Lagniappe

Meaning: this aesthetic word means “a little extra” in French and it usually refers to the small gifts that merchants give to customers.

For Example: the baker gave me a lagniappe the first time I was in the bakery.


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  1. Lilt

Meaning: the term “lilt” refers to the gentle rise and fall in a voice or music.

For Example: when he was speaking, I noticed a slight Irish lilt in his voice.

  1. Eunoia

Meaning: eunoia is the state of being friendly and willing to help with good intentions. This is one of the aesthetic words that describe a good person.

For example: I loved my old friend because he was full of eunoia and compassion.

  1. Pastiche

Meaning: artistic works that imitate previous similar artworks.

For Example: the new character was a pastiche but nobody noticed.


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  1. Effuse


Meaning: pouring out, flowing out.

For Example: my feelings were effusing through my body.

  1. Vista

Meaning: vista means a view. The aesthetic word “vista” usually means a beautiful view from somewhere high.

For example: The vista of the jungle from the mountains made me spirited.

  1. Zephyr

Meaning: a gentle breeze is the meaning of this aesthetic word.

For example: there was a zephyr coming from the sea and it made us feel better.


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  1. Caelum

Meaning: many aesthetic words are related to the sky and heaven. Caelum means the sky and the heaven and it is a Latin word.

For example: His name was Caelum and he looked like the sky: so generous and interesting.

  1. Wallflower

Meaning: if you have seen the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, you know that there are pretty much no perks to being shy, introverted, and reserved even if they make a movie about you!

For example: I am not a wallflower but I prefer not to talk to strangers.

  1. Atychiphobia


Meaning: this word means a very extreme fear of failure. This phobia can make the person avoid any situation to risk the chance of failure and therefore, they will gain no success either.

For example: my atychiphobia kept me from achieving almost anything over the years.


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  1. Reverie

Meaning: thinking and dreaming about pleasant things.

For example: his reverie kept him happy for the entire evening.

  1. Arcane

Meaning: when only a few people understand something. Obscure and mysterious, esoteric or secret.

For example: the arcane details are still unknown to us.

  1. Ineffable

Meaning: when Ted Mosby was trying to break up with Natalie AGAIN ON HER BIRTHDAY he used this word, which was not understood by her! But if you have not seen “How I Met You Mother”, ineffable only means “beyond words” and “unable to be expressed in words”

For example: I never felt such ineffable joy in my life.


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  1. Orphic

Meaning: something that is orphic, is beyond normal understanding.

For example: the rules of the universe can be mysterious and orphic at times.

  1. Cimmerian


Meaning: very gloomy and dark, black and dim. Deep darkness.

For example: little did they know, they were about to face a Cimmerian night.

  1. Laconic

Meaning: among this list of aesthetic words, the word “Laconic” has a different meaning. Laconic means using the least words to express your feelings and thoughts.

For example: Laconic words could not express me. I wanted to talk for hours.


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  1. Sable

Meaning: black color

For example: the sable dress suited her well. She was mesmerizing.

  1. Anhedonia

Meaning: Anhedonia is the aesthetic word for the lack of joy and pleasure. The inability to experience joy in things.

For example:  He was struggling with anhedonia when they first met.

  1. Lacuna

Meaning: a space or a missing part.

For example: they tried to fill the lacuna but they were not lucky.


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  1. Abscond


Meaning: escaping and going away to somewhere else to hide

For example: I always wanted to abscond from my boarding school and live with my best friend but I never did it

  1. Nefarious

Meaning: Nefarious is among the malicious aesthetic words. It means extremely evil, wicked, or iniquitous.

For Example, the secretary had a nefarious plot that could change everything.

  1. Sublime

Meaning: unsurpassable, something that has supreme quality and is of outstanding worth

For example, he fought all his life to feel sublime and now he was finally feeling it.


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  1. Kalon

Meaning: the ideal beauty (both physical and moral), a sense of beauty that is deeper than the skin, the perfect beauty. Among aesthetic words, the word “Kalon” originated from the Greek language.

For example: she had tried everything before to have Kalon. Little did she know that her heart was the only barrier.

  1. Alexithymia

Meaning: when you cannot describe or understand your feelings and emotions.

For example: alexithymia made her confused. She couldn’t tell what she wanted.

  1. Elysian


Meaning: heavenly or having a blissful state, happy, beautiful.

For example, such Elysian life was rare and maybe impossible to achieve. That made me more unconvinced.


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  1. Metanoia

Meaning: to change one’s mind and take a different approach.

For example: experiencing metanoia in that age made him a whole new person, yet he was unable to undo his deeds.

  1. Assonance

Meaning: when a poet repeats particular vowel sounds intentionally in their poems, they are using the assonance technique. 

For example, you can hear the repetition of the /ai/ vowel sound when saying “No pain, no gain”. It is a simple example of assonance usage in sentences.

  1. Ikigai

Meaning: there are several books you can read to fully understand the meaning of ikigai, but in our list of aesthetic words, everything needs to be explained.

Ikigai is the purpose and reason of life. It describes your meaning of life. 

For example, I think what I currently do is my ikigai job. I have never been happier.


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  1. Ukiyo

Meaning: aesthetic words like this need a little explanation to be understood. Ukiyo is a Japanese word meaning “the floating world”, but this aesthetic word’s meaning is more complicated than that.

Ukiyo is when you live in the moment and have no worries or attachments to the problems of the world.

For example, as much as I love feeling free and detached, I also hate the Ukiyo lifestyle that encourages you to forget about your responsibilities.

  1. Corvine


Meaning: like a raven, resembling a crow.

For example, the bird looked corvine but I couldn’t be sure.

  1. Fernweh

Meaning: fernweh is one of my favorite aesthetic words, meaning a deep longing for far places. As if you are homesick. But this word is especially used when someone misses a place that they have not been to yet.

For example, I have fernweh. I need to plan a trip right away.


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  1. Mirific

Meaning: some of the aesthetic words are not very well known and used. This word is among that type and it means wonderful, marvelous, and miraculous.

For example, I was standing in front of that mirific house and I couldn’t believe my eyes

  1. Mudita

Meaning: this aesthetic word means appreciative joy and empathetic pleasure. This is the good feeling that you have when somebody else faces something incredible.

For example, I strongly felt my parents’ mudita whenever I achieved something.

  1. Anam Cara

Meaning: the closest translation to this aesthetic word is “soul friend”. You Anam Cara is the person who was a mentor and spiritual guide to you during life.

For example: He was both my best friend and my Anam Cara. Our bond was unbreakable.


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  1. Hiraeth


Meaning: when you have a homesickness and a deep sense of nostalgia for a place or time that you will never be again. I think Hiraeth is among the sad aesthetic words.

For example, I always feel Hiraeth when I think of my childhood memories. I still live in the same house but I know I will never feel happy again.

  1. Snuggery

Meaning: a snug and cozy place or room.

For example: this place seems too snuggery. I think I love it.

  1. Eclectic

Meaning: you know how some people’s music playlists are so eclectic? Well, eclectic is an aesthetic word for when someone or something is not following one style and instead they are choosing from diverse groups of styles and ideas.

For example, my best friend is the most eclectic person I know. I cannot even keep up with her change of style in one day.


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  1. Ripple

Meaning: When the water surface or any other surface is rippling, there is a small wave appearing on it. A ripple can also describe a feeling or a sound that is very small yet noticeable.

For example, his words could easily ripple my heart.

  1. Lithe

Meaning: lithe is among the positive aesthetic words. It describes something when it is attractive and young, healthy and flexible

For example, my niece has a lithe body. I think she will be successful in her gymnastics journey.

  1. Whist


Meaning: silence, to be silent.

For example, I was enjoying the park’s whist as they entered.


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  1. Ebullience

Meaning: being full of energy, confidence, and enthusiasm.

For example: their ebullience was at its peak when they were as a group. Separately, they could not be that fun.

  1. Hypophrenia

Meaning: some people might not regard this as one of the aesthetic words but it can be aesthetic in its special way.

Hypophrenia is another word for mental or intellectual disability.

For example, Hypophrenia can be difficult to deal with, especially because of the various symptoms.

  1. Vestigial

Meaning: the word “vestigial” refers to the remains of something that existed before but now is gone and has no functions.

For example, I could see the vestigial traces of the footprint but everybody disagreed with me.


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  1. Imbroglio

Meaning: a very difficult situation, troublesome and problematic conditions.

For example, He asked me to let him solve his imbroglio on his own.

  1. Mellifluous


Meaning: a music, sound, or voice that is pleasant to listen to.

For example, I hated her but still, I envied her mellifluous and smooth voice.

  1. Cathartic

Meaning: some activities that can release strong feelings and emotions in you.

For example, reading and learning aesthetic words used to be cathartic for her.


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  1. Euphoria

Meaning: a very strong sense of happiness and self-confidence.

For example, that feeling of euphoria did not leave me for another day.

  1. Transcendent

Meaning: the state of being superior and better than usual

For example, they knew that their twins’ birthday was one of the transcendent moments of their lives.

  1. Poignant

Meaning: something that can cause a deep feeling of sadness and sorrow, or something that has a very deep sadness.

For example, nobody was able to enjoy that poignant moment.


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  1. Irenic


Meaning: promoting and causing peace and reconciliation.

For example, we should have chosen the irenic approach. Now we have made an enemy.

  1. Glamour

Meaning: something that causes admiration or excitement since it is so beautiful and attractive.

For example, watching her glamour was the only thing that could not make me tired.

  1. Resplendent

Meaning: to be resplendent is to have great beauty, looking fantastic or expensive.

For example, the garden is resplendent with silver fences.


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  1. Felicity

Meaning: being good and desirable. Joy, pleasure, or happiness.

For example, the felicity of meeting my son kept me awake the whole night.

  1. Serenity

Meaning: calmness, tranquility, peacefulness.

For example, to experience the serenity of nature, we took a week off work and took a trip.

  1. Elated


Meaning: this is another one of the aesthetic words that describe extreme happiness and excitement. Elated means thrilled.

For example, being elated about her scholarship, she invited us all over for dinner.


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  1. Zestful

Meaning: enthusiastic and full of energy, passionate.

For example, he used to be a zestful child. That made everyone believe that he was an angel.

  1. Virtuous

Meaning: someone with good moral qualities, good and honorable.

For example, their grandfather was a virtuous man. We are stunned by his grandchildren’s deeds.

  1. Comely

Meaning: appropriate, pretty, or attractive.

For example, her manners were comely, as was her appearance.


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  1. Redolent

Meaning: when something reminds you of something else because of its qualities, looks, or smells.

For example, the perfume was redolent of the good old days.

  1. Incipient


Meaning: initial, when something is just coming into existence.

For example, from the incipient stages of the project, he was trying to sabotage our good work.

  1. Chuckaboo

Meaning: this is a weird but cute word on the aesthetic words list. Chuckaboo is a nickname that you can give to your close friend.

For example, she used to call me “dear Chuckaboo” even though I did not approve of it.


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  1. Ephemeral

Meaning: fleeting, short-lived and passing. Something that only lasts for a short while.

For example, He was convinced that his feelings were only ephemeral, so he decided not to take any action.

  1. Giggle mug

Meaning: someone who always has a smile on their face.

For example, one look on that giggle mug’s face and you are fooled.

  1. Jubilant

Meaning: another one of aesthetic words that describe great joy and triumph. Proud and euphoric.

For example, we were all jubilant about the graduation party.


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  1. Dadirri


Meaning: explaining the meaning of this aesthetic word is a bit difficult. Dadirri is a method of inner deep listening and learning.

For example, understanding and experiencing dadirri was a better way to acknowledge my feelings.

  1. Serendipity

Meaning: some people consider serendipity as a word describing accidental discoveries. Like when you are not looking for something but it comes to you.

For example, people tend to say that Alexander Fleming’s discovery was quite the serendipity but I think he was trying and his effort led to something incredible.

  1. Raconteur

Meaning: a storyteller or narrator of funny or interesting stories.

For example, he was a great raconteur and used to tell us the best stories after dinner.


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  1. Abditory

Meaning: somewhere to hide things, a hiding location or place.

For example, we were forced to keep the abditory’s location to ourselves.

  1. Piffle

Meaning: nonsense, rubbish, useless talk or act.

For example, enough with all that piffle! Get to the point.

  1. Selcouth


Meaning: the last word on the list of “100 aesthetic words” is selcouth. This aesthetic word means unusual, odd, or bizarre in appearance or manner.

For example, the last student in the line was somewhat selcouth. Other students did not socialize with him that much.

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